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Saturday, October 28, 2017

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By Anna Von Reitz

We have completed work on the ABA Lien --- the first bite at the whole criminal infrastructure upholding, orchestrating, and automating the Great Fraud.  It is a mammoth work. 

The work began more than three years ago when Coloradan Steve Curry began due process of an International Obligation Lien against the American Bar Association and International Bar Associations.  

This now-perfected lien worth $279 trillion dollars has been cured, a sovereign-level Bill of Lading has been brought in favor of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and a Writ of Execution has been issued. 

It is important to realize that a great deal of Due Process has gone into this and every effort was made to provide recourse and rebuttal opportunities and chances to cure in hundreds if not thousands of court cases all over America.  

The continued lawless operation of the private territorial and municipal courts acting in Bad Faith and Color of Law on our soil has resulted in vast damage to our states and our people--- and a generation of smug lawyers who think that they can get away with murder on paper and no end of other paper terrorist activities without it ever coming home.  

Welcome to today, which is the beginning of tomorrow.  


  1. I'll ask a dumb question, what does ''cured'' mean in 'legal' terms?
    At what stage of things does this put we The People?

    1. Abby, Silence is golden but in law silence is deadly. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce. When an affidavit is presented, there is a time limit within which they can respond. But none of them do. They believe that they are above it all and that any judge will side with them anyway if it were to go to court. However, they forget that a notary is just as powerful as a judge and that this administrative process when done properly leads to Summary Judgement which with an amended complaint leads to Final Judgement. Here is how the process goes: Step 1. Affidavit of Truth presentment under notary seal. Step 2. Notarial Protest of non-response and opportunity to cure. Step 3. Notarial Protest of non-response and Estoppel. Now you can file your international claim, notice of fault, notice of default and commercial lien based on the Estoppel. This is also known as exhausting your administrative process. Once you file your lien after completion of this process, it is "cured". The lien is your claim to the assets up to the amount of the lien. Now you can go and foreclose on them to collect your lien.

    2. This is what Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on behalf of all the people in the world known as ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST or OPPT, HAVE DONE. The court case is going on at the moment please see,

    3. 1FreeMan, the trouble with your reply to Abby is that your reply would only hold true IF the "rule of law" was upheld and enforced in the US. I can assure you it is not and by your own statement you know that it isn't either. Problem is, WHO in the "international" will you file a claim on and WHO will enforce it since they are all one vast criminal enterprise!!!??? And if it is this simple, WHY hasn't Anna's claimed "liens" against the Vatican and the Bar Associations been processed and enforced!!!??? We know how things are SUPPOSED to work, but it is obvious that NO ONE will do anything to FORCE compliance with Law. Maybe you need to give Anna a few tips on what and where she needs to do so her "liens" will be enforced!?

    4. Unknown, commerce is the rule of law. It is just a matter of who you want to sell your lien to that can enforce it. A few prospective buyers could be, IRS, Wallmart, China, BRICS, AIIB, etc. A few years ago when Greece was in trouble, one man perfected a commercial lien and sold it to IRS Ireland to bail them out.

    5. There are sites online that go into detail about the notorial protest, and actually show all of his letters, eventually leading to a notice of default and supposedly a lein..!! All that work, and he never did get remedy....they want us so busy trying to get justice through paperwork, and wasting presious time we will never get back, not to mention the money, that most of us just give up.. nothing anyone does alone will have an effect on this system.. It has to be "IN MASS" with tons of people bring a class action suit, or it will never be brough to light in the public eye...!!

    6. abby:

      see, "cure"

      to "remedy any defect" (by analogy, similar to medicinal usage)

      see also "lien" "remedy". bouviers 1856 is old, but before much fraud, so i use it as "nearest approximation to how things generally are supposed to work"

      there are surely many "updates" since that 150+ year span...but the basic words, the history, i personally would always prefer starting at the oldest reasonable source, to see what the word is "supposed" to may be used otherwise in "modern" times, new context/subjects added...but one cannot know if it is being used correctly, unless they knew the history and preferably, origins, of the term.

      thus, some may say that source is "outdated" for a variety of reasons...but i would argue, if the term is no longer recognizable, it is has been misused.

      to misuse a word is to destroy its meaning.

      see "maxim" "words are to be so understood that the subject-matter may be preserved rather than destroyed".

      so that is actually "law", not just my opinion.

      examples "a subsequent marriage cures preceding criminality"

      "the presence of the body cures the errir in the name; the truth of the name cures an error in the description"

      i am no expert on liens or any law, but they seem generic terms, both "cure" and "remedy'

      as to exact context regarding a lien, my understanding it is simply saying there is no longer any questionability; a "cured" lien is "matured" -- no longer in question. e.g. proper time has passed with no rebuttal.

      now, getting people to actually accept that, as others point out, is another story.

      if you find black's law dictionary (or online copy, people recommend 5th or 6th edition) that is a good source too. believe that is "modern" and "authoritative" (at least, later editions).

      i am no expert, not trained in "law" ...just many things, are quite simple to get the basics of, if one just reads a little, IMO.

    7. James is right. It will be the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION that decides all these things. That is why I am working in the educational field rather than in the corrupt courts.

  2. Thank you Anna,

    I'm aboard everything your doing! Blessings to you and your family for standing against this mass fraud of the Beast System!

    Louisiana Tim

  3. Thank you and GOD'S GRACE BE MULTIPLIED TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM for all you have done for all of us.

    John 14:6(JESUS CHRIST)

  4. This is great work but does it have any teeth? They see this and just throw it to the side laughing.

    1. Jon, it would be interesting to know if any of these people who have been Notified have responded or not, and if so what are their responses. What kind of cooperation or adherence has there been. Like, has the u.s. fiscal officer taken steps to make the transition, etc. Inquiring minds would like to know such progress if it exists. At this point, I think we all feel like we are left in the dark, eh?

    2. 1freeman: But he has already bowed down to you by giving you His son as a sacrifice to pay for for yoru sins.
      entitled: a sinner's justification for not reading the bible regularly.

      people tell us "neither borrower nor lender be" but that is all there is, monetized debt. they fail to mention that part.

      "he who does not work should not eat" is used to justify debt slavery and usury. they leave the rest out, what is just weights and measures as payment

      people tell us "you're not god" as they drink underage and have premarital sex. others kindly inform us "the bible doesn't say anything about marijuana"

      people tell us "not to test the lord" as they sell crystal meth to get a roof over their head.

      people tell us "be patient" as they run "summary judgement" "legal" courts without a trial of our peers and do usurious "student loans" out of thin air.

      we see our bosses quote the "old testament" but when you tell them all sins are supposed to be paid for they get silent.

      when you ask for just weights and measures and constitutional money, the only answer is "blame FDR"

      i am a "heathen" and "sinner" but i see no discernable difference between myself and many of the "christians" i have met.

      that doesn't mean "the bible is false" but forgive us if we have yet to see any "fruits"

      we hear "any man over 21 not married is a menace to society" but then we see is underage non-consensual "spiritual marriages" and polygamy

      we hear "homosexuality is a sin" but then with underage sex and pre-marital children people are to look the other way.

      i don't doubt "heavenly father" i do doubt mankind.

      i am not against "christianity" it just seems a 50/50 chance you get a "genuine" one versus a half-hearted "license to sin" type. that is just humanity corrupting things as always, not the fault of "the bible"

      i simply have zero faith in humanity. in "heavenly father" perhaps .0000005%.

      i've seen "christians" do identity theft too. it was "righteous" you see. they had a "right" to steal. they were "worthy" you see. someone "wronged" them so its ok.

      forgive our skepticism.

    3. nnnm765, you are commenting on the wrong post. Nevertheless, you are also focusing on the wrong thing. God is not justified or condemned by what man does or does not do, supposedly in His name. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. “Keep your face to the sun [Son*] and you will never see the shadows.” (Helen Keller - *my added inference, not hers). Let God be true, but every man a liar. (Romans 3:4) God has made it very clear. You are either for Him or against Him. There is no in between. That is why He gave you His Son to save you and to pay the price for your sins which you simply could not pay for yourself. But don't blame Him if He sent you a lifeboat and you chose not to get in becasue you didn't like the confines of the lifeboat, not realizing that this is the only vessel that is able to save you from hell and take you to heaven. Since He paid for it, salvation is on His terms, not man's. If as you say that you don't doubt "heavenly father", then you must also agree with His terms even if you don't like them or are skeptical of Christianity. I too am skeptical about man and even about what most people call Christianity. Jesus did not come to establish Chritianity but to restore the union and relationship between man and the Father which Adam had broken. That's why He is called "the way" which also happens to be what the original church was called.

      BTW: you started off quoting Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 75–77 of Shakespeare, not the bible.

    4. 1FreeMan,
      Your sentiments are reasonably altruistic, but it's a mistake to tar everyone with the same brush.
      I have no problem paying the price (sometimes doubled) for my own sins. That's what responsibility is. What I don't do is accept responsibility for other people's sins because it would deprive them of that opportunity.
      I don't want to be "saved" from responsibility for my behavior and I don't want anyone including Jesus standing between me and GOD. I don't follow "the way", I search for the "better way".
      I thank you & Judge Anna for the work you do trying to restore justice and wish you both the best of luck in your endeavors.

    5. Tom, yes, I agree that you need to reconcile your sins with your fellow man which is what responsibility is, but it seems like you do not understand that your sins are not only against your fellow man but against God. What price can you possibly pay Him for your sins? For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23. Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Mark 8:37. No, of course you cannot be held responsible for other people's sins. That doesn't even make any sense. They are responsible for their own sins just as you are for your sins. If you don't want to be "saved" then you will lost by default. If you don't want anyone between you and "GOD", then God is not your Father. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. 1 John 2:23. I hate disappoint you but there is no better way. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6. Restoring justice begins in the heart of man.

  5. We thank you and greatly appreciate everything you do and all the time you put in!we know personally how the courts operate! They our so corrupt have no respect for our rights and due process always violated! If they believe your guilty and want you guilty they will do what they want regardless if it's unlawful to get a default judgement on you ! They dont want the truth the truth doesn't pay! They are after our cqv trust that why they take our insurance out called surety court bid bonds! When they win in court they execute the bonds get paid! They commit fraud daily they keep these bonds secret they don't want you to know about because you could protest,counter claim ect!if for some reason they don't take out insurance on you ,it is required by law they must insure there claim!or you can walk right out free man! If for some reason we end up in court that's the first thing I will be after the bonds! Right to these bonds under sunshine laws !some people get confused and think these surety bonds are bail bonds it's not the same bail bonds is just a requirement regulations under the millers act for surety bid bonds,insurance! We're so happy Anna is doing this !all they do is fraud ,claims of bad faith! Cattle courts! Bar attorneys oath is to the British crown! Bar attorneys are part of it!

  6. It is my understanding that once a lien is cured it goes to collection and not the courts. In this case it may be appropriate to break it down into many tranches and sell the tranches to banks – if not U.S., perhaps European. They of course would discount it, but at least there would be an immediate release of cash.

    1. Yes, a cured lien can be sold to a debt collector, even the IRS, the biggest debt collector of them all.

    2. Yea, if they will do it..!! But usually they will only recoginize it from a large corporation...never from us, because we are seen by everyone in the financial world as "tortfeasers"...!! Already deemed criminals...!! If we werent, why hasnt anyone noticed judge Annas liens as valid and offered billions for isnt because they arent greedy... if i knew as a bank or a wall street insider that that lien is valid, there would be a trampede at her door to negotiate a deal with her...Is that happening..NO!!!

  7. Jon & Abby,

    In response to your concerns. When no action of Notice is given by the living, the fictional world continues under presumption that we are in agreement with them. When claims are brought forth, it then places perpetrators under personal liability (those committing the fraud). Such as the ABA Lien that Anna and her associates have presented... the world at large now sees the truth of the fraud being presented and financial impact of such fraud. We will let God and the Truth move the mountains before us even as He once opened the Red Sea. We must step forward in faith and stand firm in truth or we and our children and grandchildren will forever suffer slavery and damnation. Blessings to you all!

  8. I wish that pertains to all corporate countries as we are all in this together all in this zest pool of fraud, murder and unlawful captivity.
    Also since Anna brings up God a lot and I believe God never created borders why is that Anna brings up The United States of America (Unincorporated) when we are all in this plane-it earth as one and all want not to be incorporated.
    Also bringing up "smug lawyers who think that they can get away with murder" but writing a letter to a demonic man running the the most unholy,murderous,sneaky organization on the plane-it and stating your most holiness to Pope Francis in a letter begging him to set us free in simple terms. This cannot be a man called that for those evil crimes against humanity.
    Don't get me wrong I love Anna contributions to waking every one up to this fraud and love her for that, but I can't swallow this holiness shit. That man is a bad man and needs to be thrown into prison with all those other vatican fraudsters

    1. Lawrence, guess you haven't read your bible much where God most definitely established borders for the Nation of Israel in the past and will do so again when He returns and will regather the true bloodline Hebrew Israelites from all over the earth to form His new Nation of Israel with new borders for each tribe and to set King David on the throne to rule over them. You may also want to dig a bit deeper and read more on Anna's position on the pope by reading her posting: Why I Am Polite to the Devil located here:

    2. Raised as a christian . I could not under stand the bible as it is written in Shakespearian ways which I believe should be written for all reading age groups to understand but we tend to rely on pastors and ministers to shape it the way they believe it is written as it is so con fusing. Did research the bible KJ version and it was written by Francis Bacon,Shakespeare and the a king call james all belonging to secret societies who in my opinion cannot be trusted. Just like you cannot trust the wicked reptilian Queen Elisabeth and the country called City of London,Vatican or the biggest terrorist in the world USA incorporated Washington DC . Lies within truth. If we have borders then I would say we are separating ourselves like in war time divide and conquer,right?
      Like I said we are one are we not? or are we separate?
      Bible explains aliens create stories Jews make them come true pretending it's from God
      Of course this may be to much for the programmed christians or any other indoctrinated religious men and wo men to explore or even to check out.
      Also if God loves as all equal then why favouritism for a group called Jews are we not all his children? Sorry there is a lot of con fuse ing things going on here that truly makes no sense
      If you can't speak freely your not free. Much love

    3. Lawrence, it sounds like you have been getting your understanding (more like misunderstanding) from mere men in pulpits or other such false religious groups.
      No, we are not ''all one'' and there is surely no scripture from God that ever indicated such a thing. In fact God is a Divider, not a Uniter; you need to get to know that God, the One and Only true God. He never sent Jesus to unite us all, but to bring division; He is for separation; He separates the good from the evil.
      The very word of God tells us that God makes nations,and he destroys nations. Nations means countries with borders. So Lawrence this is your opportunity to straight out these matters in your own mind, and for yourself, since these are the facts of these matters.
      God even warns his own true children to 'not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers'. In 2 Tim. 3 God lists an long list of undesirables, and warns his children to have nothing to do with them, but ''from such, turn away'.
      Do you see now, from those 2 mere examples, how God is against the unity of ''all one'' nonsense?
      If that isn't enough take a look at 2 Cor.6:17 'wherefore come out from among them and be ye Separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and (then) I will receive you 18 and (then) I will be a Father unto you, and (then) you shall be my sons and daughters saith the Lord Almighty''

      So you can see there, that it is a stern Condition laid out by God, to even be counted as His true Children. It is a Mandate given by God Himself.

      I hope this has shed real light on your misunderstanding which you got from mere people who have no truth.

    4. Lawrence, again you are repeating what you have been told which is again false. There is no scripture that says God loves everybody. Jesus said 'I love them that love me' and
      that 'those that love Me, keep my commands''.
      In fact God told those at Gilgal that because they were rebellious, he came to love them no more'.
      And doesnt God say he hated Esau?
      Another error you make is who Gods Children are. No, we are NOT all Gods Children. Jesus told the pharisees they ''are of their father the devil'.
      Look at who people serve and then you will know who is a child of God, and who is of their Father the devil. All of those that do not serve God, are children of hell.
      Lawrence, no the KJV is not difficult to read. You need to ask God to give you the Holy Spirit so that you can understand it; otherwise you won't. You need to ask God to help you to understand the bible; tell him you want to understand it. Ask Him to remove your confusion, (but to do so, you must stop listening to pastors and just focus on His Word, the Bible. Otherwise, you are letting in confusion.)
      I sense that you really do want to know the truth, but you are leaning on other people to tell you want it means. You must understand that you ARE able to understand what you read for yourself. Pray for God to teach you what it means, then open up to the New Testament and start reading the teachings by the Apostles, and what they taught to the Churches, starting with the Book of Romans.
      God loves a dedicated Student, so dig in, and keep going, all by yourself without distraction of others and without their opinions. YOU CAN DO IT, LAWRENCE!

    5. Even better is a transliteration so you can see the original text and the interpretation and come to your own conclusion. The best one I have found out there is for both Old and New Testament. And it's free.

    6. King James was not happy with the original Bible, because of all the negative connotations about kings that were unworthy of such titles..Thats why King James ordered all refrences to kings that were negative to exclude them in his version... thats why people are confused..!! They are always getting half truths..!! I havent seen the bible Paul talkes about, but he should know which bibles are which because of his background..!! Suffice it to say, lawerence has a point.. The masses at large do not understand Shakesphere to this day..Back then they probably all did necause that is the way everyone talked..!! But someone did recently, using the hand of god to write it, wrote a new one that is in perfect english.. I saw by the hand of god because he would wake up every morning at 4 am to sit down and write feverishly, without even knowing what he was writting or doing. It took him some time but its finished and available at book stores... Unfortunately, i was listening to it on KFI(coast to coast radio) with host George Nori, and i cant remember who wrote it and the title, because its not called a has another name that implies it was an enlightenment of some kind... He did say it was jesus in the end, so he asked him who he was to be sure and why is there so much missary he is causing....his only reply was that "everyone has me wrong"..!! What i took from that is he isnt judgeing anyone. He is only pure love...thats what people have wrong!!! I wish i could think of that title of that book. But coast to coast comes on in calif. at 10pm to 2am in the morning, and i usually doze off. I dont even have the energy to pick up a pen and paper to write things down at that time...!! If anyone finds it let me know...I did see that book cover when i googled it, so i will recognize it if i see it...!! But i didnt book mark it...stupid i know..!!But its in plain English and even explains revelations in plain english...that would be a big help in understanding what is happening right now....!!

  9. I know my creator ,my mom and dad Thankyou
    I am still learning all the lies and not totally believing all these his stories just because they say it is a holy black book that we must believe everything it states as it is written by men and I do not see God's autograph on it and it is a copyright book.
    I know I am not perfect or correct but I will do my best to obtain my own opinion on what facts I believe may be true. As it stands we are separate and are conquered and trapped as servants of the unholy trinity not the other way around.

    1. Good for you for questioning everything that we have been led to believe, Lawrence. For good example: the (so-called) Bible. A work of Man's; not God's.

      An exceptionally helpful book that I have found in my own search for answers/Truth is Joseph Atwill's 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'. Extremely well researched and sleuthed, in uncovering the truth about the (so-called) New Testament. It served God the emperor of the Roman Empire. Not God the Creator Source of all of us facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of The All That Is.

      We all have our homework cut out for us. In many a regard. As Anna has done so beautifully, in sleuthing out the con job that was foisted on the united States of America along the way of its nationhood.

    2. How about the con job that is being foisted upon you right now by the devil himself? "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."

  10. Wow,did I say there was no creator? Are you making that up? And are you assuming and presuming that the devil foisted on me? And are you a judge and jury and God yourself to judge that upon me? Who's the fool?

    1. Are you taking my reply to Stan personal? Did I hit a nerve?

    2. And love is exactly what it is all about. No problem. No matter what man says or what you may read, the bottom line is that God loves us so much that he gave us free will and allowed us to choose for Him or against Him. He did not want robots but friends who would earnestly choose to love Him from their heart. But He also saw that such power got us into trouble and we lost our way. So He sent His Son to show us the way to be forgiven of our past and be to restored to Him. One of my favorite verses is "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." This is why it is called "good news".

  11. I am not the smartest chip in the wood pile but I do know the IRS put of those kinda liens on me. I goofed and phoned em instead of properly responding. The time limit was 90 days and I got two other notices that is called due process. They said I failed to respond so the started taking money out of my bank account with the "cured" lien.
    These liens are real and powerful. Tacit Acquiescence, the law is the law.

  12. No, they only sent a notice of levy and not and actual levy. It was the bank who volunteered to comply with the notice and stole your money for them. Take them to small claims court for "Civil Theft" and use Schultz v IRS as your defense. The judge will find some nonsensical excuse to dismiss your case but appeals will reverse it. PS: your money never left the bank.

    1. No it wasnt the bank that complied. But they did give the IRS everything they needed to create the lein.. the ones who are committing the real crime of recording those "Notices of Leins" as actual "Leins" is the " County Recorders Office" again as i said before that agency is being used as a weapon against us, because no one goes after them because they state they arent liable for what people file there because they arent attorneys..!! Again, the attorneys at work to protect the only dept. of govt. that claims "no liability" for unlawful filings...when an IRS lein is filed, they dont even question it because of the implied authority they have to do it...just like the banks do in foreclosures...we need another filing agency above the county recordors office that overides their office, without going through the courts, or any agency that has enforcement rights that cant be argued at all, because it works for only the man or woman on the LAND..!! Will someone please sue the county recorders office....please..!!!!

  13. Lawrence, I neglected to respond to your statement that 'sir francis bacon wrote the bible'. If you've ever heard of the 1st Century Church which was birthed with the death of Christ (thus the CHRISTian Church) then you must know that the Apostles preached what God spoke to them to preach, and scribes wrote what they said. And that is how the bible came to be penned and was completed by the year 100 A.D.
    In the case of John the Revelator, God took him and showed him all that is comprised in the Book of Revelation and God told John to go write all that he saw. Since that time, there has been no additional scripture, or teaching given by God.
    Sir Francis Bacon was born in the 1500's A.D. Can you tell me then just how did Bacon 'write the bible'?

    1. Exactly correct....
      Will stupidity never cease with lightweight fraudster's like Lawrence and his fiat "much love" pretensive mantra = very pathetic and a waste of time.

    2. Abbey I was referring to KJB
      mtman 2 Sorry about that me being a light weight maybe u like to try a fun arm wrestle just for shits and giggles.:]
      Yes I'll drop that much love thingy as there's not much of that going around here.
      If you can't speak freely your not free

    3. Lawrence, KJB? Do that mean the King James Bible? Well, if so then what is in the KJB got there by just what I wrote above -- and Bacon was not born yet in any case.
      So answer the question I asked you about Bacon and how you enter him into the picture, when the Bible was already completed at least 1400 years before he was even born?
      You see, when you make statements in here, be ready with a viable answer.
      P.S. We already know that people spit out the love word thinking that will get them off the hook. You see, trying to put whipped cream on a cow pile......makes it still a cow pile, to most of us who are way ahead of people like you.
      Lawrence, you actually have two hellholes: The first one is the tyranny the world has perpetrated on all of us. The second one you are creating for your self by your own doing. And that is your avid venture to try to disprove the very Word of God and looking for verification of your falsehoods by looking for others who are also walking in the ditch to walk with you. People like Stan, who give you momentary peace and make you feel good about your Self.
      Always searching, but never coming to the knowledge of God, which has been put right in front of you.
      ......and you all fall into the ditch together.
      You are your own worst enemy. You are free to continue in your own hellhole, so do not whine and complain about it.
      Get your homework done and be ready for school tomorrow.

    4. In the English-speaking world there are two supreme masterpieces of literature. Both, oddly enough, were first published within twelve years of each other in the then relatively small (by today’s standards) city of London, England. The King James Authorized Version of the Bible (KJAV) was published in 1611, and the first folio edition of the Collected Works of William Shakespeare (FF) was published in 1623. Odder still the facts known about the authors of both of these works present ‘irreconcilable differences’ with the works they supposedly authored.

      Six groups, comprised of some 54 translators, produced the KJAV. Most of these people had no literary aspirations, and have left no written works. Those who have exhibit no outstanding literary quality in their works. In addition, the inability of a committee to produce anything of outstanding quality is proverbial. As for the Shakespeare works, the reputed author, William Shakspere of Stratford on Avon, is the most unlikely candidate imaginable. He had illiterate parents, illiterate children, and judging by the crabbed and incomplete six signatures he left behind was more than likely illiterate himself.

      The solution to the ‘irreconcilable difference’ problem of the authorship of the ‘Shakespeare’ works is that Francis Bacon was the actual author. As far back as 1598, the year the ‘Shakespeare’ name first appeared on one of the plays, Joseph Hall and John Marston had works in print showing they recognized Francis Bacon as the actual author of these works. Subsequently various people, adding to what was begun by Hall and Marston, have amassed an imposing body of evidence for Bacon’s authorship. The articles on the present site ( alone are more than sufficient to demonstrate that Bacon was the actual author of the ‘Shakespeare’ works.

      The problem with the authorship of the KJAV may have the same solution. William T. Smedley in his 1905 book, The Mystery of Francis Bacon, first put forth the theory that Bacon rewrote the translator’s manuscripts to produce the literary masterpiece that is the KJAV. At a time when books from the Elizabethan and Stuart era were much more affordable than they are now Smedley amassed a very fine library, and having become intimately acquainted with the material in his library, noticed some odd features in these publications. He began to suspect that one man was behind the publication of many of these works, and he identified this man as Francis Bacon. Smedley said Bacon marked the books he published with special printer’s devices. For example, the device below on the “To the Christian Reader” at the beginning of the KJAV can also be found at the beginning of Bacon’s 1620 Great Instauration, and at the beginning of the Shakespeare First Folio:

    5. Lawrence, sounds like you want to skirt the issue and blame the KJV for your lack of or unwillingness to even try to understand the word or even to read it. Do I read resenment against a parent in your supposed "Christian" upbringing and rebellion out of retaliation in spite? Is this why you find it hard to believe that your Heavenly Father really loves you because you are comparing Him with your earthly Father? If you say that you believe in your Creator, then you must also accept and believe Jesus as the Father's solution to save mankind which includes you. He who denies the Son, the Father will deny. If you believe Jesus, it was He who said that unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of a God. This is in the first chapter of John chapter 3 and very plain to read and understand. In fact, this was so important that Jesus repeated it and even added to it and said that unles one is born of water (the cleansing word of God) and the spirit ( the Holy Spirt) he cannot enter the kingdom. You alone are responsible for accepting or rejecting his word and you will live or die by it. The Father is not willing that any should perish. But he has already bowed down to you by giving you His son as a sacrifice to pay for for yoru sins. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believe on Him shall not perish but pass from death to life. Now it is your turn to bow down to Him in repentance and reconciliation.

    6. Lawrence, most of what you posted was copied from some of the humanistic worldly books you read, and not your own words at all. Did you know that that is called plagerism? Did you have permission to print that stuff? Did you know that taking the words of others as being your own, without stating whose words they are, and from where you copied against the Law?

    7. Sorry abby You wanted to know were I got this info so I brought to your attention
      Sorry to all that I have offended many of you and I leave it to you your own free will.
      I will and still learn from many mistakes I have done and learn as I go. I am not perfect Bye


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