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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

No, China Does Not Own California

By Anna Von Reitz

There is an obnoxious video/email going around the circuit claiming that China "owns" California.  I am not sorry at all that this isn't true, but like most lies, it does contain a kernel of buried truth.  Consider what I am going to tell you now very carefully: 

No, China does not own California.  CHINA may own the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, which is a different matter entirely... Oh, and for everyone's information, we, the actual United States of America (unincorporated) own the UNITED STATES, INC., which owns CHINA.  

I hope that you are all now suitably confused and aroused and want to know what is really happening. 

Most of the speculation can be set at rest.  The vermin centered in portions of California are being "burned out" --- unfortunately many innocent people and their property remain in harm's way.  Bear in mind that those targeted have been instrumental in embezzling the entire "National Credit" owed to the American states and people, and that they have committed many crimes "in the name of" their own victims, so that the rest of the world is angry at us and mistaking us as the source of their problems. 

What is interesting to me about this, is that these criminals---most of whom don't have a clue that they are involved in anything criminal--- are being targeted by their own masters, the top leadership of their own cabal has ordered their extermination in order to destroy the records of all the crimes and false accounting that has gone on.  They are literally burning down their own offices and records stashes.  Just as they burned whole libraries in Germany.  Just as they torched the Library in Alexandria.  Just as they set fire to Washington, DC, during the War of 1812 to try to cover up the truth about the Titles of Nobility Amendment and the frauds of their central bank at that time.  

More of the same.  Some things never change.  This is how "they" do things---- they turn on their own servants and co-opted business partners and seek to destroy the records of their crimes.  But guess what?  It's all been captured and downloaded and distributed already.  

It's a brilliant strategy so long as people remain deceived and think that these criminals either are us or represent us as agents.  

When the Truth comes out and it becomes known that we have been the victims of the same criminals, the worm turns.  Suddenly, people can see the two distinct groups identified in the Treaty of Paris (1783) and also in the actual Constitution--- and they are then able to wrap their heads around the fact that these rats have been working a fraud scheme against their employers (us, the American states and people) at the same time that they have been fomenting wars and pillaging and promoting crime and immorality in other countries "in our names"--- disgracing our flag and our nation abroad while secretively pillaging us at home.  

And that, dear hearts, is what is actually, factually going on.  The whole world is waking up and realizing that this is not a political problem.  This is a matter of international crime and crime syndicates masquerading as lawful governments, of armed commercial mercenaries pretending to be soldiers, and of "evil in high places".  As usual, the Bible described it best.  

Time to wise up and buckle down and pass the word by word of mouth so that everyone everywhere finally knows what is going on----on the streets and in the cities, on the motorways and byways, here and abroad, within the military community and among the civilians and here at home in the actual, factual America, too.  

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  1. That's happening really everywhere. please look at the scale on this weapons crime:

  2. Does anyone know how much truth a person is capable of maintaining before it kills him. I think im getting close. This great experiment called "America" home of the "free" has been one of the greatest failures of mans history. A Country that was always touted as being a "Christian Nation" and a beacon of light for the world to follow, was instead born of inequity and fueled by Criminal elements since its inception, meaning America was nothing but the biggest deception the world has ever known, whos only objective was to convince the rest of the world of the same deception, appearing as a "light"(satans mirror image of Gods) for other countries to emulate and accept and embrace, when the whole time they were setting up the United States up to be nothing more than a huge criminal syndacate that could deceieve the rest of the world into joining them in being part of something special and becoming rich in the process..!! Again, the bible has proved to be true....and since man would not obey God, he sent them a great deception, such that even the most "elite"(taking about all church elders) will be deceived also..!! Satan does play a good game doesnt he..!! I bet any amount of money that all previous civilazations that were also at the peak of their knowledge and advanements, like the Incas, were destoyed for the same reasons we face today..!! What it really proves is that we may have been created in Gods image only, but not in spirit..thats the reason for us here. To built and nurture that spirit through how we treat others , and by doing so, gain our soul which had to grow just like us in order to have a conscious and do Gods will and not ours. Everything else leads to selfisness, greed, materialism and power. All negative energies and vibrations which can only cause misery and destruction of ourselves and the planet...!! Its time to ask for foregivness and pray that its not to late to change it...!!!

    1. Amen James Pansini ! Thank you for stating the obvious . I am not perfect and have not lived accordingg to Gods commands but I am conscious and working at being that which Gid created. I have taken this banner and engage everyone with the message...

    2. James, I too, am stunned by more of the disclosures of truth. I am WEARY. And sometimes, when I realize that those around me have belief systems that refute any portion of the truth, I am forced to sit, alone, with only prayer to see me through. And frankly, I'm beginning to appreciate my innocence in not understanding it all as though God has given me Grace in the form of mental inadequacy. I did not see what you write about, until you wrote it. More cud for the chew.

    3. Yes, Yes, Yes James!!!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!! Its Party time!!!
      You WILL come through this if you consciously choose spirit based thoughts/feelings which are all so positively charged and will bless you with all the strength, courage, clarity and wisdom to divinely guide you through this "eye of the needle"
      So thrilled for you!!!
      Much Love, Gratitude and Peace be with Everyone

    4. James, you are so right-on. Satan comes AS 'an angel of light' but in fact its putting on a good face to hide the evil that is really lurking underneath. And he has managed to deceive the whole world.
      Even regarding the truth of the word of God, it is satan who has overtaken the ignorant with his false religion, and now they are all into ''the light and consciousness and awakening' - - satan has turned that into the 'religion of the day' now.
      As Tracy states here, this new belief system is just damned hard to even be around. It has been dreamed up by lost people for lost people, all of whom hate the truth of God. I guess by doing so, they think they can avoid the hell word; but hell is still in existence, regardless.

      James, I know exactly what you mean when you indicate trying to maintain truth is 'killing' us. But if we follow our God, we know to just go and maintain it in isolation if that's what it takes to hang on to real Truth, no matter who we offend; we win in the end, so what does it matter who gets offended.
      The bible tells us that satan will try to wear out the saints. And that's exactly what is going on now. This is why I don't readily jump on this merry go round. In fact, I think I've heard just about enough of this whole fiasco.

      So once again, I say that ALL this is about is God Exposing ''all that has been done in secret' and then the end shall come, just as he promised to do. This is why we are seeing more and more wicked deeds exposed, and the people who do them. I see nothing in scripture that indicates all this exposing leads to fixing and gotten back on track.

      Look in Genesis 6, and you will see today all over again.
      Look at the Days of Lot, God exposed, removed Lot and his family from the City, and then sent down fire and brimstone and destroyed the city.
      Look at 'as in the days of Noah'. God exposed all the ungodly people, put Noah and his family in complete safety, and then Flooded the world.

      That is God's very M.O. See the pattern? So now who in their right mind could possibly think it will be any different today? The only difference today is that it stinks far far worse now, than it ever did in those past historic events.

      And guess what; not one word about 'light, consciousness, awareness, or energy' Lol. But I will let them dream on and have their ill fated visions of sugar plums dancing in their brainless heads. When they actually see the wrath of God being poured down from heaven, they can just tell themselves oh its just all 'energy'' Lol.

    5. "They have to be opposed with overwhelming spiritual force and destroyed once and for all. This is a very ancient evil we are facing and we must know it for what it is before we can recognize it----" Anna V

      Yes, yes, yes!!! We ALL have the spiritual force within us to overcome and oppose this deceptive, false external, negative energy "religion" by tapping into and waking up our inner slumbering spirit (positive energy) where all our true wisdom, knowing, peace and love has been waiting for us all along. Click those ruby slippers 3 times Dorothy and you will be home. The power has always been ours!!! Choice. Or choose to keep waiting for some external (outside yourself) ficticious,angry "wizard" to "save" you and return you safely home after all the deceptive, fraudulant terms and conditions are agreed to, and carried out,by you for and on the wizards behalf,lol. Great Story!!! The spiritual truth essence of this story IS relevant and important to recognize. Watch it again with new eyes, you'll see. Then if you dig even deeper within yourselves You'll be able to observe the message and its true meaning in your very core

    6. Can we just forget the god b.s. and just cut to the truth. One website says China own California, this site says USA owns China........WTF? Who owns what?

  3. Heard there is an alien base under the getty museum,

    1. Go take pictures, video and document...we are all waiting....or you could go crawl back under your rock...

    2. Patriot58...why the need to be cruel? There are all kinds of tales, stories, mis- and dis-information pummeling all of's not as if any of us has a perfect bullshite meter running or we would not be in this situation! Why not be a little kinder, more understanding, and maybe ALLOW another to have the experience that their soul requires without the harsh words and judgment?

    3. Always be respectful and open-minded when listening to another man's beliefs. What you reject today could be your mantra tomorrow. Man's evolution is all about transformations. An unexpected experience you have one day can change you forever.”
      ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun:

      if not an alien base maybe tunnels for inappropriate behavior?

    4. Thank you so much Tracy, penny for speaking from your hearts, with unconditional compassion, acceptance. Much Love and Peace

    5. Patriot, I agree. I too am sick and tired of all this alien bullshit. The only 'beings' spoken about in the bible, are demons.....who God says in the latter days he will unleash.
      I have reason to believe that all these 'aliens' are actually demonic beings. Beware.
      Keep in mind we are living in the days of the greatest deceptions of all time. Keep in mind we have only ever seen pictures of 'aliens' and with photo shop pictures can be another form of deception.
      There are also many things being used for distracting us.

      There is nothing in this world that is 'unconditional'. Every thing has conditions attached to it, and especially so with God. In fact that word is not found in the bible, nor is it even alluded to.

    6. Agreed Abby, nothing in this external "world" governed by external "gods" is "unconditional". It IS ALL conditional based on War,Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Greed, Scarcity, Pride, Selfishness, and LIES to control and ENSLAVE everyone's minds and to keep them in constant internal conflict and in judgement, doubt, fear, weak and poor like good little sheep (aka; consumers, useless eaters)in both mind and spirit. Such a Dark Sea of negative emotions have infested our world, wouldn't you say Abby? The results tell the true story. The OLD story of "Religious War" in the name of external False "GOD" and False "Patriotic Pride" is no longer acceptable. We, his awakened have had Enough and are being called, and accepting our callings, in full faith, unconditionally. Truth, Honor, Love, Abundance and Peace is our Saviour!!

    7. Kelli, thank you for finally fully exposing your true anti-Christ self therefore you have no savior.
      As the Apostle Paul admonished the Galatians (1:9) 'as we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel (belief system) than you have received from us, let him be accursed.'
      So you see how your anti-Christ beliefs are gonna work out for you?
      Carry on with it.

    8. LOL silly wolf....thank you!!!
      So much Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Abundance be for You especially Abby

    9. penny, open mind lets junk come in. More correctly, we can say we may listen to some extent, use discernment, and know when to stop listening, as there is more bullshit being talked today than there is content worth bothering with. I never listen just out of courtesy, which is the same as 'political correctness'' which I have no use for. And if they happen to think I am being rude, well thats fine with me; it just means I won't be bothered by them any more, lol

  4. Anna,
    re your paragraph that sars with, "When the Truth comes out and it becomes known that we have been the victims of the same criminals, the worm turns."
    IF you think the Truth is just going to "come out", then you suffer from dilusion. Not until someone with the knowledge that you, apparently, have organizes and leads the people to ban together as the "True Americans" with our True rights, nothing will happen except further deteriation. The America that you speak of was/is great. So was Rome which FELL! So will the True America fail.....UNLESS. It is so complex and beyond the understanding of most "American Citizens" that have been "programmed to slavery" that ONLY a strongly organized movement will "turn the worm". If you are not the one to lead that "movement" then let's put our heads together and find THAT LEADER that MANY of us are waiting to follow.

    1. Hello Tom,
      I think you may have missed the proof/evidence of the truth that has been exposed and brought forward by Anna here ya go, hope this helps :

  5. I think we all know by now the spinoff incorporate incorporate incorporate shell companies . semantic deceit.
    Some body keep notes!is there any honest courts left if so were .when they start locking up super criminals in high places like Iceland I'll relax .

  6. If God is in each atom and created everything then why do all act as if he is separate from the entirety of being ? delineating in each sentence and speech is again another form of symbolism to which one is not to worship! words spoken can be symbols that evoke the illusion of father time and when doing so condemns the very nature in harmony which appears to be you in relation to wholeness ! how can one proof one is here or there or that God is not here or there.If faith doesnt stop the police how is faith going to ensure Gods love as a separate event? fr actualization and quantum physics make spaghetti out of anything stated about God being separate or each one of us being separate,Contrast is not a separate element if you discern precisely.Just look at one letter and see the contrast point from the ink to the white of the medium the ink is applied ,Please ask yourself which is the border that separates the two ? Is it the white border appearing to surround the ink letter in black or is it the black ink letter that is pushing the white medium to a border around itself ?doesnt this bring light to the in order for it to be a separate anything or the black ink border that defines the separation of each or both? everything is an illusion that there is anything less than entirety as being boundless without definitions without beginning or end .sorry I have a blessed life knowing I am also entirety neither first or last and that I do not exist as a separate nor do I define anything .Go AHEAD AND JUDGE "Anything" in "Me?" OR EVEN PROOF I AM SEPARATE From God.

    Heyoka love


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