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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The End of the Great Fraud Begins Here and Now

By Anna Von Reitz

The institutionalized fraud we are all wrestling with started in earnest in 1933-34 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt arbitrarily allowed foreign powers to presume that all our Trade Names were instead US Foreign Situs Trusts, and subject to salvage for the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. 

Let's pretend you are an American race horse called "Yankee Flyer" and some sharpies decide to pretend that you are a donkey called "Yankee Flyer" instead. 

Now, these same con men are responsible for caring for a donkey named "Yankee Flyer" but that doesn't imply that they actually own the donkey or the horse, either, does it?  

What FDR did was make a false claim of ownership by induced assumption of both the donkey and the horse.  And all he was, was a stable boy.  

I am publishing a diagram with this article, and I have to admit that I don't know the source of the diagram---which is an absolutely excellent teaching aid, so I hope the creator will forgive me and agree with the Fair Use Clause. 

This diagram shows that your Trade Name, also called your Given Name, which your parents gifted you with when you were born, is smack-dab in the center of the whole fraud scheme and that the spin-off NAMES that have been created since then all derive from it---and all infringe upon your natural Common Law Copyright. 

You will also note that this Trade Name is listed as "lost at sea".  It's "lost" because it hasn't been claimed and its permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born hasn't been declared.  Once it is declared and entered upon the public record of the land recording office as a Deed of Re-Conveyance your Trade Name is no longer "lost at sea" but stands proudly on the land and soil of your literal nativity for all to see. 

Why a Deed of Re-Conveyance?  

Because FDR dragged all our names into the international jurisdiction of the sea and trafficked us to his creditors.  He placed our names in international jurisdiction of the sea, so we have to go through the turkey trot of returning, that is, re-conveying, our Trade Names back to the land and soil jurisdiction we are heir to. 

For example:

"I, the living man known as Jonathan Taylor Smyth, hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey all right, title, and interest in my given Trade Name, and all derivative NAMES in all variations, styles, permutations, and punctuation(s) to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Georgia, one of the unincorporated and sovereign states belonging to The United States of America, Unincorporated, as of my actual day of nativity July 4, 1955.  So witnessed, signed and sealed by my hand this 5th day of  April 2018: Jonathan Taylor Smyth" --(with a red-ink right thumbprint touching but not obscuring the autograph). 

This correction of the public record establishes the identity and political status and provenance of the "vessel" called "Jonathan Taylor Smyth" and leaves absolutely no room for legal presumption otherwise. 

Of course, you have to plug your own Trade Name into this formula, and substitute your own names and dates and places.  You also need to know that for the purposes of a Deed you will have to identify the Grantor and the Grantee and give a return address outside of the Territorial United States on the cover sheet accompanying the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance". 

In all cases, the GRANTOR is going to be the ESTATE name and the Grantee is going to be identified as the American State Grantee.  In the example it would be: 
FOREIGN GRANTOR TRUST: JONATHAN TAYLOR SMYTH and the American State Grantee: Jonathan Taylor Smyth.  

I am including an example of the Recording Cover Sheet I use.  You will note that the top half of the page is left blank for the inclusion of date stamps and recording numbers that will be used to track the record.  You will also see that I use my unique Coat of Arms as a device identifying my property, but you could use any such device that you have recorded ownership of--- a design of your own making, a cattle brand that you own, a signet seal that you have recorded ownership of--- or you could just dispense with that and have no design at all.  

You will also note that my address is "in care of".  All the postal addresses that people commonly use are "within the United States", which is another trap.  So, the convenient answer to this is to convert the US Mail address to an "in care of" address so that your status as unincorporated sovereign owner is kept separated from any commercial status assumptions.  

Congratulations!  You can now literally see the web that has been woven around your hapless Trade Name, and you have been given the tools necessary to reclaim your purloined assets and return them to their natural political status. This is the beginning of the end of the Great Fraud. 

Welcome home! 

PS.  For those who have had trouble recording your paperwork this should put an end to that problem.  There isn't a land recording office on Earth that can refuse a Deed of Re-Conveyance, and once this primary Deed is established, you can add all the other pieces to it as Extensions. 

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  1. This Fraud is catching up with what the Federal Reserve did to us with the help of Congress and President Roosevelt. Trump could literally change this whole senario by printing our own money again, leaving FR notes worthless overnight. Not that they aren't worthless now. It would literally castrate the beast and all these family Dynasty's, Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Royals, and the banking system they created would have to turn in all their notes for united states silver certificates making them all land dwellers again. Then we could go after them with a thick rope and a nice oak tree and hang them in front of everyone as a lesson to anyone that wants to try this fraud again.

    It would also change our Judicial system and bring us back to the original organic Constitution. No titles of Nobility would prevent any attorneys or lawyers from ever holding a public office again. The state laws would differ from our Federal law in Washington D.C. which would only apply to them, not the 50 states united. Except for one caviot, even they couldn't make a law which says anyone living in Washington D.C. has to become a federal employee with profit and gain attached to their wages, creating corporations again. That wouldn't be allowed even at the federal level because that's what started this fraud in the 1st place.

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  3. Poor general population is so dumbed down .
    U.S. citizen they live in fear of the power of the government so they never object and do as told.
    I see so few awoke to the depth of this corruption .
    Like the 3% that fought the British.
    Many were pro British and as we now know the British have deep tentacles into our government .
    Congress completely bought.the window into our CIA/FBI. State dept,comey, Brennan rotten banking
    (Criminal )justice system .ppl. turn a blind eye to it all

    1. You feel woke? Now really wake up!

    2. Mr.fu.police I am awoke, try and complete a sentence .
      I read ever day about common law and compare it to this corrupt justice system .knowledgeable individuals can walk into court as a friend and help a charged individual defend themselves .
      But it takes guts,knowledge,pratice.

  4. Judge publish a template with ,filing information, type of mailing, idiot proof it and many of us will send you financial resources to expedite us getting free sooner, and that each one who competes these will use the Honor System to fund your legal law firm amen !!!

    1. Thank You for this Anna, and I second the motion bounty hunter

    2. Hey Fellas...
      How bout sending some huge contributions, take the pressure off her, join your local Jural Assembly & re-establish your counties, & trust Anna will invoke the "honor system" you speak freely of to exchange with abundance you may not be able to keep pace with???
      i'm jus sayin...
      All The Best,

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  6. Anna I thank you and the Living Law Firm for all of the work that you are doing for the benefit of others.
    I do have a question that I have asked before and have not received a clear answer.
    If one was born in Washington District of Columbia or another territory of the United States what is the process? I am sure there are millions of Americans that are in this situation and it is unclear how to proceed. You answer would be greatly appreciated by myself and others.

  7. People born in DC have to fall back on the political status of their parents. If either parent was born in one of the actual states they can claim their natural political status through that parent. I have answered this question NUMEROUS times for several people. If neither of your parents were born in the states, you are stuck with U.S. citizenship, but thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you can still claim Equal Civil Rights, even if you are not a colored person.

    1. Anna, Thank you for your reply. My father was born in Brooklyn, New York so I can claim my natural political status through my father. However, how exactly is that done? Use the same Deed of Re-Conveyance shown above and claim permanent domicile on the land and soil of New York (in my case)? Or is there another document required? This Deed would have be recorded in the county or borough (Brooklyn) in New York where my father was born? I do not want to make any assumptions about the proper way to do this. Again, your time and attention is greatly appreciated.

  8. A similar situation pertains to children born to members of the military and civil service who are born outside the United States. The same rules apply. If either parent was born in one of the American states, they can fall back and claim their nationality from that state, otherwise, they are stuck with "U.S. citizenship" and have to claim Equal Civil Rights.

  9. Many if not most states have specific guidelines for the format of submitted items to be Recorded; amount of room that must be left at the top, how much room must be left at the margins, bottom etc.
    The reason for this is so it will fit on the film for the archives.

    I suppose you can google to find the specifics for your state. This may be why some Recordings have been refused......but at least the bastards should tell you the reason. Instead they love to cause people fits.
    I don't know where I got my specifications from, they are in this mess of copious notes....and I'm more seriously thinking of having a bonfire, than using them.

  10. Anna, If I was born in the state of Texas and my deceased father signed my birth certificate and I was not born in a hospital instead by a midwife. I am of color am I a American Citizen.Do should I just change my name since it is fraudulent and get it over and done with?? My life is more important than money or assets.

    1. shortgirl, I believe Midwife's still report their 'birthings' to the county health dept. and they proceed to make out a birth certificate and what ever other crap happens from there on.

  11. My progentors sailed to prince edward island canada in 1770, born on the island in 1944, taken to the states in 49, made a U.S. citizen in 54, then years later in 2007 I presented my case to Parliament in Ottawa and won my canadian citizenship back, can I get back land jurisdiction in both countries? www://

  12. Hi Anna, much thanks from the hearts of everyone, I'm sure they all feel as I. With the exception of the shills starting to feel the loss of their ill begotten power and authority. This looks fairly simple to me to follow. And, as I said before, as I have written thousands of instructions for woodworking projects, that instructions have to be complete, simple and easy to follow with a dot at the top of an I, a T crossed at the top and a period where it should be. Once we followed this golden rule it eliminated 99% of questions from our customers so I could focus on designing projects instead of answering questions. I was watching a youtube video on Joe Banister from 2005 yesterday after he had just won his court case the IRS filed against him. He said when this tax freedom movement takes off it will grow exponentially overnite. I don't know how many people have removed theirselves from the system since then, but I have a feeling you are on the threshold of overnite at this point in time and good riddance to the fraud and fraudsters as the time is at hand when they will be swinging from the noose of hemp fiber or doing a lot of thinking in a cage. Its way past due. I watched my dad lose everything and he was always 1 step ahead of living in the streets the rest of his life.

  13. Blog-verse-

    Can we record the Deed of Re-conveyance, Certificate of Assumed Name, Act of Expatriation, and Mandatory FSIA Notice as ONE recording? OR, should we "establish" (as Anna mentions at bottom of article) the Deed of Re-conveyance on the public record first then by Extension the other above named documents and others?

    BTW- Is there a proper way to record a document as an extension?

    1. ...add to the above questions and for clarification regarding recording of Deed of Re-conveyance: Article on August 6, 2016, PROPER WORDING FOR NECESSARY ACTIONS AND DOCUMENTS..." there is a reference to a $10 "stamp tax" imposed for "reconveying" an asset from the sea jurisdiction to the land jurisdiction. Does this apply for our recording of our Deed of Re-conveyance?

  14. Aloha Paul.can you relay this to Anna. The B.C. is a letter credit from BIS. It is governed from ICU publication 600. IT IS PUBLIC MONEY.....!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE ADVISE HER TO RESEARCH. I FOLLOWED TREATY. THE GATT TREATY IS IMPORTANT AS WELL AS TREATY OF VERSAILLES. THE LAW ON ASSENTION ..THANKS.

    1. From Anna:

      I have answered this question until I am blue in the face!

      If you were born in DC and you want to recoup your birthright status it goes back to your parents. If either one was born in an American state you can claim your birthright through them.

      If neither parent was born in one of the states, you are a Federal Citizen and any claim of rights has to be made under Equal Civil Rights provisions.

      I have written this response and sent it back at least three times and don't expect to see it come across my desk again.

    2. Not trying to get you blue in the face but how does one word the personal copyright to file with the deed of re-conveyance and does re-conveyance need to be notarized when it is signed and thumb printed? Thank you.

  15. So this is all I need to take to a local court that I pay for traffic tickets and get away from the fraudualant court system of Admiralty Jurisdiction and back to Common Law Jurisdiction...

    "I, the living man known as Jonathan Taylor Smyth, hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey all right, title, and interest in my given Trade Name, and all derivative NAMES in all variations, styles, permutations, and punctuation(s) to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Georgia, one of the unincorporated and sovereign states belonging to The United States of America, Unincorporated, as of my actual day of nativity July 4, 1955. So witnessed, signed and sealed by my hand this 5th day of April 2018: Jonathan Taylor Smyth" --(with a red-ink right thumbprint touching but not obscuring the autograph).

  16. US Constitution was Suspended on March 9, 1933 and "NEVER REINSTATED"...

    Since March 9, 1933, the United States has remained in a continuous state of declared National Emergency. Since that time, the American people have lost their rights to government, and these rights have not been restored. The American government now claims the power of right, and rules the people by Statute – not the Constitution – in all cases. Under emergency powers, government can do whatever it deems ‘necessary’. The courts change from protectors of the people’s unalienable Rights to enforcers of the government’s statutes.


    END THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY and almost every ‘alphabet-agency’ will simply disappear since they have no constitutional foundation. OSHA, FDA, FCC, CIA, FBI, FTC, NASA, TVA and even the IRS will be gone…”

    “The ‘President’s’ role in ending the national emergency is crucial because, although congressional approval was required to initially grant the emergency powers to the executive, once these those virtually absolute powers were granted, no one but the almighty President Dictator himself could return them. In other words, if every representative and senator in congress voted unanimously to end the national emergency, the vote would carry as much weight as if they had voted to end aging, gravity and death. [The congress could, however, pass a resolution to end the emergency power & then suggest the President follow their suggestion. Ed.]

  17.


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