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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Intra-governmental Memo to President Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

Intragovernmental Memo: December 12, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump:

It has come to our attention that the United States Army has been illegally occupying our land jurisdiction for 150 years and that it has trespassed against us and our lawful government in violation of international law and their own commercial services contract.

We have been the victims of knowing and infamous mistreatment at the hands of our own employees, both the members of the Congress operating the Municipal Government, and the officers of the United States Army operating the Territorial Government.
Exactly what, Sir, do you propose to do to correct this situation and how can we help?

The most recent outrage is the embezzlement of at least $21 trillion dollars – the “National Credit” owed to the American states and people – by the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE as reported by Forbes Magazine and the University of Michigan.   This has been represented to us as an “accounting error” and we would certainly agree that it is an error that needs immediate and permanent correction.

We are fully aware of our position as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. and all their various franchises worldwide.  We insist on control of our assets being restored to us, an end to any presumption that our government is (or ever was) in any sort of “interregnum”, and an end of hostilities being offered against us by our own employees.

Even conceding that there may be some small excuse for the US Army to remain “at war” and bivouacked in our states of the Union, there is no excuse for continuing purposeful acts of identity theft and impersonation against our people implemented via the secretive registration of births and the false legal presumptions attached to us as a result.
We are owed The Law of Peace as clearly enunciated by Department of the Army Pamphlet 27- 161 -1, but instead, our employees have contrived to redefine us as “Enemies of the State” and prosecute us under The Law of War. This is criminal and unacceptable.
Since when, Sir, do employees taking their paychecks from our pockets, get to prosecute and persecute their employers under deliberately contrived false pretenses and equally false and deliberately contrived false legal presumptions?

American state nationals have loyally supported the Union for 150 years and what is our reward?  False claims against our assets, embezzlement, identity theft, and fraud.  The “US Congress” and the United States Army have been run as crime syndicates on our shores, and the United States Army has been totally remiss in its duty to oversee and supervise the activities of the Bar Associations.

These foreign corporate tribunals have been raiding and plundering public trusts established in our names, and most recently, also pillaging and plundering public transmitting utilities established in our names for the same purposes.
We are not deceived, Sir, and we are not amused.

An innocent American state national exercising his guaranteed right to assemble, LaVoy Finicum, was ambushed by members of your government agencies while on his way to attend a public meeting and murdered in cold blood.  The perpetrators have yet to be charged and brought to justice.  This is an offense against God and Man and cannot stand.

Other innocent American state nationals from Nevada (the Bundys, et alia) and Colorado (the so-called Colorado Nine) have been held in deplorable conditions and against our Public Law under false pretenses and have been prosecuted by members of the Nevada and Colorado Bar Associations under color of law.

These people are being held and prosecuted in violation of their Article IV guarantees.  They should have been released within 72 hours, not detained under any false presumption of federal citizenship.  Stephen Nalty gave more than “fair Notice” to the “State of Colorado” and it continued its prosecution and false presumptions against him and against his name and estate just the same, sentencing an American state national to 26 years in prison for the crime of claiming his natural political status and the constitutional guarantees you are supposed to be upholding.

Please note that our government is not your government and never has been.  The creation is not greater than the creator.
You, Sir, are supposed to be acting as “Commander in Chief” under contract to the American states and people who are your actual employers, not the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia.  It is your responsibility to control the US Army and force it to do its duty by the American states and people---which duty includes putting the screws to the members of the Bar Associations running these phony federal courts under false presumptions on our soil and occupying our courthouses under conditions of constructive fraud and deceit.
The actual law of this country and its people is the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea---a fact that apparently needs to be brought home with a heavy hand on Attorney General Sessions and all the “federal state” officials including the “State” Attorney Generals.

As a pleasant reminder, Sir, we own the land jurisdiction States and any “State” Attorney General needs to be acting in our behalf and administering our law and obeying our mandates first, last, and always. And as a further reminder, all these debts alleged against us and our states and our people are not our debts and may not be collected from us.
In truth and in fact, we are owed all interest in all land and all assets naturally belonging to the land jurisdiction of this country, together with all interest in the charters, patents, trademarks, and franchises issued under our delegated authority.
We have issued our Porting Treaty and as you may note, our Post Office has never closed.

Please inform the United States Army of its duty to supervise the activities of the Bar Associations, and also drawing their attention to the insane stupidity of placing Bar Association Members in the Office of the Provost Marshals--- an act that is in complete conflict of interest with the purposes of the Provost Marshals and which leaves the foxes in charge of both the other foxes and the hen house.

Please also inform all the Adjutant Generals that vast numbers of public records concerning the political status of people born in America since 1920 have been deliberately and unconscionably falsified and that it is their duty to make the needed corrections quickly and competently and without complaint or obstruction.
We have claimed our reversionary trust interest in all the “States” of the Union and returned them all to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the actual states and the Secretary of the Treasury has been informed and presented with the claims and with our Private Indemnity Bonds.  Our accounts at the Treasury/IMF need to be reopened and our access to our assets returned. Posthaste.
All land titles taken by fraud and deceit during the 1907 bankruptcy and held in trust since the settlement of that bankruptcy in 1953 need to be dissolved and returned to the actual states and people.
All gold confiscated from Americans under conditions of fraud and deceit during the 1933 bankruptcy and claimed as “abandoned assets” by the World Bank/IBRD needs to be secured and returned as heirlooms. Likewise all the private Historic Trust Assets belonging to Americans or being handled by American Trustees need to be reclaimed and returned to the lawful owners---not given to criminal commercial banks making false claims of abandonment and purloining what was never theirs in the first place.

These assets are heirlooms belonging to living people, not persons, and we claim them in behalf of the victims and Trustees.
The Territorial “States of States” need to stand down and everyone involved needs to recognize the fact that these corporate franchises are not the actual state of the Union and do not function “as” the state of the Union and have no sovereign authority as a state of the Union.  Banks chartered under the “States of States” are not actual State Banks.

Most importantly, each “State of State” has to disclose the Beneficial Ownership Interest to the public. is cherry picking and stacking business deals through the State Department in contravention of standard operating procedures for any legitimate business and needs to be shut down.

The Chamber of Commerce is also getting special deals from the State Department, and that also needs to end. Ditto all the obnoxious and unauthorized “Councils of State Government” and “Councils of County Government” which are not part of any government authorized to operate on our soil. We hope you get the point?

The State of State Departments are proposing to sell “Water Districts” and other purely fictional constructs as if they included the right to develop and restrict access to water belonging to the actual states and people of this country.  That fraud also has to stop.

The United States State Department is also circumventing and violating Due Process by freezing and seizing private assets belonging to private businesses and investors by manipulation of passport verification and falsified political status records.   This is nothing more or less than the odious and unlawful practice of asset confiscation under color of law.  It needs to stop.

The so-called federal “agencies” have no public mandate to even exist and have become an extensive threat and problem. Most of these privately owned and operated subcontractors are out of control and have no idea what their original purpose was.  Both the IRS and the FBI are good examples of this, but you can add “Homeland Security” and FEMA and BATF and many others to the list.

We didn’t authorize these services and the Shadow Government that they have created is a nuisance, not a service.  If you want your Administration to be recognized as legitimate and competent, it needs to shut down and/or reform a lot of the federal agencies, to bring them into awareness of and conformance with the lawful government of this country.

The challenges facing your Administration have been compared to draining a swamp.  We think it is more akin to draining several swamps at once.
Please start with redirecting the United States Army and reminding them of their responsibility to keep accurate records, to supervise the activities of the Bar Associations and their members on our soil, to make sure that American state nationals are recognized and treated appropriately and are not subjected to impersonation and barratry in foreign courts dry-docked on our soil.
The worst of the violations we have encountered are occurring in the international land jurisdiction which is supposed to be policed by the Federal Marshals, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.  These services in these areas have been left deliberately unfunded or under-funded for years, so that the people have no recourse and little enforcement against Bar Association predation.
We don’t care what it takes, Mr. President.  These abuses have to end.  If it takes Executive Orders to correct and redirect, so be it.  If you require funding, let it be first re-directed within existing federal budget units, and then talk to us, the actual unincorporated government of the American states and people.

It’s our money and our assets which have been abused and all profit and credit accrued is ours to dispense with as we see fit.  Please tell that to the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, and any other party that needs to hear the news.  The Middlemen are not, in the end, the Masters.

Any number of governmental services corporations serving us can go bankrupt and be welcome; it isn’t going to impact us one iota.  We are not accepting any claims based on odious foreign debts, falsified records, and worse accounting practices. We stand ready to pull the plug on as many swamps as necessary.

Thank you for your timely assistance in providing long-neglected service and proper administration.
                                                                      James Clinton and Anna Maria 

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  1. I am sure Mr. Trump is reading this and that he will do something about all of this. Don't hold your breath!!! THIS info will go the way of all of anna's articles in the trash file!!! "They" hold the guns, and the "law" is whatever "they" say it is, regardless of what is written and by whom. Nothing is going to change until this evil system collapses down on itself or Russia/China get enough of our crap from these perps to nuke us. Either way we lose as too many of us on "the bottom" will suffer the effects more than those that have their well stocked bunkers at tax dollar expense!!! Trump can't "save" us folks, it HAS to collapse on its own, too many have a vested interest to keep the "system" going until then.

    1. The truth in action by responsible opposition IS what will collapse this system and its programmed behaviors of lions, and tigers and bears OH My!! Move Over unknown, we got this! Many have recognized/acknowledged this negative "fear" based "religious" system/tactics for the complete deception that it was designed, intended to be. Many are no longer so fooled. Truth, Peace, Responsibility/Accountability IS occurring Now and will continue its progress to Reign on this land!!
      Much Love and Peace

    2. PERSONS like Unknown above are the problem with this country. They ignore the problems. Let us ignore the Unknowns who refuse to DEMAND CHANGE, settling instead with the rest of the fictitious status quo.

    3. Agreed Ptrsh! As I perceive and have observed, these unknowns ALL speak/demand/complain LOUDLY the same entitled/ungrateful language/behaviors they have been so indoctrinated/conditioned by. Their programmed reactions are ALWAYS the same. They twist the message and words/intentions of the author first. Then REACT in scarcity, doubt, FEAR, conflict, chaos and keep projecting perpetuating the confusion onto others they have created in their own minds to believe. This we are witnessing as the "gnashing of teeth". This keeps them paralyzed from taking any real action and so all they can do is complain/blame and shame EVERYONE else that is actually taking courageous, responsible action accordingly. Each action IS progress and making a difference. The light is being shone on this behavior/ mentality on everyone, and true, honest change is occurring every moment in response.
      Much Love and Peace

    4. This Is The Chairman, of the FCC, who just cast the tie-breaking vote against net neutrality 3 to 2, a whole 5 total, really? Watch and know who he is targeting:

      Our support of James and Anna's work to Mr. Trump will help him know of how our support can extend to him.

      Gratitude to James, Anna, Living Law, researchers, Paul, commenters, et al., for all this work in making facts known to all mankind.

      Good suggestions-thanks Sharing Victories and Kelli!

    5. From Anna:

      Well, then, kindly explain why all the Generals are scrambling and DC is like an anthill and we have won 30 out of 30 "cases" simply by doing what we've recommended?

    6. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams

    7. Ra string, can you explain to me what net neutrality even is?
      And what does this vote mean? I'm puzzled bout the whole thing.

    8. Ditto, Agreed, Well Put and Articulated.

    9. Moreover, we have been living under Martial Law,
      since 1863, Constitution has been Marginalized!!!

  2. Good best presentment yet, lets hope Trump reads this personally and not held back by his staff. this is long in coming thank you James and Anna Maria

  3. Yes, I'm inclined to make this Notice a public record as well for our state!!
    Thank you James and Anna!! Your words/actions are pure music in my heart and I'm so grateful for all you do on All our behalf!
    Much Love and Peace Always

  4. I guess we can send this in with our name attached, that great.

  5. I submit that it would be a good idea to have all of Anna's readers copy and send this letter to President Trump. If he were to get thousands of such letters he would be more inclined t conclude that the information presented is going viral and that the gig is up. If not, it may well be perceived that James and Anna are a lone voice that can be more easily ignored.

    1. Yes, James agreed.
      Also consider having all currently assembled county and state jury's sign as well and send in agreement/support of this Notice.

    2. Via Registered Mail for the official Land record

  6. This is probably one of the best Articles; it says it all, and only IF it would get done, there would be NO need to do any of the paper work talked about in here.

    But here is the question: Anna, you have Notified the President numerous times; does he ever get any of them?? Has he ever had the courtesy of Responding? What kind of reaction/responses have you gotten from any of these Notifications? We would like to at least know that. How has Trump responded, as it seems he is ignoring it all.
    Evidence of this is how he seems to just continue on as all other Presidents have. Surely your Requests/Notifications/Notices and Letters deserve a definite Response. We cannot sit and wonder what
    if anything, he is doing or thinking. He owes The People that much.

    When things are left up in the air, keeping us to wonder what the hell is going on, or what we can plan - - then ya get stomach ulcers. Seriously. !
    Trump needs to focus on this Issue, sit down and write some Exec. Orders enforcing the Law of Peace and nip this whole mess in the bud!
    What can be so hard about that; it ain't rocket science.

    1. Yes, Mr. Trump and the Generals in control of the Territorial Government are in receipt of and aware of the issues. They are doing their due diligence and finding out that we are correct. That is where it stands at this moment. The more people who stand up and say that "Enough is enough."--- the better. These wrongs have been ongoing for 150 years and our country has drifted farther and farther into lawlessness and criminality. It will require many hands and much determination to change it. That said, things have gotten to the point where we must act and must take responsibility.

    2. True story:
      A very sweet elderly woman from our little town was at her hairdressers right after trump took office. She was sharing her heart and her worries/concerns for this country and what its become, and a peaceful solution was very clear to her. The hairdresser suggested she write a letter directly to trump and share exactly what she shared with her and her solution. It couldn't hurt she claimed.
      Well the elderly woman went home that day, sat down and wrote that letter to mr. Trump. She put it in the mail, and she felt lighter for what she expressed and for following through and getting her message in the mail. She was happy. She held no expectation of its outcome, and was completely satisfied with simply putting pen to paper and unburdening her own heart and mind, which that she felt needed to be said and done.
      To her surprise and utter amazement she DID indeed receive a handwritten response back from mr. Trump within a couple of weeks! He respectfully acknowledged and agreed with her concerns. Praised her for her courage, wisdom and thanked her for the peaceful solution she had proposed. He assured her that he intended to do all he could to get this country back on track, but it would take the support of people like her that would ultimately make that happen. His timely, kind words filled her heart with renewed hope and faith that she had thought/felt was coming to point beyond all hope in her fellow man as leaders.

      For me the message of this correspondence exchange between this sweet,kind elderly woman and an acting "president" speaks volumes in terms of character, integrity. His actions speaking very loud and clear for and on his behalf. This to me is very promising as well!!! I do know WE have to stand and be the change, however it is heartwarming to possibly have the right minded/hearted "president" in place to finally Honor Truth, Justice and pure Peace/prosperity for ALL!!😎

  7. I do not acknowledge a corporate president as a legitimate rep for the American people for all the reasons that Judge Anna Von Reitz pointed out above. But, on a spiritual level this notice serves the purpose by placing the parasite cabal on notice that WE DO NOT CONSENT.

  8. Once again, Brilliant!
    Once again, Thank-you!

  9. Elite didn't see the power of the innernet.we refuse to go to sleep .soon more groups will from hopefully intelligent and can comprehend law and history.then we will take this corrupt parasitic abortion apart if any honest courts still exist.
    Finally if not it's up to us to reboot as unites states of America or we may have to go state by state.we may have to vote with our feet solid red states.

    1. "corrupt parasitic abortion," yes indeed bubba! We all need to become Continental Marshals and Jural Assemblars, and fix this shit now!

  10. I trust Donald J. Trump will address these complaints, and rectify them a.s.a.p.

    I believe he is the MIRACLE we have all prayed for, and received,along with Anna Von Reitz.

  11. The seed has been planted and is growing, tiny at first, yet healthy and strong it is growing, as I learn others are told what I know, even a few are now doing the same, knowledge is out of the bag, no longer do you have to wait weeks to get hold of a book or find things out. Now it is liars, greedy who stand to gain who seek to protect their own interests an try to mask the truth. These power hungry few have never succeeded, usually having success in creating havoc and finally the people get tired of it an put them back in their boxes. This time the purge needs to be permanent so we can all move on to living in peace and truly experiencing our full creative potential.Working against each other is like your heart fighting your lungs or your liver planning an attack on other organs in secret. How well would that work?

  12. Perhaps, Anna will put a PS to the letter telling yrump that she is asking others to send a copy of this letter in support. Yes, several thousand letters will get some attention. Furthermore, maybe we need to send copies to our State officials, Senators, et al!!! Without the masses, nothing happens.

  13. Peter landy,
    Agreed "we do not consent", however what slave has ever consented to the shakles of slavery??!!

  14. I would be glad to copy and send .. What address would be the best to use? And would it be good for multiple addresses?

  15. Paul S.,
    You posted what Anna must have responded wih: "Well, then, kindly explain why all the Generals are scrambling and DC is like an anthill and we have won 30 out of 30 "cases" simply by doing what we've recommended?" I question why ONLY 30 cases have been replied to by who ever "we" is! I am still no clear as to "filing into cases", or document who we are and authenticating the BC. Maybe I need to read the 700+ writings again!

    1. From Anna:

      Go somewhere else, Troll. If you can't taste the change in the wind, I can't help you. When people put the pieces together, the rest of the world rolls --- and it rolls with us, not the crooks. If you have any further questions or "doubts" as in "Merchants of Doubt" --- try it for yourself. Give our advice a test drive in court and see what you see.

    2. All the paperwork in the world cant replace knowing your true status and having the confidence in court, which requires you to know basic "proceedural law"(actual law means nothing) amd then setting the judge straight right from the start...Most of the problem lies in the fact that we have been trained(brainwashed) into answering the judge out of respect. But when you come to the realization that a judge is not there for the "truth and justice" but only for money, it should be easier to deal with him more like a mob boss..!! The number one rule when in court is do not assume it is a court and he is not a judge... he is in place to get you to answer his questions to get jurisdiction and thats it..!! From the very beginning, he is trying to get you to bypass "THE LAW" and thus proceed straight to "THE FACTS", which takes an attorney to win then. Your very first appearance in court is dealing with the law, not the facts. So dont bother mentioning any facts at all. The judge doesnt want to hear it and your already on your way to losing by starting a "controversy" over facts...dont be stupid..!! Its your job at arraignment to question the judge, not the other way around. So when a judge ask you Mr. SMITH(because thats the way he sees your name spelt) you are charged with "this, that, and the other....its your responsibility to set him straight from the start by stating....

      Your honor, i am only here as a "third party interceeder" to settle and close this account without dishonor. Therefore, i want it noted for the record that i am here "specially" and not "generally" and without prejudice, without waiving any rights or remedies, either legally or proceedurally. Does this court understand what i just said.? All he has to do is answer you once and you own the court after that because he is now liable. Dont answer him until he answers you first...always get him to be the first one to answer, and he already lost. Now all you have to do is accept all the charges for value and ask the judge for "the findings of facts(there are none now) and conclusion of law". Ill wait right here your honor..and sit back down. He will try and get you to sign anything at that point. You can accept the paperwork, but hand it back to him without one mark on it, the same way he gave it to you..!! If he doesnt dismiss the case, someone is "liable" for the bond that was posted for the case...either the judge or the attorney. Of course you can offer him a third choice...ill give you my signiture in exchange for settling this account in full and closing the case with prejudice..He needs your signiture to get off the hook...!! You dont care how he does it, as long as he does it..!!

    3. James,
      Thank you for giving us your knowledge in court room procedure. It has been very enlightening. Can someone still be a third party interceder in a sentencing hearing? or what would you recommend at a sentencing hearing? Thanks for your help.

  16. Hi Paul, I was on youtube tonight and noticed that Anna has been on a skype interview which was posted on the 4th Dec. Could you ask her if she could post this in her next blog? Here's the link

  17. The entire interview is already on both the blog and Anna's website.

    Here is the link to the movie on the blog:

    Here is the movie on Anna's website:

  18. If these links above don't work when you click them, then copy and paste them into the address bar on your browser and they should work.

  19. You have all done a good job of exposing all this fraud right down to its very problem has always been that i have always been very impatient....especially when i know there are more criminals behind the bench than in front if I am starting to take the attitude of musical artist "Bruce Cockburn" in his song and political statement of "If I had a rocket launcher"...!!!

    In the song, Cockburn despairs of waiting for a political solution to the crisis, and expresses the desire to take matters into his own hands.

    In a later interview, Cockburn stated that the song "is not a call to arms; this is a cry."[1]

    Here are the lyrics:

    Here comes the helicopter, second time today
    Everybody scatters and hopes it goes away
    How many kids they've murdered only God can say, hey
    If I had a rocket launcher, if I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher, I'd make somebody pay
    I don't believe in guarded borders and I don't believe in hate
    I don't believe in generals or their stinking torture states
    And when I talk with the survivors of things too sickening to relate
    If I had a rocket launcher, if I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher, I would retaliate
    On the Rio Lacantun, one hundred thousand wait
    To fall down from starvation, or some less humane fate
    Cry for Guatemala, with a corpse in every gate
    If I had a rocket launcher, if I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher, I would not hesitate
    I want to raise every voice, at least I've got to try
    Every time I think about it water rises to my eyes.
    Situation desperate, echoes of the victims cry
    If I had a rocket launcher, if I had a rocket launcher
    If I had a rocket launcher, some son of a bitch would die
    Songwriters: Bruce Cockburn

    Im sorry, but this is how i feel now..!! This situation cannot be handled diplomatically, or legally..!!

  20. If you all will please stop griping, whining and complaining and pay attention for a change, you are missing the drain-the-swamp fireworks which have already begun. Check out these indictments which have now been unsealed. Starts at page 5.
    This one includes the Clintons:
    This one too for human trafficking:
    And this is only the beginning. The stuff is now starting to hitt the proverbial fan big time. Stay tuned for more...

  21. re: Anna's comment: Give our advice a test drive in court and see what you see.
    status report:

    complete silence at all levels. no "court" in my "state" even dares claim to have ANY jurisdiction over ANYTHING. noone even claims to have the actual state seal. (only ever was a "federated state" from my research, from day one).

    no ID or reply from NPIC passport people for > 3 months. supposed to be 2 business days. no reply from FBI about forms of ID they respect for non-federal citizens e.g. "state citizen" ("membership of a nation and no more" or "national"). (difference seems to not matter when no actual "state" is in operation, so "state citizen" is fine with me for time being)

    "state of x" "district attorney" "head of state bar" various "police" -- no response for MONTHS, going on 2+ years.

    no reply from any "law enforcement" when reporting repeated kidnapping attempts.

    no reply from "churches" > 1 year.

    have told > 50 "potential employers" they need to correct their records, the "state of x" they do business with, etc. -- no reply from ANYONE. have notified all my "past employers" -- no reply. > 2 years of repeated kidnapping attempts.

    the fact is that satan still runs 99% of everything for 99% of people 99% of the time and is still seeking to devour, notwithstanding your "kingdom of heaven" claims, it does not appear to be getting around these parts.

    i always inform various entities to forward my messages to their legal team, with copious references. no response, ever.

    noone has challenged me on ANYTHING, which is good, but as you have said, it is like having constant parasites looking for a way to latch onto a host.
    if people need to "talk to God" as you have said, then i will have you know the local "state of x" claims to be ran by representatives of "God" as well, and i informed them they do not "represent" me and their "God" is a phony fraud, indistinguishable from "satan" from what i see, and that their imposter "God" is "fired" as well.

    their phony "God" has not a word to say to me either. no reply as well. FYI.

    when i tell "satan" to send you the money he owes me, not to send it to the "state of x", he doesn't reply. so, kindly talk to "satan" and ask him when he can donate my funds to you. i have already authorized it. "satan" is speechless, but no signs he is complying. i will let you know if i hear anything.

    1. good news is neko is still unofficial official state seal of actual state, noone has challenged him and his common law "boots on the ground".

      they can keep their "Federal territorial" imposter "state seal" as far as i am concerned. it was "transferred" to "state of x" from what i see, who knows where it went after that, but does not concern me, the "Feds" can have the imposter seal if they want.

      they don't dare to claim to be the actual state, so neko as actual state seal wins by default for time being is my understanding.

      i have suggested (with no rebuttals):

      bag of items held up == air
      bag of items mid-level == commerce
      bag of items on ground == land

      so, he is a good state seal on those grounds too. i havent made a flag yet, but i have told various feds not to fly him, just send any actual natives/etc. they meet me way if they have any problem with him.

      so, we (me) still have no courts/treasury/jural assemblies and/or societies to my knowledge, no "court" dares even claim to have ANY jurisdiction to ANYTHING, but we/me have an unchallenged but unofficial state seal at the moment.

      "when they go low, we go lower" is our motto for now.

      basically, 2 non-federal citizens could outvote me right now (although i could "retire elsewhere" if i didn't like their verdict i suppose), but those 2 people i have not seen any signs of.

      so, "unofficial, but unchallenged, sumo cat waiting for a challenger to step in the ring, then he might gracefully bow out"

      he is sleeping in the sumo ring for now, waiting for a contender.

      i don't want to declare him official yet, but he looks to be the only challenger right now.

      animals to watch out for: "dragooning/dragoon/dragooned" (synonym of press-ganging/involuntary navy/military service, from dragon emblem on soldiers' standard (shield) )

      seen used in reference to "billy budd" book/movie.

    2. i should probably file something for neko, but no "courts" even claim to have any validity over anyone whatsoever, so i am hesitant to use any of them as court of records.

      they haven't notified me of any competing state seals anyway, or that their "State of x" has anything to do with mine.

      i can pull out my family tree if anyone has any questions.

      noone has said they even accept any "filed" papers anyway, so i see no reason to file anything in "their" courts.

      the "state of x" etc. know they are supposed to send natives/etc. my way.
      De non apparentibus et non existentibus eadem est ratio. The reason is the same respecting things which do not appear, and those which do not exist.

      Non refert verbis an factis fit revocatio. It matters not whether a revocation be by words or by acts. Cro. Car. 49.

    3. Ubi non adest norma legis, omnia quasi pro suspectis habenda sunt. When the law fails to serve as a rule, almost everything ought to be suspected. Bacon, De Aug. Sci. Aph. 25.
      they still claim the "state of x" is indirectly "God" around here, but then go stone silent when i fire them.

      it looks like it is all satanists around these parts, unconsciously or consciously, and they intend to keep the "genocide on paper" going and claim that is being done "in God's name" (indirectly, because they are His representatives)

      so, they will probably go ask their priests for an official position of their corporate "church" i suppose, and the "priests" will just twiddle their thumbs and bury their heads in the sand for another few decades.

      so, that is the "status report" around here. i did ask the local "God" for an official statement, no reply.


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