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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots

By Anna Von Reitz

For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots .....

We are being "occupied" by our own Army.
The Army we pay for. The Army that we allow our sons and daughters to serve in. The Army that is strictly charged with preserving our freedoms, protecting our money, and supervising the activities of the Bar Association on our shores.
That Army.
How, you might ask, is this possible? It's possible because the so-called "American Civil War" wasn't a war. It was and is an illegal commercial mercenary conflict on our shores. It was never actually declared by any Congress. It was never officially ended by any Peace Treaty.
In 1863, during the so-called war, Lincoln bankrupted the original United States (Trading Company) and placed the responsibility for preserving the Union and fulfilling the contractual mandates of the actual Constitution on the Grand Army of the Republic -- and the Union Generals.
With respect to the Territorial United States, they have carried on in that role ever since, and grossly expanded upon it. The rules that Lincoln gave them, The Lieber Code, has morphed into The Hague Conventions. The Grand Army of the Republic, also known as the Union Army, has morphed into the US ARMY, the United States Army, and many other permutations. But nothing ever got resolved.
President Andrew Johnson who was Lincoln's Successor Vice-President declared "peace on the land" in three very public declarations, establishing a public contract. As a result, the people owed the land jurisdiction were recognized as peaceful non-combatants and innocent Third Parties who are all owed The Law of Peace.
Instead of honoring that, successive generations of generals and members of Congress have colluded together to define all of us as "Enemy combatants" and they have directed the falsification of the public records to that end.
Beginning with alteration of Title 37 of the old Federal Code to conscript doctors and dentists and other "uniformed officers" into the Army, and then with the original "Maternity Act" and Sheppard Townsend Act they conspired to register American babies as they were born.
Registration gives up our ownership interest in our own names and estates to the "State of ____________" as our "presumed beneficiary". So the "State of Wisconsin" organization, for example, would be the presumed beneficiary of my name and estate and would receive the "beneficial title" to the trust ACCOUNT established in my NAME, while the "STATE OF WISCONSIN" organization would receive the "legal title" and be enabled to administer my ESTATE for the benefit of the "State of Wisconsin".
And as for me, I would get nothing out of the deal whatsoever, except for an "indemnity receipt" from whichever federal corporation seized title to my name and estate, guaranteeing as my "presumed usufruct" that no harm would come to me or my estate as a result of their use of my assets.
This vicious swindle was in effect a species of genocide on paper, unlawfully converting the public records and political status of American state nationals to that of "federal citizens" merely "residing" here temporarily while performing our "presumed" duty to provide "essential government services".
It also allowed them to subject us to their corporate tribunals being run in lieu of the American Common Law courts we are owed, under the false presumption that we were all federal employees or dependents or political asylum seekers.
They've gotten away with this crap for so long that they actually believe their own lies. And all these presumptions which were made about you without your knowledge or consent have not been rebutted because you have been kept in the dark and never told of their existence.
For six generations.
How do you rebut a lie if you don't know it exists?
But now the game is up, and the Army is looking at the Navy and the Navy is looking at the Army and the Marines are looking at every other branch of service and the Air Force is going, "OMG!" and the plain fact of the matter is that both the Congress and the Armed Forces have been acting in treason against us, their actual employers, and against our Constitution.
These two groups of employees have been attacking us under color of law, under deliberately contrived and known false pretenses, and all behind our backs.
The sheer size and scope of the crime is breath-taking. The complexity and duration of the fraud beyond any simple imagining. And the cost to the American states and people is in the quadrillions of dollars defined as ounces of silver.
It should come as no surprise, then, that our entire "National Credit" --- the flip-side of their "National Debt" -- has been embezzled from the coffers of the Department of Defense.
How is all this fraud possible? In a debt-credit system, debts are supposed to immediately cancel out via the receipt of equal credit, but the answer is--- it's because they never credited us.
To put it bluntly, the "occupying Army" was double-dipping the whole time, siphoning off the credit owed to us and leaving the debts unpaid, so that they could come in and pretend that they were bankrupt because of our bad behavior and insolvency, and give themselves an excuse to sell off our assets to satisfy their debts as they have done already twice before in 1907 and 1933.
They were using their own cleverly disguised territorial court tribunals to collect on all these supposed debts--- which we never owed. Ever.
Why do I say that? Because the debts were racked up by the Municipal United States --- which was serving itself, not us---and the debts were being collected by the Territorial United States --- which was serving itself, not us.
Remember? We were cut totally out of the picture at birth.
None of this is our debt and none of this criminality is our doing. It's entirely a federal matter that has nothing to do with us.
Please bear in mind that we are not alone, because the same infectious disease has eaten away at the foundations of lawful government in virtually every country on Earth. The same venal "system" of "federal districts" overlaying the land jurisdiction of every country has imposed the same form of de facto slavery on people from Japan to Belize, from Queensland to Point Barrow, from Manchuria to Moscow and from Moscow to Denmark.
This crime syndicate which has used our country as its home base for 150 years has now moved on to China, where it proposes to set up shop and use its ill-gotten gains to dominate the rest of the world forever.
And what do you all say to that?
Is it time to kick some Generals where it hurts?
Force some actual useless eaters to perform their Oaths and duties?
Tell the Lord Mayor of London exactly where to shove it and how far?
Escort the Popes out of Vatican City to hear the roar?
Bury Buckingham Palace under the enormous pile of manure that they have bequeathed as their legacy to the rest of the world?
How about giving all these bankers new jobs cleaning public toilets?
They can share rooms with members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and attend my lectures every morning.

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  1. Sister from MaMa = WaWa

    Please use this to IMAgine with your IMAgination visualizing these IMAges to assist our tribe.

    Cheers Brothers and Sisters
    iyoutome explains Manifestation

    iyoutome Group Manifestation

    IMA = IAM

  2. Thank you for sharing your channel and message Claudio!!
    Permaculture= Abundance for All, Yes!!!
    Much Love, Pease and blessings

  3. with all due respect ms anna you forgot to mention our dna that the hospital found and registered as a vessel in the Bureau of Shipping, a nonprofit society for the safety of any thing, in commerce. they run everything here in USA any way. Yeah you own a vessel. It has your name.

  4. These same Militaries are calling the shots. They want Us under a Meritocracy. And giving us only 10 months to get our stuff together? This is bunko!

    Let see, what do these guys Merit?
    ie, MILABS, Underground Bases (DUMBS) the tunnels between the Colorado MILABS and the Denver International Airport, It's all hollow ground and those tunnels had been there a long time. It was chosen for the airport site on purpose to use and expand the existing tunnel infrastructure. Obama because his DOD told the entire f**king military stationed in the ME, to IGNORE/not report Muslim men F**KING LITTLE BOYS due to "cultural differences"... just like they were told in Vietnam. Kinda hard to report it to local Vietnamese authorizes while they're holding the kids down waiting for their turns, right? This is documented

    They are co-perpetrators of the whole fraudulent scams against all mankind, with the man/woman/children/baby trafficking including the pedophilia, satanism of sacrifice (War, what is it good for?).

    Are they coming forward with "Full Disclosure" with asking forgiveness to the original Grantor Of Dominion (God) and All His Children on all the Land of this Earth?

    And are their "Laws", "Ideologies", "Honors", "Orders" and "Meritocracy" what we once again would be "subservient" to?

    And they rule Us with it and not themselves, as now?

  5. Anna, nothing would give me more pleasure than to round up all the International Bankers, starting with the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's, and have them clean every toilet in every country for the rest of their entire miserable life. And take away all their assests and give them a living wage(haha), let's say 10/hr. Then drag their ass into court with every stupid infraction they violate and put them in front of a tribunal Judge. Another words, let them experience what it feels like to be a slave on the open sea, never to attain freedom on land to get any relief. Or, they can just go to prison like good little conspirators for the rest of their lives. Maybe buba can set them straight. Lol

    1. Awakend, you are much too kind.
      I just watched a short clip yesterday, of how our country has handled puerto rico, now 3 months after their hurricane. They are in the same condition as they were on day one. I am not PRcan, but it goes to show us all how they would also treat us after any similar disaster struck.
      They need to see some before and after pics of people who were good looking clean cut teens - and what they look like in their coffins; what the hardships of life have thrust upon them to the point they are unrecognizable.
      Bastards !
      And for those who think SS actually pays $255 upon death?
      Thats a joke too; it only pays to dependent children or a spouse. All the many unmarrieds, forget it. Won't even pay for a grave Marker.

  6. I know this is off topic, but most of us are into trying to avoid problems in the future. In view of that, I would like to bring to mind, getting our shit in order, keep our important papers where somebody knows where to find them all in one place. Go through and get rid of old outdated papers and get rid of junk once in awhile. Have all 'final arrangements' made well in advance, so you don't leave the living with all those hassles. Make a written List of necessary information and keep it up to date. Get rid of stuff you know you will never have any use for. Keep your Executor informed; don't leave them in the dark.
    I got lucky in finding one ins. policy and other funds. Still looking. Take note, no insurance, the City will kick in a small $$$ and ya get tossed into the furnace. That's how it works. And those insurance policies the nefarious take out on us, all goes to them.
    That has to be the biggest rook of all; sort of one final slap in our faces.
    Just sayin'

  7. Since this is all about "lawful" construct, and since the military has apparently committed treason, which the corporate officers surely must have done as well, why not enforce the original Constitution and charge them all with Treason? Not the entire military mind you, just the brass that gave the orders despite knowing better.


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