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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Hole in Our Mind

By Anna Von Reitz

One summer a friend of mine worked in a tomato harvesting factory.  She worked in the Sorting Room -- a huge warehouse-like facility with conveyor belts running along tables and teams of workers standing on either side of the belt pitching rotten tomatoes into bins and gradually separating produce quality fruits from canning quality fruits.  It was quite an operation and, over time, the workers became very adept at plucking tomatoes off the conveyor and sending them here, there, and everywhere that tomatoes needed to go. 

Our brains have similar capacities for sorting information.  We are able to process large quantities of input via our neural nets and respond appropriately most of the time based on our sensors and our information sieves that sorts out our thoughts the same way that those workers sorted tomatoes. 

Some thoughts are big enough to rise to the level of consciousness, while other thoughts get shuttled away into the trash bin or warehoused for future reference or even acted upon without any very conscious thought taking place at all.  We even have built in information categories that batch together similar thoughts or similar kinds of information and we have biases related to our perceptions that help keep us from being overwhelmed. 

We learn that, statistically, that tickle on the arm is most likely caused by a mosquito, not a spider, not a wasp, not a bee, not a twig hanging down from a nearby tree. So we act upon our sensory perceptions according to patterns and habits and prior experiences, which provide us with assumptions about all the various stimuli we receive.

Sometimes this lack of care in observing actual facts in favor of assumptions about facts costs us very dearly, especially when our assumptions are provably wrong and we cling to them anyway. 

This is what I call the "Hole in Our Mind" phenomenon. Suddenly, without any warning, a gaping hole appears in our mental conveyor belt and all the "tomatoes" -- our thoughts -- get dumped into an unseen trash bin under the table and we just carry on as if nothing happened.

Mankind as a whole isn't able to deal with certain perceptual realities.

For example, we consistently get mixed up about the relationship between an actual thing and a symbolic representation of it.  This weakness is fully exploited by the purveyors of money, who give you an intrinsically worthless representation of value -- a coin, a pretty piece of paper, a wampum bead or whatever -- and confuse you into believing that the symbol has value commensurate with what it represents.

Queen Semiramis began the practice of representing the value of a bushel of wheat as a small gold coin with a picture of a basket of wheat stamped on it.  That way instead of transporting actual bushels of wheat back and forth, she could just move the value of the wheat using symbols.  Money was born. 

Suddenly, you could represent the market value of forty bushels of wheat as a small pile of coins, and that was, of course, very convenient.  As long as nobody caught on or objected, you could trade the value of those forty bushels of wheat ---supposedly represented by those forty little coins---- for ten horses and two large sacks of figs.  Why not? 

The fact that there is in fact a very large difference between forty bushels of wheat and forty little coins "representing" wheat quickly got lost in the neural net, dropped through the hole in our mind, and the game was on.  Suddenly those little gold coins were thought to have intrinsic value in-and-of-themselves.  They were magic coins. They could be transformed into any good or service so long as people would trade for them. 

Alas, inflation set in, and the Queen began stamping two bushels of wheat on each coin.  By the end of the first great experiment with money, there were thirty-one tiny, tiny wheat baskets being stamped on each coin and one day the people woke up and said, "There's no way that this little coin is worth thirty-one bushels of wheat!"

Everyone got upset.  Wars were fought.  The economy and the civilization it supported collapsed. 

Did we stop and learn anything from that?  Not a bit.  The idea of "representing the value" of actual commodities using coins and other symbols--even digits in a bank ledger--- had taken hold, and even though we have cause to know that this is logically impossible, we can't seem to shake the delusion. It drops right through the hole in our minds. 

No doubt our Creator knew about this design flaw in our logic sensors and that is why at Exodus 20:4 we read that we are not to take unto ourselves any graven image "representing" anything at all.  What does it mean to "take unto" ourselves?  To accept in trade, to receive, to hold onto graven images--- money, in other words. 

As usual, the Bible forewarns us and gives us good advice, which we ignore and then suffer from as a result.  Within the context of scripture, graven images  are idols and the use of money to "represent" other things is every bit as much a part of idolatry as using a little carved statue to represent a god. 

And it is just as silly and primitive, too. 

Consider this--- if I were to gather all the priests and pastors and teachers of Islam together in a great convocation --- who among them would not be an idolater if I had them empty their pockets?  

Somehow we have to mentally grow up and step far enough back and away from what we are doing to realize that the whole idea of money is an illusion which has enslaved us and made us dependent upon the purveyors of money---which is nothing but another "manufactured commodity" to be managed and manipulated by goons. 

We are so far deluded about money that we don't even realize that we can carve our own little Tiki-gods and set a price on them and be much farther ahead without all the middlemen.

Maybe it's time that we took the Bible's advice, realized that symbolic thinking is not our forte, and focused on learning to give each other credit instead.  

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  1. The purveyors of money have done a good job. Over thousands of years in fact. Transitioning out of that process is a daunting task. I would do it in a minute. But how do I feed, clothe, house, travel etc. until enough of those 'suppliers' are available to support my family's life? I volunteer everywhere I can and just ask those I assist to pay it forward and they are dumbfounded and are reluctant to ask for assistance again. At almost 70 yrs old, it is difficult to do.

  2. I don't think its money that is so much the problem; God says its the ''love of money that is at the root of all evil'. And we all know that is surely, and visibly true. I know a few people that love it so much they will go to a ballgame on 'dime a dog nite' just to buy up the hotdogs to take home for a few meals for the following days.
    I know a few who are so downright stingy their whole reason for getting money is to see it pile up in their stash or account. They frequent thrift shops solely to save money, and that aid in their hoarding of money, so they can watch their booty pile up. They live just for watching their Account grow, and not much else. It's some kind of 'sickness' IMO.
    Me? I used to take all money I had left in my wallet at the end of the month, and put it aside in a zipper compartment of my purse; or leave money in a coat pocket. Changing purses periodically, and picking up a different jacket to wear, I would forget about the money. A time came when I hit a low spot and an empty wallet. After a few days I got to wondering if just maybe I left anything in a pocket or an old purse. Sure enough, after the search I found I had stashed a total of $600, in all.
    A credit system sounds fine, but how then does a person's amount of Credit get established? Just how would that work? Would we suddenly have clothing without pockets? Would the wallet and purse manufacturers go out of business then? (just kidding)

    Actually, a new monetary system of Credit is coming; thats what the Mark of the Beast system is going to be all about: take the Mark in the hand or the forehead, and the anti-christ dictator will shut you down, cut off your Credit, if you don't obey him. It's called the ultimate Control of Mankind. (that Mark will be a tiny computer chip which makes all that possible.) Such a Credit System is the total surrender of independence and self-governing, and privacy.

    1. Abby, this is not for believers but for those who are left behind to go through the tribulation. "For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way." 2 Thessalonians 2:7 This means that the church is currently holding back this mystery of iniquity and once the church is raptured and taken out of the way, antichrist will be free to pursue his ambitions of marking everyone. The bible does not tell us that it is a chip but only a mark on the hand or forehead representing the number of man which is 6 multiplied by 3 which is the number of God and as such man making himself out to be God. It will be very simple, take the mark and deny Jesus Christ, or be killed. No chip required.

    2. 1FreeMan, indeed it is not for the church body, and yes it will be instituted during the tribulation just as you have said.
      I've also done a lot of research and thought, even read a man a couple decades ago, where he explained how he took a huge part in making this 'chip'. He said it was the size of a small grain of rice, and would be injected by a needle, much as a person gets a shot. As I thought about that, it seems very logical, the only way anyone could control the ''buying and selling' of people all over the planet. It does not look like any computer chip we see; but rice? I think so. It will contain bank acct. #, medical info, etc. Its in the hand, so it can be easily scanned anywhere; and in the forehead for those who are amputees. It's implanted so it cannot be loaned to another, or be misplaced or lost.
      Keep in mind, that back in the first century, and prior, if they had used the word 'chip' nobody could know what that is, until a few short decades ago. But the semantics isn't really all that important; its about the meaning of it, and behind it and the use of it....whatever it turns out to be.
      IMO we are on the brink.

    3. Well I hate to break it to everyone but there is more than just one way to trap us...the chip is only one way....someone just came out with sometsomething that looks like a tattoe that is just placed on top of the hand and more appealing to Christians who just might take it since it doesn't go under the skin..the chip does indeed look like a grain of rice..!! But really when you think about all the fraud going on today, the chip is the best solution to solve all this more hidding..! If you steal or kill you will be found..!!

    4. One free man....everyone is so focused on the Damn chip, they forgot we have already betrayed Gods commandment, to keep his day holy.....well that day is Saterday, not Sunday..!! The pope, acting as the "Vicar" of Christ, took it upon himself to change his day from Sunday, instead of of Saturday.....a major "SIN" in God's eye..!! And no one said anything. The sheeple just went along with it..So if anyone thinks they are going to be raptured out, they have a big surprise coming...When Ron Wyatt found the "ark of the covenant " in jerusalem (which is why I think Trump made Jerusalem the site of the embassy) , he was visited by two angles who were talking about the ark and why man was going to be judged.. They never mentioned anything about a chip...but they did talk about the fact that we have all ignored the Sabbath, which is Saturday, not Sunday. The church did that purposely for retail reasons of the corporations to make more money..!!Appearantly, that is one of the biggest sins of man, and we are all going to face the music for it...thats why no one is going to be raptured...!! You might as well face that fact now so your not surprised when it doesn't happen..!!

  3. As usual, anna's "historical fancies" have come to the surface again. Must have run out of her meds!!! MONEY is USED in the Scriptures and God tells us what a shekel is to be worth in silver, and if one was to take the effort to READ Leviticus, one would find out how much MONEY God requires us to REDEEM people and animals, and if a person was too poor to PAY the "redemption" price, he was to go to the priests and they would assess the value of that poor person, and the price to be PAID was in MONEY!!!!!! As usual, anna slings her stinky shinola without checking her "facts"!!! Seems she knows more about "money" than the Almighty does!!! What a shame!!!

    1. Like the hole that the tomatoes fall in ," Unknown" ( JP perhaps?)has fallen in and only sees the rotton tomatoes.
      Your, as usual miss the point . The creator or the thing ,controls the thing.. got it ?

    2. To "READ" words written and only comprehended by shallow, vain, unconscious thinking/beliefs of the narrow, small minded carnal minds of man IS always colorable and therefore limited.
      Seeking to understand clearly the intended essence of any message written is very clear when seen from spirit within for its consciously chosen higher perspective.

  4. We all know, at least I hope so, that a pure barter system cannot work. What if I need an alternator to fix my car and all I have is a self propelled turf remover to barter for it, and the car parts place has no need for a self propelled turf remover? I guess I'm s.o.l.

    So we need a medium of exchange which is merely an agreed upon system of standard value, whether it is a coin, a paper currency, or an accounting of credit. It matters not. All function as "money."

    If money is idolatry, then trade is an accessory to idolatry since it necessarily requires some medium of exchange in order to function.

    The medium of exchange, be it coin, paper or accounting of credit is not the evil, it is the placing of greater value on the medium of exchange over the trade it facilitates. In other words, the love of money is the idolatry.

  5. What money..!! That section of the bible needs to be removed or the word money needs to be changed to "commercial instraments" so people have to look that up and study the difference, because "DEBT" Instruments are evil all by themselves. There is no requirement to love it....!! Keep fooling yourselves into believing that this instruments are referred to as money in the bible.....if their was ever a lie in the bible, it's that...!!..I think an all knowing God would have been smart enough to know the difference and include it in the bible....that tells me right there that someone intentionally changed the wording in the bible...!!! It would have been better stated that anything that man exealts over his fellow man is a sin..because their is nothing on this planet more important than another one of Gods perfect creations...nothing!!


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