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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Service and Taxation

By Anna Von Reitz

Your private earnings are being deliberately mischaracterized as corporate income in order to tax you and make you liable to pay federal income taxes.

As I have said before, the federal government is totally foreign and is supposed to operate only in international jurisdictions.  So when you pay federal taxes you are paying them to a foreign government, as if you were a German paying taxes to France.

Federal services are supposed to be paid for by: (a) our states and (b) by sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and (c) by any special purpose directly apportioned or excise taxes that are truly necessary.

The states have resources and public lands to manage and sell and all that guarantees substantial income, so that they as the actual parties making the contract to receive services from the federal government are supposed to be paying the lion's share for those services that they would otherwise be expected to provide for themselves.

Above and beyond that, the federal government has the income from alcohol, tobacco, and firearms manufacture and sales.  Such so-called "sin taxes" placed on regulated substances bring in a lot of money to pay for federal services each year.  There are also special excise taxes placed on gasoline and oil purchases, telephone services, natural gas utilities, internet services, pension and insurance plans and international sales of goods and services. 

Between the deliberately mis-applied income tax and all these other taxes, the Average American pays between 50 and 60 percent of their earnings every year for services from the federal government corporations, and that is not counting the substantial bite taken out each year by inflation.

Inflation is, in effect, a silent and murderous tax that clicks along no matter where your money is or what it is or is not invested in. 

Compare these rates of taxation with the most abused serfs in the Middle Ages who paid the king up to 25% of their gross production every year, and you will see that we have indeed suffered through "great tribulation"--- as in paying "tribute" to Caesar.

The income tax is especially onerous.  It was imposed on federal employees as a "privilege tax" to be paid as franchise taxes, supposedly in equitable exchange for the benefits of public employment, and also on federally chartered corporations in exchange for the benefit of incorporation--- bankruptcy protection, stockholder asset protection, and so on.

This special tax on federal employees can certainly be seen as unjust, until you realize that these people have knowingly signed up to work for this foreign government and that people are free to accept or reject their offers of employment, warts, enfranchisement, income taxes, and all. 

The rest of us, however, who don't get a federal paycheck and who are not operating as federal franchises, are not now and never have been liable to pay federal income taxes.

Think about it--- can France tax a German?  No.
Can a German volunteer to pay a tax to the French government? Sure, if he wants to.

And that is what happened in World War II.  The Territorial United States Congress set up a Victory Tax program by which patriotic Americans could volunteer to have an amount equal to the tax paid by federal employees deducted from their take home pay and put toward the war effort.  We signed up by the millions..... but, even through the Second World War ended in September 1945, the end date on the Victory Tax legislation simply set the end date "as the end of hostilities" and Congress never repealed the legislation nor amended the language.

Using the so-called Cold War as its excuse, the Territorial United States Congress went right on taxing millions of Americans under false pretenses.  Ever since then there has been some kind of euphemistic, specious "war" going on which allows the cretins to claim that there are "ongoing hostilities" that justify continuing to tax Americans under these false pretenses.

Once unsuspecting Americans sign a 1040 under penalty of perjury stating that they are Withholding Agents, other juicy provisions kick in as well.  A "Withholding Agent" is a Warrant Officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service, and you have unwittingly sworn under penalty of perjury that you are one.  You automatically become subject to Territorial United States statutory law, are presumed to have voluntarily given up your political status as an American, and are required to file and keep filing taxes every year thereafter.  If you don't you are not doing your "voluntary" quasi-military job duties, and if you complain that you aren't really a Withholding Agent, you are dead in the water because you have already signed on the dotted line that you are one.  

In this way, the perpetrators not only get the fat tax revenue, they gain control over you and subject you to their territorial statutory law, which allows them to prosecute you under the British Equity Law system and allows them to use their "discretion" to dispose of you and your assets however they see fit.

Thus, what started out as a Good Faith effort by Americans to help win the Second World War became an instrument of oppression and false impersonation the likes of which the world has seldom seen since the days of Ancient Egypt.  Since 1941 the territorial Internal Revenue Service and the municipal IRS have pillaged and wantonly plundered the earnings and assets of millions of Americans who never held any kind of federal job, never realized any actual profit or benefit from this system, and who never actually owed any "income tax" at all. 

So, you say, there must be a remedy to this gross injustice.  If nothing else, the rats must have left an "out" for themselves, and so there is.  If you are not a federal employee or dependent and not operating in the capacity of a federal franchise corporation, you can "revoke" your election to pay federal income taxes that you never owed in the first place. 

All you have to do is send a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and the Commissioner of the IRS (Municipal) and inform them of your decision to revoke your election to pay federal income taxes and setting an effective date for the revocation.

This last bit can be tricky, as they keep changing the dates of their own fiscal years so as to trap unwary people with a few months of unaccounted for "income" left hanging---which they then use to prosecute the victim.  It used to be that July 1 was the beginning of the federal fiscal year for all departments and agencies.  Then some began using October 1 as the beginning of their fiscal year.

My advice would be to set the effective date a year and a half or two years prior to any current tax year.   For example, for the 2017 Tax Year due April 15, 2018, I would make the effective date July 1, 2016 or January 1, 2016, just to be sure I made the severance date include all possible taxes due for 2017.

For those who haven't filed in a few years for whatever reasons, you can revoke election to pay retroactively for up to ten (10) years, so long as you have not filed any of those years.

The bottom line is that if you aren't a federal employee or dependent and aren't operating as a federal franchise corporation as a result, you never owed the income tax in the first place.

But what about the Congressional Acts that tax Social Security income of retirees?  The Territorial United States Congress and its "Acts" have no authority related to an American standing on dry land.  That's for starters.  Secondly, the only portion or percentage of Social Security income that can be taxed would be that portion deriving from actual federal employment.

Say that you worked as a federal civilian employee for twenty years and then worked in the private sector for a Mom and Pop Store for twenty years.  The only portion of your Social Security that would be taxable would be the portion derived from actual federal employment. 

Please note that many Americans have trivial amounts of federal employment wages that contribute a few dollars per month to Social Security payments, mostly from part-time work such as firefighter wages for the Park Service, or a couple year stint in the military fifty years ago.  Each case is different so you have to look at your own employment history, but in the vast majority of cases the amount of federal wages and the resulting contribution to Social Security retirement payments is far less than the standard deductible and can be safely ignored.

So unless you actually worked for the federal government your whole working life, you most likely don't have to pay income taxes on 100% of your Social Security payments and may not have to pay any federal income taxes on your Social Security payments at all. 

Please note that the vermin will try to mischaracterize Social Security payments based on your actual labor as "benefits"--- which are welfare payments, not pension payments based on money you and your employers paid into the system. 

They will also try to mischaracterize Social Security payments as "income" instead of pension payments.  The word "income" specifically means corporate accruals of profit separated from capital.  If you aren't an actual federal employee and aren't acting in the capacity of a federal corporation franchise, you have no "income"--- what you have are "private earnings" being mischaracterized as "income". 

This additional after-the-fact Second Helping of people's earnings is perhaps the most galling betrayal of trust of all.  Most American are owed 100% of any Social Security payments tax-free, but by continuing to tax federal employee wages a second time, even after they are separated from employment and officially "retired", the vermin in Washington, DC contrive to make what superficially appear to be claims on the pension payments they owe to people who never worked an actual day in their life for the federal government and they thereby reduce the quality of life for millions of American Seniors for no good reason but corporate greed.

Do you want to support corporations that knowingly, willfully bilk millions of innocent American Seniors out of pension payments they earned fair and square? 

I don't.  That's why I pulled the plug in 1998, revoked my "voluntary" election to pay federal income taxes, and never looked back.  It is past time for the good-natured and patriotic and generous American people to pull the plug and stop paying taxes they don't owe to foreign government corporations that have acted in gross breach of trust and promoted commercial crimes on our soil.

Let them tap all their Slush Funds and "Externally Managed Investment Funds" and pony up every penny and every service that they owe to American Seniors ---and unless you worked for the federal government your entire working life, slap their hands when they come to tax your Social Security payments a second time. Revoke your election to pay and stand there on your little flat feet and repeat after me: "I ain't no Federale."

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  1. Anna, why can’t we claim that any so-called “agreement”, establishing liability for federal income taxes, is null & void from the beginning based on fraud, omission, obfuscation, semantic deceit and coercion? Why should Americans, who have been blindly duped, be responsible for ANY of the tax liability? Why should Americans, who unknowingly gave up their status as American nationals by virtue of their fraud, be held to their standards of revocation or be limited to the extent to which we may revoke retroactively? That just doesn’t cut it with me! How’s that any different than catching the guy who broke into your home and stole you blind, but, you’re only “allowed” by the same criminal, to recover some of the stuff even though he still has it all in his possession? I really want your feedback because I cannot conceive how these bastards are entitled to a dime of anything we didn’t pay willingly and with full knowledge of the truth!

    1. technically you are right, but being right in an administrative/criminal court with the irs on full steam ahead after you, good luck!

      i think is basically the have to have a preponderance of evidence entered into the public realm and even then it is super tough. most people have a preponderance of evidence working against them like implied and express contracts over time. licenses/voter/BC/Passport etc.

    2. Jack: You can fill out a 1040X and recover every penny you ever paid in "income" tax. Per: Internal Revenue Service Memorandum circulated by former IRS Commissioner Roscoe Egger, April 1985.

    3. So get your paperwork in order by surrendering the federal person and send both commissioners copies with your letter that you are withrpdrawing your election to pay taxes. Acquire your account on a 1099-A with CID and Copy to the treasury and then you can settle all outstanding taxes and set your account to zero. Once you have done all of this, you can use Form 843 to start demanding refunds of all taxes "remitted in error". One Form 843 per tax year going all the way back to when you first started paying taxes ever. Note: You may want to have IRS send you copies of all of your taxes paid to date.

    4. From Anna:

      The "excuse" for all this Bad Faith is that they can't interfere with "private contracts" to provide any systemic relief---- according to them, these are all private contracts we have individually entered into and we have to be responsible for objecting to the presumptions and revoking our "voluntary" agreements.

      Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain or the obvious misrepresentations we've been fed. We applied for Social Security. We signed up for Withholding. We sent in the 1040's. Of course, we did all this because we were deliberately misled and misinformed by self-interested parties who deliberately obscured the truth and even their own actual role and capacity as self-interested foreign contractors.

      I think that we can and should form a Government Reform Alliance and demand change, but even more important, we need to re-populate our own government of, for, and by the people of this country, and start operating our own American Common Law Courts, hiring our own land jurisdiction Sheriffs, enforcing the Public Law, and holding these vermin feet-first to the flames. Also the foreign governments and the puppetmasters directing them---- the banks, the British Crown, the Popes, the Queen--- the whole lot of them. Expose them for what they have done and what they really are and let the rest of the world know.

      This is like a creeping cancer that has spread throughout the world, not just here. Those responsible have sat in the dark like tumors growing fatter and fatter on the life energy, labor, and purloined assets of others. They need to be cut out of the body politic and recognized as the criminals they are.

    5. Jack, thats a nice idea in theory if we lived in a perfect world. Once they replaced our National Bank with the Federal Reserve, and forced us to use a private corporation's money, the wheels of fraud were set in motion to gradually turn us into Federal Corporate employees of Washington D.C. so that our gov't could have unlimited cash to finance their agendas and pad their greedy pockets. Now, that they have our Justice dept acting like 3rd party creditors for the IRS, the chance of winning against this onslaught of fraud is zero. And just to make sure, the IRS incodes everyone's Individual Master File IMF as being involved in Alcohol, Tobacco or Firearms.
      Because you use their fiat currency to discharge your debts instead of paying for them, they consider you part of the fraud and you have to pay your fair share. The only way to get out of this mess, is for President Trump to start printing our own money again, like Kennedy did. We would have no need for Income Taxes anymore, except for the real Corporations that have profit and gain, but not an individuals labor.

    6. Awakened, the way I see it, IS We are the National Banks, always have been and have merely been USED for our private Credit by the Fed Reserve and International Bankers. We are the only ones that CREATE all this funny money with our Deeds & unrestricted Endorsements, and therefor middlemen (LEGAL ENTITIES) come in and re-convey/assume INTERESTS in our commercial banking creations for their own private gain when we do not step up and correct their assumptions of abandonment/aquiessence (sp?) This IS where WE need to take responsibility and Be the Proper National Banks and creditors we are meant to be and kick these middlemen to the curb once and for all. We are only as limited as our thinking is limited or unlimited. You are either the True Principal Lender or you choose to be the assumed DEBTOR- LEGAL FICTION. Its ALL Choice

    7. The good news is the DEBTOR STAWMAN is now subservient only to me, and for my Choice to USE in commerce, with no middlemen to ATTACH any interest in my deeds, acts and final executions unless expressly limited and granted.
      If we get our minds working right by learning whats been done, why it was done and how to claim it and use it properly, responsibly, correctly first on/for ourselves, than we can collectively come together and take care of our own communities abundantly and make sure that our elderly, children and all the displaced homeless finally get the homes, food and proper care they have not been getting from the corporate "Charitable" false governments.
      We are the solution. We are who we've been waiting for and we've always had the true principal Power and authority. We've just been blinded and fooled by liars and thieves. But NOT ANYMORE!!

  2. Are we to correct our status before we send in a revocation of election to pay federal taxes, or after?

    1. If by correcting your status you mean surrendering the federal person with Form 56 and your authenticated COLB, then yes, but you are submitting these all at the same time.

  3. Your so called status never changed, notice of declaration is for the purpose to kill that presumption. USC. 26, 6013g says you can Revoke the Election to be-TREATED-as if you area officer in D.C, not that you ever were. Good article, 2 points should be clarified, Tax law for income was repealed in 1939, but, they left the Title of the act intact without law backing the Act. SSA is an agreement, not a contract so the corp can keep the money paid into it at a moments notice or when the gigs up. SSA offers a card to hold under a agreement, but, created a trust in so doing and now the agreement that has no weight, falls under trust law which does. It should be known by now to those who study these relationships, that the card was given to a decedent/born alive infant/foundling that needs a surety. you! "Treated as a resident"There is no need to terminate SSA if you can act as attorney in fact for the legal name/infant/foundling/child/individual, etc........Assumed name in good standing gives you the right to be heard when being damaged concerning the principal. There is a lot to know when Revoking the election as Anna found out when USTC forced her hand and federal jurisdiction went without challenge. Properly challenged, USTC will dismiss IRS claims for lack of jurisdiction according to their mandate. Most employers will not honor your Revocation, W-4 will trigger a lock out letter, Treasury will ignore because you clearly are foreign and it goes on and on. These criminals do not follow any law but what they make up! Fourth generation Rome which by the way, was the name of DC, years before.

    1. good points cube. i would also note that the virginia trading company was the first owners of the 13 colonies (britain)in the 1600's and then when they established the federal corp/Articles of Confederation 1781 and united the several states, (philadelphia) then George Washington wanted the capital coporate district in the Columbia territory, before that it was originally inhabited by an Algonquian-speaking people known as the Nacotchtank, when do you think they called it 4th Gen Rome?

    2. Judge Anna, I would love to see them pull off a "victory tax" today..!! How many people do you think would comply now...Of course they can always get Congress to mandate it as law and then prosecute anyone that doesn't contribute..the fact is that the people are so far removed from the political system that they automatically comply, because if you do resist a voluntary tax "they" want, you will surely come in contact with there costofo!! There is no such thing as "volutary" in this country!!! That's the "BIG LIE"..Domt ever forget it...look how easy it was for Roosevelt to say owning gold is illegal and every one just complied..the settlers that came to this country WERE AMERICANS. Now, the people living today ARE U S Citizens..!! If people cannot fight for their rights, then they tru ely are US Citizens....period..!! Otherwise it's like I work all day long while the govt takes the whole thing and gives it to people who have no ambition to fight..!! Am I right..Why should anyone else benefit from my hard work when all they ever wanted is a free handout and didn't even bother to educate themselves or pick up one book to read...not this homey!!! Let people once and for all choose there status and have it backed up by the US military....guns locked and loaded if a judge disagrees..!! American Nationals need a direct hot line to the chiefs of staff to immediately do what an American demands them to do, no matter how outrageous it is..they work for us...period. And the chain of command starts with us, not the generals or admirals...General mathis, I'm having trouble with a judge. Will you please come down in force to arrest him problem, we will sent out the groups right now, don't worry..!!

    3. Yes, very good points indeed cube! Employers I'm sure make money off of you or receive some type of tax saving incentive if they ignore your revocation of election.

    4. Trying to take any action with your employer to stop taking fed. income tax from your check, will get you unemployed within a very short time.
      You can bet since all this stuff is floating up to the top of the bucket, ''they' will already be finding ways to prevent any Remedies to anything.

    5. Right Abby. If you work for a big Corp and try to fill out paperwork that says your exempt, the IRS will contact your employer and tell them if you want to keep this employee, you will be responsible for his taxes....and that leaves you in a very precarious situation...because the Corp will never comply with that.. which means either you fill out a w-4 or your fired...!! Real voluntary!!!First of all the IRS and Internal Revenue Service are such big bureaucracies letters are all sent out by computer..and if you send in anything other than a tax form, it is automatically sent to a different dept that handles disputes. And most of them are clueless to actual law. Everyone is just supposedly just doing their job and then go one in that agency has any motive to know what is lawful or unlawful..if that passport works for all our problems , then I feel it is worth it. Plus it gives you one more gives you a passport that if things start getting tough here you can jump on a plane and go anywhere in the world without being questioned..!!Because we might just have to cut and run from the US..!!

    6. Just hand them a completed W-8 Certificate of Foreign Status which they can forward to the IRS and they are off the hook.

    7. which w8 do you suggest 1freeman? And what exactly is the proper "information" to provide on the w8? Their series of forms are intentionally contradictive and purposely confusing. So frustrating

    8. Form 8233 is used for the State citizen, national signed by attorney in fact for the principal.

    9. Thanks cubes sphere, however would you mind explaining in more detail how this form is to be filled out exactly, so I can get a better understanding of why this is the correct and proper "notice" to use for our work to be peacefully continued without conflict with incorporated employers? Thank you, I'm running out of time on a "lock in letter" that employer intends to act upon and I know all I need is to correct the assumption being made, but I'm not sure which form or correct info to include on the forms. I need instructions from our perspective not IRS rabbit holes of hell,lol

    10. No, you want only the W-8 which you can download here:

    11. Omygoodness 1freeman, that's IT!!! That's the SIMPLE Certified "NOTICE" I've been searching for!!! Thank You!! I have been all over the IRS forms and that form is nowhere on their site that I've seen!! I am so relieved. Also yes, we are also doing the simple USTAX Court process, but just did not want to allow the Employer to follow illegal, unsigned "directives" on our private behalf. Not going to allow this criminality to go on anymore.

    12. Yes, the IRS buried it on its website because they do not want you to use it anymore even though they created the form themselves. Instead they want you to use their new forms W-8BEN, 8233, etc. to recontract back into slave status. Here is where they buried it (older version than the above link):

    13. 1FreeMan-
      Thank you for this. Any issue using these older forms 91/92? Or, perhaps create out own using the same basic information?

      Hey, can(should/required that) i use this to W8 to protect and properly define the principal/owner of a bank account as in opening of an trading account?

      Like to get a feel for it's use, if anyone has used this form before...thank you

  4. Cestui que in the Barron's law dictionary refers you to "trust" which reads as follows...a right of property held by one party for another. It implies two interests, one legal and the other equitable: the trustee holding the legal title or interest, AND the CESTUI QUE TRUST OR BENEFICIARY, holding the equitable title or interest.
    This trust was created at the time of your birth. That is when you were put in monetary bondage. Demanding access to this trust is the right way to free your self. Your telling people to revoke their citizenship will only get them in trouble. They will be cut off of their social security and what ever else they are eligible for.
    Once again you draw attention to tribulations as being convertible
    to tribute. That is false spin. Refer to revelations, tribulations is written there. Look it up people. I followed your work for a long time Anna and even told you your work is scripture for the future. I have reconsidered....there is no scripture in existence nor need be for the seventh day. You see all will be good after they realize that the Kingdom of God is inside. This God does not impose because he has given us free will. Beware of false prophets people.

    1. Remember that the beneficiary has yet to be named and the reason monies go into a general fund to be used by the PTB. When one retires and applies for what is yours, you are now the beneficiary. A trustee holds the property of another like a card SSA gives the trustee with consideration, the promise of some of your monies returned without a real contract. Tricky

    2. true, in public, but i think you can establish yourself as the settlor beneficiary in private/ in camera, but it is VERY difficult, in equity, as you can NEVER do it in public. i have only heard of 2 or 3 successful circumstances when it was done properly; they actually even split the court cases (bonds, title and interest) with the private beneficiary and the judge writes it on the back of the case in handwriting all lower case.

    3. I tried to settle a foreclosure case "in camera"(chambers) and the entire envelope was sent back refused. And it was sent registered mail..and only to her, the judge..!! They don't want to hear it..thats the entire reason for all the law enforcement...the standing army against us from trying politely to get remedy..!!

    4. From Anna:

      Nobody consciously asked for any such "trust" to be "conferred" on them, and begging the thieves to give our property rights back to us has proven to be a greater fool's errand than even you suggest.

      Revoking U.S. citizenship is the only way for Americans to be Americans again and to enjoy the freedom they are owed. While people are busy looking things up, they need to look up the legal meaning of "citizen" and see that such "citizens" are slaves obligated to perform duties for the government, instead of the government working for them. The assumption that you are a "citizen" and that you are somehow obligated to function in that capacity is 90% of the problem and the reason that everything in this country is upside down and backwards, with the Hired Help bossing us around, and our "public servants" preying upon us like armed brigands. Wake to hell up.

      These THINGS are corporations, just like IBM, GM, GE, BURGER KING, and CITIBANK are corporations. Do you imagine that pensions earned and owed by these corporations are somehow magically not owed because someone retires and stops working for them? Use your head and stop talking fear-munging nonsense.

      You are not obligated to function as a "citizen" of a foreign government and you do so to your own detriment and the detriment of your country and your countrymen.

      And as far as I see it, when Jesus foretold the "tribulation" He was speaking in terms of the "tribulation" He knew in His own life and times---- the "tribulation" of paying "tribute" to Caesar. The false spin is the result of people like you assuming modern meanings to ancient communications. "Tribulation" now has come to mean any kind of trial or trouble, but when Jesus and His Disciples walked the Earth, there was one kind of "tribute"---- Roman tribute---taxes paid to Caesar. Well, what are we doing now, but emptying our pockets into the coffers of the Roman Pontiff?

      Again, I say--- WAKE UP!

    5. bluecollarmovement You are telling people to demand access to CESTUI QUE TRUST trust is the right way to free themselves but you are not telling HOW.

    6. no james, not sent registered mail to chambers, literally when you are in court demand/require an in camera hearing en personam. i have private proprietary evidence in my defense that is not cognizable in the inferior courts and require an in camera hearing for the submission of my evidence in my behalf. in front of the judge

    7. I know penny, but at the time I was almost broke, and barely had enough to send the letter out, because the court was quite far away, and no one living in the house would even give me $10 dollars to help me save the house, even though I was the one that put the down payment down to get the house in the first place..and I wasn't getting SS yet...but they had money coming in from SSDI or the other roommate working carpet cleaning...I was left completely alone and without finances to even the end, they got what they deserved....Eviction!! And trust me I have nothing to do with any of them anymore and they are all having problems now..not only financial but health wise...!! And I have a nice place that God knew how I was used and made sure I got it..!! Sometimes penny, it's better to lose something in order to gain so glad to be away from those lazy, uneducated morons who barely passed high school..None of them had good family lives, or functional ones...10 years of them was enough...!!

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Yes, agreed Anna, however what keeps tripping me up is how to correctly & properly inform employers once we've surrender the federal person, so that we can NOT get roped back in as a federal citizen via incorporated employer?? We still need our private earnings secured peacefully and responsibly, but I for one am really struggling with what specific reporting "form" is correct for our proper private earning status and specifically what information we need to provide(tax treaty, SSN or no more SSN or do we use RM # as new account # for "fin" etc..??????) This is where I personally could use some knowledge and guidance to be forthcoming and discussed. many have thrown out use w8(non specific, as their are many and just add to my confusion) or 8233 but WHY and HOW specifically are we to properly use/full in these forms to keep our jobs ?? Any real knowledge and real discussion would be greatly appreciated.

    10. I apologize if this has already been discussed in detail in one of your published works and I've just missed it. If yes, kindly refer to the article that can/will provide the assistance needed. Thank you

    11. Kelli Miller—

      Thank you for articulating so well what I think is “ the other side of our process(es)” to correct the Record(s), and should be everyone(s) concern who reads these posts.

      So we gallup through the completion of various processes: record Deed of Acknowledgement, Certificate of Assumed Name, Act of Expatriation, obtain our non-citizen state national passport (currently I am engaged in completing these processes) and while we have “corrected” the public records as in pertains to our interactions with various government entities…HOW DO YOU OPERATE DAY TO DAY STILL “USING” THEIR SYSTEM? Yes, do we use the RM# as the new account giving this to prospective employers? What about opening an online trading account with Schwab, or recently applying to crypto currency exchanges, requiring variously, driver license, passport, ssn #, picture of you holding the passport etc. What exactly is the remedy for using “their” coin/system and still enforcing and securing our right to earn a living?

    12. Adding to the above post: Does filing the above mentioned documents to correct the Record (and other processes), serve notice and affirm the living man is clearly NOT the entity of the same name or and federal employee and declares that we are in fact the Grantor and Beneficiary of any and all interactions we engage in to secure a living?

    13. Hello Blue Sky Thinking, the very well hidden w-8 that 1freeman shared above was the PROPER, simple NOTICE we need to 1)GIVE Lawful/legal Certified Notice 2) provide the correct Authority information 3)Properly Execute Endorsed Authority.
      We ARE the Authors of our new stories, and for me this means we are no longer GOVERNED or limited in what we choose to create for it is now our unlimited freedom to choose. However we also are 100% responsible for what we create as well to do NO harm, or take for granted our Credit as secured Parties to act in bad faith in any way.
      We are now the Independent Creditors, and are no longer the dependent Debtors. We are the beginning, middle and the end of All our own ACTS & DEEDS from here on out, so it's up to us to now pick and choose what we value, and how we will create what we value into our new independent lives.
      We do need each other to network with and learn from, and to inspire each other as we travel down this new open road we are all discovering is now ours to travel on and finally enjoy the ride. I've learned and been inspired by many who share their thoughts, ideas on blogs like this, and others that are choosing other paths, but ultimately we are all intentionally and consciously choosing our destinations accordingly now to who we truly are and what we truly value.
      Have you completed your Grantor/Grantee Property list and security agreement to establish the relationship distinction between your given name and STRAWMAN Name? Recorded? UCC1 Filing, all three phases complete? 1) Notice 2) Addendum UCC1 non UCCfiling to create direct Lien on STRAWMAN DEBTORS 3) Final Filing for Agriculural Lien
      The UCC Filings are what you stand on in commerce to operate as the secured Party creditor in your new day to day life. Just remember to keep in mind that everything we intend to create and fully execute has a beginning(NOTICE/DEED), middle(Information/Act) and final Execution via proper Authorized Endorsement. Always see your creations all the way through.
      Much Love & Peace!

    14. Hi Kelli Miller-
      Thank you for your reply, well said and agreed, we are embarking into the brave new world of unlimited freedom, 100% responsibility, creators of our dreams, hopefully, arm-in-arm with other protectors of freedom too, inDEED, this is good news. However, can you clarify how 1FreeMan sharing the W8(thank you 1FreeMan) answered the questions you raised(and I added to with a specific example in cryptocurrency exchange setup) in your previous post(– is there a “number” or some other created identifier)? Or how the W8 is to be properly filled out? Any issue with the W8 being from 1992? And/or, how you now feel that your right to earn a private living is more secure through the use of the W8? Perhaps, like the non citizen state national passport application, we submit with all applications with various entities an “explanatory statement” with the W8? Anyway, I’m not sure, matter of fact struggle with and head put into a fog, “reading” into their forms “who I am” and then properly filling them out. I hope that makes sense.
      No, I have not completed the grantor/grantee property list and subsequent tri-filing of the ucc’s, yet. This is the first time of hearing about staged filing of the ucc's. What state/ucc office is user-friendly for these type of filings? I am awaiting authenticated bc’s and returned docs from recorders(lamar county recorders Georgia), and irs forms just ordered ( did you use the forms available online or ordered?), to proceed. Have you completed the suggested processes: deed of acknowledgement, certificate of assumes name, act of expatriation, and, Oh yeah, the new mandatory FSIA notice? Btw- do you need to re-submit the complete package WITH the new FSIA notice to be re-recorded or can you send in this one document, FSIA Notice to be annexed to a prior recording(I have no experience with this yet)?
      Love and Peace...

    15. Oh yes, I absolutely can relate to the head in a fog feeling when we read and try and decipher their forms! That's because those forms are designed specifically for "Entities" required to fit in to one category or another of their very tangled web of assumed equity interest and false authority over OUR NOW claimed Principal and holder in due course to our Given Name/Private Trade Name.
      Having to correct my own records at this time, I too became very overwhelmed/confused and frustrated searching through IRS "codes" and their fictitious "Forms" because from our private perspective we only need to be giving proper Notice, simple, basic information and certified Endorsement to finalize our Notice. W8 allows us to Give Certified Notice of Foreign Status with NO OBLIGATION(Contract) to report anything other than "interest" earned on any accounts listed. I personally listed no accounts. Because I do not intend to "Cash in" any retirement accounts for many years yet, so any accounts held in my private property name is NOT necessary to provide at this time.
      Now, I'm not sure how the Employer is going to respond just yet, but we were being forced to put our foot down to the employer for intent to falsify, modify a prior Certified w4 with restricted endorsement on file with employer. This is a crime being directed via the IRS through a computer generated "Lock-in-Letter" and only electronically signed by the "maker" of the third party electronic "letter system products supplier" WHAT A JOKE in and of itself! However just because the "IRS" TITLE is ON the "Letter" employers wrongly believe this fictitiously rubber stamped letter directing them to commit commercial crimes as the willing, mindless "Middlemen" they have trained (brainwashed) so well to be, and to our detriment, has actually has any REAL AUTHORITY.

      We stood, we spoke up, now we will see what comes from it. I'm confident that we provided EXACTLY the proper Notice to Employer, and for them to notify IRS. The correct ball is in their court now, whether they choose to honor it, or dishonor is up to them now. We will see. All I do know is we did provide our honorable, peaceful Notice and therefore fulfilled our only responsibility to the matter at hand, needing correction. That's all we can do. Everything will be as its meant to be, we accept that.

      Every situation is going to be different for each of us, all the time, depending on what we are needing to learn at any given time. The best thing we can do is stay mindful of the underlying lesson we are needing to learn as we go through EACH step of our processes, so that we are getting a crystal clear picture start to develop, with a deeper understanding of our true foundational purposes and intentions that are honorably and truthfully being formed. We need to "eat and digest this elephant one bite at a time" so that we don't "miss" what we are needing to learn along the way by "rushing" ourselves in any way. Step by step, bite by bite being mindfully open and aware of each step and the valuable lessons we are learning along the way WILL bring us to victory and empower us more, amd more as we are moving forward.
      This is the best advice I can offer. as I too am learning this very lesson right now and to just take my time, and be patient with myself. Taking on too much at one time is overwhelming, clutters our thoughts and serves NO thing being accomplished or learned fully. This I have learned the hard way, and why I'm needing to make corrections now,lol
      Stay laser focused on just one step at a time, and we will "get it" sooner, rather than later. Make sense?

    16. Kelli Miller-
      Oh YEAH, I am laser focused, running!
      I wish you the best of the intended outcome dealing with the employer, and your other endeavours. Taking a stand for Freedom is certainly not for the faint of heart, in any venue. It appears that we must be constantly aware, in all our varied engagements, and committed to re-learn by self-education and as you said "eat and digest this elephant one bite at a time", to create, author, and enforce our right(s). It seems that even the simplest of things such as opening a bank account/correcting errors in employment forms, can really cause quite a stir in the countenance/minds of some who just go along with the programming/daily grind. ARGH! BTW- it just occurred to me regarding a “number” identifier of sorts…I think the “98” number from the IRS is for Private entities…

    17. Hey Blue Sky, thank you for your thoughts and well wishes, much appreciated!
      What is the "98" you mention? Very curious.
      It has occurred to me how powerful the USTax Court final determination is going to BE for us in creating our 3 part proof of Living Authority! Its amazing, powerful and an incredible gift/blessing for our desired freedom, independence and Peace. This process I believe is a must for Proof of NON Statutory Municipal or Federal liability or Obligation. This certified final ruling along with Authenticated birth Certificate and Mandatory Notice of Foreign Sovereign Immunity will be the 1-2-3 Final proof of our Jurisdiction and True Authority!
      NO question, No conflict....Just the administrative facts jack!!! I love it!! The possible "refund" of past taxes is a bonus, and I am unattached to that part.(even though I will absolutely submit the claims, lol I'm not crazy)
      But lets say the employer responds with dishonor or terminates employment....this certified final determination will come in very handy indeed for earnings lost and treble damages liability onto employer. Not to mention commercial trespass/copyright infringement, for which I have a published fee schedule included in my property list Grantor Trust Deed.
      Don't remember if you are already doing the USTax court process or not, but its foundational and very simple to execute. See 1freemans post above for full details. Also you can request the sample docs for reference to follow at:
      Just request and let them know what state you are located in.
      Much Peace & Love!!!

    18. Of course the ncsn passport/card would be the proper picture id we need, but State Id/Dl is fine too with just a "Retired" sticker along the back, as anna has suggested. But I have faith that if you re-submit your passport docs like freeman suggested, all is most likely not lost on that front for you. So my positive thoughts are with you too!

    19. Kelli Miller-
      No, I haven’t begun the process of writing to the USTax Court to obtain a final determination, yet. I will review what 1FreeMan wrote herein, request sample docs through the link you provided(thanks), as well as attempt to listen to the recording of this process over the weekend. Yeah, seems like another powerful step we can take to clearly identify who we are and status so not to be (continually) mis-identified herded as one of the sheeple.

      Regarding the state ID/DL, the sticker “RETIRED” probably would work (I have no experience here), but think the non citizen state national (NCSN) passport, done correctly, should clearly and properly identify who you(we) are in relationship to the government corp., and in a form even the dimmest bulbs should understand. I am taking the online Citizenship course offered through destination freedom next weekend and following that up with the online passport assistance couple days afterwards.

      About the “98” number…. It is a EIN number issued by the IRS for a nontaxable foreign entity. You can find information here and start with: - Foreign Entities - Definitions and Instructions. There are some sources on youtube that discuss 98 number too. IMO, the processes Anna provides throughout this blog are extremely critical/foundational in declaring/expressing/KNOWING, who we are and status, however, they do not address, or at least I have not identified throughout this blog, HOW DO WE DO BUSINESS! What does our New Vessel look like? Once I let “them” know by correcting the record, isn’t it time to build a vessel and set sail! Make sense?

    20. Your Strawman is for you to now for you to use and manage the way You choose to use that commercial entity. Now ITS your's and ALL the liability side properly gets AFV and sent to your Public appointed Fidiciary (Mnuich) for discharge/offset through your new treasury acct. So its up to you, its YOURS now. We just simply know that it IS used now for your benefit, not your detriment. Its your commercial "Instrument" But now WE KNOW IT and can use it correctly as should have always been our right to know and understand. Oh Well we KNOW Now.
      We are signed up for workshop next weekend too!!
      I look forward to the knowledge and experience that will be gleaned!!

    21. Thats great, should be a good class. Are you following that up with the passport class few days later?

      YES, the strawman/Ens Legis is mine, and mnuchin will be assigned as fiduciary soon as i get the authenticated bc's back. however, isnt there a proper way to transact business in the public? with a "identifier" similar to the SSN such as a "98" number? I mean, just because we are the authority/holder in due course does not facilitate trade/commerce. Hey, just thought of something, the passport number is also a "9 digit number"!-- Wouldn't it be awesome if your passport card doubled as a debit/credit card and our everyday transactions as it were, automatically routed through a "special" dept of treasury and AFV'd/cleared instantly? I wonder...."see" ya next weekend.

  5. The FULL Title of the IRS/irs is: The internal Revenue Service of Puerto Rico. There was another one in the Philippines but was abolished when the US granted them their independence. That is why it is charted in Puerto Rico and not in any US State as it would have been Unconstitutional with the set up and how they operate. You will also find that it is not listed as a dept. of the US Treasury. It isn't there, it exists as another gov. agency propped up with Executive Orders and semantic deceit of Constitutional Law.

    1. that was not the IRS it was the bureau of internal revenue and then they moved that trust to puerto rico. thats why people who do not understand the implications of the hurricane being forced over to bankrupt the country, people dont realize that that was their money/accounts. NOW it has been moved again, i think to reno on native american land, ie international, and they have changed your NAME to John Q Public, just like Donald J Trump. ever wonder why they have been calling your new transmiting utility middle initial with all new bills? Now the U.N. owns that utility supposedly.

    2. Unknown.....that is why constitutions or any properly designed contract can easily be corrupted into a montrosity that no one understands thanks to clever attorneys!! Enough of this already.!! Get the ropes out!!!

  6. the perfect slave beLIEve they are free

  7. Pretty disgusting isn't it? To think that we have come once again, full circle, to the same ole doodoo of yester years........slavery at it's finest!

  8. Agreed Kingsfamily4jc! I just bought "Biz in a box" app from Biz tree just so I could learn from all these "legal forms" privately operating against us in the background. WOW what a shocker to actually see a legal doc titled "Certificate of Servitude"

  9. Ok, all this just got all sticky again; like we keep going around in circles. This has got to be tailored down and made real simple. There ought to be one simple Letter stating, look you bastards, all of this shit has been Fraud on your part, and that makes everything you do NULL AND VOID.
    Why are we still needing to jump thru all the hoops they have set up!
    Why are we having to beg the devils for 'freedom' from Fraud?
    All of this needs to be Legislated, not done individually, 300 million times across the country.

    1. Great idea Abby, and who better to Author this letter than You, the most knowledgeable Authority on this topic and cause.

    2. Hahaha, Abby, you are too funny! As much as that is the absolute truth, somehow a letter like that would not go over very well and would likely have quite the opposite effect. As Jesus said when He told Peter to go and pay the temple tax, "lest we offend them..." They believe that their own poop does not smell because they are profiting handsomely by it. They also, like the Pharisees, know no better and refuse to change their ways. Remember that it has been our and our ancestry's apathy that has allowed for us to inherit this situation. The only thing that they are forced to recognize, though reluctantly, are their own rules. So this is our advantage and opportunity to find the chinch in their armor and thrust our spear through it, then twist it in deeply until the beast is dead, dead, dead. They simply cannot go against their own rules or their house would be divided against itself. Many a court case that appeared hopeless were overcome on mere rule technicalities. Also remember that the very cretans who created these rules also made rules to exempt themselves in case they would get caught and have to defend themselves. If you lookup the original title 18, you will see that it is all bracketed and therefor not positive law. See how they do that? So, like hunting for Easter eggs, we need to find the rules that they created to exempt themselves so that we can apply them to exempt ourselves. They hid them well but we have found plenty of them to free ourselves with their cooperation and blessing.

    3. 1FreeMan, it was intended to be funny; remember, I have a sense of humor, and in fact I don't take much of anything seriously, these days.
      Yes, I recall the [putting things in brackets] and how it means the same as it doesn't exist. It sure does beat having to ask IRS to return all my many previous tax returns so I can [put brackets around my signature]. Just kidding, of course.
      Seriously, you've made an excellent explanation here. The word 'remedy' is music to our ears, except that it really seems it could be made a lot simpler to implement. All that 'tapdancing'...well, you know, when you get up in years, could fall and break something important.

  10. Judge Anna it I Sgt my quite as clear cut as you would have us believe, because 95% of the people believe that income taxes are needed to pay for everything we need as a society...!! That's why people are always convicted by juries when it comes to someone not paying their fair share...!! The problem though was completely cleared up when Reagan ordered an investigation into where all those taxes go called "the grace report"...the conclusion..."not one single penny goes to pay for anything except interest on our doesn't pay for services we need...but either no one read it, or they don't believe it..heres a book that I'm sure Reagan took a great chance at informing the public about, and what does he get for his effort....nothing!! And nothing changed. People still believe their taxes are actually going to something good for one understands taxes at all....there are at least 30 different type of taxes that do address services we were promised.. But no income taxes..!! First you have to get people to understand that income taxes do not pay for any services we get...that comes from legitimate taxes..thats why we need a paradigm shift in our public school systems, that concentrate on living in the real world and how it really works..!! If we don't succeed at this, there will be no other generation that will care.. They are already being indoctrinated by CORE!! Since when does 2+2=5 !!It does according to CORE..

    1. James, you are so right. That is what people believe, even after you show them and tell them and explain it to them, they keep that mental block up and stay with their old idea along with that look of fear of 'big brother' even talking about it.
      Plus they think we are crazy and want to just run away from YOU, lol.
      The truth is, the people are afraid of all government and I don't think there's any way to change that. That in itself is proof that we now live in a tyrannical society.
      And now since it has recently begun to leak out that we have been given over to the UN, do you suppose after all the paper filings, that then it will have to start all over again, and file with the UN?
      There again, trump said he was cutting our funding of the UN, but what is really needed is to evict the UN altogether. That would nip that problem in the bud, IMO. This is one of the reasons why I say trump is playing in middle field.

  11. Folks, there is a much easier way to deal with the IRS and get them off of your back once and forever. If you recall, Anna mentioned in a prior posting that she had listened in on the Texas Republic conference call and they had a great solution to challenging their jurisdiction. Well here is how it works:
    Tax Court has jurisdiction over the IRS but the US District Court does not have jurisdiction over the IRS since they are a court of limited jurisdiction and the IRS is a part of the IMF. You can have them admit to this by using one or both of the following methods (I recommend both):
    1. Have USDC admit their lack of jurisdiction by writing the Chief Justice of the court a simple letter of inquiry asking them if they have jurisdiction over the IRS. Example
    Dear Justice Howell,
    I am of the understanding that the Federal District Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. Therefore, I would like to know if the United States District Courts have jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please understand that I am not asking for legal advice. I have consulted attorneys on this issue and they were unable to provide me the answer to the above question.
    Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
    You may go back and forth a few times but at one point they will send you a letter admitting that they do not have jurisdiction over the IRS.

    1. 1 freeman thank you for sharing this process with all, it's amazingly simple to execute!
      Just for clarity can you explain the difference between above mentioned "Tax Court" and the US District Court please? How can we start to learn or know how to properly decipher the capacity in which they operate between these two simialarily named entities?
      Thank you!

    2. specifically is their two operating in different capacities..."US District Court"(private side) and "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA"(public liability side)? or is this one and the same?

    3. My pleasure, Kelli. Yes, these are 2 separate and distinct courts. USDC is a federal court of limited jurisdiction over federal matters which does not include the IRS. Nevertheless, many IRS issues are prosecuted in the various franchise district courts in each state district because no one challenges them as to whether they actually have jurisdiction and as such tacitly contract with the IRS and the court's venue in Assumpsit thus agreeing to the assumed jurisdiction. This is what every assumed US citizen does in any court by not challenging whether that court has jurisdiction over the real live man or woman upon the land and thus agree to the jurisdiction by their silence. Jurisdiction, BTW, can be challenged at any time, before, during and even after the case. The main USDC in DC and its chief judge is located here:
      US Tax Court is a court of record which sole responsibility is IRS matters. It is the only court that has jurisdiction over the IRS. This court and its forms are located here:

    4. Aha!! Thank you for clarifying!! Writing letter now...Anna had suggested on Roundtable call last week that its highly recommended create our "Letterhead" a/k/a Header for all our correspondence to these LEGAL ENTITIES such as (example per my understanding)
      at center Top of page:
      last, first d/b/a First Middle Last, a peaceful civilian unincorporated Californian
      Private Registered Indemnity Bond:ABCOB0001 RA#
      Constitutional American State national, d/b/a The United States of America, unincorporated
      Private Registered Indemnity Bond: AMR100001 RA393427640US
      Mailing Location: C/o box 1234, city, state zip

      Do you think that is TOO much info on header? T'm mailing the letter re Jurisdiction question to Judge Howell and creating the certified mail "Security Instrument" of this question to hopefully get less run around and a direct no nonsense Answer. Whatcha think??? Am I going overboard,lol???

    5. I would keep it very simple. You don't want to alarm this judge. You want to appear as a humble novice asking a simple question about jurisdiction that she can answer without having to contend with you invoking your sovereignty or you will be in a back and forth letter war. As in court, you never want to be the know-it-all but rather the know-nothing never understanding anything they say so that you cannot accept nor can they assign you the responsibility of "standing-under" them.

    6. ah man....that makes sense but my ego sure wants to hold someone's feet to the fire at this moment,lol I completely understand, there's the right time and the wrong time for everything, got it!!
      Thank you for reigning my ego in and saving me extra hassle which is exactly what I don't want or need, any more hassle, keep it simple indeed.
      Your awesome! Thanks again :)

    7. My pleasure, Kelli. Once you get you letter and court order, then you can hold their feet to the fire for sure!

  12. 2. At the same time submit a Petition to Tax Court (download Form 2 form ) w/o paying the $60 filing fee, to dispute all years for which you never received a Notice of Deficiency or a Notice of Determination Concerning Collection Action and list all tax years back to your first year filed. Include Form 4 and Form 5 with your filing. Sign the forms and drop them in an envelope and mail them to the court in DC. Once filed, the court will call you to ask you if you object to them dismissing the case for dismiss for lack of jurisdiction which you confirm that you do not object. Even if you do not take the call, they will still proceed to dismiss the case and issue an ORDER OF DISMISSAL FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION. This will take about 6 weeks. Once you receive the order you file for release of all liens and levies and use For 842 to request all taxes remitted in error. You also send a copy to all 3 credit bureaus to correct your credit file. Ask them to send you a 2358C closing letter which will state that you are not required to file.
    Done. Any future letters you receive from them, you simply send it right back to them with a copy of your Court Order and go relax.

  13. Anna, please understand I am not wanting to battle with you but you say tribulations translates to tribute (as in give unto Ceaser ) and pertains to Jesus time. I can only conclude that if that in fact is a fact, then the whole Bible also refers to Jesus time. Why are we using it as a guide at all ? Regarding removing yourself from the system, I am again confused. If I remove myself from the system, I will loose my old age security. Without that fictional money I will surely die. I had a hook with the bankers a few years back. The judge allowed the female prosecutor to read all into the record THEN would nit allow me to speak. The bank could not produce the original document but the judge accepted a copy as the original. Therefore, photo copied money should also be accepted.
    All judges were lawyers and Masons. Christian people need not apply. The temple bar is one of the raging portals the the fires of hell. Even Christ rebuked the lawyers. I do not need a spanking from you with all due respect.

  14. CESTUI QUE TRUST OR BENEFICIARY...hey BB, I am at that point now. My next step is to see a lawyer who is a Mason who will do all he can to deny access in my opinion. Out here in Eastern Canada, I see many people driving around in 70,000.00 $ trucks and do not appear to be working. I had a Mason confirm to me last week that we do indeed live in a PROMISSORY SYSTEM. What was promised ? In my opinion , their souls. It is written somewhere to never sell your soul for Earthly wealth. The dictionary definition is above and confirms the trust does exist. CESTUI QUE VIE is also in the dictionary and when it has vie attached, that references the entire of your natural life span. I have 16 years researching what a lawyer learns in three. They come to the bar and sell their souls to know this shit. I am not willing to do that.


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