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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

150 Years of Non-Performance

By Anna Von Reitz

Immediately after the Civil War, the Democratic Party led the attacks on the freed plantation slaves. The history shows that they systematically resisted the drive to give black men the vote, resisted the effort to distribute homestead land to blacks, and ultimately spearheaded the plot to "confer federal citizenship" on the former plantation slaves, thereby making them the first victims of the corporate franchise system that has all but overtaken the whole country today.

Now, I don't believe in political parties any more than I believe in Federal Reserve Notes, so let's begin by saying that I openly despise the "Two Party System" --- with the emphasis on "System" and just because I am anti-Democrat does not prevent me from being anti-Republican as well.

Both the modern political parties that have dominated and decimated our public life for a hundred years got their start in my home state--- Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin? Because a large number of German Communists who were kicked out of Germany following the 1848 Worker's Rebellion eventually settled in Wisconsin and brought along the "Hegelian Dialectic" and the political party system with them.

Political parties of the kind we have now are a Communist invention, designed according to the Satanic Pillars--- just set up two goal posts, two teams, and push the sheep back and forth between them forever: black and white, Democrat and Republican, Israeli and Palestinian..... divide and conquer.

This dualism is being set up on purpose and exploited to keep people in a constant state of "war"--- because the parasites gain power and money from it. No other reason.

It therefore stands to reason then that no substantial worthwhile changes come from political parties in this country. Massive political actions like the peace movement and the civil rights movement have been the only source of actual change--- not political parties.

That's because the political parties aren't here to make changes or improve anything. They are here to enforce the status quo and keep all the old fights going, like cooks simmering so many pots. They don't profit from actually solving problems or promoting peace. So they promise the world and deliver diddly and the "next election" never comes.

People swallow the Big Lie that it is the fault of the Democrats or it is the fault of the Republicans and keep waiting for that next election, when in fact, the real fault lies with us and our willingness to put up with this horse hooey longer than five minutes.

This Eternal Nothing-Burger with Whipped Cream on Top is what this political system is designed to produce, just like a Whoopee Cushion Factory produces Whoopee Cushions. It isn't broken. It's designed this way. On purpose.

It has been 150 years, and the poor people are still face down picking crap with the chickens. Trillions of dollars have been spent and we have nothing to show for it. No future that's better than the past.

So you can stop waiting for the next election and stop looking to Washington DC for the answers, because the only real answers are in you--- in your vision of justice, in your solutions to the problems, in your will to make this a world that is worth living in.

As my Mother said, "You need to get on your knees before you take a stand, and when you take a stand, make sure they know you aren't going to run."

That's the American Way. That's the only way that things get done. Enough people have to wake up and be fed up --- and stop believing that its "the Democrats" or its "the Republicans".

This isn't two sides in a debate. This is our country, our lives, our government---and our combined future at stake.

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  1. I found your site at 2am after watching a youtube video. I am in awe!!!
    I send Love and Light to you! I am going to stand up for myself and my family. I am quite excited and welcome the challenge to seek the truth.
    Thank you for the information, I have a lot of reading to do.

    May God continue to Bless each of you and may GOD continue to send his blessings to the true patriots of this country!

    1. will learn even more by reading all the comments..Most of us in this site have been studying America's problems and focusing first, how it happened, and second how to correct all boils down to two and money...!! Two things 99.9% of all Americans have no clue about..The hardest thing for people to wrap their head around is that is "NO MONEY"..Not only in America, but the entire world.. so no one is "paying" for anything..we are merely "DISCHARGING" everything at law with limited liability, because we are paying all our depths with more "debt instraments"(IOU'S). That will be the starting of your journey..!! Hang in there and you will become one of the true 1%ers.....not the rich ones, but the intelligent ones that are constantly seeking the Truth when all we are exposed to is LIES..Your going to have to unlearn almost everything the public schools taught us and start over.

  2. You speak of German communist think it's Jewish Germans . communist and Madison Wisconsin was a strong hold according to Dr.Micheal.E.Jones.who gives the Jewish history in America. he calls the Jewish revolutionary spirit.
    Bob Dylan , Joan Biez, out of Madison Wi, along with the jews. Who decider to target Madison sang revolutionary songs. But they underestimated Woodstock crowd who liked Hindrix.
    And the deep south had Thai own bible belt Ballard's . But the blacks love revolution

  3. As a former Senator personally told me, it is all show and public spectacle because behind the scenes they all work together as one team. He said that blue + red = green (money).

  4. Thank you Anna, my exact feelings perfectly stated. You are a blessing to us all. The most difficult part of all this is the educating part, too many Americans are asleep.

  5. There are no whites and there are no blacks people, Judge Anna just stated that for the record, it has always been man, woman, and their offspring. I wanted to say child but that's a corrupted commercial term. The only way out is to resign from being citizens around the globe but we already know the puppet masters aren't going to let go.

  6. Cheers to standing on our own two feet and collectively living in peace as our awareness and good faith intentions prevail!!! We Will prevail as Good always consequences/overcome the bully/beast in the end!!!
    Thank you Anna!!

    1. Noticing today that all Arizona revised statutes are "reorganizing" county boundaries as US territories!!! They are actually attempting physical usurpation of lower case county original jurisdiction. This must be stopped or rebutted by all county assemblies formed as this will definitely cloud true jurisdiction of and create even greater controversy.

  7. I have personally been investigating and have found so much of what is being discussed here in the Greek system. Practical wisdom is what led me to this and most of what I have discerned is from the prometheus trust. One such gem of wisdom is "Plotinum on Dealectic". I also have discovered res judica and collateral estoppel. These of course are systems by which a judgement can be obtained. I find the system in place by corporation is relying on res judica. We the people can use collateral estoppel. But I believe the one true remedy in our republic is the way we petition the government. As people we must use a notice and demand by a man or woman explicitly stated, as we are the source. This washes the cestui que vie trust away and exposes the real trust and we the beneficiaries as manifested in the preamble. As person's we disqualify ourselves when we petition as we are considered individuals or employees and thereby subject to the jurisdiction, instead of being the inherent jurisdiction from which all other ones spring. Just a thought, but I think the peaceful way out of this crap is to think our way out using practical wisdom or common sense which is the common law.

    1. Absolutely agree Don! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!

    2. Don...that is very good advice..!! Everyone is trying to learn a REMEDY for our court actions, when we haven't even studied their new battlefields.....our courts and justice system..You have to at least know basic courtroom procedure so if you do make a mistake you can always correct it ...even if it is only upon appeal!!

  8. World Government is the Globalist Agenda. That is what Americans remember what is really happening in U.S. and all other Countries!

  9. In truth, Republicans and Democrats are but two heads on the same snake.

  10. Anyone is free to think this country will be worth living in, somehow, but what evidence or sound basis do you have that that can ever happen.
    Wishin' n hopin' is not living in reality. Many think if they just inform 320 american, all will become peachy. Then I suppose you also think letting a nation know a tsunami is headed for our shores, will stop it?
    Sorry, wish it was all that easy; but fact is, people being informed of what is being done to us, how we've been robbed all our lives, will NOT make anybody's pocket contents change. We don't have all these problems because people don't know; we have them because of the wickedness of mankind !
    Just like a tsunami - its gonna come whether anyone knows it or not.

    Now if anyone thinks a country with a population that looks like the united nations; that builds overpriced condo communities with a foot of dirt between you and your neighbor; that is full of old unkempt dilapidated houses; boarded up malls; small towns that are turned into ghettos; majority in poverty and substandard living conditions, while 1% have it all etc etc. And you really think 'you' are gonna change all that and make america worth living in.........then have at it. Let me know when you wake up from your dream state.
    Just my common sense opinion, but what do I know.

    1. It gets stranger everyday Abby.. Now there is a child progidy about 16 years old, who loves the sciences and says that because of what CERN has done, we have already died and everything is an sucks being only in one dimesion..

    2. james, I just cannot understand why people cannot see the very plain handwriting on the wall; its right in plain sight plus its Written. This planet is at the end of the line and about to get a very rude awakening, yet they just can't 'get it'.
      Have you noticed even XFiles is going looney? I mean who could possibly believe that people see 'themselves across the street'?? The only thing that could possibly indicate, would be some kind of tampering with the Minds of man to make them 'think' they see themselves across the street at the same time they know they are standing where they are standing.

      This is quickly becoming a very very SICK society/world.

  11. Republicans and Democrats are two buttheads on the take.

  12. You notice how professional sports uses this same strategy of "divide and conquer" to make tons Of money, while polarizing people into fanatical fans of their team...!!

  13. I look at what is going on like the little boy who opened the door to a room that was piled to the rafters with excrement, and cheered; saying, 'With all this shit, THERE MUST BE A PONY!'

    When the Dark Side created a stage of history of global Darkness - the ultimate totalitarian state; planning on controlling people's lives to within an inch of their lives, leaving them little better than automatons (aka Transhumanism) - that generated, by cosmic Law, its 'Equal and Opposite Reaction'. We are witnessing the End of the reign of Darkness on this planet, and the beginning of The (actual) New Order of Things. Call it the ultimate stage of Synthesis, as recognized by Hegel, in his understanding of the Dialectical Process of Life.

    Here we are. And here we stand. On the right side of said Process. On the sunny side of that street, as it were. With all corruption to be wrung out of the system of governance, now. Such energy not being capable of withstanding the power, and vibration, of the higher realms of the Light, beyond the elementary school of the 3D realm.

    Life being a school. And the purpose being to graduate.

    1. You left out the evil one getting his last 7 years to reign upon the earth under his 'dictatorship' where the bible tells us 'mens hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth'. Then at the end of that 7 yrs. the King will Return and set up His Kingdom wherein everything will be 'His Way, or no way'.
      No more demorats, republirats, cockroaches, or any morsel of evil will be left. Now that ought to be the best news anyone ever heard in their entire life ! Bad news for those who don't like 'His WAys'.


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