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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Know Your Enemy

By Anna Von Reitz

Quite apart from the political Mess, what we are fighting throughout the world today is a profane and ancient religion called "Mystery Babylon" in the Bible, and more flatly, in the common tongue, Satanism.  

There are people who worship the Father of All Lies, and they are astonishingly common.  Once you clue into their codes and by-words, they are easy to spot and they are roaming about in broad daylight, "doing what they will".  

Lying and deceit of all kinds is a central part of their religion, along with using perverted sex as a sacrament, infanticide, tree worship, ritual cannibalism, blood-drinking, idol worship -- especially the worship of money, the use of "sacred groves" as ritual sites, the emblem of the owl --- the animal totem of their goddess Semiramis, also known as Isis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cybele, and Columbia, also known as the Mother of All Whores and the Great Abomination, the inventor of money and temple prostitution. 

The emblems and statues and temples of this ancient evil are scattered all over the Middle East, North Africa, the Greek Peninsula, the Italian Peninsula, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, even Scotland and the Bohemian Grove in California.  It's extremely widespread because it is a sea-going religion popular among sailors and pirates and traders who carried it world-wide.  It is a death-centered religion that preaches what many consider common sense--- "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die." 

In their view, there is no value in virtue.  None at all.  And no logical reason to be virtuous, either.  Just get down and wallow in every sin and "enjoy" yourself by indulging in alcohol and drugs and sex and death and pollution of every kind, lie every lie, experience every perversion, serve yourself first and devil take the hindmost.  There's no heaven and no hell, just a short rope and a long jump. 

So now that you know what you are up against, it will make more sense to realize that the people you have relied upon to promote justice have promoted just the opposite.  The people you have trusted to protect you have often been your greatest threat.  The people you trusted to heal your illnesses, have often been perverted into being the purveyors and cause agents of illness.  There is a reason that the world so often appears to be upside down and backwards--- and it all comes back to the somewhat-hidden practitioners of this ancient and evil religion, who see it as their duty to their "god" to pervert and corrupt and twist and mirror and mock every virtue, destroy every truth, and promote every lie.  

As you would expect of a religion that profoundly values deceit of all kinds, even the nature of their religion is duplicitous and deceitful, wrapped up in layers of "mystery" because if they exposed the "secret" up front, nobody would attend their meetings and get sucked into their institutionalized criminality and mental illness. 

It has to be a "mystery"--- a "secret"--- "the way to power"----and they can't afford to tell you that 90% of it is old Egyptian sex magic and drugs liberally applied and the results then photographed to produce material for blackmail.  That's it.  The big "mystery" of Mystery Babylon---- sex, drugs, and blackmail. 

So, instead, this is how they work their schtick.  They recruit a broad spectrum of  idealistic young people, most of whom have been turned off by conventional religion or who have had no exposure to religion at all, and they lure these kids in and evaluate them carefully.  Those that appear to be obdurately good are placed on one path, and those that prove susceptible to their wiles, on another.  

The purpose of the Good Path is to provide cover for all the rest of what goes on. The storefront angels are tasked to do silly, innocent things and good works in their respective communities, so that everyone accepts the presence of these secret societies as something innocuous (as some fraternal organizations actually are) or arguably good.  And the beauty of it is, that those on the Good Path are never told anything different.  Their initiations are all innocent and they can go bobble about doing good works and earnestly believing that what they are involved in is perfectly nice and respectable and sane.  

Those on the other path are quickly feasted upon as sex objects and compromised on film and otherwise, in ways that they will never, ever, to their dying day tell anyone what they have done or what has been done to them, either. 

And just to make sure, they are given plenty of notice and examples of what happens to anyone who tries to leave the pirate ship to Hell. 

This bifurcation into Two Ways, or Paths, and the compartmentalization of knowledge into levels of initiation is their way of protecting their crime and sin syndicate, putting on a nice face to the public with one side of the operation, and enrolling new fodder for the sex and drug and influence peddling on the other. 

There are drugs that make people extremely horny and potent, drugs that make them feel very powerful, drugs that give them super-endurance, drugs that make them hallucinate, drugs that make them susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, drugs that turn mousy little girls into wanton vampire-like creatures and young boys into killing machines.  All this has been known since Ancient Egypt.  It's nothing new. 

It is, as they say, old as the hills---and yet, people go about their lives and duck their heads and pretend not to know anything at all about it.  Satanism?  Here? What???  Temple prostitution?  In this day and age?  Huh?  

Their "churches" dot the landscape in every hamlet and village in America and Europe, so it is high time we paid attention to their existence and their beliefs and their practices -- their modus operandi -- how they operate.  

So I just told you how they structure their basic organization, why they structure it that way, what the big "mystery" is--- drugs, sex, and blackmail--- how they work things incrementally, exposing the "mystery" only to those initiates that are susceptible, how they compartmentalize knowledge in order to keep control, and how they use fear of various kinds to keep control once they have someone hooked. 

That's the Big Picture.  Now zero down and look at some of their techniques.  If you have been following along I've been pointing out their methods all along, so that you could look and see for yourselves.  These people are utterly predictable once you know what to look for. 

1. The pot always calls the kettle black.  This old saying aptly describes their practice of accusing everyone else of what they are doing themselves, so as to keep attention focused on some other poor schmuck, and not on what they are doing.  When someone raises their hand and points out any potential danger or threat, we are hard-wired to immediately focus our attention in that direction.  It is automatic--- and in that instant while our attention is diverted looking for the non-existent evil, the real evil is playing its hand or escaping out the back door. The present tempest over Donald Trump's supposed "Russia connection" is a good example.  Who actually sold the Russians 20% of American Uranium?  Hillary Clinton.  

2. They pretend to be their enemies, so that their enemies get blamed for their wrong-doing.  For example, they pretend to be Orthodox Jews, grow beards, wear prayer shawls, join the synagogue, and use this false identity to commit crimes-- literally creating a "synagogue of Satan".  They do the same thing with the Catholics and the Muslims and the Mormons, abusing the positions of trust they gain in these communities and ultimately discrediting the host group.  This is part of their stock and trade--- and in order to pull it off, they have to be accomplished actors.  They have to appear to be more Catholic than Catholic, more Muslim than Muslim, more Republican than Republican.  So look hard and long at the most "devout" and doctrinaire and strict members of every group, the ones who are most vehement, most sanctimonious--- and what you will often find, is a Satanist hamming it up and going a little overboard in his or her role playing. 

3. They pretend that their enemies are them, so that their enemies get blamed for their wrong-doing. This is just the reciprocal of the process described above, only AFTER they have managed to defame their target group---- and we just had an example of it.  The Jesuits have lately been discredited and identified as defenders of pedophiles, so the vermin try to promote the idea that I am a Jesuit in an effort to smear me and discredit my work. 

4. The skunk always smells its own hole first --- this frontier saying is yet another reminder to look closely at the ways and means of those bringing accusations against others.  Often, though not always, people know about crimes and other ugly things because they or someone close to them was involved, so it is wise to consider those possibilities and not assume that every whistle blower is innocent. 

5. The process of "mirroring" and appearing to be someone or something other than what they are or what they are talking about is endemic and applies to far more than just their practice of assuming the identity of their victims as discussed in the Synagogue of Satan example above.  They deliberately confuse other things as well --- I just discussed a bunch of these things in my new book---deliberate semantic deceits designed to fool people into making false assumptions, like calling a private for-profit commercial corporation the "United States of America", or creating two things, one called the "Exchange Stabilization Fund" and one called the "Economic Security Fund" --- both abbreviated "ESF" --- and then carrying on "private conversations" in which one is substituted for the other, and the actual subject of the conversation is hidden in plain sight. 

6.  They also purposefully misstate and misrepresent things in other ways as well.  One of the classic ruses used by dishonest lawyers is to take things out of context or to employ one of the semantic deceits described above to make it appear that the victim said something they didn't really say, and then disprove the deliberately falsified information.  That is, they create a lie, disprove their own lie, and then take credit for appearing to "de-bunk" their victim.  Larry Becraft has done that to my work and left the world a fine example of this on his "crackpot" website. Everything he alleges about what I supposedly said is a lie--- a deliberate "misunderstanding" resulting in falsification -- that he then disproves, and takes credit for disproving.  This is done to discredit me, but when the truth comes out and he is held to account for it, he magically disappears and won't reply.  This is also typical.  This is called "dropping the Hot Potato" in hopes of not getting burned further by the truth.  Silence is a Satanist's form of damage control. Take note of when a lawyer falls silent. 

7. The basic rules and premises of propaganda and Yellow Journalism are all taken from the Satanist religion, too.  The most enduring and favorite propaganda technique used by these Jokers is called The Big Lie.  You just choose something hugely false and hugely helpful to yourself and keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it in as many different ways and in as many different venues as possible.  The classic is, "Sally isn't wearing underpants."  --- Pretty soon, everyone "knows" that Sally isn't wearing underpants and it makes no difference at all whether she actually is or isn't.  It's "common knowledge"--- and you can guess what such knowledge is worth.  Whatever you think you know--- start questioning how you know it?  Where did that "knowledge" come from?  Who or what does the belief in that knowledge benefit?  These hideously destructive taken-for-granted truisms are foisted off on gullible people every day and there are endless examples of it: Donald Trump is insane, black men are sex-crazed, rape victims asked for it, North Korea is a military threat, the Earth is over-populated, Global Warming is a fact, CO2 is the cause of Global Warming....   "Everyone" believes these things, right?  "Everyone" can't be wrong, can they?  Well, yes, they can be wrong and they can be downright purposeful self-interested liars, too, which is what Satanists are: Liars.  The world is full of them. They infest every newsroom I know of, endlessly churning out false, slanted "news" calculated to control and direct "public opinion".  If you don't want to be victims, wise up and take control of your own opinions. 

8. Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is just plagiarism of "The Devil's Handbook"-- a weighty tome created in 16th century Scotland as a training manual for Admiralty Attorneys.  The only original thought Alinsky contributed was to use the same principles of evil in an organized way in political contexts.  Remember that I said Satanism was a religion popular among sailors and pirates?  Well, so, it makes sense that it infests the Law of the Sea and the traditions of the Admiralty and the Navies of the world, whose members are famous for enjoying "Liberty"---the wild sexual melee that happens when ships hit shore and sailors meet hookers, just as their land-locked brethren enjoy orgies of all kinds.  

9.  In politics, Satanism results in open, obvious, glaring falsehood.  For example, the Democratic Party has for decades positioned itself as the champion of the common man, the little guy, the underpaid workers, the poor blacks and Hispanics.  But in fact, the Democratic Party fought giving black people the vote tooth and nail, and bilked the Social Security Fund and lied through its teeth about its own actions when called to account.  Last night, President Trump announced that black and Hispanic unemployment was at an all time low--- (granted, there was no proof offered)--- yet, doesn't it strike you as strange that the Democrats weren't on their feet, cheering and clapping and smiling?  It's not about actually being the champions of the poor or the elderly or the working class.  For Satanists, it is all about appearing to be the champions while actually bilking the treasury and making sure that the "constituency" continues to be poor and downtrodden. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out why so many Democrats took increased employment for blacks and Hispanics as bad news.  

This is just a smattering of what is staring you right in the face, twisting your government, infesting your pulpits, thwarting your news organizations, ruling your "pop culture", destroying your health and in too many cases, destroying your ability and willingness to think.  

And this, no less than knowing your actual American history, is part of your wake up call.   

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  1. I can vouch for every bit of this Article is absolutely true; it is evil that is lurking behind every single aspect in life. It starts in the maternity ward of hospitals, into day care centers, and right on up thru anything part of life you want to name. It is especially bad IN the majority of what we call 'churches'.
    For those of us that are long time bible scholars and blessed with deep insight from on high, we are well aware of all the wiles of satan. We know full well that 'satan is the god of this world' and he 'seeks to devour whomever he can'; those most gullible targets.

    Most of what people call religions, are actually just gatherings of like minded people or social clubs. There is nothing godly about them. Frankly, I don't believe in religion; there are either believers of the word of God, or disbelievers of it. The bible is not religion per se, but rather, it is a book of history of this world - past, present, and future, and tells the entire story from beginning to the very end. Sadly, though, most people just never 'get it'.
    Instead they mock it, and the people who believe such a Book as being true, find it too restrictive to their preferred 'free spirit' of 'anything goes'.
    To those people I can only say one thing: Those restrictions are warnings TO KEEP YA OUT OF TROUBLE; they are not some big stern God-guy who wants to keep you from having any fun. That is what satan whispers in your ears and you listen to his shit: 'you don't wanna go get all religious, you won't get to have any fun anymore; you will be bored.'
    Well let me tell you gullible ones, God himself is fun because you just never know what he will bring your way; he is full of nice surprises beyond what you can even begin to expect. The rewards for obedience and putting Him First in your life, far far outweigh any so-called sacrifices - and it sure saves us a whole lot of troubles because He guides our footsteps.

    So playing with the devil and participating in his free-to-do-as-you-please which the world offers, will get you in jail, in lots of hot water, make sure you end up with zero, and then dump you like a hot potato and laugh at you in your plight. And you have nobody to Call On in your darkest hour.
    But if you listened to God when he tells you ''be not in drunkenness' you have a clue by now Why he says that? Do you think its because he was trying to stop your 'fun'? Or because it would have kept you out of a whole LOT of trouble !

    I can tell you from experience that not listening is very costly; but even then looking back, I am totally amazed how he took me from low back up to High again. And NOW, I am watching on a daily basis for Him to do his most magnificent thing in my life; I can feel it in my Spirit; old business has been gotten out of the way, wrapping it all up, and I know that is preparation and clearing the slate for a New Venture. And Spring is coming and I am READY TO GO ! Full steam ahead and devil be damned; he has nothing to offer that is worth bothering with. PFFFfft !
    (choose ye THIS DAY, whom you will SERVE)

  2. Donald J. Trump can build a beautiful tall wall. He can too build a solid gold plank, thanks to the stock market! The old ship of State can walk the plank, or confess, and get spanked.
    The President is a political poet. Now ya know it.

  3. That was a very good insiteful commentary about people in general... and the world as a whole, which is why our struggle is so difficult...the world is full of people who no matter what they do for a living it can always be justified because of their family and the need to most people this is nothing more than a concrete jungle....only the strong (liers and con artist) will survive. You have to be strong enough to say NO to everyone, but get other people to say YES to you if they need help..!! Actually you can some up the whole human condition into two groups...GIVERS (that are basically good people always wanting to help someone, and as rare as rubies)and TAKERS (who always want something but never want to give anything back to society, which sadly seems like 99% of this world). But I take your simple definition of drugs to be a form of misinformation...their is no drug on this planet more powerful or dangerous or created all the horrible things that people do to other people that are tru ely evil than "money"!! I've done all the drugs you mentioned, but never lost tract of the truth, because I never let anything control me..everything in moderation is the key to life...!! Its so funny how people cannot seem to recognize the real truth about money...that it is nothing but a drug that has everyone hypnotized into believing all other LIES..!! And like all addicts whoes only desire is only for their drug of choice, they will do or say anything to get may be a necessary drug for now, but I don't see anyone using moderation on it...they are the worst addicts in the world and the most dangerous..!! With the "Truth" we know, if I didn't use drugs once in awhile, I'd be in a mental institution or a serial killer..!!! Just like the gun arguement, it's not the drug that is dangerous, it's the person using the drug that is the danger...!! Instead of phrasing it drugs, sex and blackmail, it would be truer to say, sex and blackmail...!!

  4. Another great piece of scripture Anna. You are very wise and blessed. You seem to be awakening some truly wise people who are posting here. Your work is not in vain. Man by himself can not set up a true government. He will be opposed by the liberals of the world, It is possible to be done with the help of God and He is twisting the ears of the misinformed and misguided right now. Their own conscience will attack them and they will want to die but God will not let them. They will be made to face their demons, suffer, repent and will be glad in the end.

  5. Let's call a rose a rose and name the cult that most of this article represents but did not point out for some very strange reason and it is "masonry" that is easily identified by their ring and masonic jewelry that they so proudly wear and their "secret signals, like the hand placed in the bosom of their shirt/coat, the "lion's Paw-a clenched first placed in the upper left corner of the chest as seen in Pat Robertson's presidential run photo, to let other masons know "I'm one of you, vote for me"!!!!!! you can't be a supervisor anywhere without being a mason, seen too much of this on the jobs that I've had and in gov't and the Unions, just about everyone in an important position is a mason. And it doesn't matter which "flavor" the mason is-Shriners, Scottish Rite, etc. etc. they ALL worship their daddy devil.

    1. You too are very wise mister unknown. I had my suspicions of you after what you wrote in the previous post about Anna disappearing but you have calmed my fears You are right in what you say. More truth has been added to the ether.

  6. Evil is rampant in this world. Catholicism is dominant in the evil. The Pope (office) changed the day of worship to prove that the world would honor his (the pope) day of worship rather than the day that God the Creator of the Universe sanctified and made Holy, The Seventh Day. This is NOT my interpretation; it is what the Catachism (sp?) of the Catholic Church say. I am NOT saying that the seventh day is everything, but it IS the fourth Commandment, the longest, most detailed, and clearly discussed throughout the Bible as a "sign". In the book of Daniel it is predicted that "....will seek to change the times." Note the word "seek". Note which day on your calendar is the seventh. That order has never changed in any revision or altering of the calendar to correct for 365 days per year not being exact. Yet the nasses cannot figure out which day is the seventh day of the week! The small Nation of the Vatican virtually rules the world, by creating all forms of "religion" that avoid this Fourth Commandment, namely Muslim (keep Friday holy), and a host of those that keep the first day in preference to the seventh, ie Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, et al. I strongly agree with Anna, and some of the above comments re the Masons is, one ofthe most evil, secretive, demonic, destructive organizations out there (secrecy is their banner!). We live in an evil world where satan runs rampant. Seek the Truth of the Word of God, rather than the "interpretation of man".


    2. Great post Tom. God created man on the sixth day and saw that he was good. From where I sit, looking at the now and back through history, I can not find where man has been ever good. I have concluded, that we are still in the sixth day however it is very late or approaching dawn of the seventh day. Man will be good as he will be forced to his knees once he realizes how he has been deceived. Only then will God be satisfied and declare that man is good. Then we will see the seventh day and God can rest.
      No one has broken that commandment yet for the time has not yet come. We are living in biblical times and experiencing the book of revelations .Rejoice and be glad.

    3. You are absolutely correct about the Catholic Church Tom. This was part of the research I did in the last 10 years. I know most Catholics don’t know how evil the Vatican truly is & the Pope is a big hypocrite. The amount of sexual abuse that has gone on & continues to go on makes me wonder how anyone could stay in this church.

    4. Bluecollar, may I ask what religious teachings you follow/or affiliate with? You make some very strange statements and I would like to know where you gets some of your ideas from.
      Just asking.

  7. Thanks again Anna .To see the world clearly is a curse and a blessing.I am glad I can call you a friend , you are an overwhelming adversary.

  8. In the age of deceit truth becomes revolutionary.
    The great lie- "i do not exist" lucifer
    the luciferian ascension is real- ignorance is complicity
    Please see 'Masters of Deceit' documentary

  9. And...Satan's focus RIGHT NOW is to thwart HOLYDAY #2! If you don't know about that BIG EVENT in God's Plan, then search the web for "pentecostnation" to learn about it. Read "The SIGNS" article.

  10. All of this deceit. Seems like a lot of work.

  11. Most of the celebrities and politicians people admire are transgendered. They abuse their own children by transgendering them without their entire understanding and consent, giving them hormones and doing surgeries as children. This is very hard to understand and people may not believe it but before tossing it aside, we need to understand what they are doing. I have been looking into this issue for some time and now I can spot them in a flash. The deception is vast and takes many forms, hiding in plain sight. Take a look at this

    Elite Gender Inversion documentary

  12. Unfortunately for the innocent children involved in this evil, all of this is totally true. Being a truth seeker I started looking into all of this & who really runs the world 10 years ago & the more I searched the more disturbing it became. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had after reading about the unadulterated pure evil of these people. They go back thousands of years back to the when they were ordered to choose a religion & they chose Judaism. These people today (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, a total of 13 Illuminati bloodline families) are descendants of the Khazar’s & are known as the Khazarian Mafia. If you are interested in learning more here is a site giving you some history...

  13. Does anyone know if the Super Bowl is really Superb Owl and their "ritual event" is half-time?


  14. Breaking: Thomas Williams’ Intel Update for February 1, 2018—World Exclusive [audio]

    No time for preamble, but everyone needs to listen to this, particularly the second/third hour intel. It’s a “world exclusive” and the slavery has ended.

    Trump knows, the whole world knows, but no one has come out and said it yet. Soon, they will. We are free, and the Manna World Holding Trust hand delivered the letter to POTUS. We are now sovereign beings and the Republic is free.

    The funds belonging to the people that were stolen by the cabal now belong to the People of Earth/Terra again. All of us.

    All that remains is for the ENFORCEMENT by those who should be doing it.

    Expect more snit fits from the cabal as they are forced to accept they are destitute and done.

    I’ll update this post tomorrow morning, but for those who are able to listen before then, here’s the link. ~ BP

  15. The wisest and plainly stated summaries of how the corrupt operate I have ever read. Thank you Anna

  16. My Goodness that was frightening!!
    yet all True... I read this entire article outloud to myself , sounding like the narrator from a horror movie.

    I know this all to be true and very real ... I've watched it with each passing day especially now in this awful position i currently weather, but what i can truly appreciate here is the confirmation of everything..
    I take my hat off to you being such a courageous leading woman to us all anna ..


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