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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sample of a Mandatory FSIA Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting a lot of frantic people who have been approached by the vermin who can't figure out how to do a simple (but mandatory) FISA Notice, so I concocted an "example" of how such a Notice might appear to give them an idea.  

Obviously, this is just an example that would need to be re-worked for each individual and each individual case.  People need to put their own names and data into such a Notice, their own addresses, etc.  This just shows the basic form of how such a Notice can be done.  

This is the first thing that needs to be put in place the moment people are approached by the hired Help, including any of the foreign municipal or territorial courts.  This is the reply to make to their services and summons.  Flag them off by making a reply (so they can't say you evaded anything or showed them contempt) and giving them proper NOTICE that you are not "acting as" or in the capacity of one of them. 

Here is the link to the document:


  1. Thank you, Anna. This is a nice concise printable copy
    that should be easily adapted to each individual.
    Exactly when and how is it best to present it to the

    1. From Anna:

      What I intend to do is record it as an attachment to my Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-conveyance of my name and other paperwork -- as a standing Public Notice.

      This has numerous advantages--- it puts a date on the Notice that cannot be fudged afterward. No arguments about whether you gave the Notice or not. Then keep certified copies handy-- one in the car, one in the truck, one at the cabin, one with my BC, extra copies to send back to the rats when and if they ever contact me again about anything whatsoever.

      This is literally the first thing you give or send them as a reply to any contact from them -- about taxes, about claims, about foreclosures, about traffic tickets, anything and everything.

      If you don't give them this Mandatory Notice--- they can pretend not to know who you are, and pretend that you are an "enemy" and a "subject" and all the rest of their rot.

      Just giving them this Notice will be sufficient to get rid off a great many of the most annoying false claims and if any remain they must be pursued under The Law of Peace-- according to the premises of land law, not British Equity.

      As you can appreciate, these are very good results to be had from a single piece of paper. Wish we had had the knowledge we now have the first time we read the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act -- this piece could have been put in play a long time ago.

      But by all means, let's put it in gear now.

    2. I see this very clearly Anna!!! Thanking you for ALL you do for us just never seems to be enough, but know I am so grateful for you and all that you are and you and team do on all our behalf!!

    3. Anna, one clarification needed: Is the ''By: John Raymond Doe typed or by autographing? AND is the thumbprint totally necessary or just for some additional 'sealing'.
      Lastly, I assume this Doc must be notarized; then HOW do we autograph it?
      May sound picky, but we just gotta make sure its done exactly right, so as not to waste our efforts, and have lots of do-overs all the time.
      Thanks a BUNCH.

    4. All proper instructions of autographs and seal can be found many previous articles as written in her processes. Re: top ten articles for rapid assistance

    5. Anna, one more thing: ''so said signed and sealed this ___day of___''. It seems to me we could sign this in front of a Notary and sealed by them. A Notary comes with a good deal of power and responsibility; so it ought to be sufficient, do you agree?

    6. In reference to the above question of "Notary Seal"
      NO!!! The living lawful man IS the highest Authority OVER Corporate Offices and Agents for the MUNICIPAL & TERRITORIAL Legal Fiction ENTITIES. We Stand Above at all times. Your Words and Your Seal is your living Bond

    7. Abby, I would type a line and sign your given name on the line in blue, purple or red ink as follows: Lname, Fname Mname and then seal it with a red ink right thumb print covering the last part of your autograph. This certifies that it is you, the live woman on the land with your unique identifier which is your thumbprint and makes notarization unnecessary. A notary only certifies that you have identified yourself as the individual who is signing this document. If you want to take a belt and suspenders approach you can of course do both.

    8. 1FreeMan, thanks a bunch; that answers my question totally !

    9. Amen Amen and Amen Anna!!
      Let's use and put it in gear today..
      Thank You!

  2. Thank you for this Anna, it's a great foundation Doc for ALL to use!!
    My logic is also to include "Principal, Secured Party" or Grantee, Subrogee status of Birth "Title-Upper lower case Name, and "OBLIGOR or SUBRAGOR OR DEBTOR status to the ALL CAPS "LEGAL ENTITY/DEBTOR" to establish a proper distinction AS Not one and the same but OWNED/CONTROLLED By:John Henry Doe via Doe, John Henry.
    My logic is being based on the 3 principle as to the "Split Title" that's been created as born 1)john henry: Doe(principal/beneficiary) 2)"vessel" named Jon Henry Doe (re-claimed Secured Party,as lawful/legal living third party representative for 3)JOHN HENRY DOE "DEBTOR"
    My thinking is to cover EVERY Base, and CLOSE ANY GAPS in this Mandatory Notice, And "Flip" the Authority back in proper balance. Any thoughts, discussions would be wonderful and appreciated.

    1. Kelli; Anna mentioned that the criminals are always coming up with new ways to identify us incorrectly so, I think specifically listing the derivatives you mentioned might be counter productive though, maybe not. Anna's template uses an all inclusive means to address future, unknown derivatives, I think when it states, "...together with all derivatives and permutations and punctuations of these names..." Just my thought.

    2. Agreed Jack, you are correct. thank you for pointing this out. I still am a work in progress, and catch myself "reacting" based on the degrees of deceivers we have been forced to deal with. I appreciate you pointing this out, and having my/our back.
      Much Love & Peace

  3. This has been my analogy all this time: In baseball, if a batter hits it into the bleachers inside the foul lines, isn't it a home run already? Then why should the batter also have to run the bases to make it count as a home run?
    Well, finally even the MLB has wakened, and now all home run hitters need to do is watch it hit the decks, and then just go sit down, and enjoy his Score. It saves time, and wasting energy, and speeds the Game along!

    Thinking people see the analogy here. We are Already Sovereigns, Nationalist, the Employer, and Free and have never been Nullified.
    So why should we have to fight, defend, and vie for our lawful Position at all !
    We ought to just wave a big huge Notification Flag in their faces that Reminds them of all that and to STAND DOWN. Why should any more
    than that be necessary? We ought to be on the Offensive, and not on the Defensive.

    However, this method of 'getting the news out' is the slow way. The big hindrance is the lying Media monsters. They should be a prime target to go after and shut their foul mouths, so 'you' can be heard.
    Anna, how much did you say is in the ''big Tills'? And how much do you suppose it would cost to dredge up all the dirty laundry on all the media, run them out of business, and buy up even one of them?

    Get those trusts released; then do all this stuff the easy way, instead of inching along like snails, with a hit or miss defensive position ! Playing nice and being patient will just not work any more.

  4. Anna, in a recent post you stated that a notice of liability could be perceived as a threat. Would this not apply here and if not then why not?

    1. Anna, in your Jan 22nd posting you stated: "Notices of Liability in the Territorial Court System are a completely different matter and NOT ADVISED." Would this be an exception to that rule? I am specifically referring to a foreclosure case which is considered a territorial equity court as I understand it. Please correct me if I am wrong or missing something.

  5. I am still wondering beyond recording to the County level what State level department or Federal level needs to be Notified of the Mandatory FSIA Notice?

    1. Hello Vayah, my reasoning in closing ALL the gaps and giving proper notice to ALL is when we receive our recorded docs back from county recorder(which now have a new "Legal title" and Lieber# "assigned" to them a/k/a: registered security that is NOW in their system, we then need to do an "acceptance & acknowledgement via proper autogragh & seal plus date. Then get a certified true copy made of those docs and then do a proper AFV & return to sender for value-exempt from levy using your red stamp, endorsement, along with corrected 1099A as to YOU being the Lender and County recorder being the borrower ON YOUR recordings. Send your own certified(Yes you can certify as the highest authority with your sig and seal) the afv copy and send this plus the 1099a to your appointed fiduciary(mnuchich-Secretary of U.S.Treasury) for proper Notice of Holder in Due Course on these records. Their yours, no middlemen needed. The state certified copy & copy B goes back to county recorder and the Wet ink certified as true& sealed by you goes to the fiduciary. This way you are the beginning, the middle and the FINAL word, Authority on your created works. All three. NOW it IS Complete, with NO question to the AUTHORITY or The Jurisdiction. YOU, WE ARE the Authority from A-Z.

    2. my reasoning comes from the mere act (deed) of false authority by Sec of State placing a rubber seal stamp of Statutory "Authority" OVER my UCC filing and county recording of my Political Status recording and therefor created as assumed/presumed authority position OVER my published works/deeds. This I should have accepted/acknowledged right away and did the process just described above to give proper NOTICE of WHO was the True OWNER and HIGHEST Authority of MY published/recorded Legal Title work. Since I am the Author and only I can claim/own my Intentions/Deeds, IT was my, and IS ONLY my responsibility to CLAIM the "Legal Title" I created, and TAKE-AWAY any assumed "Assignment" to the county recorder. So it's up to ME to correct the record and take back the title I created and return it back in it's proper status and order. Does that make sense? This is where I believe we have been missing the mark, and NOT closing the Gap ENTIRELY. IMHO

    3. Hello Kelli, I appreciate this feedback and it does make sense..another LAYER obfuscating sovereignty especially when the county is foundational. Taking "away" assumed assignment to the county recorder...would not have thought THAT! I can follow most of this but please define what is an AFV ?(have the 1099a and Voucher). Also, what is Lieber # and which Document are you referring to with "the state certified copy and copy b goes back" What is the state certified copy here? What is sent to the state? Thanks.

  6. Hello Vayah,
    AFV= Accepted For Value, Returned For Value, EXEMPT FROM LEVY(Your RED STAMP via Anna's instructions for your non federal citizen declared state national tax exemption status)

    Lieber# is the Record File number by county recorder, top right corner (a/k/a military court file# assigned)

    Once you receive your original recorded docs returned to you (the original holder in due course) do a red ink accepted & acknowledged by:Last,First then Sig, AR date & Seal(Right thumbprint) ABOVE (if there's enough space) the County recorder's wet ink acceptance & File Stamp. This puts this "DEED" back in OUR Authority(real middleman) as the maker/Lender/Secured Principal of the "Legal Title" we recorded & Created. Now get a copy made to be a true certified of original(either by your certification as the highest Authority/Author/maker with your sig & date & seal certifying that IS indeed a copy of wet ink original or via notary certification)

    Now to Finalize and eliminate any assumed/presumed County or State authority over our "deeds" Do your AFV process on the certified copy of your accepted "Deed" to return a copy of this back to county recorder along with copyB of the 1099A completed with YOU as the Lender & County Recorder as the borrower.
    Send the wet ink AFV & 1099A to Your appointed fiduciary (Mnuchin-Secretary of the Treasury) for setoff/discharge and proper holder in due course with NO Assignments/attachments to YOUR Deed.

    Now you've properly eliminated the foreign middleman and assumed interest holder(county recorder) and your process and WORD is final from the beginning all the way through to the end. It's a pain, but I do believe this IS what we have been missing to get our "DEEDS" out of any assumed authority OVER us as the original creators & makers of our deeds.
    Hope this helps to clarify

    1. state certified copy just means certified via statement "Certified True Copy" either by State Notary or by Your authority.
      Notary puts their stamp, sig & date
      Or YOU can certify AS TRUE COPY with statement, sig date and your SEAL(right thumbprint) (Since you are the only holder of the original-no one else and IT IS IN YOUR Possession and that will NOT Change)

    2. Kellie, sorry for the belated thanks for your detailed explanation. My computer had to go to the doctor for a few days. Appreciate this much. Is there any reference or resource material you could recommend on the AFV process? I am new at this and solid resources can be a challenge.
      Cheers, Vayah


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