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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Goat Standard

By Anna Von Reitz

I should admit that I like goats.  They are plucky, enterprising, stubborn, tough, gritty little critters with minds of their own....somewhat like other critters we know.

As a result, I have a natural sympathy with goats and with goatherds.  Herding goats is more difficult than herding sheep, howbeit, for different reasons. 

It's difficult to herd sheep because sheep are truly mindless and innocent.  They will find a low hill and stand on it in the midst of floodwater and keep standing there instead of seeking higher ground in the midst of rising water until they drown.  Their rationale, similar to that of American taxpayers seems to be, "Well, my feet are still on the ground so I must be okay, even if my nostrils are under water."

Goats, on the other hand, have no trouble facing facts and seeking higher ground.  Faced with a flood they will not only seek higher ground, they will head for the nearest mountain and keep climbing.  The problem for the goatherd is that they will all do so at the same time and they will all go by a different route because they react individually, not as a herd. 

So all his goats are headed--generally--- in the right direction, but they are scattering in a hundred different pathways as they mull their way up the mountain.  (The similarity to the Patriot Movement is unmistakable.) All the goatherd can do is chase up the mountain himself and hope for the best once the storm has passed.

This is the situation that  American government officials are in right now.  The sheep are entrenched and the goats are bounding willy-nilly up the mountain via any pathway that seems navigable, including Bit Coin.

To avoid provoking the prejudices and assumptions that people have about The Gold Standard, I wish to discuss The Goat Standard, instead. 

Like gold, goats have intrinsic actual value, so goats can serve as true, lawful money. 

Like gold, goats accrue "interest" in the form of more goats being produced, in the form of goat milk and cheese and soap, in the form of goat hair, and finally, in the form of meat and bone meal fertilizer and goatskin.  Goats have a lot of valuable "derivatives". 

One might make the argument that on the temporal plane, goats are more valuable than gold, though less convenient to transport and less durable. 

Goats even have a value and exchange rate firmly established in the Bible.  The sacrifice of one female goat expiates one sin.  This is similar to the exchange rate established by the 1934 Emergency Banking Act in which one silver dollar is made equivalent to one paper dollar. 

In current terms, you'd have to pony up around $200 at a minimum (the low end cost of a viable female goat of reasonable quality) to expiate one sin.  Obviously, then as now, it doesn't take too many sins per week to land yourself in the poor house.

Please note that at this point in their history, the Israelites had become "self-governing" which also means "self-taxing".  They were responsible for following the Law of Moses, imposing the fines and tithes upon themselves voluntarily, and reporting to the Temple with their goats, sheep, and bullocks. 

Please note also that in addition to the Basic Ten Commandments, there were over 600 lesser statutes that also had to be followed and that all infractions required sacrifices to atone for.

Having all these lesser statutes guaranteed a constant and ample income for the priests and the Levites, the judges and law-enforcers, in addition to the ten-percent tithe designed to pay for the upkeep and repair and expansion of the Temple. 

As a result, the Israelite leaders had a self-perpetuating government that not only received the benefit of all these sacrifices, but which was thereby enabled to police and enforce continuing sacrifices on a mandatory basis.  What started as voluntary adherence to a moral code quickly became oppressive and mandatory, complete with paid snitches and tax collectors.  

By the time Jesus arrived on the scene, the people were not only weighed down by the heavy yoke of the Temple officials, they were being crushed by the demands of Caesar, too. 

This situation exactly parallels our own situation now, with the Territorial United States Government playing the part of the Temple Government and the Municipal United States Government playing the part of the Roman Government.  We not only have The Ten Commandments still in full force and effect but we have over 80,000,000 statutes to obey and atone for. 

Fortunately for us, there isn't a large enough work force on Earth to enforce 80,000,000 statutes, and most of them just remain on the books as a means to punish any possible human behavior of any kind whatsoever.

We have brought all of this upon ourselves and we have paid to bring all of this upon ourselves.  We have forged our own chains and paid our own jailers.   We have done this in the name of God, and then we have turned a blind eye and let priests and politicians sneak in the side door and substitute themselves for God. 

Back then, they said, hey, we are the "representatives" of God, so, just pay us for your sins and all will be well with you.  The charge will be one female goat per sin.

Now they say, hey, we are your own dear "representatives", so just pay us for your sins and all will be well with you.  The charge for our service in your behalf will be $200 minimum per sin. 

How is this any different than a guy named Guido showing up on your doorstep and saying, "Hey, I represent Mr. Marcioni.  Just pay up $200 a week and all will be well with you."

It isn't.  The only difference is that you are now accused of doing this to yourself.  You are presumed to be the ultimate masochist, criminal, and guilty party promoting this system of things.

If you didn't pay corrupt politicians to create 80,000,000 statutes and didn't pay the police and military to provide enforcement, none of this would be happening, right? 

Racketeering and murder and false arrest are the services that you are paying these federal agents to provide to you.  You are --- according to them --- your own Godfather.

Like The Goat Standard, The Gold Standard held rock steady for generations until Franklin Delano Roosevelt took gold out of circulation and confiscated privately held American gold in the biggest heist-under-color-of-law scheme ever. 

This created a big spike in gold prices. In other words, the vermin not only gained by stealing the gold held by individual Americans, they gained by running the price of gold up.  The next big spike came in the 1980's when it became legal for people to hold and invest in gold again---and again, the vermin gained steam and got rewarded for being vermin.  

Now the reptiles who confiscated, stole, claimed, commandeered and hold by far all the largest gold stashes on the planet desperately want you to come and play in their casino and use their gold casino chips to play their games.  In fact, they NEED you to believe in all these lies and to "give value" to their gold, because if you don't, their gold is just another commodity subject to market forces.

We can use gold to make cheap, super-efficient photo voltaic cells.  We can use it to make durable insulated shingles.  Gold will still have some value, relative to the value of a goat, just not so much as the crooks are literally banking on.

Stop and think about the whole concept of "giving value" to something.  This is an act of volition on your part.  If you value justice and mercy, these things have value.  If you value black jelly beans, they have value.  And if you value gold and silver--- where did their value come from?  From you and whatever use you choose to make of these things.

What we face in this Spiritual War is nothing more or less than coming to grips with our own stupidity, our gullibility, our greed, our fear, our willingness to value baubles above moral principles, our willingness to pay servants who dis-serve us, our laziness, our lack of self-examination, our unwillingness to take responsibility for our actions, our inactions, our values, and the condition of our world.

As we stand here looking at the start of another year, rumors of an "RV" continue to abound and good people everywhere are hunkered down waiting, waiting, waiting....staking all their hopes and dreams on a "reset" of global currency values. They think that this will make their lives better, give them more buying power, and "even things out" so that, for example, the brutal poverty in Africa can be alleviated. They are waiting for the same vermin who created the problem to solve it. 

We don't need to wait for any reset.  We can reset things ourselves any time we want to.  Just sit down for five minutes and think about what you truly value, create a symbol for that, and trade it.  We already have "Earth Dollars" based on land.  Why not "Peace Dollars" based on the value of peace?   Or "Justice Dollars" based on the value of justice in a world gone mad? 

It makes as much sense as sacrificing a goat to pay for a sin.

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  1. How very dutch and to the point....thank you for the excellent perspective...You nailed it again, how can we, captivate and motivate folks that can't see the forest for the trees...?kinda' like can lead a horse to water,but...

  2. But, but, but didn't Jesus say He would separate the goats from the sheep...and He knew the sheep by name and the goats were going to hell? lol

  3. All this makes sense...just where to go with it is daunting. How would you say, buy a house ? ..or retire ?.. I know I paid both ends for over 4 years into the SS ponzi scheme and I will not leave a soul alive if I dont get back what yhese crimjnals have stolen by deception amd coercion... All this great thinking needs to think mkre on hiw we move ahead and make the criminals atone for their sins...their corneas and kidneys are worth something...after they hang.

  4. Anna, I agree with your comparison of the sheep/goat. Especially when you said, "all his goats are headed--generally--- in the right direction, but they are scattering in a hundred different pathways as they mull their way up the mountain." THAT is exactly what all we "goats" out here are doing, that is "scattering in a hundred different pathways". The reason the goats all went different directions up the mountain was the "goat herder" that knew the best way they should ALL go, FAILED to instruct them in the correct way to go. Simarilarly, we goats out here in "goat land" are in dire need of specific detailed instructions, including templates SO AS to all go in the CORRECT direction. THEN, we gaots would not get eaten alive by the lions (attorneys), bears (judges), etc, BUT would go in mass in the correct manner so as to present a formidable mass of goats that would literally trample the lions, bears, etc. IF you are the GOAT HERDER, please direct us in a detailed manner so we will stop getting eaten alive as we try to do our best when we only have a sense of direction. Time is precious, and getting very short, as in nearing a point where we goats will not really have a chance, leader or no leader. A million goats herding in the same direction with intent would be a formidable sight for any Attorney or Judge.
    I cherish the day when we will have a track to run on! In the mean time, I am going one way, my friend goat is going another -- we both are doomed.

    1. Tom, you are exactly right. We NEED that 100% plan or direction to get out of the line of fire. I started working on this in the early 90's with the common law court and my fight with the IRS. I got a lot done back then and have just been forging ahead since then. Now, something has come up this year that forces me to get back in with both feet. There are so many different paths out there that different so called leaders are trying to get us to follow saying theirs is the only way to get out of the system. It is so hard to know which one is the right way down the path. I really like what Judge Anna says. I just want to make sure that my path leads me to be solely a Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and NOT subject to the United States. Let's just hope that we all get to where we want to go without getting ambushed.

    2. Unknown, my rule of thumb is, I gotta see their face, know their real name, and even their phone number and what their background is, that makes them believable. I would say Anna fits that bill.
      Her information involves things on this earth as it is today. Worldly and run by nefarious people in this 'kingdom of hell'. None of it will get you into the Kingdom of Heaven, if thats what you seek. I am already in the KofH and I attained it like 'overnight' and I didn't file any papers or pay out a dime to get my new 'citizenship' 40+ yrs. ago.
      (repent, and BE converted)

  5. I already gave explicit instructions for the at a minimum DO THIS to correct the public record and recoup your name and estate: secure an Authentivated copy of your Birth Certtificate and record your claim to your Name and NAMES using a Certificate of Assumef Name. Those two things rebut the presumptions offered by the falsified public record.

    Beyond that, I have told people who have homes and land how to secure their assets by correcting their title and deed by changing to a metes and bounds description, changing the owner's address to an "in care of " address and changing the property description to one that you make up yourself and copyright as part of the Corrected Deed using the "c" in a circle copyright mark. You record the Corrected Deed and take two certified copies to the Tax Assessor's Office and get both date stamped. Leave one copy for the Assessor with a cover letter telling them to put your property on the private property list. This puts an end to foreclosures (because all they are foreclosing on is the property description they created as a title to your property) and also claims your exemption from property taxes.

    Beyond that I have told everyone about Regulation Z of the Federal Motor Vehicle Code and how to exempt their private cars and trucks from registration and also how to place "Retired" and "Not for Hire" labels on their Driver Lucenses and Passports so as to explicitly rebut and prevent any presumption of federal citizenship or "volunteer" status.

    Last but not least I have shown you all who is responsible for supervising all these out of control courts--- the US Army-- and why.

    Now, you may be a "goat" but I don't think so. Goats are too self-determining to sit on their rumps and bawl and complain and be ungrateful and clueless about all the information and help that has already been provided free of charge on this website.

    I suggest that instead of expecting me to wipe your butt for you, that you expend one one-hundredth of one percent of the energy that I and others expended to find and share this information --- and READ what we have already told you and provided.

    And, PS--- goats go in different directions because they are goats. It doesn't matter how nice and clearly marked you make the pathway for them.

    1. Anna,
      So, what does one do with a mortgage after following these steps? Just quit paying it? And be prepared for legal process?
      And if we have a business with an EIN number and a trade mark?
      Thanks for all you are doing!!!

  6. Very thotfull analogies tied into U.S. life as WE know it.
    However there are also sheepdogs- smart critters that will herd the dumb herd animal and are amazingly and imaginatively clever- also ccourageouly fight to the death enemies of the flocks= Karelian Sheep dogs are tough enough to kill two wolves each tho a pack will over whelm and eat the dogs.
    These "parasite" would be sheep-stealers are those that come to rob, kill and destroy= WE need more highly effective sheep dogs on the job. Fighting for what is right- not for nefarious purposes like flock thieves and opportunistic wolf packs.
    Only WE are outnumbered with bad odds.....yet~!

  7. Very thotfull analogies tied into U.S. life as WE know it.
    However there are also sheepdogs- smart critters that will herd the dumb herd animal and are amazingly and imaginatively clever- also ccourageouly fight to the death enemies of the flocks= Karelian Sheep dogs are tough enough to kill two wolves each tho a pack will over whelm and eat the dogs.
    These "parasite" would be sheep-stealers are those that come to rob, kill and destroy= WE need more highly effective sheep dogs on the job. Fighting for what is right- not for nefarious purposes like flock thieves and opportunistic wolf packs.
    Only WE are outnumbered with bad odds.....yet~!

    1. I received an email from someone on another site, who when called up to face the judge, immediately asked the judge about his right of "subragation"...and that was all he had to say to disrupt the court completely..!! He didn't know how to answer it and said you will have to come back when the prosecutor is in.....what happened to all the assistant DA' s that are always there...!! "Subragation" is obviously an estoppel to whatever they are doing...!! I haven't heard back from him yet, but I can't wait to hear what happened...!!

  8. isn't it fascinating to observe all the angry, raging, desperate lashing out for the very same system of mindless, ignorant "forms", "templates" and "applications" that created this beastly "MASTER" corrupt system in the first place! The beast mindset that created it, is fighting within itself to be free of it misery, but still wants ALL the "benefits" and "priveledges" with NO personal accountability or responsibility!
    "Insanity" is described as thinking/acting in the same way and expecting different results. If you continue to think and behave the same way you've been so irresponsibly Dependant on thinking/behaving, nothing WILL change for you. If your not willing to change, YOU and only Your thinking/behavior IS YOUR problem creating YOUR misery, dependence on others. Own YOUR own thoughts/behaviors of THEY WILL own YOU! Guaranteed

  9. For those that choose to keep being "led" and spoon fed by the ficitious master ruler system you've participated in creating and feeding with you're stinking carnal unconscious, unaccountable, needy and selfish greedy thinking, YOU will NOT find any remedy or peace in that "state" of mind. Your thoughts ARE polluted, clouded and colorable. It IS a "foreign" and false narrative/jurisdiction created by your own and other's worldly, narrow carnal thinking/beliefs. They are "lost at sea" and have been abandoned by choice. All truth and natural, peaceful, compassionate loving wisdom and knowledge given to ALL IS freely within you. All peace, truth, justice, abundance, pure knowledge and wisdom IS YOUR organic spiritual Nature as God created and intended You to be. Your peace, true remedy IS within You, to accept,correct and receive. This is our Natural spiritual/physical on the land Jurisdiction. It IS YOUR OWN personal responsibility and choice to seek within to SEE this truth, wisdom within YOU. Nobody else can do this for you. Get right within yourself (natural juridiction) and everything in your physical world WILL become crystal clear, as promised. God blesses those that seek/see within all the spiritual gifts and provisions already given to trust and take comfort in.

    1. KM, it may be time for you to seriously consider 'professional help'.? Preferably one who has not sat under Oprah and her self aggrandizing 'Course in Miracles' trash.

    2. If you know how to handle a judge and know how to dance the two-step (lol) you don't need any paperwork..!! But you have to understand courtroom procedure and the nature of the charges, and when and when not to answer a judges question...!! And it isn t easy because they have been playing this game way longer than us..!! It amazes me how people pay attorneys when their oath and fiduciary require them to make the client "last" on the list to get remedy..The first is the "court", and the second is the public. You are dead last...!! See if you can get anyone to admit it..!@

  10. Hi Anna, This goat has been trying to search for Regulation Z in the Federal Vehicle Code and the only items that turn up are Federal Reserve "truth in lending". Is this Reg hidden or am I looking in the wrong place? dxchsr

  11. How about getting rid of this artificial stuff and get back to charity. I have hitchhiked about 14,000 miles all across America and never asked for anything and someone was always there to provide and I was able to pass on my labor, wisdom, understanding and charity to others, without dollars, currency or so called money.

  12. Could be that animal sacrifices were actually earlier sacrificing some part of your self. Conquering the inner part that tends to mislead, until finally through some sacrifices, a meeting up on ones self, finally the spirit and the body can become one. It does seem real dumb to to something wrong then claim that killing an animal makes it right somehow. Outright gross if you ask me and irresponsible. If something strange happened like all the money, paper coins, digits all of it, somehow vanished and could not be re-created, people would figure out something. Now is a good time to create such a system, one that does work, everyone benefits, is taken care of and can concentrate on other things, art, home, music, woods, building, and myriads of things to do. Might find your self reaching for your wallet out of habit but after time, it would not be missed. It seems so "normal" now to be "welded" or pasted to you money, but after all it is just papers, numbers, hunks of gold claimed to be something and not actually like air, water, food, shelter and kindness, love and things people do need for life. Good thing money is not a poison, everyone would be exposed, might get sick even totally wacked out not even knowing the money was doing it....

    1. AC, whhhatt? When did having your own wallet with money in it ever 'make you sick'? Are you kidding me? We just happen to live in this stinking world, that decided it takes money to live a decent existence. So, no, I am not gonna jump on this bandwagon of 'learn to hate money' and I don't care if its fiat or paper or gold or whatever terminology it is given.
      Whats 'bad' about money, is that the elitists have hogged it all to themselves, and worked overtime to keep it from The People, thus causing most of the problems the world is having today.
      Money is not evil; its the love of money that is at the root of all evil we see being done all over the place. One should have a healthy view of it, and put it in proper perspective, not go goofy over it - either hoarding it, or else drumming up a hatred for it. Both those attitudes are very unhealthy.

  13. It really doesnt matter if money is paper, goats, sheep, or anything else that everyone can agree that it is a standard for payments of debt..!@ But therein lies the problem..No matter what we all agree on as paymepayments Of debt, there will always be people who know how to get more of it than their brothers and sisters.....its called Greed..!! How can we make people ungreedy..!! There is just to many of them..What blows me away is that we brought the slaves over here to serve rich plantation owners over 150 years ago, and now they are dominating the music and sports industries making millions and hiring white security guards.....what the hell happened...!! And lately, they are all playing chiefs of police on tv and movies..!! ...and even presidents ..!! The white race has simply had it to easy for to long, and now they think they just deserve it, without working for it..!! I've meet more black people that understand what I'm saying than white people...!! How sad is that...???judge Anna called it right....white people have become sheep, and they seem to enjoy it. The only ones that know and do anything for America are the few patriots that are far and wide..!! In fact, Trump just recently said at a speech somewhere where he just stated to a mostly white audience that we are doing good thinks for the people, so just let me worry about this mess, and you can just enjoy your sports, etc...I'll take care of everything...Even he realizes that the people aren that much help. He can do better without them..!! That new EO he just signed, essentially is basically a "civil forefiture" order, on anyone he deems is a threat to humanity....once you take someone's money away or freeze them, they are pretty much "civilly dead"..!! He supposedly froze all assets of Bill Gates and Google's CEO and the company, and others of high profile traitors.. that's the key..take away what gives them all this power...the money!! They are helpless without it..!@

  14. And as far as money not being the problem according to the bible, but the love of money....I would say to all of you show me any "money"...go ahead, show me any money....i date any of you...I don't seem to recall anywhere in the bible that talks about "Commercial DEBT Instraments", under the UCC that only discharged you debt with people instead of "PAY" for your debts and clear the account completely..Go on you bible quoters..i want to see The exact chap and verse for DEBT INSTRAMENTS.!! Currency like that doesnt have to be "LOVED"..!! It is EVIL all on its own, without living it at all, because it allows everyone to steal from one another.....its time to demand only lawful money and nothing else.....and start arresting people who refuse to do it...!! With the money Trump has frozen by the riches people on earth he doesn't need to look for the gold....he is just going to take everyone's accounts....i told you it was going to take a dictator to correct this mess....!! The last thing I heard is that Trump and Kursner are planning to change the American form of govt. to "The White House Office of American Inovation" who's job it is to end govt. beaurocracy...!!!In the meantime, I want everyone to spread that section of the bible that talks about money....he never said that, and you can never prove it...that verse was put in by the "deep state", just to create more controversy and illusions...I can only believe Jesus saying just believe in me and all your needs will be taken care of as long as you treat you neighbors like yourself you can ask for anything and it will be given to you...never in a million years can I hear Jesus indorseing money, no matter what it is. Or paying anyone with money....if he thought that way, then why did he require all his apostles to never carry money...real money..!! Get rid of that LIE that it's not money that is evil but the love of money.....everyone LOVES MONEY.....EVERYONE!!!


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