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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For The Legal Eagles -- Certificate of Live Birth Synopsis

By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the full-boat legalese explanation of the Diagram of the Fraud I provided to all of you either directly or via my website:

A Certificate of Live Birth synopsis: the COLB is a private placement security for a landed mineral estate in expectancy that became a escheated alien estate initiated from a bifurcation of the title in a coterminus adoption; this now-incidental adoption created an incidental beneficiary/ heir: me, myself and I. To become the protected purchaser as an inevitable necessity as the acting special executor , the alienation/surrender by jus dispondi becoming the spoilated/naked owner to assign the reversionary interest over of the final accounting ledger to execute the livery of the seisen and thus release the expectancy.

The "private placement" happened when your Mother was deceived and/or coerced into turning your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" (you were a minor and therefore in expectancy) over for "adoption" by the State of State/STATE OF STATE, which split (bifurcated) title to your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" between themselves, with the State of State keeping the equitable title and the STATE OF STATE keeping legal title to "You".  They then created the NAMES to occupy the capacities of "me, myself and I"--- and have run those PERSONS for their own profit.  Your Estate is alienated/surrendered to the vermin to become the ESTATE, with your "missing, lost at sea, presumed dead" Trade Name becoming the despoiled owner.  In order to assign the reversionary trust interest you have to come back from the dead by reconveying your Trade Name to the land and soil of the actual state and reclaim your escheated estate. 

And all this crappola has been going on behind your backs for generations, all cooked up by the Hired Help, promoted and enforced by the members of the Bar Associations, and all allowed by the Popes and British Monarchs operating in Gross Breach of Trust. 

The Truth is that your states and their union known as The United States of America were never part of the so-called Civil War.  You and your states and your Union are innocent Third Parties and Protected Persons who should have been unaffected by all the in-fighting among the Hired Help. 

Instead, by fraud, by similar names deceits, by unlawful conversion, by conspiracy against the Constitution(s), by identity theft, by racketeering against babies, by kidnapping and trafficking, by inland piracy, by "genocide on paper" the Hired Help has contrived to rob you of your identity, property, and heritage, while relieving themselves of their moral and contractual obligations to each and every one of you. 

Are you mad yet?  


  1. If your paying attention should be

  2. Please give us a template for each of these 2 postings with filing information, destination ,returns etc, so we can quickly and accurately Judge Anna be free, idiot proof it and I will take an oath , along with others to thank you by funding your law firm ,God Bless our JUDGE !!!

  3. Mad does not begn to describe the loathsome wishes I posses for these criminals...

  4. Nope GODS in Full control..stay blessed !!!

  5. The first step is to understand the fraud against your Given Name, also known as your Trade Name by studying the diagram posted with "The End of the Great Fraud Begins Here and Now" and the verbiage contained therein to create the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Reconveyance" to bring your Trade Name back ashore, all of which is given in that article yesterday.

  6. The Deed is for a land asset--- you and your name are land assets-- so you record it with the Land Recording Office.

  7. I just read an article about a technology that is about to take over the electrical grid and replace it with "Nano crystal technology"...its basically Nicolola Tesla's technology coming more electrical cords, no more gasoline for cars, no more electrical grids and the power poles running all over the place, everything will be electric. And huge companies are already gearing up for the technology including the auto the house all you need is a receiving box that can reach up to 50 ft. But that means someone will still be in control of it. Why didn't they just do that with Tesla's technology back in the 40's when he first came up with it....all they had to do is create a box that did the same thing back then...we would have been light years ahead by now..!!

  8. We are either going to enter a new world of consciousness or WW3...its up to us which one...!!

    1. James, all the evil deeds and evil doers will be done away with, and you know what that will take dont you. Nothing 'new' can happen otherwise. But what will be 'new' will not be how people think it will be.
      You have heard of the scripture' do not put new wine in old wineskins' and 'you don't put a new patch on an old pair of pants'.
      So, you see the necessity of a world wide clean up first, I'm sure. (almost everybody likes to leave this part out of the equation)
      I don't know why people talk about 'consciousness' - - I've been conscious since the day I was born and never been UNconscious. The word they ought to be using, is Awareness; we may become more aware of new things, but thats about it.

  9. Mad? I am pissing venom, Anna. I am fully-armed (at all levels) to deal with those who have stolen away our estates and are further squeezing us to fund their house of cards. You are duly warned, deep state trolls/infiltraitors, etc.!!!

  10. I second what Chris posted: I am fully-armed (at all levels) to deal with those who have stolen away our estates and are further squeezing us to fund their house of cards. You are duly warned, deep state trolls/infiltraitors, etc.!!!

  11. Yeah, been mad for awhile. Thank you for putting these thoughts to our level of understanding. Although I am still learning.

  12. And even though these atrocities have been asserted against us and our children, we now know it and can do something about it to free ourselves. Composting our anger into action and spreading the word and setting up our jural assemblies. Now is the time, We are the Valuant Ones, changing our and our children's lives, redirecting the haneous acts into our sovereignty, and a more awake and empowered people. Greatest God Power Blessings and Protection to Justice Anna and her mighty team and to all of us. God/Goddess be with us as we turn this ship around🙏

  13. Four paragraphs in, finally a word I recognize. Crappola. :)

  14. No lawsuit for name infringement....? That would clear up a lot.

  15. From Odell Hobbs:

    So much seems to depend on our birth certificates. I have a really
    screwed up birth certificate. Using another name, just as an example of
    what mine is.
    I was born on May 22nd, 1947 in Sacramento, California.
    My parents gave me the name of - John Allen Smith.
    My birth certificate shows Allen Joh Smith. (No ALL CAPITAL NAMES).
    Stapled to page 1 is page 2 - the “AFFIDAVIT TO CORRECT A RECORD”
    At the top of page 2 it shows ALLEN JOH SMITH.
    Further down the page (space # 8) it (supposedly) corrected my name to
    Allen John Smith. So, they did correct Joh to John - but, instead of
    John Allen Smith - this AFFIDAVIT TO CORRECT A RECORD - still
    has me down as Allen John Smith instead of John Allen Smith.
    Date filed being May 27th. Bottom of page 2 - in section stating
    “DATE ACCEPTED AND FILED” it is stamps “SEP 4 1953”
    My entire life I have gone by John Allen Smith (my example name).
    John Allen Smith has been on All My I.D’s. - Drivers License, Social Security Card, Credit Cards, etc.
    So much seems to depend on this birth certificate I can’t help but wonder what kind of Damage Control I need to do to make this birth certificate ‘workable’ for me.
    What to do - What to do??


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