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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dear Supreme World Settlement Commander

By Anna Von Reitz

By addressing these issues to your attention we do not subject ourselves nor our country.  Please bear in mind that we can prove every fact and hear counsel regarding every concern:

1.  The so-called American Civil War was never declared and never ended by a formal Peace Treaty of any kind.  As a result, it must be considered an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores. 

2.  The so-called American Civil War commenced in April 1861 as the result of actions by Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, who was precluded from holding any public office in our government as of 1819.  

3. It follows that Lincoln's actions had nothing to do with us. 

4.  Lincoln either: (a) unlawfully occupied the Office of the President of the United States of America under conditions of deceit, or (b) Lincoln occupied the similarly named Office of President of the United States and in either case, Lincoln violated our trust and committed constructive fraud and made war on our shores in violation of our actual Constitution which provides only for mutual defense of our geographically defined states. 

5. This Breach of Trust and fraud by an officer of HRM Victoria counts as one of the greatest crimes in history and it has continued to plague and confuse this nation and the world ever since. 

6. At the end of the war the perpetrators of these crimes pretended to abolish slavery, while in fact enshrining slavery as a permanent part their government. Please observe Amendments 13 and 14 made to their deceptively named corporate constitution published in 1868 as the Constitution of the United States of America.   By allowing enslavement of whomever they defined as criminals they allowed slavery to continue in fact and have allowed it to expand exponentially worldwide.  

7.  In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office and worked another calumny upon the American states and people, making false and undisclosed claims against them and their assets and miss-characterizing them as aliens in their own country and as "US citizens".  These attempts to solidifying British usurpation simply led to more fraud and more crime against the American states and people. 

8.  And now we come to 2017, and the same crowd of blackguards hope to confuse the American states and people with the "United States" and their criminal corporations which have run rampant over us and over many other nations, murdering and pillaging as they went.  

9. The perpetrators of these crimes salted away their ill-gotten gains in accounts named after us.  They did this for two reasons.  If they got caught, they could claim that they were faithful servants and they did it all for us.  Secondly, they did this to implicate us in their crimes; in fact, we were kept ignorant and never told about all the slush funds, trust funds, life insurance policies, and other remunerations purportedly being set aside for us.  

10.  It was always their intention--clearly evident now--- to seek bankruptcy protection for their lawless corporations and to blame us for their spending and criminality, and then, to come back in and claim our land and our assets as "abandoned property"--- as they did with the gold that Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated from the American states and people.

11.  We have hard evidence in the public record of a vast, worldwide fraud scheme. 

12.  The self-evident purpose of this fraud scheme is to defraud and miss-characterize living people so as to strip them of their assets and material rights and deliver the benefits of this process to corporations ---- mainly to banks, but also to governmental services such as the US NAVY and agencies such as BATFE and IRS.  

Now, for our questions. 

A.  Can a circumstance that begins with Breach of Trust and fraud and undeclared war and which proceeds with deceit and false claims ever since, be upheld as anything but more fraud, null and void from its beginning?  

B.  Can employees who have received their paychecks from our pockets for 150 years continue to mount an illegal insurrection against us and claim that we are their sureties against debt---and all without our knowing consent?    

C.  Can dead legal fictions be permitted to defraud, mis-characterize, rob, and murder living men?  

D.  We have suffered the longest and worst of this situation and our country and our countrymen have suffered endless predatory actions, deceits, racketeering, coercion, kidnapping, military tribunals acting under color of law as civilian courts, impersonation, press-ganging, unlawful conversion of our assets, inland piracy, and every kind of fraud---all washed down to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.  We claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of these verminous commercial corporations and we bring proof and cause against them. 

E.  As the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors we have mandated an end to the entire system of debt slavery worldwide and required the creation of a system based on credit instead.  We have also required the conversion of the central banks to a Universal B Corporation charter, so that they are compelled to benefit rather than destroy humanity.  And last, but not least, we have required the chastisement and re-education of the Bar Associations and their members to make these lawless purveyors of law compliant with the actual Public Law. 

F.  We have imposed an International Commercial Obligation Lien on the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, their insurers, secondary liability holders, and expediters in the amount of $279 trillion actual dollars.  This is a realistic but only partial assessment of the damage these organizations have done to the American states and people and to other innocent Third Parties doing business in this country.  We have exercised the lien against the offending trademarks and patents which the guilty parties have used to orchestrate and automate their crimes, thus seeking to address the crime in practical terms while recouping the losses that the victims are owed.  

We would ask for your support and understanding and prompt action to indeed bring settlement of the criminality and injustices of the past. 

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  1. Well, we surely want to hear the response to this ! Is there a deadline date given on this? (I wonder if Anna included a bottle of alka seltzer...or perhaps a 5th of whiskey; which?)

    1. Abby-- if Judge Anna did include either, I think they will probably need several of both after reading what's coming.


    2. Bill, well at least they won't need any laxatives for a good long while, lol.

  2. Just sent the following inquiry to LOC:

    Does an online record exist of the thirty three electoral declarations of those states whereby it was determined that Abraham Lincoln was elected as "President of the United States of America"? Also does another online record exist of the oath of office declared by President Lincoln as "President of the United States"?

    Re: point #4 above - The fraud of "President/s" goes all the way back to General George Washington who combined the offices of Head of State (President of the United States of America - PoUSA) with that of the Head of Government (office of President of the United States - PoUS).[1]

    Re: "our actual Constitution" that is debatable. We need to ask ourselves what is the "Constitution of September 17, 1787"? If it is the fourth "Organic Law" then who is subject to this "Law"? The first Organic Law says declares that we (as Americans living on the land) are free of external government. The second Organic Law refers to "free inhabitants" who retain their freedom from (rather than volunteer under) external government. The third Organic Law establishes the proprietary "United States" subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government as distinguished from the several sovereign states. In light of these three Organic Laws one can wonder how does the "Constitution of September 17, 1787" (which came out of a top secret convention that was authorized for the express purpose of "tweaking" the Articles of Confederation) become "our actual Constitution"?

    [1] "Got Freedom From Government?":

    Also see: "The Life of An Ethical Individualist Is Based On Inner Truth":

    with a link to: "Re-writting History":

    1. These points are being brought to light now, however, belief systems are a powerful force to be dealt with.

      "the very elect will be deceived"

    2. chef jem: i am no expert, but in general..."posterity" is how people claim to be an "american" ...that is the main thing i would look to "constitution" for claim my inheritance.

      the "constitution" (up until later amendments) are delegations/restrictions on has been twisted to delegate themselves more power...

      but, in general, i would say "that is my bill of rights, i am posterity"

      (others can claim "Equal civil rights" if they are not "white people" and "posterity") ...i would never say "that is my constitution" though...

      property in rights, rights in property...saying i am "posterity" and owed my "bill of rights" is a simple "inheritance" case. simple. just notes i am owed my "property" consisting of enumerated rights (and others i possess, even if not enumerated)

      just my opinion...constitution is proof of my bill of rights that i am owed, which are my property, as successor and "posterity", but i would never say "that is my constitution"...

      i might say "That is the constitution written by we the people, you guys (feds) are supposed to be inside of it, i am not your citizen to be inside your territory, that is backwards"

    3. chef jem: what i mean is, from what i ahve read elsewhere, courts say people are "not party to those documents" and they lose in court... which is true in my signature is not on any of them...

      that is why i emphasize i am "posterity" ... i am an "indirect party" and owed my bill of rights, as successor/heir, as inheritance. same as any other property that is passed on.

      apologies if that seems off topic -- but that is crucial IMO, to "prove" people are owed bill of rights.

  3. "We would ask for your support and understanding and prompt action to indeed bring settlement of the criminality and injustices of the past. "

    Thank you Judge Anna. Now I am about to take a risk here and challenge you to stretch your mind for a moment. My gratitude to you in advance for your indulgence in the matter. You used the term "past" appropriately.

    The year is 3064 NOT 2017.

    Think about it. It's true.

    Love always.

    Gaia Sophia and other names you know.

    1. Gaia, you need to take your paganistic religion to your own channels if you wish to preach it. I suggest you not try to push your luck here, because I for one can get 'very cranky' with people like you and your bullschitt.

    2. Gaia, I have no idea what you are talking about especially 3064 not 2017 what do you mean? I know you were referring to Judge Anna, but since you posted it, I have to ask the question, no disrespect, just would like to know

    3. yeah, I suspected it was too much of a stretch for you - not me. I'll bow out now.

    4. Abby is that a board in your eye?

    5. Net, go study scripture and learn first before you make such accusations against me. I judge all things using righteous judgement; It is my duty and my right to do so, and so I DO.
      These Gaia people are pagans; I do not give them a platform and a microphone to allow them to speak, which is also our Right and Duty.
      Galatians 1:6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto another gospel
      7 which is not another; but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ 8 but though we or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed
      9 as we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed 10 for do I now persuade (please) men? for if I yet pleased men, I should (cannot) not be the servant of Christ.
      So take your boards and hit your self over the head with it.

    6. abby: " I do not give them a platform and a microphone to allow them to speak, which is also our Right and Duty."

      last i checked this was paul's blog.

      i didn't see any "perverting of the gospel" ...

      if you don't like other year/calendar systems, and that in itself is "perverting the gospel" then i would love for you to explain to everyone the "sun day" and "moon day" and "odin's day" "Thor's day"

      looks like the roman calendar is all "pagan" to me.

      please point all us heathens to the "correct" calendar that is not rife with "paganism"?

      "sun day" and "moon day" sounds very illuminist and "satanic" to me.

      where is the "gospel" calendar that is devoid of such "paganism"?

    7. nnnm, this person is only just starting, and if you give them an inch of acceptance, they will take a mile. That is my point here. She/he only used this for an opener, testing the waters here to see what kind of response, then would go further.
      I call my actions and words as ''nipping it in the bud''. If you know anything about these gaia/pagans/witches you would already know that.
      Be careful of who you rush to defend.
      As for the ''days' you are speaking about, I know nothing about them. They are nothing to me.

  4. haha depends on whose calendar you are dealing with @gaia true; julian, society of jesus, hebrew, moor or mayan???

    i dont know about you guys but the Constitution does not apply to me it applies to them, it is their trust indenture. i have unalienable rights and freedoms given to me by God. i live by the golden rule that is my Law. do no harm to others, INCLUDING ANIMALS, INSECTS AND PLANTS etc., dont know about the rest of you but anything man made does not apply to me period.

    1. Amen..!! Thats why i keep telling everyone that contract never pertained to us in the firstplace.. But everyone insist on using it as a defense for themselves... Who has the "Paramount" contract with the people..."GOD"and his ten commandments, or our "GOVT. and their constitution".. you know where i stand...!!

    2. Two dimensional constructs never apply to the living!

      "The description isn't the thing described"

    3. The best of luck to you on things man made not applying to you. In this biological existence it is "eat or be eaten". I'm not okay with that but it is what it is.

  5. I believe I heard that Anna and helpers were going to publish an instruction manual with exact templates to properly surrender our "false" birth certificates, and exit our "US Citizen" status. I hope that such a manual is forthcoming soooon! IMHO, that is the only way we are going to get enough men and women to go thru the process ACCURATELY and EFFECTIVELY. Even as I consider building an assembly on my own County/State, the first thing comes to mind, "Ooopps, I need people that know who they are and have removed themselves from the US Citizen category. What is the prospect of a date to have such a manual IF that is, in fact, in the works?

    1. Tom, I don't know about anyone else, but I was FIRST. After that I got stolen via Fraud. Fraud does not make their theft valid. So I am just not gonna go jumping thru a bunch of hoops to get myself back. The onus is not on me; the fraudsters have been caught red handed. Why do you think Anna has done all this work, having already laid claim to the Living and announced it to the whole world. My birth certificate is not false; it is merely a Copy of its original. And I never signed up for any US citizenship; we were all shoved into it Fraudulently without full disclosure. That makes all their crap Null and Void. That is how I feel about it. I'm not here to do a bunch of paper work. We have been wrongly 'imprisoned'. So once the keys are taken from them, who do we have to 'beg to be let out'??

    2. long as there are BAR attorneys(unlawfully unregistered foregn agents working for a foreign prinicaple..QE2 and London), we will never have remedy that anyone will take seriously.. So i agree with you..No amount of paperwork will work for "slaves"(us, the people), except with other slaves..!! But that barely works when it comes to fraud.. cons know how hard it is to convict someone if the person who was defrauded doesnt have excellent accounting and "HE" can "prove" he was conned into fraud.. The courts make it vertually impossible to get your money back because they make you prove it instead of the perpatrator...thats why everything(i mean every single complaint) should be a criminal offense that should warrant an arrest for that person, until he can prove he didnt do it... lets see how long they last before confessing.. But if its found that the person making the alligation was lying, then he could be facing extreme penalties, including maximum fines and depending on how much damage they did to the other party....could get life imprissionment with no parole.. That will put an end to false accusations...!! But nothing honest can come from this system until the attorneys are gone..!!

    3. Jackson and Lincoln were murderers of North American/Turtle Island Native People, the only thing great about Jackson was his numbers of body count.
      Also:President Andrew Jackson vetoed legislation to renew the Second Bank of the United States, starting a period of free banking. Jackson staked the legislative success of his second presidential term on the issue of central banking. "Every monopoly and all exclusive privileges are granted at the expense of the public, which ought to receive a fair equivalent. The many millions which this act proposes to bestow on the stockholders of the existing bank must come directly or indirectly out of the earnings of the American people," Jackson said in 1832.[2] Jackson's second term in office ended in March 1837 without the Second Bank of the United States's charter being renewed.

      In 1863, as a means to help finance the Civil War, a system of national banks was instituted by the National Currency Act.

    4. From Anna:

      Hopefully what we have done with the Declaration of Flag and Proclamation will make it much easier and largely unnecessary for people to claim back what has been stolen-- the Declaration returns it.

    5. James, did you not see Anna's Notification to the BAR and all the attorneys and the entire court system? Their deadline is Jan. 1 to end their tyranny. Wait and see what happens with that. I'm sure Anna and Crew have that pre-empted, or prepared for it. Either they 'obey' or ''tough love' will have to be dished out.
      (James, you could go into the court rooms then and cut off the fringe on their flags with your scissors, and add 13 vertical strips in their flag with the same, lol. IF they are still there.)

  6. The Voice of Truth cuts like a two-edged sword!!!

    Thank you Anna for your faith and courage to speak the Truth to the Goliath of today! Let this proclaimation go forth into all the world to show that God's Voice is still among the living, indeed, that King David's descendants are alive and well!!!

  7. Joe average barely knows Lincoln executed a terrible war on the south.
    What he knows is the government has gone off the rails and need it's but kicked so much so Russia is looking like a good place to go.
    Think we need a resurgence of law books in the home. And I sense a hunger on how to fight back in law.

  8. Where Can We Find ROD Class To Teach Us ???

    1. He is still fighting his case..actually he is appealing it in the supreme court in Feb. of 2018..!!

    2. Even the President faces being charged with crimes for impeachment if the Dems want it... the judges are even above the highest office of our land..!! That has to change..!! There is a new book out about Andrew Jackson and how he rose out of a terrible home life, studied , became educated , and overcame every adversity put in his way ti become president and the best general that ever lived , not afraid of anyone when it came to the rule of law and justice..!! I recommend everyone read it to know a truly great president..!! No comparision to Lincoln..!!

    3. Even the President faces being charged with crimes for impeachment if the Dems want it... the judges are even above the highest office of our land..!! That has to change..!! There is a new book out about Andrew Jackson and how he rose out of a terrible home life, studied , became educated , and overcame every adversity put in his way ti become president and the best general that ever lived , not afraid of anyone when it came to the rule of law and justice..!! I recommend everyone read it to know a truly great president..!! No comparision to Lincoln..!!

  9. Judge Anna: I do not understand your #2! Abraham was only 10 years old 9 months in 1819, born in America I assume. How can any authority preclude him from holding office?

    1. Any attorney is not allowed to hold Federal Office.

  10. Judge Anna, you have served paperwork and "Noticed" everyone except the "Supreme Beings" under the Antartic know the "extraterrestrials" who also say they have a claim to earth because they populated it millions of years ago..theres no sense in leaving anyone out...just to be safe of course..!!

  11. Judge Anna, you have served paperwork and "Noticed" everyone except the "Supreme Beings" under the Antartic know the "extraterrestrials" who also say they have a claim to earth because they populated it millions of years ago..theres no sense in leaving anyone out...just to be safe of course..!!


    2. Well, I don't believe there are any galactics, underground people of any kind, and besides we got enough to be concerned about as it is. To me that is all hooey. ET's are a joke. Probably just demons, kill em. End of story.

    3. I was being somewhat sacastic, Abby, but just to show everyone how ridigulous trying to inform the entire planet that "WE" finally know the truth, and filed endless paperwork to prove it...the only ones i can think of left to serve are "aliens"...In other words, Abby, it seems that "paperwork" alone isnt going to work...thats why i keep telling Trump, every chance i get that our judicial system, and especially all judges, need to be removed or their BAR CARDS revoked immediately, and signing a new "oath of office" with the penalty written right into the oath if they violate it...this time no second chances....

  12. Most of the judges do not have lawful standing. Out of 10,000 maybe two or three in usa. Anna wrote about it, so they can be arrested.. its just a matter of when... they have awareness and there is no limitations on due process of law of criminals ... come January... maybe there will be many changes, how it affects the world, who knows all of the implications on others.. ?

    1. Life, yes Jan. 1 will tell the tale here. We would also like to see some important arrests being publicly made. The People need this in order to even feel we have gotten any justice.

  13. One question: who is the "Supreme World Settlement Commander?"

  14. The judges call hammered the fact they need help writing paralegal papers not on the job training . Have to know the process.just saying .paralegal and notory's. Needed .


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