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Thursday, February 1, 2018

What to Want

By Anna Von Reitz

There are people all over the world asking me what I want?  

They ask me what I want, and they sit back in their chairs like the audience in a movie theater at the end of the opening credits, waiting for the real show to begin, but no answer comes.  

Oh, I mean, it's clear that they are waiting for something either like a personal laundry list of the kind, "A new BMW, a winter home in a large safe compound on the French Riviera, the restoration of my family castle in Italy, an annual income of at least $100 million for my retirement......"  or, else, something vacuous and vague and idealistic, like, "World peace." 

And always underlying this expectation, appears to be the taken-for-granted idea that there has to be some agenda, some reason, some selfish personal motivation behind what I do, and if I just tell them what that is, they will (a) be able to figure out what makes me tick, and (b) evaluate whether they can or will provide whatever it is I want, and (c) potentially secure my assistance by giving me what I want--- also known as, buy me off.  

That is, after all, as they make clear, the quid pro quo of existence on this planet. Everybody wants something.  Give them what they want, and they will do what you want.  Back scratching.  Grooming.  Call it what you will, that is the world that everyone knows and nobody loves, but the way the world works nonetheless.  

And they sit back in their chairs in the calm expectation that I will have an answer.  It is always most discomfiting, for everyone in the room including me, when I don't.  

This is not being evasive or secretive on my part.  

I am simply not like other people in this respect. I don't have a laundry list of needs, much less a laundry list of desires.  I have been blessed all my life to have what I really needed-- food, water, warmth, dry shelter, decent clothes and shoes, transportation--- and also an abundance of the less basic and material but equally important things--- love and friendship, a spiritual life, pets, a garden, books.  Lots of books.

Let's face it--- I have had a successful life in all respects, and now in my elder years continue to have enough money from my own sources to pay my bills and have what I need and most anything I could desire.  

What do I want? 

I want Americans to wake up and get moving.  I want them to fill-in-the-blanks the Public Fool System left in their educations.  I want them to see how and by whom they have been defrauded and cheated out of the American Dream they are heir to.  I want them to get motivated and fully restore their government and their courts and their schools and their communities.  

Sure, I want to get the information they need into their hands.  I want to motivate them -- for their own sake, the sake of their children--- yes, I want that, but it doesn't have to be my voice.  I don't feel any need to be in the forefront of anything.  I just want the job to get done, so I plod along.  I am looking forward in faith that younger people are going to rise up and take over and let me retire.  So, yes, I guess you could say I want that, too.  

My husband and I are both getting on and frankly we didn't do all this for fun, not that we have any regrets, not that we wouldn't do it all again. 

What do I want? 

I was never the one who had her "dream house" or her "dream job" or her "dream boyfriend" all picked out and envisioned.  I didn't think of men in terms of "tall, dark and handsome" or "short, fat, and blond".   I had no opinion as to what kind of engagement ring I wanted; in fact, I wasn't sure I wanted to ever be engaged at all. I never had a timeline with goals. I didn't live my life with wants to be fulfilled. I just left it all with God and prepared to be surprised and delighted----and I was. 

Now whether this makes sense or not, whether or not I should be recommending it as the Way for young people to live----all I can say is that it worked perfectly well for me, and though I sometimes got impatient, waiting for the next chapter to unfold--- if a little impatience is the worst complaint you have, you're doing pretty well. 

This lack of having set goals and wants and needs might smack--to some people-- of lack of ambition or laziness or something like that, but no, that's not true, either.  I have been fully engaged and active and working like a steam engine the whole time.  It's just that I figured out very early in life that I was ill-suited to answering the hows and whens and whys, so I might more profitably spend my time figuring out what kind of life I wanted and what kind of people I wanted to spend it with and what sort of contribution I might be able to make.  

To me, life has been more about process and journey than notching mileposts or obtaining anything, so asking me what I want provokes consternation of an oddly embarrassing kind.  It's like I should have an answer right on the tip of my tongue. It's like I've been caught napping in class.  And then I realize that I am not in the same class as everyone else.  The lessons I have had to learn are not about wants. 

My lessons have been about self-knowledge and trust, about gratitude and letting go, about the nature of beauty and the reasons for sacrifice. My biggest lesson was to experience truly unconditional love, and I wasn't expecting or wanting that, either.  

So. What do I want? 

When I was eighteen years old, I died.  I left my body and drifted up through the many floors of the hospital where I had just passed on.  Paused on the edge of the roof of the hospital and looking out over the city and countryside beyond, I head the most beautiful music--- a symphony, expertly played.  

And not only was there no sign of the powerful orchestra, it was my music. 

It was my music.  My symphony.  The one I would have written, if I could have, if I had had the time and skill and inspiration.  

I knew in that moment that Another had written it for me, One who loved me and knew me in the most intimate way possible, and by His Grace, it was being performed for me, to welcome me home.   The orchestra began to appear out of the thin air, super-imposed over the shimmering morning clouds.  

It was nothing that I could have expected. Not in the wildest of my wild dreams. I wept and I knew for sure --- this same Love that knows us better than we know ourselves, exists for us all, all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfect. 

What do I want?  

What is there to want, when we already have it all?  

Let's wake up and admit what is true. Let's all just stop accepting a world in which everything, even our most sacred love relationships, are attacked by and reduced to commerce.  

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  1. Matthew 5:2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,
    3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
    5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
    6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
    7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
    8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
    9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake.
    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: For so persecuted they the Prophets which were before you. [KJV 1611]

  2. Ah, Anna, I can relate to the heavenly melody you heard. I was once privileged to hear the Angelic Choir during the lowest time of my life, not caused by my own doing, but sadly, by 'churchy people disobeying God'. Everything was going haywire and threw me into such confusion that I eventually became ill with hypoglycemia.
    I lay in bed hardly able to go to sleep, closed my eyes and the Choir started. It was so beautiful and reverberated throughout the heavens, yet all invisible even though the notes were like they pinged off pure crystal thru the entire universe. Man could never begin to duplicate the sound.

    Yeah, the devil thinks money can buy off anybody. He is full of bait, too. Just yesterday I was called twice by a foreign voice on the phone, trying to give me 40 grand, a grant of sorts, and of course I'd never have to pay it back. So I played with them for a couple of minutes; and how much money are you going to ask me for to 'get this grant I never have to pay back'. No answer. Just started the same pitch all over again. So do you want my address where to send it? No answer. Well, since you know my name, I guess you already have my address too, so why are you calling me then. No, we just need your bank account number to transfer it. I don't have a bank account, so you will just have to mail it. BTW, what company are you with. The government. Which government, where are you located. The united states. Well the united states government already knows my address, so why are you calling me, just go ahead and mail it.
    So I played with him enough, he was so befuddled and lost his place so I just hung up LOL. Most of the time though, I just stop them, tell them I am busy, and thank them for calling, but take me off their call list. Such people are just trying to make a living any way they can. But I'm no fool. They have no intention of tsf. anything TO your account; they intend to siphon it.

  3. Anby, those are the only kind of people left in Calif. Lol. Are you both saying that you had "Near Death Experiances (NDE)..??? I never had one myself, but I didn't really know what I wanted either, growing after high school, I went to a university where I was around people that were very smart and pretty much knew what they wanted.. Eventually, it became clear that what I really liked and wanted was the "Truth" .. I became addicted to it like a drug..!! All I wanted is more and more, because it was the first time I ever heard it, but somehow I knew it was all true..Im talking about the truth of our legal system, which lead to all other "truths" about this world..!! Meanwhile, most of the friends I knew are still chasing after money and nice cars and other things.....they could care less about the truth, because I told them many times about it, and they either tell me I'm crazy or think it's a waste of time and energy unless there is a buck to be made out of it...needless to say, I finally cut and run from that whole crowd because they have never grown past their Childest WANTS not needs...!! Sure, I wouldn't mind a nice car, but I'm not bothered by it.. I'm just happy for what I have and without the ambition to search for answers to the problems of this world, I can't understand why people cling to life so hard..!! WHAT DO THEY WANT (is the real question)...!!! It appears to be just "THINGS"...!!

    1. James, no I did not have any NDE at all. I was just in such disbelief that 'christians' would actually disobey God, which then caused me such confusion that I could not even stand myself; couldnt stand being awake, yet couldn't get to sleep either. The Angelic Choir was the soothing, like healing balm.
      From that, and over the many years since then, I've learned never to believe anyone who claims to be a 'christian'. I gotta see their actual fruit and what they really believe, and it doesn't take me long to discovery who and what they really are about.
      Truth is good, but sometimes it comes with sadness, and doesn't always cause joy. It takes being a real adult to face Truth. Maybe that's why so much of our population prefers 'sweet lies'; they don't want to grow up.

  4. All of you who have posted above have a direct connection to the Divine. You have eyes to see and ears to hear. Your spiritual eyes are wide open.
    This especially goes for you Anna. Many/most people in the world are not true believers, they have no understanding that there are two worlds. One spiritual and one secular. Satan was given full power over the secular world uninhibited by good ( God )for one hundred years. That began in 1914. It was like a crib game between good (God ) and evil (devil) God had offered one son ( not his only son ) as the prize. Rather the soul of this son. If Satan could get this son to accept all his offers of material and monetary wealth , basically honor mammon and Satan instead of be true to his creator, Satan would win the gam. The son of man was born into this Earth with an empty hard drive. He did not know he was offered as the sacrifice although many including his siblings knew. Through out his life, he could not make sense of the world and the way things. He was hung on the accounting cross of debits and credits and was made a slave to commerce. He was a very successful business man for 39 years but always questioned the status quo to the point of being dragged to Satan's courts for refusing to be counted in the Canadian census. He raised such a ruckus that a freemason told him he would be offered a 300,000.00 a year job to keep quiet. His exact words were " my soul is worth a lot more than that Satan"
    The 100 years was up in 2014. The son was forced out of business by the revenuers and was taken down from the accounting cross of commerce. He was not defeated. He held fast to his soul and good is once more taking an active part in this world. The liberal secularists are petrified now. I once heard it said by a truly Godly Catholic priest that although the church and state are not supposed to cross swords, if by chance they do, it is the church that would win. The church is the collective of all God's people and not to be confused by the hierarchy in Rome.
    You Anna have written scripture with your 800 plus thesis. You are a female Martin Luther. You may not be seeing the fruits of your labor yet but I assure you that you will. Your work will become a guide to the future generations. It is a blueprint for the future just as Jesus was the word or the word was Jesus, Jesus existed on paper but the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. He did his lob successfully, he was beaten severely but did not bow down. You too Anna have done your assigned job successfully and will be awarded a high position in God's government when it is completed. The transformation has begun and Donald J. Trump is part of the builders involver. Conversely, we in Canada are being led astray by the son of perdition. God will bless you always and sees you suffering in frustration being unable to awaken the deceived masses. It is a two tier system with the blue collar working class at the bottom and the bottom feeders at the top controlling us. God knows this and sees this and he is on the move now working through many people, Ultimately , he has the power to crush evil eternally and the process has begun. Fear not all ye who believe for yours is the kingdom of heaven. I have been watching you for years. I too had my assignment and am very satisfied that I did not get deceived.

  5. Well, it ought to be obvious what is "coming next"!!! If a person can't be bribed, bought off, back scratched, etc. there is only ONE option left, "suicided"!!!!!! The train "accident" that just happened to the Republican congressmen and senators on a SECURED track, with helicopter escort, was no "accident" as there were TWO vehicles parked on that track waiting for the train to hit it and derail to kill as many of them as possible, a semi-truck was hit first and then a large garbage truck!!! WHY is FAUX NEWS and their cohorts only reporting the garbage truck on the track when you could clearly see the semi-truck lying around too!!!??? Look for Anna to be "disappeared" one way or another when and/or/if she really poses a threat to "the system" just as this "accident" was!!! She just might come down with that deadly "Arkansied Flu" that ALL of the witnesses against the Clintscum and their foundation die of before they can testify against it!!!!!! Not saying this WILL happen, has happened to a lot more important people than anna and she will be no "exception" if she gets "out of line"!!!!!! I'd be starting my car by remote control and moving to as many "safe places" as I could if I was her!!!

    1. This appears to be a veiled threat against Anna by the "unknown". Fear not Anna and hold fast to your convictions. God is in charge now and you will be protected as were the Republicans on that train. There are very few if any more important than Anna at this time.

    2. It's far too late for that to do the cabal any good Unknown. I have spread hundreds of copies of Anna's website on Flash drives and DVDs around the world. The information is everywhere. They can't stop it now. There are also redundant websites with the information on them.

    3. Agreed bluecollarmovement!! Anna IS Divinely guided and protected and knows this in her heart & mind, and shows this through words and actions, consistently. She has shown us all through her wise words and courageous actions that we too, can gain our courageous strength, knowledge and trust back. She has been a true, and consistent blessing to my very broken heart, and her words and deeds a great inspiration for me to stand once again in my original integrity and peaceful, honest desires. Nothing but Love and gratitude for this beautiful woman showing up in my life, at just the right time, and speaking to my heart so i could heal, and be prepared for what i've been called to be and do as well.
      Much Love & Peace

    4. I don't have any idea who Unknown is, but you all seem to be reading into his post, with your biased opinions by jumping on the bandwagon started by a few in here.

      From all the information over the past couple of decades, it is a well known fact that ''they' have been 'disappearing' just about anyone who does anything that messes with THEIR plans. Especially those that Expose their plots and schemes and might just name their Names to the world.

      So THAT is what I see Unknown warning Anna about. I did not read his posting as a threat. Y'all need to get some real Godly discernment, and put away your worldly opinions which are always based on Emotionalism and personal likes and dislikes. When you size things up based on your own personal opinions, thats when you lose all good sense.
      Frankly, the level of hatred in here is getting sickening, as well as the excessive level of ooey gooey mush; its beginning to sound more like a cheap Romeo and Juliet play.

    5. Abby, if it is I you are referring to, you are way off the mark. I discern from your second paragraph that you are adding to Anna's anxiety. I do not discern however where you see hatred in these posts. It seems to me that it is you who has rage in your heart.
      I do not know unknown either but am entitled to my opinion. If you read Anna's next post, you will see unknown had posted again and it became clear he was not threatening but warning. He knows who is behind the lunacy in the world and I responded accordingly.
      It is written something like you are complaining about the splinter in my eye while you have a 2 x 4 in your own. I assure you I have absolutely no hate in my heart.

    6. bluecollar, I think you have only posted in here very recently and only a few times; NO, I was not referring to you at all.
      But you ought to re-read my postings; if you did you would clearly see I posted Truth; most truthers know about all the disappearances; so where do you see this truth as being rage? Anyone who is not 'enraged' by such nefarious acts should pinch themselves and see if they are still among us living!
      So spare me your finger pointing with such accusations.
      And if you are of the mindset that we should omit pointing out their disappearing tactics or suiciding tactics 'because it might add to anxieties' then you are not for Truth at all.

      And since you are trying to play the ''hatred card' let me inform you that God HATES all workers of iniquity''. Psalms 5
      Go chew on that for awhile and then go burn your 'hate card' along with the rest of your 'political correct' indoctrinations. I take my direction from God who tells us 'to love that which is Good, and HATE THAT WHICH IS EVIL''.
      Thats scripture, so if you don't hate anything, then neither do you love anything/anybody. You are trying to walk the middle of the road, that safe zone which will get you spit out of His Mouth.
      So if you are on the hunt for 'splinters and planks' you will easily find them by simply looking in your own mirror.
      It might also help to read what I've said, more carefully, before you respond.
      The verse you refer to is Matt. 7:5 which in essence says don't be guilty yourself and point fingers at others; get your own act together first, then you are fit to judge others.

      Blue, you see we don't do much 'political correct' BS in here; we pretty much just tell it like it is because we're all fed up with the bullshit going on in this world; so we vent a lot, get it off our chest, not much offense taken, and we just move on then. You'll get used to us, lol.

  6. "My lessons have been about self-knowledge and trust, about gratitude and letting go, about the nature of beauty and the reasons for sacrifice. My biggest lesson was to experience truly unconditional love, and I wasn't expecting or wanting that, either."
    I too after NDE, experienced unconditional love within for the first time. My hearts desires and intentions have never "Fit" in this world, and the misjudgments and character assassinations never bothered or phased me until I woke up to the truth of this Beast system 10 years ago by my youngest extremely Terrorized, traumatized, very newly adult son, living 7hours away from home for the first time. You see he had been exposed to the truth through the darkest evil killing, torture and suffering(many babies/children) being done by our "Military" sons and daughters, following orders that were so inhumane and unconscionable that he, after 3 full days of no sleep, and constant seeking to make sense of what he was seeing, finally mentally his mind couldn't take any more, neither could his great big, compassionate heart, and he mentally "checked out" also known as "flight" mode and his Foreign EGO kicked in and took control of his vulnerable "state" known by the worldly title of "Manic" and "Schizphrenic"(sp?) we, as his parents had no clue of the mental trauma state he was in, we just knew he was indeed traumatized and terrorized by what he had learned and discovered. He drove home in that state, fearful for all our lives, and wanting us to learn this truth as well and "be prepared" as there was a FEMA Camp only a mile and a half away from our home. We did everything he asked of us, to help ease his heart & mind, and it seemed to calm him, but he, and we, were forever changed. Our family dynamic & strong bonds began to crumble and fall apart due to the individual beliefs/conditioning being waged on our elder enlisted "Navy" sons.
    He has suffered greatly this last 10 years, and it has broken this mama's heart to watch her beautiful, compassionate, big heart-ed son, carry the weight and burdens of this evilness he witnessed, upon himself, and to rob from him his own self worth, self confidence, trust in his own passionate heart & mind. He has carried the weight and burden of feeling responsible for bringing the truth to our family, and our family falling apart, which was never his fault nor his burden to bear.

    The GREAT News is he IS finally "letting go" and recovering and being healed, just like soooo many are learning to "Let Go" right now!!!! It is a Beautiful sight to see and witness, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude this last 8 months or so, being able to participate and have such a wonderful view of the progress we are all working on, to achieve our hearts desire of Peace in our world!!!

    1. Kelli, that made me leak (tears). That is so very heartbreaking. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers that the evil inflicted will be healed. Your son is a spiritual warrior for "letting go" and has the scars to prove it. Sending love and light your way.

    2. Yes he is, IAMTRUTH, thank you for acceptance(empathy) and acknowledgement(wisdom) of this truth!! Our righteous truth, honesty & integrity will rise above all this evil and WE will ALL prevail as intended, scars and all!!!
      Much Love, Peace and Gratitude sent back in humble return!

  7. "Want" is derived from Old Norse words for "lacking". (Over time it gained the idea of "need", and from there the modern idea of "desire".) Thus, aside from the more common verb form (e.g. "I want [desire] something"), it may be used as a noun (e.g. "I am in want of cash"). "Means" may refer to the method of accomplishing something, or the resources (often financial) required to accomplish something.
    Those who keep company with God on a regular basis have no desires because God fulfills all of their desires. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” In Matthew 6:32 Jesus acknowledges that we have needs so that Psalmist is saying he has no desires or wants.
    Anna, your response proves that you are truly a woman of God.

  8. Humans are more ‘mistaken’ than evil. Humans are in fact, brave and magnificent heroes to experience the illusion of dualism or separation in this Earth reality.

    1. You're right, Doreen. Thanks for this post. We all need to 'reconnect' to our own divinity, with Creator/Source.

    2. Doreen, what the hell does that mean? Sounds like a bunch of empty meaningless jargon to me.

    3. Absolutely agreed Doreen!! Thank you for sharing!!

      Much Love & Peace!!

  9. I have never had an answer for that question. It seems awkward somehow, like there is no answer or somehow is outside of my understanding. The last time I was asked was after explaining what I knew of the calamity, how it is happening to us by our owned "by us" so called government. I just said Peace, people caring about each other, getting along, taking care of things we have, appreciation, and ending of abuse and selfish greed as a status quo norm.

    I guess if your world is stuff you get then what you want would be corp to daily focus perhaps. Perhaps also growing up finding out that wanting something did not mean you would get it and that if you did not get it, what you need suffices just fine, or you can find a way to succeed without the perceived personally gratifying thing.

    I too have felt and know of the love we are created in and surrounded by constantly by the ordinarily unseen hand of care God provides for us. I just want to try and create a little in return, do something to show my appreciation for God's creation, the the love given to me. In my small way anything that will help the creation, God's Kingdom unfold and be acknowledged by others many who think people create everything and rule the Universe and can do whatever they want including hurt things and live off the spoils, revel in success in the negative, causing more problems in the process.
    What is their to want? Warmth, dry, some food, some love, health, simple things seem fine. I worked with several military comrads and the wanted others to see them in their expensive trucks and toys and wanted to be acknowledged as being cool.
    We learn that Santa will give us what we want if we obey, do as we are told, are clever and can fool mom and dad in to doing our bidding, then get what we want.
    Anyone know that song "Santa Claus is coming to town?" Probably could make an appearance in a parade maybe even right near the King and Queen's float. Apparently lots of Americans want to honor and revel in having one King and Queen above all, and do so worship in nearly every school. Perhaps just tacit rewards. Maybe the people here in, Kings and Queens themselves each and everyone, just are rewareded with the annual reminder parades due to doing nothing, being offered things, saying nothing so it is taken as a yes, the "government" provides at least what someone wanted and others pretend they want it too or just go along with it saying nothing. Good thing God is paying more attention than that, wants nothing yet still gives, not expecting anything in return for the gift.

  10. Anna, you have awakened many and shared your vast knowledge and we will be forever grateful. However, those committing crimes against us have not been held accountable. In particular, the Smoking Gun that show how the crooked State Bar Associations dictate who receives the benefit of our estate and are knowingly manipulating our birth, death and marriage records to ENRICH THEMSELVES and CHEAT US - their employers and helpless babies, widows, and the elderly. The fact they discuss it openly and leave NO DOUBT that yes, the KNOW what they are doing and they are doing it anyway. Then you tell us we MUST take action to correct our Political Status, when THEY are knowingly manipulating it and profiting from it. They are the traitors that should be in prison and forced to correct our records. How are they getting away with this??


    1. Thank you for providing this story, bluecollarmovement! I appreciate stories that have GREAT endings!!!" Good ALWAYS conquers evil in the end, and that has always been promised for which I do completely Trust as our truth and righteous victory!!

      "Heaven has told us repeatedly the Church would go through a dark night. Heaven has a plan, and they are asking for our participation in that plan for the salvation of mankind. The multiplicity of apparition sites around the world primarily asks people for a return to the faith through the sacraments.
      The Blessed Mother has promised a triumph, and She said at Fatima, “…in the end my Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

      Much Love & Peace!


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