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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The So-Called Republic, the Living Law Firm and Claims Update

By Anna Von Reitz

I want to make it official and let everyone know that we, The Living Law Firm, are in dog-paddle mode, trying to keep noses above water and keep making progress.   Those of you who have prepared for "significant social unrest" and who can still afford to help with the financial needs involved, please help.  It costs me an average of $200 per week per law suit simply to keep even and we have all sorts of other reimbursements for travel, copy fees, gas, lodgings, etc.   

As I write, I have $142 in my PayPal account and $140 in bills to pay.  That is the way it has gone throughout this whole endeavor, and I take it as a literal sign from God that all our needs are taken care of, literally, almost dollar for dollar every month. 

Last week, just before my surgery, I managed to file the claim under Law of Compensation and Law of Restitution, needed for the land jurisdiction states to be reclaimed and for appointment of their care-taking back to the actual original sovereign government doing business as The United States of America (unincorporated) and our corporate (but unincorporated) states doing business as California, Wisconsin, Vermont, et alia. 

Everyone needs to understand that there are unincorporated businesses and incorporated businesses.  Both are "corporate" in the sense that they are legal fictions. Both can do business and both can communicate with each other, but one has the capacity to operate as a sovereign entity and the other does not. 

Thus, The United States of America (Unincorporated) founded by our forefathers on September 9, 1776, is a sovereign entity created by living men and vouchsafed as an heirloom to their living progeny.  

The United States of America, Incorporated, a foreign, privately owned corporation in the business of providing governmental services, first sprang into existence in 1868, was bankrupted in 1907, came out of bankruptcy in 1953, and now, some misguided acolytes are trying to resurrect this shell as "The Republic" and claiming that they have a "General Post Office" related to us, all from their cozy nest in Costa Rica. 

Anyone who wants to have a Costa Rican governmental services corporation in here providing us with the services delegated to the Federal Government instead of providing those same services ourselves or contracting them out under our direct supervision--- raise your hands....

Like their predecessors, these charlatans will try to convince you that they are your legitimate government, but the Lie is easy to discern. No incorporated entity can be your lawful government.  By definition all sovereign governments are unincorporated.  
Therefore, when a corporation ---any corporation--- claims to be your government, what is the appropriate response? 

An incorporated entity might have a contract to provide stipulated governmental services, but that is where its authority begins and ends. 

They also call themselves "The Republic" when in fact there was never "a" Republic to begin with, but rather fifty "republican" states--- fifty republics, not one.  The Federal Government that they pretend to be, is in fact our "missing" National Government--- a subcontractor functioning in international jurisdiction as a union of the sovereign (unincorporated) States of America. 

The republican states (Latin: Feminine) hold the jurisdiction of the soil owed to this country.  The Republic States (Latin: Masculine) hold the international jurisdiction of the land owed to this country, and together form the National Government owed to us.  

The original federation of soil jurisdiction states was formed September 9, 1776 as a union of states called "The United States of America".  The confederation of States formed under The Articles of Confederation (1781) resulted in a union of Republic States known as "the united States of America". 

Two unions of states/States are involved from the start. Neither one of these unions were incorporated and none of these states are incorporated.  

So there you have The Truth.  Your actual government -- the government you are owed -- has never been incorporated, and God-willing, never will be, because that would mean that you were subject to a some other foreign sovereign "state"  operating through governmental services corporations.  

Like Costa Rica operating "The United States of America, Incorporated".  

Those who can and who hear the call--- please share whatever you can to help us bear the costs of these court actions and all the research supporting them.  It's not something any one of us could be expected to bear alone, but which is, if everyone grabs an oar---- something we can do together, as it should be, as a union of sovereign nation-states. 

Our PayPal is: and I can receive checks and money orders via: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

Final note:  Both parent corporations that we have been dealing with, the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., are now in bankruptcy.  None of the traditional remedies work at this point (since the first week in October 2017), because both of these entities and their franchises are now subject to the Bankruptcy Trustees that have been named by Secondary Creditors.  

That doesn't mean that you should just stop and not make your claims and not transfer your assets--- you should do all that you can to establish your claim to your name and estate on the public record. 

We are continuing our effort to secure a systemic relief and remedy that will apply to both federal citizens and non-citizen nationals.  We have every hope that there will be peace and a just settlement of all these issues down the road, but meantime urge everyone to take what actions are possible to "stake your claim" and raise the Civil Flag. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
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  1. Re: "The United States of America (Unincorporated) founded by our forefathers on September 9, 1776". Had to look that up and it was: "Resolved, That in all continental commissions, and other instruments, where, heretofore, the words 'United Colonies' have been used, the stile be altered, for the future, to the 'United States'.” That's "resolved" not "founded" and apparently not "The United States of America" but "United States."

    1. From Anna:

      Nope. You haven't located the right citation of the correct Congress. Remember there are four Congresses involved after 1789 and three after 1787 and two prior to that, plus the United Colonies doesn't go away -- it issues The Supreme Perfected Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of The United States of America to establish the soil jurisdiction of each republican state -- wyoming, utah, etc., which we hardly ever see, but which are the foundation for all the rest.

    2. Who made that determination to call the United colonies the United states? Wikipedia ?

  2. Question is the United States incorporated all in capitalization? In other words UNITED STATES INC. Or United States Inc. I do believe the capitalization is necessary

  3. What book best covers this time frame concerning the outcome of the treaty of peace and the municipal and territorial ?
    Everything I find is superficial .

  4. Not that she needs my expertise or anything. But I have been researching this subject matter and I have been following Annas work for over two years and I as a matter of fact do fact check Annas work as I do every ones as a habit. And I concur with Anna on this matter. Like always she is right.


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