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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

More Specious BS From the "Bar"

By Anna Von Reitz

Larry Becraft and his side-kick Bob Hurt have been spreading this around the internet attempting to keep those dollars rolling into their coffers and discredit me at the same time:

Some friends brought it to my attention and asked what happened, so here’s my official reply:

Well, nothing happened to it or with it, of course, because it involves two federal PERSONS and not me nor my husband at all. Wake up! I went to the Tax Court without ever "petitioning" it or allowing it to assume any jurisdiction related to me or my husband, and they were made to look ridiculous in front of the 62 lawyers they had brought in for the event.

I then turned around and posted my $12 million dollar judgment against them and the IRS in the land jurisdiction records. The difference is that they hold a delegated authority from me, but I hold the actual and supreme non-delegated authority over them. So I am turning over my judgment against them to the Marines for enforcement, as the international land jurisdiction is their "beat".

You have to get it really, REALLY straight in your mind who you are and what you are and where the jurisdictional lines are, and then you can go in and stomp all over these rats with impunity.

My husband and I officially revoked our "election to pay" federal income taxes back in 1998. You will note a typical trick in this paper-fraud case. We revoked under our actual Given Names --- James Clinton Belcher and Anna Maria Riezinger, so what the Federales did (and this is typical) is that they pretended that "Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz" was a new federal PERSON they could glom onto and pretend that the revocation of election didn't apply to "HER"----but of course, I just turned around and revoked "HER" election to pay federal income taxes, too, and shoved it all back up their butts.

The US TAX COURT comes to Anchorage, Alaska, once a year in June. There were two cases – mine and an elderly black woman from Fairbanks, Alaska, who appeared using a walker to get around.
We were the only two cases on the docket and the room was absolutely packed full, standing room only. They had extra bailiffs and police on hand, as if these two elderly women were going to be a big problem.

The other lady’s case came first. She had the misfortune of having her house burn down along with all her records in it. Like many other Alaskans, she received a Permanent Fund Dividend the prior October, her house burned down in the winter, and by springtime and the April 15th filing date, she couldn’t remember exactly how much the dividend was, so she made an honest guess and was off by a hundred dollars or so.

The sanctimonious ass on the “bench” threw the book at her, charging her with crimes and perjury because her 1040 wasn’t absolutely accurate and fined her up one side and down the other so that she suddenly owed twenty times what the entire dividend had been and on and on and on. She was in shock and tears.

And the vermin in the room were in awe, staring at that judge like he was God Almighty.

And next, he turned to me and thought it was all going to go his way with me, too. The Bar Members were all gathered around like wolves on the hunt, leaned over in their chairs, eager to watch him dispatch me in the same way, but instead, I avoided their usual tricks, didn’t identify myself as “the NAME” and stated right up front for the record that I wasn’t a “Petitioner” and that I didn’t “understand” anything that they were alleging and didn’t agree to any of their proceedings. Period.

Also, I said that I knew for sure that I wasn’t a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marine Service known as a Withholding Agent and if there was any evidence that either I or my husband held such a position, they better bring it forward right now.

And things went south for them rapidly from that moment on. It would after all be a felony crime for me to impersonate an officer of a foreign government, and it would also be a felony crime for any officer of the court to knowingly address a foreign national and solicit them to commit perjury.

I nailed the judge’s sweating butt to his chair and though he huffed and puffed he couldn’t blow my house down and he had no signature authority based on the evidence, so both he and his Clerk went home hungry to bed and all the attorneys were most let down and discomfited. They shuffled out with backward glances, downcast eyes, and sat through my testimony on the matter with their heads down like bad school boys caught by the teacher.

After the fact the “judge” issued his “order” against the federal PERSONS, but it was meaningless and unenforceable, because I simply wrote two new letters to the Commissioner(s) of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service revoking the “presumed” election of “ANNA M. RIEZINGER-VON REITZ” to pay federal income taxes, too, and made it effective prior to any of the years they were trying to collect upon.

So their fraudulent paperwork remains on the court record, but it has no force or effect.

Fiction can never stand against properly stated and evidenced fact. And I am a fact that the fraud artists definitely don’t want to contend with.

Afterward I met the elderly black woman and her friend in the courtyard outside the courthouse and explained to them exactly what they needed to do to make the US TAX COURT beat feet back to WASHINGTON, DC.

I don’t know what happened to her appeal, but I have reason to hope that she served them back with an Equal Civil Rights Claim and that she also reclaimed the copyright to all variations of her Given Name so that the vermin couldn’t just play more word games and come after her again.

That was all before I got serious about claiming up absolutely every possible variation and permutation and order and punctuation and style and format and font of both my given name and my Pen Name, so the IRS continued to come back and try to attack all sorts of variations of my Name/NAMES, and I continued to revoke election to pay for each and every one of them. Since there are a lot of variations possible with a name like mine, we had quite a correspondence before I nailed their feet permanently to the floor.

I now know that I could have saved myself that paperwork if I had just done a proper Certificate of Assumed Name and claimed all my Names/NAMES at once, but hey, it does have the halcyon affect that the IRS/Internal Revenue Service has registered letters from me revoking election to pay for every single variation of my Name/NAME.
Nowadays, I just spit like Clint Eastwood if I see them coming.

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  1. Just goes to show jurisdiction is paramount . You revoked one name but they tried another..close that door w/ cirteficate.of assumed name with all variations .

  2. Can't wait to be good enough to teach my nationalist friends how to get out from under the boot of the most feared organization on the planet.

  3. I Love it!!!! Amazing story Anna and experience to learn from, thank you for sharing this!! Much Love, Peace and blessings Always

  4. I have found that it's helpful to have a dictionary handy when reading Annas' missives! Let's ALL do this and watch the liars look for a hole to crawl into as their 'new world order' crumbles!

  5. How's about asking for a "true bill in commerce" ie, the supposed wet ink signature contract they don't have with your name(s) on it? They can't give you something they don't have. And besides, didn't Steve Miller of the IRS state that all taxes are voluntary and by consent? Hope you put it all to rest. Congratulations!

  6. I dont know who received your letter at the IRS because Trump just fired the Commissioner of the IRS and his Director, Lois Learner, has been on the senate hot seat for the last couple of weeks, answering every question standing on the 5th admendment of self incrimiation. Last i heard, she is trying to cut a deal to stay out of jail..!! And it all happened because the "Tea Party" brought a civil suit against the IRS for being "PROFILED" to be taken down..!! That wound up attracting the attention of the senate oversite committee and subsequent questioning of the commissioner(with one hell of an attitude) and the Director(who played the other side...a wallflower with no backbone whatsoever). But the commission finally broke under Trey Goudy and knew it was only going to get worse , so he agreed to resign and not face a criminal indictment..!! All I can say is your timing couldnt have been better..!! But it wasnt your paperwork that really saved you judge Anna, it was the fact that you know what is going on and estopped the judge from proceeding any further. A patriot years ago, Roger Elvic(now in prison for the third time and the father of A4V)often said that when you are confident of who you really are and how the fraud works, you dont need any paperwork. It helps you to have more confidence if you get tongue tied in court, but the reality is if you know who you are and stick to it than they cant hurt you..!! And you just proved it judge Anna. But you have to know one more thing to be completely confident.....courtroom proceedure!! You have to understand from the begining that the judge is in place to trap you into a controvercy, and you have to be ready for all his tricks. Well he cant play tricks when you set him straight right from the many of you would have put the judge in his place immediately before he had a chance to question you into agruements of NO IMPORTANCE other than to get you talking.. You have to go into court like you own it...and without any emotion at all. All you need is the "Truth" and they do back off or start sweating. Thats who you know "THEY" do have liability no matter what law school teaches them or tell you they have like judicial, qualified, soverign or any other type of immunity...there is NO IMMUNITY FOR ANYONE IN AN ADMIRALTY/MARITIME COURT. In fact Admiralty is the only jurisdiction were it talk about "bonding" and its importance. But if the judge was bonded, he would have stood up to judge Anna..!! But he knows he isnt. All he has is "self-insurance" under a "pooling" of insurance companies in the "risk management" dept of the county, which only covers a maximum of any employee working for the corp State of $250,000. Everything after that has to either be covered by the countys own slush fund or to the judge(or any other enforcement officer) himself. You see why he walked off the bench so quick. He knewn, that she knewn, what was going on or at least enough that he couldnt take the chance of finding out. And it was no accident that the other lady went first. The court probably already knew she didnt have a clue and used her as a scare tactic for the next rebellious tax protester...except judge Anna is no wallflower..!! The judge knew immediately that she wasnt going to be tricked. And if he was holding something that said different, she demanded(not request) to see it right now, which he couldnt do..!! For the rest of you that are called into court, but still dont have all your paperwork ready, you need to handle it this way...Before we begin your honor, i want to make something perfectly clear...i am only a third party interceder for the person you just called, in order to settle and close this account. And i am here making a special appearance, not a general one , and therefore appearing "without prejudice" and without waiving any rights, remedies, either statatorily or proceeduraly..!! THATS IT!!

  7. You just read him the riot act..!! Anything he tries to do to you now, he has to take "liability" for. If you really want to send the message home(in the position she was in with 26 attorneys looking on...turn to them and ask all of them if anyone here thinks they have a "claim"(title to yoir name) come foreward and stake it, but be ready to prove it.....and watch the rest of them sink back into there seat...!! If the judge is still trying to be coccy and trying to trap you into making or saying something that can be interpreted that somehow you gave him jurisdiction, he is still liable because you already gave him his "caveat"(warning) for trying something like that from the very beginning.. you damn well better object, and warn him that if you plan on proceeding with this matter, instead of settleling it like i said, then you can just run your mock trial and when its over dont forget my right of "allocution"(where you have been found guilty by judge and jury) and the judge has to offer you a statement...As a matter of fact yiur honor i do...remember at the very beginning of this case i warned you of taking jurisdiction because i wasnt waiving anything and proceeded "without predudice", and you still continued over my explicid "OBJECTION". Now, therefore, my formal objection will come in "the nature" of a "Writ of Error". You have to say in the nature of, because they will tell you that that writ has been repealed...The hell it has..! They just couldnt stand that writ so much they had the legislature let every court call it something "SUPERVISORY CONTROL" or whatever that court now calls it. The reason why the judges hate that Writ so much is because, now instead of you appealing the case with all its associated cost and paperwork to prove you were right, now transfers to the judge to prove what he did was lawful, using his time and money and headaches..not to mention looking awfully stupid and criminally liabile now...!! But she forgot to do one thing absolutly necessary to know if they plan to do anything else...she didnt go get her "court record"..!! Never leave without your court record....NEVER!! Thats your receit that the case was dismissed "without prejudice". If it says the case was dismissed "with prejudice", than they plan on re trying her one more time..!! She can handle it, but can you..!! But this is what i was trying to tell all of you by filling out all her paperwork.. She still had to go into the lions den to prove who she was, even with all she thought she had done would end always have to be prepared to go into court at any time and be confident as judge Anna at your first appearance, even if your in jail already..!! Thats when you really have to be strong willed, and confident in conversing with the judge..!! And tell him you want an "appearance bond" posted per your request, so you can be released and mount a defense from home, not in jail. An appearance bond is the same thing as being released on "personal recognisence"(PR) , not on your "own recognisence"(OR).

  8. When I wrote my letter to the IRS stating I was revoking my election to pay, they responded and called it frivolous. What does that mean?

    1. I believe they were trying to scare a retraction out of you. $5000 fine for "frivolous" filings , and ANYTHING they receive from you can be called frivolous.
      OK, so the definition of frivolous is anything that is not needed, so in one way they are telling you that you do not need to write to them and revoke your election to pay. That will be what you present in court if needed. PS any writing /correspondence they can term frivolous.

    2. spm...that is a typical computer generated letter sent out to see if you will call them or responde "dishonorably" with a letter saying you dont owe it...!! Dont buy into it. It represents another "offer". Just accept it for value and tell them to adjust and settle this account for full closure using your "exemption" and close the account..

    3. The actual remedy for frivolous claims and most everything else the IRS throws at you is usually contained in the paperwork they send you, but it is disguised and thrown in the jumble where people don't see it. As a friend of mine observed just this afternoon, your remedy is the Privacy Act and your Exemption, which you can claim at any time so long as you are not actually a "federal citizen" of any stripe.

    4. So I’ve rebutted the presumption that I’m a US Citizen by sending affidavit of truth to SoS.

    5. hello SLM, great work! Anna has provided to all a complete steb by step instructions and so much more valuable information to successfully achieve your intended outcome of claiming/correcting the record for you/everyone to achieve proper standing on the land jurisdiction;

    6. spm, here is the definition:
      An answer or plea is called “frivolous” when it is clearly insufficient on its face, and does not controvert the material points of the opposite pleading, and is presumably interposed for mere purposes of delay or to embarrass the plaintiff.
      Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed.
      In reality it means that they gave you a frivolous answer to your letter.
      Note: Sending the SOS a letter will not accomplish anything or give you the end result you are looking for. Applying for a ncsn (non citizen state national) passport will. Only then will the the SOS/DOS recognize you as a ncsn once they have determined you to be so and issued you a ncsn passport as such which, when applied for properly, they cannot deny to their employer (you!). Once issued you can then request a certified copy of your application and explanatory statement under the privacy act as proof of your ncsn status and rub any judge's nose in it that you are NOT a US citizen and are NOT subject to their jurisdiction. They cannot argue with the SOS because in their mindset, the SOS is the highest authority in the US to be able to determine anyone's political status. Check and mate.

    7. Thanks for the reply. Is there an option on the application for that? If you’d like to you can email me directly,

    8. Oh and since I already have one do I apply for a new one?

    9. spm, for everyone's benefit, let me answer you here and I will email you with specifics if needed. No, there is not an option on the DS-11 for ncsn but only for "US citizen" or "non citizen national of the US". There are 3 types of citizenship available and the 2nd one is only if you are born in a US territory like Samoa and they will type this into your passport on page 27. Both are still subject to the US. The 3rd option of ncsn is not on the form. Pretty sneaky, huh? This is what Anna was referring to in her post that we are entitled to a ncsn passport. You have to actually tell them what you want in an Explanatory Statement you submit with the passport and prove that you know who you are and what citizenship you have (hint: it is actually state Citizen (capital C) of the state you inhabit which is also a ncsn or American national). Once you go through the process, you will be issued a state Citizen passport even though it will look exactly the same as your other passport. The key is in the coding so when they swipe it, it will pop on their screen that you are not a US citizen (lowercase). Since I am not the expert on this, I used the process at run by Christopher Gronski. He came highly recommended by my LLF lawyer and I was able to get my ncsn passport and 5 star passport card issued, the highest clearance available. It is not free but worth the investment. You have 2 choices: 1) take the classes (less expensive) or, 2) request personal assistance (fee schedule is on the website). I am not connected with him in any way other than sending people his way because he is the only one I know who knows what he is doing and has been doing it for a long time. The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Yes, you need to apply for a brand new passport because the old US citizen passport is not the passport you want anyway.

    10. Thank you brother! Peace.

  9. anna or paul,,, do you have the correct contact addresses for:

    (1) Commissioner of the IRS
    (2) Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
    (3) Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner

    It is my understanding the IRS and Internal Revenue Service are separate entities correct?

    1. From Anna:

      Yes, they are. One is Municipal and one is Territorial, both are federal entities, and both need to be given Notice of your revocation of the election to pay, once you have determined that you are not a federal civil or military employee, federal dependent, African-American, political asylum seeker or any other "person" obligated to adopt federal citizenship.

    2. thanks Paul,,, I cant find the 2 different addresses for the territorial and municipal... they only show one and the same?

    3. native american, not sure which is which but here they are:

      Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
      Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service
      P.O. Box 480
      Holtsville, New York, 11742-0480

      Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner
      Room 3000
      1111 Constitution Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20204-0002

      My guess would be that DC is territorial and NY municipal but don't hold me to it.

  10. Judge Anna, i wish you would have read my comment from the article: the reason why you have to get moving..!! I made the comment just yesterday. But i have a good idea on how to get these court appearances video recorded so everyone can see you and others in action without them ever knowing thanks to amazon... Amazon sells a number of normal looking eye glasses that are actually spyware...they have a pinpoint at the front of the frame that is a camera and on the other side is an audio pickup..once you activate it from inside the frame it will tape for an hour in 20 min increments. And the video is amazingly clear and so is the audio. Just looking at them no one would know they are actually spyware.. and the best thing of all is that they are incredibly cheap....from $25 to $100. All you do is record then plug in to your computer or pad or tablet and watch it. Then you can make a copy and put it on utube for us. I recommend we all get them, just in case we have to go to court and tape the whole thing so we can diagnose what happened and how to correct it..that way we can help each other until they realize we arent pushovers anymore..!! It can also help ourselves, because we can see for ourselves how we did in court and start to realize where we are making mistakes or if we made any...Seriously guys, we need to go "deep court" to deal with the "deep state"..!! It will be the best $25 you ever spent..!!

    1. Good idea, James! When the vermin are caught on tape being rats everything magically changes overnight--- and the more people who get these glasses and wear them and use them all the time, the better. The police state wants to surveillance you, so surveillance them. Look at all that has come out as a result of dash and body cameras? Lots of wrongs have been righted because people had the foresight to do things like this and remembered to turn the recorder on.

  11. However, "Sharing"---- most Americans railroaded into these courts have no "constitutional rights" because federal citizens have no recourse to the guarantees of the Constitution except via claims of Equal Civil Rights, and most Americans have been deliberately misidentified as federal citizens. So you have to have your claims already established and be prepared to invoke them BEFORE you ever go near these courts, otherwise, they will just blink and inform you that no rights secured by the Constitution are involved in your case --- no matter how blatant the violation is.

  12. I am sure this subject has been covered. But I will ask anyway. Anna, Paul or anyone. How do you RECLAIM your copyright name of your birth certificate and any variations of your given name. Is there a copy of how to do a certificate of assumed name and claim all my names/NAMES? please help. Thank you.

    1. Here is exact location. Beware of IRS-CI has a minor error.

      I reworked on her document to hi-light to not getting confused. Then I structured my file-folders to track my progress,image flow is better than reading notes. You have to plan 2-3 months ahead before exercising them with the thieves.

  13. Hello Jim, Yes Anna has a certificate of assumed name and much valuable information provided on her website at: http;//

  14. Judge Anna, you are the most Brilliant and Fearless woman i have ever known, Keep that precious, priceless wisdom rolling our way.

  15. Will that link that Anna posted on this blog work for you Paul as it won't for me?

  16. Another tactic you can use in court is to sneak up on the US attorney right before the session begins and ask him "Excuse, as the prosecuting attorney against this Estate, where is your permission from the Executor's Office to administer this Estate?" He will be shell shocked and say some dumb stuff like excuse me, and I don't understand what you are talking about (believe me, he does!). Now you push in and demand "Show me your written permission from the Executor's Office to administer this Estate. Are you saying that you do not have it? Then I expect that you will be withdrawing the charges, correct? Thank you."

    Don't be surprised if he suddenly volunteers to the judge that they are withdrawing their case. If he does not, then you state "Your honor, before we get started, Mr. (US attorney's last name) as the prosecuting attorney has just admitted to me that he does not have written permission from the Executor's Office to administer this Estate. As such he has no delegated authority from the Executor's Office to bring this action or to continue this case. On and for the record (raise your right hand), I move the court to adjourn this case until such time the US attorney presents this court with written proof of permission from the Executor's Office to administer this Estate or if it please the court to dismiss this case altogether.

  17. I do not know if anyone will ever respond to my questions or not so here I go. I am looking for the 1 page court bond that I can make up. I am also wanting to know what would be the best bond to send to the DMV so I do not have to pay for auto insurance anymore.

  18. I'm trying to find the verbige for Calif on certificate of assumed name so i can swap it out with the Alaska verbige (Sessions Law)


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