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Monday, February 19, 2018

Use Your Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

If you cannot look at the two names "Riezinger" and "Ratzinger" and see for yourself at a glance that they are two different names, there is no hope for you. You need to give up and cling to your shackles and pray that your masters don't eat you instead of a turkey next Christmas.
Presumably, you also have trouble and confuse "Johnson" and "Olson"? Or "Sanford" and "Sandeman"? Or can't see that "O'Brien" and "Bannon" are different, either?
God help us all --- what happens when I try to teach you that the "Wisconsin State" is not the same as the "State of Wisconsin" and that "Wisconsin" itself is different than either one of them?
Why, exactly, would I need anyone in the old, failed, nasty, corrupt banking system to issue bonds for me against assets that I control?
Why, exactly, would I ever need anyone to issue bonds in my behalf at all, since it is plain on the public record that I have issued sovereign bonds aplenty and made them stick?
Why would I, an American Common Law Justice of the Peace, threaten anyone's life? The Public Law is what establishes the penalties and juries are the ones that decide guilt or innocence in our system of things --- not individual judges.
It's in THEIR system that judges write private warrants against those unfortunate enough to be classified as "U.S. citizens".
I am not confused about my position or how our American system works, so why would I be doing something evil and unjust that only judges in their foreign system do? Eh?
Not very plausible, is it?
And let's see here.... I warned you all to turn on your Shinola Sensors, wake up, and start thinking for yourselves. Does that sound like advice from a guru seeking to lead you-- much less lead you astray?
And also, all that I promised anybody was a lot of hard work to reclaim your lawful political status and your good Name and Estate, followed by more hard work to restore the lawful government you are owed.
No piles of unimaginable wealth for free, no Easy Street, no Free Pie-in-the-Sky offered here. Yet I am supposedly the Pied Piper? Where's the "cheese" I am offering you? Where have I offered you anything but 500 hours in the trenches, with a hope of being able to recoup what you are lawfully owed at the end?
If you think about it for five seconds, don't those promising you riches-for-nothing fit that "Pied PIper" bill a lot better?
But if you needed me to point these things out to you, you might as well go home, shut the door, and pull the shades down tight. There's no likelihood that you will benefit from anything being said here.

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  1. Well said Anna,
    It's like the computer technician speaking to a customer about a problem with their computer when the power went out, he said," you better pack up the computer and send it back", which the customer said, That back heh?"
    "Yes, I'm afraid so, you're too challenged to even own one."

    1. customer said, "That bad heh?"

    2. You dont think that the more we learn about the "SYSTEM" that a lot of us want to do exactly that....go home, pull the shades, and dont open the door to anyone ..!! It's a jungle out there with nothing but predators preying on the meek and honest sheep....this is a world of nothing but illusion...!! These days I even worry about the toilet paper I use...!! I wish we could all find mates like yours..!! Yes, we know and ask God for help everyday, but it is sure nice to have someone who has your back when you get in trouble in this dimension....the tangible one..!!

    3. Don't you SEE James, that's exactly what the "system" wants you to DO and believe. Lions, Tigers and Bears! OH MY!! Oh and don't forget about the FLYING MONKEYS TOO!!
      The Reality IS that they have effectively made EVERYONE believe They lack the courage, knowledge and passion to simply SAY NO. And all because everyone IS SCARED to LOSE the "FUNNY MONEY" WE IN FACT are the MAKERS Of. So instead of pushing the Scarcity, and fear propaganda "FOR THEM" we need to help encourage and support each other with the knowledge of who we truly are, and to learn to BE the power and authority AS the True principals we have been each one of us gifted with the Abilities to be and do our part finally and effectively. We each already possess these abilities, we just need to LET GO of all this False Perceptions that have been purposely programmed for "Clouding our Minds" that is keeping us from realizing our true potential.
      You have come so far in just the last few months yourself, its clear to see that YOUR compassionate big heart for others IS In the right place. Keep working on the letting go of all the past HURTS, Disappointments and learn to truly see them for the LESSONS they were FOR YOU, and accepting them instead for what they taught you about yourself. Be willing to let go of the ANGER, Bitterness and Resentment by SEEING Your personal choices and your chosen participation in EVERY circumstance WE ALLOWED or CREATED for ourselves in the past. Eve did NOT FORCE ADAM to eat that apple by gunpoint did she? But Adam sure did CHOOSE to not take ANY personal responsibility for his own thoughts and actions, and instead played the innocent "Victim" and held onto that "False story" in his mind to "Justify" his thoughts and actions. His choice and also HIS Loss. We Choose as well. Your thoughts, choices of the past DO NOT have to determine your NOW unless you CHOOSE to keep traveling down that same old programmed and predetermined "for us" path. Choose to Let Go, Step off that path and start seeing everything from a higher perspective within and you will be Awe-mazed at what you've been missing out on all along. The more time you commit to yourself outside in Nature, the sooner the "Clouding" will fall away.
      Much Peace and Love

    4. Also making the conscious choice to work on your clearing away and letting go of the past through responsible acceptance, acknowledgement and letting GO of ALL that is no longer serving you, will absolutely not ONLY forever change your perspective and raise your awareness of YOUR TRUE Value, it WILL attract new and wonderful like minded and genuine hearted souls into your new chosen life's path. You are worthy! You just need to remember why you are here NOW and WHY you chose ALL the lessons of the past that you chose, and for you to clearly SEE to move forward. You got this!!

    5. James, yes the more we learn, the worse it gets and we come to see the insurmountable problems and conditions everything IS. Those that don't see it, simply have made up their minds to turn a blind eye to just how truly deep this rabbit hole IS. The task they think they are going to accomplish is the same as an ant thinking it will chew Goliath away from existence, while Goliath keeps eating more and more and growing fatter and bigger with each day.

    6. I know you guys are right..I was living with heathens that knew nothing about God, because their only God is money and "THINGS".. I Was trapped for 10 years with their negativity and finally set free when the banks foreclosed on the finally getting my mojo back and with God's help we have a nice place and said goodbye to everyone who will not study or read anything...all those people were the most selfish self centered materialistic miserable human beings I've ever lived with...but never again.. The one guy who wound up as the sole owner of the house (on title) came from a Brittish family where the father convinced the mother that we should never talk about or get the kids to be involved in religion....any religion. In other words, they taught the kids that anything they do to people won t have consequences at least not in the afterlife, because their is no afterlife....brilliant parents!! And so only one of the four children became a christian (a border one though). All of them are screwed up in one way or another. And all of them are very unhappy and can't figure out why..!! But I'm on the top of my game and never felt this free ever..!! Give me time guys, I'm com ing back fast..!!

  2. yea shut the front door mother fathers.

  3. And apple pie you have to make yourself is always better than a dog poop tart given to you for free.

  4. Don't let the devil's trolls rile you up, Anna. They got nothin', for all their stolen lucre. The sword and shield of holy truth protects you -- I have prayed and seen it so.

  5. I can recall hearing people actually brag 'we've worked for everything we have'. I would say, gee, thats too bad; nobody ever gave you anything?
    Me. I'm an odd ball; I really enjoy spending $100 that somebody gave me, than $100 I had to work for. I won't buy a car if I have to make car payments because every time I would look at it I'd think, dang every time I turn around 'you' need another payment already. So the last two I bought came with the clear title. And I haven't paid full price for anything in decades. My credit rating is zero; in other words I have none, Lol. (who are those rascals to Rate ME, anyhow?)

    So now a bunch of 'somebodies' out there up and decided A BC will mean they own us. Well, to me it means somebody came into the world and a BC simply documents that event. They can twist all the words they want; but if you really stop and think about it, its just 'them' laying false claims. No different than if I went to my neighbor and got in his car and drove off and claimed I own it.
    I think even 'they' have deemed that to be THEFT. So why should we have to play such a stupid game here. This ought to be a simple Claim of Fraud and end of story.
    Life should consist of a reasonable amount of effort, yes, but anything that drains the very life out of you, is just not worth
    having then. That is just how I view it. If Trump was really for the People, he could just do some EO's and be done with it. I'm just saying why do things the hard way, when they could be done the easy way.

  6. Anna, you said yourself that you are the Fiduciary; you also said you had 9 of the 100 plus Trust. You also said there are trillions upon trillions in these Trusts that belong to the states and the people.
    So tell us then, just what were you intending to do with these vast amounts of money?
    I'm sure none of us out here is looking for any trillions or multi-millions; who needs that much anyhow. But now you seem to be backtracking from your earlier 'it all belongs to us' statement.
    No free lunch? Nobody is looking for some free lunch; you led us to believe that what has been stolen from us, that rightfully belongs to us, is being returned to us.
    So let me see if we can under stand this: According to you, there is even far more than the 475 trillion you already mentioned. And you are the Fiduciary. But you are 'no pied piper, and there is no free lunch'. So exactly where do you intend to spend this 475 Plus then?
    Are you saying that you want 'some more sweat of our brow' and want to make sure we don't 'get anything free'? Have you already dropped the equation card which says 'the people have all been robbed by these bastards'? Have you already forgotten that the People have had enough of being Slaves? Have you forgotten we are tired of having OUR money spent FOR us? So why is it you don't just lay out your Plan of Action and set the record straight, once and for all.

    1. This is such an old ugly, dark story and so 3D. Fraud is hidden theft. Omission is intent. We've been robbed with malice intent and aforethought and in Breach of Trust which makes them all criminals. The evidence is completely overwhelming and fully exposed. The atrocities committed against humanity, all forms of life can not be undone and no amount in the world can ever repay for the damage done. They were all given due notice. The THREE YEAR grace period to come into compliance with their corporate charters (held by the Vatican) or be liquidated and assets distributed to their priority creditors ended in June 2016 and here we are in 2018. Where is what is owed to the American People? It's really a very simple question. If the answer isn't simple, it isn't accurate.
      Anna, give us the dates you slave-labored for private FIAT debt notes (human trafficking).

    2. IAM, I too distinctly remember when the pope came out and gave our country the ultimatum to....either distribute all assets to the american people within 3 yrs. OR else he would do it for them. But just like you've said here, we are being treated like we are stupid and have forgotten all about that.
      No follow-up from the pope or anyone else, not even Anna and Team, as I'm sure they knew about it, too.
      I'm just sick and tired of this continuing treatment as if we are stupid, have short memories, are gullible, or like none of this stuff is our damned business. There has been little to zero courtesy or consideration for the People, while claiming to be doing 'what is good for the country and our People'. Yet, we have gotten much disrespect by not keeping us abreast, whether good or bad, we deserve to know where we stand. But no, we are left to assume and to walk blindfolded.
      But here we are: still on paperwork; how long have we been fed paperwork, do paperwork. We are supposed to fight Fraud, Slavery and Evil, with paperwork.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Abby, it is one thing to write an article and state things as "fact" it is quite another to PROVE such statements when nothing ever changes in "the system"!!! If anna has all of this "wealth" and even attempted to show others how to get it, you can know for certain that the Powers That Be would have had her eliminated by now!!! They allow her to publish all of this knowing that nothing will ever be changed since they "control" EVERYTHING, including "credits, money, and Law"!!! So far, everything claimed in this forum has been done ONLY by her and her "Hereditary Secretary of State" (of which no proof of HOW we ever got a "hereditary" Sec. of State is ever offered) husband and no one else using these "methods/information" has ever stepped forward and says: "It works"!!!!!! Interesting information for sure when she stays on gov't subjects and not veer off into "fantasy history" or "personal definitions" like: human=HUE MAN=Monster!!! No dictionary source was ever offered as proof of said statement but I only bring this up to show the absurdities of some of the things posted in this forum. But back to the subject at hand, interesting information but a definite lack of verifiable proof that any of this can be implemented. Anna ought to show us her driving around with no license plates on her car on a Public Road and no Driver's License!!! Let's see how far she gets!!!

    1. Unknown, I have given Anna and this venture all benefit of any doubt, have had an open mind, been very fair by listening to all she has had to say and show us. At the same time I have not left my common good sense off in the ditch somewhere; I've also kept my eyes on what is actually going on in this world, and my feet firmly on the ground. I see both the forest and the trees.
      But when I continue here looking at the whole picture, I see absolutely no improvement whatsoever and no reason to think there will be. There has also been too much not told to us, information kept from us. Here we are a whole year later finally being told about Kim et al, having refused to do her Trustee job. Never even told there was a Trustee who was deliberately sitting their fat ass on the Funds in those Trusts.
      This is far more than simply being curious or nosey about things; it has to do with making a difference in how we might handle our other personal affairs and personal decisions; like, shall I buy this, or that, or shall I wait, or ?
      Instead, this info has been kept from us and left us to get ulcers. Just like with the RV of currencies. I do believe an RV was intended, otherwise all these big military heads would not have bought so much of it, and now lost huge amounts of money, left with boxes of counterfeit or newspapers.
      But some nefarious bastards made sure they pretty much killed the dinar....after folks had reason to believe its value would revert to some semblance of true value. Now all that has come to a big fat Zero.
      While we had our eyes on that, we missed out on buying bit coin for peanuts; today it is well over 11 thousand dollars; moving upward 10% in just 24 hours. Yes, we were watching dinar and got our eyes off a Real Prize.
      Oops, I forgot, we peons are not to have anything 'for free'.
      We are supposed to be excited about being handed 500 hours of Work, which will also likely net us the same thing Dinar did.
      Sorry, but I was not looking for an unpaid job, and I'm sure
      not into such a Venture as is presented here that is going to take 50-100 years to ever accomplish. What is omitted here is the fact that it is now impossible for this world to even last that long....IF one takes the blinders off and takes a real good hard look at reality, and the next batch of bullshit that they plan to pile upon humanity.

      Oh, and yes, where are the success stories; I see more who have landed in jail than any who have succeeded in using the so called remedies.
      Sorry, but it takes a good bit of money to get off their grid. And it also takes some chunk of money to MAKE money.
      THAT is why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer; because they have the money it takes to make money. But Anna and Team are allowing the culprits to play footsie with her/them.....while we wait in vain to get a little chunk of cash so WE too can make money !
      This whole thing is beginning to stink as bad as the ''lost Dinar ship' got lost.

    2. Abby...I remember when you were one of the biggest "cheerleaders " when you first came to this site...!! I have to admit that after over 30+ years of studying law within the patriot community and the liens they filed very similar to judge Annas, I pretty much knew it wasn't going to work. But I still held up hope, that maybe, just maybe this time it will stick..!! But seeing some of the things I saw happening within our judicial system, was tru ely an eye opener..!! I've told everyone, including judge Anna, that instead of dealing with all these people, even though it served the purpose of giving everyone notice of the crimes and fraud going on, would have be better spent on targeting our most real and immediate threat....the BAR and all its judges!! They are the entire reason why hardly anyone gets REMEDY and the "MAIN REASON"why all this fraud was allowed to happen in the first place..!! Until that's accomplished, we will forever chasing windmills....!!

    3. James, yes indeed I was. But when there is no change, it makes no sense to continue sitting in the same camp waiting for the fires to light up, with no matches in sight.
      I agree, no justice or remedy can be found, as long as the BAR is still alive and kicking. We know that Anna served them their 'walking papers' now nearly 5 months ago, with a Jan. 1 deadline date....yet they snub their noses at all of us.
      That in itself speaks volumes, and we have not been told what is the next step then, IF there even is one, or where does it all go from here.

      Since I am a fair minded person, it should be understood once and for all: This is not to spit on Anna's work, because the real problem lies with ALL of those she is dealing with.
      They are all rotten to the core and they will all split hell wide open, and I applaud their demise. But in the meantime,
      its time to just start 'telling it like it IS' and stop with the evasive silent treatment.
      My own mere opinion is, nobody is cooperating and its probably going to take fire and brimstone from above to drop on ALL of them. But we are all adults here, so just lay it all out. For those who are still loving fantasy land, they better just grow up and learn to be adults.
      The Truth is not pretty; AI is in the near future, as you see already you order a McD burger from a machine. Then there is transhumanism on the horizon. Anyone that thinks the future is looking brighter than the past, needs to have their head examined.

      Abby and unknown... take the time to read this. The Pope really thinks he is over all things spiritual and material. Poor Anna is trying to pry the loot from the Pontiff who has no intensions of giving up this ride ever. She deserves much credit for her actions but the evil higher power ( the pope ) will not submit to her demands. Remember the current pope took the name Francis ( a corporation ) so he could deal with the word also known as Jesus. Fictions can only deal with fictions.
      The pope is not the gateway to the divine. He has no more power over the spiritual and material world than Mr. Bean. A total fraud. You keep looking at the Masonic Bible for all the answers, I know you are convinced you are right and all others are wrong ( especially me ) I was brought up as a Roman Catholic. You are looking to poor Anna to take you out of bondage...if I was Anna , and I got control of the pseudo money, both of you would be way down the list of those I freed first.
      You really got a lot of catching up to do. Realize that the Kingdom of God is inside. Ever think of looking there. The Masons, the Templar Bar, the Vatican, the Knights of Columbus and I am sure many other clubs are aiding and abetting the fraud,
      I recently read that a strong man stands alone but a weak man needs a crown around him. I am controlled by no one. I have a mind that thinks logically. I need no man on an altar preaching his spin on what he reads.
      I expect you will hurl rocks at me once again for my "shinola" That's ok, I have my spiritual armour on. I am begging you both to look inside and find your way out of bondage. As far as this pseudo money thing, that will be taken care of by God when he sees that man is good. That last statement should give you a big clue as to where we are in God's time. Hope you are around to see the second SUN rise.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. The only feasible way to dismantle the United States courts is by drying up the revenue stream currently flowing through their unjust pockets.

      We do this by forming well organized jury pools all across the nation via the web and conducting Common Law proceedings also over the web just as in a courthouse setting. Common Law juries, Common Law procedures.

      Correct Due Process can never be converted into a crime and no judge can say anything against the people's Constitutional right to Common Law.

      Using this approach we adopt which law system we want without any interference from our enemies the United States military courts.

      Common Law will then become the most easily accessed law system of choice throughout the nation.

      Article VII courts are off limits to United States courts rulings and can be challenged only through the use of another Common Law court proceeding.


      There is nothing standing in the way of implementing these Article VII courts right now.

      There has to be a reason we are not getting the results we are hoping for. Tweak, Tweak, Tweak, soon we will get it right and see the evidence we are all hopeful of. But since there are no cut and dried instructions, I'd say we are making forward progress, contrary to you naysayers who would rather bitch than switch. Unless of course you have the mistaken notion that your bitch is divine.

      Meantime, instead of bitching, moaning and griping, why don't we adopt the novel idea of ceasing to point the finger. Isaiah 58:9 Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and He shall say, ‘Here I am.’ IF THOU TAKE AWAY FROM THE MIDST OF THEE THE YOKE, THE POINTING OF THE FINGER FROM AMONG YOU, AND SPEAKING VANITY.

      Some of you Bible thumpers should take to heart what it says and simply obey it!

    7. The message applies to me as much as anybody!

    8. Net, it seems what really is bothering you is that a few of us in here are pointing out the truth; nothing is happening, nobody is responding to Notices or Letters or deadline dates Anna and Team have issued.......and thats what you don't want to hear. So you think you can just go around here trying to hurl insults and your personal crassness.
      If you wish to live in fantasyland, thats fine, but some of us have grown up big and tall and can face the real Truth.
      Get those visions of sugarplums dancing thru your head erased,and put on your big boy pants.
      Your message doesn't apply to me at all.

  8. i second that notion!

    Seriously, that would be very interesting.

    i have found most living "off the grid" without a license are single people with no family to worry about. Try doing that with a family to support.

    Anthony, man on the soil

  9. Anthony Living off grid is a Choice by those who wisely choose to be responsibly self sufficient. They are the ones planting the seeds and actually bearing the REAL fruits to support their families. They Know that it is NATURE that nurtures NOT "Systems" of "Status Quo" boxes of dependence for "False Appearances" of shallow, vain purposes to resemble any false notion of "Security" peace or happiness. Believing we need "pay" to create for these False "Money Masters" our very own natural abilities to grow our own food, provide our own electricity or dig our own wells and build our own shelters, IS the REALITY of THE INSANITY. Wake UP and smell the apple pie you are clearly capable of baking yourself with NO PERMISSION needed by DEAD ENTITIES claiming AUTHORITY OVER YOU.
    Off Gridders ARE Leading and showing the way, even in the just need to open your real EYES to SEE this.
    Matter of fact spending time with the homeless will be a HUGE spiritual eye opener and True humbling as well. Such a blessing to learn from if you truly choose to learn indeed.

  10. I wish you All the best in your personal journey's and with learning what you need to learn to be as peaceful, painless as possible to live the life you choose and intend to create reflect ALL that you choose and value.
    This off gridder literally and spiritually is choosing now to unplug and sign out and get back to working the farm and enjoying, appreciating every moment of it once again.
    We are ALL Loved! We are ALL Worthy! We Will each of us Conquer this False Beast Story created to falsely control our minds and lives and OVERCOME this ILLUSION of darkness and Live in our Light as intended. It Is our purpose, IT IS our Right. It IS our Choice Now.

    Thank you Anna, James and Team for who you are, ALL you have done and continue to be and do on all our behalf! No words can ever express sufficiently my heartfelt gratitude for all of your passionate and compassionate spirits enduring all this burden on our behalf, in true Love for all. First true and honest balanced witnessing I've ever witnessed in my 52 years of observing ALL False witnessing and shallow wickedness. A real honest breath of fresh air to this tired and beaten soul indeed.
    Much Love, Peace, happiness and much earned Freedom and prosperity for All Now and moving forward!

  11. Anna,
    You're too kind! Face it...some of these 'folks' simply need to be taken out back behind the woodshed & given a good switching! (It's obvious whom i speak of) Stopping to talk to them simply won't work. You've seen that time and again.
    It's hard to confront sometimes but, some folks have been beaten for so long & so hard or have been beating folks for so long & so hard or both, that by now, they are simply determined to do themselves in finally. Unfortunately, these naysayers want as much company as they can pull down along with themselves as possible. Paying attention to them is kinda like stopping the fire engine to kick the cur dogs on the way to putting out the fire. You just wouldn't do that!
    But, Once again, Thank-You for the insights!
    All The Best, Wirkin

    1. Wirkin, so just what is it that makes you such an Authority?
      What should be obvious to you is....why God is God, and you are not.

  12. Contrary to Ad hominem of Anna. The ideas she presents counters every form of this current subjective legal-illegal system logically, tit-for-tat, with a history lesson on his-story


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