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Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Worthy Question--- A Name or a Name?

By Anna Von Reitz

This from Robert S:

"How can it be that an unincorporated vessel located in Alaska can use a rule of the State of Washington for a basis in the name claim?"

It's actually a Washington State Session Law, not a State of Washington rule, but the fundamental answer is that there is a difference between unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated. 

Names in the form: John Mark Doe have to function both on the land and at sea. 

On the land they are Trade Names.  At sea they are Foreign Situs Trusts.  You can't tell the difference between land jurisdiction Trade Names and sea jurisdiction Foreign Situs Trusts just by looking at them.  They appear to be identical.

That's why FDR's fraud scheme worked so very well. 

So what the Certificate of Assumed Name does is establish the "permanent domicile" of the Name on the land and soil of whichever state, and then goes on to claim the Name in Maritime and Admiralty jurisdictions, too.  In those jurisdictions the Name (Admiralty) and the NAME (Maritime) represent corporate and incorporated entities, respectively.

On the land the Name is unincorporated, in Admiralty it is corporate, and in Maritime it is incorporated.

This is the difference between Anna (unincorporated being/ "natural person"), The Anna Company (private company), and Anna, Inc. (corporation).

Visually it looks like this: Anna Maria Riezinger (Trade Name on the land), Anna Maria Riezinger (Foreign Situs Trust on the High Seas), and ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER (incorporated Cestui Que Vie Trust in commerce). 

So, getting back to your question how can Washington State Session Law be used to make a claim related to an unincorporated entity in Alaska?  Because the claim is being made in Admiralty jurisdiction and all franchise organizations subject to federal territorial law have to be in compliance and have to respect the "corollary" laws of their sister States.

This is why Minnesota Rule 222 applies nationwide.

This is why Regulation Z of the Federal Motor Vehicle Code which provides for the exemption of private autos and trucks from registration has to be provided for by all the territorial franchise corporations operated as "States of States" and you can reference the state laws from any sister state related to this subject to compel obedience.

This is the same reason that you can walk into a McDonald's franchise anywhere on Earth and order a Big Mac.  If it applies to one, it applies to all. 

It will be well-worth your while to study this little discussion and discern the necessity of figuring out the jurisdiction at any given time---and clearly stating the jurisdiction.  It's easy to tell the difference between "Anna Maria Riezinger" and "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER" ---- but you have to define whether that "Anna Maria Riezinger" is standing on the land or floating on the High Seas, because in that case, we could be referencing the Trade Name of a living woman standing on dry land, or we could be referencing a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to a private company operating on the High Seas.

In the Certificate of Assumed Name we are specifically and purposefully addressing the latter case---the Foreign Situs Trust(s) named after the original land jurisdiction Trade Name, and then we go on to address the derivative Municipal corporation franchises dba ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, ANNA M. RIEZINGER, RIEZINGER, ANNA M.  and so on.   If you don't put in your claim for "The Anna Company" version Name and claim the Foreign Situs Trust on the High Seas, you have no standing in their courts and they can "administer" your "Foreign Situs Trust" however they please.  Preventing that and retaining control over your name and placing it in proper ownership and character as belonging to an American civilian is the whole reason behind the Certificate of Assumed Name.

The Foreign Situs Trusts operate under federal territorial jurisdiction and so, fall under federal code and statutes that apply to every territorial franchise "State"--- with the result that the Alaska and Washington State Session Laws and resulting Statutes have to be in compliance with federal territorial law and any one of the resulting corollary laws can be invoked to provide enforcement in any sister State within that system.

Read that--- there SHOULD be a California State Session Law and a State of California Statute that guarantees your right to claim and issue Common Law Copyright to your own Given Name for use as an Assumed Name in Admiralty and MARITIME jurisdictions, but even if there is not such a law on the books in California, the laws already standing in Alaska and Washington will suffice.  This is the "up" side of having established "uniform" laws and standards for all the state of state franchises.

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  1. EXCELLENT explanations. It will take several readings, note taking, et al to fully digest.
    Tom Dooly

  2. People in the truther circles are still sending out emails that Nesara is coming. Is this all B.S.??

    1. Isaiah 52:3 For thus says the Lord, you have sold your selves for nought: and you shall be redeemed without money. [KJV 1611]

  3. Constitution for the United States of America Article 4 Section 2a; “The Citizens of
    each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several

    1. Privileges and benefits of 14th amendment citizens can be taken away at anytime they choose. We have to stick with GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. They are not our gods although they think they are.

  4. As Henry David Thoreau advocated Simplicity in Life, it sure beats Complexity when and where we do not need the latter. Let's consider some less complex facts from our history. First I think that it has been established that the status of the United States of America, (Major) de jure, is superior to everything else. Secondly, the original Constitution of 1789- ' 91 was written as the operating manual for the Federal government, and to a considerable extent the state governments, since all officers in them must take an oath to this Constitution and nothing can be repugnant to it in these united States which are required to have Republic forms of State governments and state constitutions. Next, the Preamble of this Constitution for the United States of America establishes that the People are the Embodiment of the Sovereignty of this Nation of States, both the original People, and their Posterity, which are WeThePeople of Present day. No fictions can be referred to as People and it is easily seen that we are living and breathing beings. Since we are thusly living in Reality, and the Embodiment of the very Sovereignty of this Nation and our State of Domicile, we have the superior status in Law to be over every level of government (and corporations, which do not exist without the sanctioning of some level of government). So why do we think it necessary to jump through all of these hoops of present day governmental corporations, and otherwise(?), to validate our existence to them? When FDR and the state governors in 1933 pledged the People and their resources as collateral for the Federal Bankruptcy, they knew it was Fraud, and subsequently tried to devise some eventual remedy, if found out. Actually since it was Fraud against the People, that was not low level fraud but TREASON. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that practically every level of these above mentioned governmental corporations have been severely corrupted, even the judiciary, whose main purpose for existence is to insure Lawful justice according to this above mentioned Constitution. I think it is much more likely that we are going to bring our People together with this Simplicity, based on our original Law than this other obtuse Complexity which is unnecessary. I have often wondered why the Founders of this Nation would have permitted the Vatican to get involved in our security since it would have been viewed as "foreign entanglements" to them, in that day especially. The Vatican might have been the initiator of Corporations but we should let them take care of their own problems. However, just because someone initiated a fictional concept, how does that give one universal and permanent control over all such future variations of same?... especially without any appreciable enforcement ability, except by possible subterfuge? It seems to me that the concept of the People being the very Embodiment of the Sovereignty of their Nation State, as in our US of A, is unique in the history of the World, and we should not take it lightly. Let us educate all of our People to that fact, so that they can easily comprehend it and join us to return stability to our Land and People by forming our Common Law of the Land, Jural Assemblies, with their Grand and Petit Juries, and elected Sheriffs ... that is, to Make America Great Again! ... to coin an expression that you have never heard before!!!

    1. RR, This is exactly what I have been saying all along, actually making sense, but lunatic spaced out dreamers, unable to think this out, only spew vomit and name-call.
      This venue, overall, has been coming from the Defensive side, and we ought to be on the Offensive, intercept the ball, and run with it; just as you've said here - stop the damned game playing of these bastards with all their tricky cutesy little word, they know damned well we are living breathing people!
      They threw in all these obstacles and created as much complication as they could dream up in their smoke-filled back rooms and probably laugh up a storm, watching us try to tap-dance through their nonsensical childish games.
      Why are we playing Defense here, when We the People were already given the Ball in the first place; we should be playing Offense, not Defense.
      In reality, their sham should 'simply' be abolished and we should 'simply' be Returned to the Real Original Government.

      Now THAT would be the true Simplicity; why are we playing their game at all?? Anna and her team have done quite a spectacular job digging up all the proof; where is the World Court in all this. If they can't take effective action, then they should not even exist; otherwise just what is a World Court for??
      In all Simplicity, they should Rule on all this, and then send out the Marines or legitimate Marshalls Officers and use force where necessary and 'get 'er done'! It wouldn't take long after the first few get the strong arm tactic, for all the rest to fall like dominoes.
      It's time to stop playing nice and being PC. This is a time to 'get down and dirty'. Even God is known to do exactly that, and including 'shock and awe'.

    2. Who are you claiming is "playing defense" here Abby? Only combative, confused minds are playing defense foolishly with a ficitious corporate system that operates in a ficitiously created separate "sea" of misery/lies jurisdiction. No one but the puffed up egoic carnal minds of man engage and falsely believe that corporate jurisdiction dead at sea is for them to actually speak or stand in "control" of,lol silly, silly wolf mind!
      Knowledge and wisdom is forever shielded in offense and has true, organic standing on land and absolutely knows the difference between the two and conducts themselves accordingly and hold those that trespass accountable. That IS what Anna does and teaches. Offense is the best defense. Again move over Abby with your false claims and worldly intelligence. We got this!!!
      2017: thank you for all the lessons learned by those willing to learn and graciously share with other like minds/hearts
      2018: We Got This!!

  5. I have a lot of respect for judge Anna.
    I analyzed every word she said and have learned from her a lot.
    Thank you judge Anna. GOD bless you and Happy New Year

  6. You are the single most easily understood source of pertinent information that I have found...Thank You.

  7. Agreed whole heartedly patriot!! So very grateful for ALL the wisdom, and knowledge Anna shares consistently and graciously with us ALL!!
    Much Love and Peace

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. UCC.a scam bunch of attorneys deciding
    what is the law according to them .
    And they patent.that law actually they own it and you must ask permission to use it.they usally.grant permission otherwise the scam might get exposed .

    1. The courts are owned by the bar association. No wonder there is no justice in the "JUST US" system. Its all theirs and we have no business in their corrupt courts.

    2. Judge Anna, can we bring charges against any attorney just for carrying BAR cards as evidence of Treason and sedition and attach all their assets.. especially since Trump just made a new "Executive Order" that makes it legal to confiscate ALL property and assets of anyone found to have I'll gotten gains through foreign corporations , like the BAR attorneys and judges, who have committed high crimes against humanity. He is using that DO right now to take all assets of the deep state, and all private foundations, like the Clinton foundation, Bill Gates and his wife's founfation, and 5 others. He supposedly has the right now just to walk in and freeze assets of anyone he thinks has violated human rights agendas...And it's all done under a military venue.....NO TRIAL, AND NO CHARGES EVEN NEEDED...NOT AT GITMO!! It's an EO order, but we should be able to use it also shouldn't we...!! I'm only asking because we are taking care of a friend that we shouldn't be doing anymore. We took care of enough people. His sister makes over $250,000 A year as an attorney and she won't help him at all. But she is making our life he'll because he's 58 years old and broke again. So by default, she is making us liable for his financial libilies again, just like she did when we owned our other house... I am beyond sick of taking care of people's family because they won't. She needs a good lesson to humble herself...of course she thinks she is smarter than all the rest of us just because she is rich and we are poor. And her brothers are terrified of her, because the rest of the family has no law experience at all..!! As far as I'm concerned she is commuting high crimes against humanity because she won't take care of his brother, and because she works for a law firm for a corporation in which she is in place to deny workmans comp , or any other charges brought against Corp employees, when they are actually owed it..In other words, she denies "claims" against all the employees looking to make claims of workmans comp or anything else when they legitimately deserve them...!! And yet she is helping both brothers with their claims against their companies when neither one truely deserves it. They have been lazy all their lives because of the mother..!! If you can help me with the paperwork to sue her in "District Court" under "Saving to Suitors" clause, under Admiralty jurisdiction converting the court from an article 2 court to an article 3 court, I would be more than willing to make monthly payments to your law firm...!! This attorney needs a dose of reality.. Her brother is with us right now, His car blew up, and he has nothing to his name. He gets workmans comp right now at about $900/no, but he refuses to help us with rent or clean the house, or do anything. He has a ton of friends where he grew up, and none of them put up with this nonsense..But we only know him from our other friend who we no longer talk too.. he is the one that brought over all these losers to our house because they all grew up in rolling heights..We grew up in Arcadia, miles away from there. And the people we grew up around had good parents and were all fair.. These two brothers were not raised properly. There parents came here during the 2WW from England, and they all know how to take advantage of people financially.. He has no problem spending money on alcohol and ciggeretts, but if we ask him for any money he wants it all back, to the penny...The whole family is "SELFISH" , self centered, and materialistic..!! That sister needs to be brought down to size.. I'm sick of taking care of other people's family..and because she has "power of attorney " for both brothers, isn t she responsible or "liable" for them...!! Please let me know.. If we can get a case on the record for an attorney take down, there will be a ton of others that will step foreward...!! Thank you..!@

  10. "God, give us grace to accept with serenity
    the things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    which should be changed,
    and the Wisdom to distinguish
    the one from the other.

    Living one day at a time,
    Enjoying one moment at a time,
    Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
    Taking, as Jesus did,
    This sinful world as it is,
    Not as I would have it,
    Trusting that You will make all things right,
    If I surrender to Your will,
    So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
    And supremely happy with You forever in the next." Serenity Prayer as Written by Reinholt Neiburh

    1. KM, ahh so you brought that 'prayer' home with you from your AA Meetings.
      Keep talking, your Profile is building, Lol.

    2. Assumptions and presumptions are ALWAYS falsely claimed by (beast system) lost at sea judgmental, superior, weak worldly beast minds.
      I would like to thank you Abby for unknowingly serving such a wonderful awaraness to all by just being you and expressing your self serving, dark beast thoughts/ behavior mindset. The awareness and lessons are crucial at this time in helping those that are genuinely confused about jurisdictions and how our own thoughts actually mimic the external world we choose to create! Thank you for your service!!
      Much love and happy new year to you Abby

    3. KM choose whatever jurisdiction your little ole heart desires; the great tribulation is gonna cover the entire world, all the same. The 'jurisdiction' I reside in is something totally foreign to you and far beyond your comprehension.

    4. This is a warning to Abby and Kelli. Stop with the personal jabs and stick to the issues. I am more than tired of the bickering distractions. The result if you continue will be to mark you both as spammers on this blog. Stick to the issues and stop with personal insults.

    5. Kelli...can I ask you a simple question. Do people have the right to be genuinely frustrated with intention fraud and lies from a court of law that people assume to be working in "good faith" and with "clean hands"...!! After all, they certainly expect it from us..!! Then they even want to side step "LIABILITY" when they know they've been had.....I don't care what kind of court it is, the presumptions of "IMMUNITY" for anyone in a courtroom is testimony to the fact that they aren't fit to judge anyone. Only when people are willing to take "liability" for their actions can their be any justice in a courtroom... But try and get them to waive it...!! Good luck..!! Don't you have any compassion for people going to jail everyday just so the court can be a "BANK".!!! Since when did courts become nothing more than just another Corp looking to make money, instead of metering out justice..You don't see a obvious conflict of interest. And I've said this before but it bears repeating...people give way to much credit to the intelligence of these judges and the court in general. A guy just contacted me and told me he went into court at arraignment and immediatelimmediately asked the judge about his right of "subragation". The judge immediately replied.."What did you call it". So the guy repeated it and the judge said I've never heard of it..!! It's hard to know if the judge is really that stupid (because some are) or if he is purposely avoiding the question altogether or playing stupid..Anyway, the judge said the prosecutor isn't in now and you will have to talk with her, and set another date for a new arraignment. The court wasted 4 hrs of his time only to set another date to waste more of his time and is that fair...!! He is legitimately posses and frustrated.. We do not expect a court of law to be a game show where the one who knows the most legalese to be the winner..!! But the great equalizer...Trump, is coming to the rescue again..!! He apparently finally realized what I told him on his blog
      ..that with all the EO' s that former presidents and himself have signed, he has the power of a "dictator" and he is finally starting to take advantage of it.. He unopened thousands of unsealed indictments and he is going to arrest them, round them up and put them in GITMO..!! NO TRIALS, NO CHARGES..!! JUST DETENTION....FOREVER!!! Because this is all military and he knows it now..As soon as it was released, a ton of CEO's are resigning (not stepping down) And trying to cut and run with all their I'll gotten gains. But Trump will never let them get away..He just made a new DO that gives him the right to confiscate ALL their wealth and property and put them in jail. Since when do CEO'S just all of a sudden just resign from jobs they love and making millions or billions of dollars.....NEVER!! AND he does have his evil eye on the courts once and for all..!!

    6. James, I too have thought that judges just may well play dumb when and if any defendant tries to use some of these things in their one-sided fixed court with your friend. It sounds to me like that judge used his/her response as a way of saving their own face.
      What is your friend's next move; like what do you do in a situation like that.......after 'they' have a chance to go think about it for their next come-back.

    7. Abby...i don't know. I have never meet the guy ever..he has seen some of my comments, either on this site, or on others, because I make the rounds when it comes to law.. I try and find sites that are arguing about things, like law and God, when none of them really have a clue about what is really going on. Especially when I hear what some people are doing in court, and telling us what happened...So, I must have said something on handling his case and he reached out to me for advice... He will contact me again when he goes back to court..!! I gave him good advice from my experiences in court.. But I told him you did one of the best things you could have done immediately asking the judge a question. But you see how clever the judge was..he didn't answer him directly. Instead, he just said "What did you call it again". The judge answered his question, by forcing him to answer his question first...."What did you call it again"!!! And of course he answered him..!! So at least the judge made sure he didn't lose juristion to him..!! They are fu$king clever as hell..!! Next time he goes in I told him how to handle a judge..!! I can't wait to see what happens. I'll keep everyone posted on his results..!! But Abby, I am fully aware of your frustration with the courts and the legal system...because I've been in the trenches and I know and relate to it...!! So, don't make it personal with Kelli. Just let it go. We are trying to figure things out, not argue about things like all the stupid other sites do..We need to focus on Remedies. And I think we finally have one..Trump just recently made an EO specifically targeting all these unlawful foundations and their CEO's like Hillary Clinton, and a ton of others.. Talk about frustration with the courts and our legal system...hes had it too..!! This last EO he signed was obviously not in the Main steam news. Because it basically gives him the power to sidestep the entire justice system, using military rules only. And can just call them terrorist and crimes against humanity that have no remedy...he can just go in and seize all assets from anyone he thinks is involved, and without giving them due process. In fact they don't even have to be charged or have a rights at all because they are all going to GITMO, for "Detension" until they decide when and how they will be charged...Or just leave them in Detension forever...!! He already told them to prepare for thousands of detainees. There is so much going on behind the scenes than in front of it, because this President is "A PLAYER".!! If the Congress doesn t approve his request, he simply goes around them and uses his own money to get thinks done..!! No President in history has used his own money to get things done..!! He's using military venues instead of our corrupt courts..because it's all military anyway...he gets it..!! He has supposedly 450,000 unsealed indictments and he's just starting to unseal all of them..!! I can't wait for all these billionaires to lose everything they ever worked for and possibly be put in GITMO..Go Trump!! He didn't even know the depth of corruption that is going on.. he's in a very tough position. He wants to be cordial and polite to all these people, but at the same time he has to be willing to fire people in a heartbeat he doesn't trust..!! Of course he's going to be hated..!! But when it's all over, trump is going to be hailed as the greatest President that America has ever hsd..!! By the PEOPLE!!

  11. CASE NUMBER: ______________________

    I; John Doe, would like to enter into evidence the following...

    "The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution grants me the right to know the nature and cause at this action you are bringing against me, and it grants you, the court, the duty to tell me. I do not understand the nature and cause of this action which has been brought against me."

    Under a criminal action...

    "The Constitution grants this court 2 different criminal jurisdictions: One is a criminal jurisdiction under a Common Law, and the other is a criminal action that constitutes a condition of contract under the criminal aspects of a Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction. Under which of these 2 jurisdictions does court intend to try this criminal action?"

    Not Under Common Law But Under Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction...

    According to the Law Merchant Codes, the very law that this contract was made under, there are certain things that constitute a valid vs an invalid contract. You must realize, that no court has the authority to enforce an invalid contract; and I deny the validity of the contract that President Roosevelt entered into with the international bankers. He borrowed bank credit on the promise to redeem in gold coins. Creating credit out of thin air, the bankers had no risk and no interest, because they didn't loan anything of value, and thus had no interest in the loan being paid: it was a 'no interest 'contract, and thus void by the international law of Nations. Therefore America owes no legal debt ."

    "... And now since America only owes the debt by an invalid contract, how am I as an American Citizen, legally compelled to perform to an invalid contract under the Admiralty jurisdiction of this court?"

    "You must realize that no courts in America have Admiralty jurisdiction without also having valid international contract in dispute. And I'm not aware of having entered any international contract. So I deny that any such contract exists.

    If the prosecuting attorney disagrees with my argument then...

    Instruct the "prosecuting attorney" to inform this court that there is a valid international contract in dispute, and to place this alleged international contract into evidence, and explain how I can be a party to it, and how I am compelled to perform under it.

    If the prosecuting attorney cannot comply then I request a "MOTION TO DISMISS"

  12. Here's my situation opinions appreciated; my Certificate of Live Birth states John John SMITH & a few years later mom remarries (I'm 10) my name is changed,no adoption. I'm now John John JONES. When I went for certified copies of the Original B.C. they are stamped "Legal name change on file" So if I'm following this article's correctly & file Certificate of Assumed Name plus proper syntax (previous article) I'm John-John:Smith,Agent claiming JOHN JOHN JONES making me, Smith, the beneficiary/Agent for JONES. Again comments welcome Paul <really

    1. srp. here you go;


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