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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Three Level Springboard to Financing Our Freedom

From Paul Stramer

Level 1.  In late October of 2015 a friend handed me the first article I had seen from Anna Von Reitz. It was the article entitled "My Dear Archbishop George" and it is listed as article #1 on   When I had read it, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had more truth than most of the patriot movement combined, at least from my point of view.

As is my habit from years of Internet research and business, I immediately went to the search engines, and found that she didn't have a website of her own. Anna was writing on other people's blogs and various news letters.  I saw a need to be able to find everything she wrote in one location, so I bought the domain name and spent about 4 months gathering up everything I could find from her, and putting those articles roughly in chronological order, I began publishing the articles, and gradually improving the website.

If you go back and look at those early articles you will find the style very simple and in need of some help, and you can't see this but the index page was just a plain white sheet with links.

One morning I woke up early and turned on the computer and Anna had sent an email explaining that she had lost the ability to publish on some blogs and had turned to her friends and asked them "Now how am I going to get the word out".  They said, just put it on your website. She said "What website"?  So they told her what I was doing, and as they say, the rest is history.

Soon after that I started building a mailing list for Anna, of people who wanted the announcements that I send out each time Anna writes an article for the website, and I started publishing each article on this LCW blog where people can comment.  That mailing list is now over 4600 people. Many of those have large lists, and routinely send Anna's articles around the world. We are now getting well over 20,000 page loads per week from around the world to the two websites.

Then I put some PayPal buttons on both the website and the blog to raise money for the publishing effort and to finance some of the legal activity, and to advertise the whole effort.  Many of you have generously supported those efforts,  and that is the first level of the Springboard.  In three years I have been able to go full time in this effort, when combining your donations and the income from my sales of radio gear, solar power equipment, silver bullion, US Civil flags, flash drives, DVDs, and other preparedness items, with the retirement payments my wife and I receive from uncle dummy.

I spend an average of about 10 hours per day working at this. In other words I am paying close attention to the whole Internet part of this effort.

Please remember that I have never asked for or received one penny from Anna for any of this.

In fact, we have sent her several donations along the way when we got a bit more than we needed right then. We have done that through her PayPal address at You can do likewise at any time. So the donations and my work were and are the springboard to level 2.

Level 2. On November 3rd of 2017 I was made aware of a new global Gold and Silver business opportunity called Mint Builder.  Part of my work for the last 10 years has been as a precious metals dealer on the Internet. I work with a mint in southern Utah, and have moved millions in silver in 10 years, but the profit margin in precious metals on the Internet is very skinny.  Small orders are just about not worth doing.  So I did a very careful price comparison between my mint in Utah, and the prices Mint Builder was offering, and found out that I could not compete with Mint Builder on orders under 100 ounces of silver.

They were also offering a special start up deal of a free lifetime membership in Mint Builder that would allow everyone to buy silver and gold at the actual cost that their company was paying at the mints they get metals from.  "If you can't beat em, join em". So I jumped in with both feet, and after building a few advertising pages on my server, sent a few emails to Anna's list.

As a result, within 33 days we had 419 people join who are also reading Anna's articles.  After the Company opened their doors for sales and commissions on December 1st, 2017, we kept on promoting that system, and now we have over 700 people who are enrolled as members in Mint Builder, and have the ability to buy silver and gold at mint prices. So in a little over 3 months we have created a vehicle to not only get people who join a bit of silver, which is severely under valued right now, but we also have a way to finance some of Anna's work with the Living Law Firm.  This kind of residual on going financing is exactly what the patriot movement needs.  Instead of asking the supporters to just dig in their pockets each time we need to do something, we could all participate in a business where we could all profit and finance activity for freedom at the same time.

Hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it?  Right?   Just do more of it!

If you have not seen Mint Builder yet try this link.

So with about 4 months of working together Anna's readers have created an ongoing system that not only pays for some of Anna's work, but it also has the potential of relieving some of the financial burden on Anna's readers.  I am continuing to pursue that potential every day, by helping those who are taking an active role with advertising for their business, and continuing to find more people that don't know about Anna, and who want a business on line, to find not only a great business, but also all of Anna's work at the same time.   So Mint Builder is the level 2 springboard to something even better yet.

Level 3. BitClub Network.  Remember that Mint Builder will pay out in Bitcoin if you opt to do that.

I had been looking at Crypto currencies for a while. My research led me to compile a few movies because it seems very few people understand how computers can create new and real wealth.
So I was spending too much time trying to explain what I found out, and decided to group some videos together on this blog to do the background explanation.  To watch those videos go to the top of the front page on this blog and type the word  Bitcoin  in the search box, then watch all the movies that come up.  When you are done with that homework, you will know more about Crypto than 99.99% of the people on the planet.  Cryptp of one kind or another will be the new money (means of exchange) in the future, for many reasons, and when the general public finds out how powerful cryptocurrency is they will flock to it, making the price go up like a rocket.

But that's not what gets me excited about Crypto.  Remember the California and Alaska gold rushes!
The people that did the best were the people that provided all the infrastucture, like motels, hardware stores, mining supplies, freight companies and much more.

The same is true of Cryptocurrency.  It's interesting that it's called "mining" of that cryptocurrency. This time the people doing the mining are the ones actually getting rich.

One of the largest Crypto mining operations on the planet has a network marketing structure, and one of Anna's readers kept dogging me until I finally slowed down long enough to understand the potential of it.  I joined it and have a founders position. Not only that, they convinced Anna to get the Living Law Firm to take a position under me. So now the big push is on to create a truly walk away, hands off, residual income that can finance hundreds of projects for freedom if we do it right.  Suffice it to say at this point that the potential is so far  past what we have done up to now that all the previous just looks like training for how to get to where we wanted to be all along.

If you are in Mint Builder or thinking about joining you should consider that as a means to get to this Mining system by using the Bitcoin payouts that Mint Builder makes available.  I am, and I can help you do it.  It's also one of the only truly hands off businesses I have seen once it's set up and running.

Even if you are not in Mint Builder, and you don't want to do any kind of network marketing, this can still be your ticket to financing your retirement.

Here is more specific information and movies about BitClub and crypto currency in general.

Here is the BitClub Network information.  Just follow the instructions to get the information. You will need a VPN (virtual private network) and can get one along the way from a link at the movie page.   

Just use your name and email, and not your address or phone number. The reason will be apparent as you learn more.

I know you will have questions about this new END GAME strategy for freedom, so here is my contact info.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183   or

Please don't call after 9 PM Mountain time.  My day starts early, usually about 7 AM and the best time to reach me is late morning on weekdays.

Thank you all for your support over the last 3 years, and get ready for some really good things to happen. We are coming to crunch time in America and around the world, and it will decide the fate of our children and grandchildren.

Study this very thoroughly and you will be pleasantly surprised.

God Bless you one and all.

Paul Stramer


  1. Do you see a potential for silver to become very strong as the Trump administration resets the dollar? Do you agree that the reset will occur probably by the end of this month?

    1. my bet would be yes but it is always very dynamic, silver is the most undervalued of all right now.

    2. I would be very careful about bitcoin right now because a major currency professional who our govt has called on many times for advice says the "deep state" has targeted bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies for elimination later this month. Actually he said by the 17th of this month. But if not it will soon after and when they do announce it, bitcoin will go from $10,000 to $200 and will affect all other markets too like your pension funds and 401k's, and other retirement funds. He does say to invest in silver mostly, but some gold too.. But in your hands and not in stocks. And not in numesmanics. Just plain silver eagles.. If you have money in the bank, I would get it out. Trump is firing a lot of people lately, including his secretary of state, Tillerson, and his Treasurer who came from Goldman Sachs. Something is definitely coming soon. I just hope that Trump has an ace up his sleeve so the markets don't crash, because if it does it will be very careful..!!

    3. James, if you are referring to Rickards, I don't believe that guy at all. I've seen too many of his so-called ''warnings'' never come to pass. Gotta watch out about a lot of these popular mouthpieces as I suspect they are moreso leading and steering a trend, rather than imparting true information.
      I had thought all this crap was giving me an ulcer; but doc just called and told me its kidney stone, 11 mill.
      Dammit !

    4. I'm sorry to here that Abby, but my brother and I have urinary problems to. In fact he has been wearing a cathetor for 3 months now and isn t getting better...!! Thank God we get medi cal or we would be in a ton of debt or maybe not even treated... But I think when we reach 65 next year that we will have to pay like a $100/month...that will severely affect us...!! And I'm still wondering if we all have nanobots in all of us, because like I said awhile back, a father helped his son with a class project in elementary school.. Appearantly, the kid knew about a "scanning tunneling microscope (very expensive electron microscope) that very few labs have, but they took a sample of the water in there house, not really knowing what it would show. But they never expected to see nanobots in the water supply...they didn't even know about them until that revalation..!! I think the "deep state" is infecting all of us , and waiting to activate these boys if we refuse to be chipped... what other way can they kill 6 billion people on the planet...!! There is also morgellons from the chemtrails...!!! If Trump is going to do something, he better do it fast because we are running out of time...!!

    5. James, yes I pay about $104 / mo. for medicare health care ins.
      I have excellent health care docs and they've prescribed Pepcid which is helping bigtime. Next month they will send me to a specialist to take a much closer look at the calcification. I am expecting they can break it up and cause it to pass on thru. I am going to inquire about lazer or any other new technology.
      Very very important to make sure to drink lots and lots of water consistently throughout the day for any kidney or urinary problems, or to avoid them. Purified water...even if you have to boil it and bottle it yourself.

      Yes, we are running out of Time; too bad most people just don't believe that.

    6. James, the $104 will be automatically deducted from your SS check before you even get it; so expect it to come us short at that time.
      You might also consider studying up on on urinary health. For instance, cranberry capsules are available, and probably other good advice. A cathetar is not a cure, but an aid.
      We have used for many many years. Great people and lots of name brand products and great prices.
      You can isolate an ailment and then see what products they have for each health issue. Lots of organics there as well. I order their canned organic pumpkin from them, and it makes the best pumpkin pie I've ever eaten.
      May want to consider renewing the Diet and making some changes to be more suitable to older age. (I have become a fruit and veggie freak, and a juicer; absolutely love juices of all kinds.)

  2. Has anyone watched all the Bit Club Network videos and can tell us what the compensation plan is all about? Seems rather vague.

  3. Paul, you said #3 Bit Club 'is not for everyone because it takes some work and some money''. What kind of work does it take, and how much money altogether?
    (sorry to ask, but they cut me off after the first day, saying I used up all my data, which was not true)

  4. Thanks again Anna and Paul for what you’re doing!

    Here’s another avenue to help support the cause with help from the crowd.

    Sign up for Robinhood to invest in Bitcoin and stocks, and we’ll both get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint!



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