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Friday, October 6, 2017

46,000 Arrests

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I told you how I looked up the IRS Master Files attached to my NAME and my husband's NAME back in 1998 under a Freedom of Information Act request?  And that I also had to request a Code Book because the files were all encoded and we had to decipher what they said?

By diligent application we discovered (much to our astonishment) that I was running a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband was selling guns in South America, at the same time that we were sitting at home in Big Lake, Alaska. WTH...?   Doppelgangers, indeed. 

At the time, we were just astonished and perplexed, as any innocent American might be.  Can you put yourself in our position?  

I did what?  I was where?  

Why would "the government" go to all the trouble to set up a completely false narrative about who we were and what we were doing?  And why gun running and rum production of all things?  Why was this all in code?  And why was the IRS keeping a pack of lies on record under our NAMES?  

Obviously, ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER was purportedly a rum distilling Mama in the Caribbean, and JAMES CLINTON BELCHER was selling automatic weapons to foreign governments in South America---- and all the while, we were sitting at our kitchen table in Alaska reading this with our eyebrows twisted together, wondering what dim, ugly fairy tale this whole "story line" came from------and why? 

The easy explanation lies in the fact that the Internal Revenue Service was never given any enforcement capacity and had no contract with the actual Congress, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is a different story--- please note that both rum distilling and gun sales in foreign countries fall under BATF scrutiny and enforcement power.  

So, presto, change-o, take an artist and his wife living in rural Alaska, transform them into dangerous criminals engaged in international commerce, bring forward a completely false record "compiled" by credible government bureaucrats over years of time---- and suddenly, you have an excuse to arrest and prosecute and otherwise harm and harass innocent people to your heart's content.  

We were all set up and "framed" as criminals with malice aforethought, to expedite any prosecution or complaint the rats might have against us. 

Ever wonder what the FBI was doing at Ruby Ridge, shooting an unarmed woman and her babe in arms?  And a little boy and his dog?  And getting away with it? 

Ever wonder what Janet Reno and the thugs at the BATF were doing using napalm and tanks against peaceful people living in apartment complexes? 

Well, now you know.  And it is all nothing but foreign corporate criminality and fraud and violence against Americans. 

Make no mistake, these people have been The Enemy all along, and most of them haven't even known it.  The information was all kept "compartmentalized" so that one hand didn't know what the other was doing, so that the most horrific results could be put in motion by just a handful of madmen at the top.  

Each step was legal and limited, so that people responsible for taking that step thought nothing about it.  It was within their job description.  They trusted their superiors.  They moved Shipment A to Point B.  They recorded document L-42-L21443.  They collected their paycheck, went home, went to bed, thought nothing of it.  Why should they?  

They hadn't done anything bad --- that they knew of.  

For all they knew, JAMES really was a gun runner in South America and ANNA was the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados.  Ho-hum.  Duly noted.  Filed. Archived.  

And now the news comes that 46,000 members of the US military, both US Navy and US Army personnel, have been arrested.  Why?  For using "criminal codes" in a computerized weapons system testing program against civilian targets--- American civilians.  

Well, we know where those "codes" came from, don't we?  They are part of the "Master File System"--- the same one that deliberately misidentified what appeared to be ME as a rum distiller and which misidentified JAMES as an arms dealer. 

Who knows?  Maybe "RANDY WEAVER" was listed as a dangerous dealer in Far Eastern narcotics?  And his wife, standing in the door of their cabin with her baby in arms?  Well, she might have been listed as a the operator of a whiskey distillery in Kansas.  

Just like 95% of us are listed in their "official" records as unclaimed babies, fatherless waifs, donated to the tender mercies of the STATES OF STATES.  Go ahead, tell your Mom and Dad that you were born out of wedlock and they didn't really bust their humps to feed you and raise you.  Oh, and by the way, they obviously have loose morals and are irresponsible deadbeats and addicts and drunks, bringing a child into the world and leaving him dependent on the STATE, INC.  What other explanation is there? 

Maybe the truth? 

I bet that when an investigation worth its salt gets going, it will be found that all the people killed at the Branch Davidian Compound had sordid anti-American criminal histories a yard long --- even the little two-year-olds the heartless insane bastards incinerated. 

It's in a "government" record, right?  It must true, right?  

One can easily imagine men in suits and dark glasses presenting their official Master File evidence to judges and the judges nodding sagely and then shaking their heads and signing the execution orders while muttering, "Known criminals, no doubt" and going home to a good dinner in their Mercedes.  

Really makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?  Knowing that Janet Reno is still walking around and breathing easy?  And the people who gave her the orders, too?  

On the surface at least, it appears that they should all be rounded up and hung--- but who knows how much any of them really knew?  It's certainly a question that should be asked, preferably at Gitmo, in the Hole.   

Nothing about these "federal" government operations have been true or right in a very long time--- 1863, to be precise.  In fact, the "government" isn't even the government.  It's just a bankrupt, incompetent foreign governmental services corporation gone bad and left operating on our shores like a runaway train. 

Yes, the vaunted "US" federal government is a corporate cesspool, a gross international disgrace--- not for the Americans who have been the victims, but for the British Government, the French Government, the Holy See, and the United Nations, which are all technically responsible for this Mess and which have all been complicit in this nightmare of lies, violence, and greed. 

So, why are 46,000 members of "our"--- I use that word lightly--- military forces under arrest tonight?  

Because various United Nations treaties mandate that if certain kinds of warfare technologies, including weather modification weapons (see the ENMOD Treaty), are to be tested, they can only be tested against domestic targets. 

That means that they can only shoot up "US citizens" with experimental drugs, hurl hurricanes at "US citizens" and yes, use advanced resonance frequency weapons --- torture weapons --- against "US citizens".  

They have to leave the rest of us alone, but you see, we Americans have almost all been deliberately and fraudulently misidentified as "US citizens", and an entire false dossier has been compiled against each one of us, which enables these fiends to order clueless subordinates to do incredibly criminal things to innocent people. 

Now that I finally have your attention--- listen up.  

It is imperative that the criminals responsible be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of natural and international law.  

It is imperative that our lawful government get on its feet and walk, in full restoration, no later than June 1, 2018.  

It is imperative that you all get off your duffs and start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs and demanding that your "NAMES" are removed from any fake foreign bank and government records suggesting that you are "US citizens", including all the various Master Files that have been developed by the various agencies--- DHS, Social Security, FEMA, and all the rest.

Call up the members of "Congress" who have betrayed your trust and who are responsible for all of this.  Pigeon-hole them and make their ears bleed with your complaints.  Make the issues very, very plain.  

And then, do what I did--- fire them.  Officially.  Tell the "Congressional Delegation" for the foreign corporation operating as a "State of State" in a Registered Mail letter, explicitly---- "You do not represent me and don't you dare to presume, claim, or allege anything about me or my assets or my political status ever again."

Members of the military and federal civilian services ---take note--- you belong to The United State of America (unincorporated), not the UNITED STATES, INC. or any other foreign corporation. 

You are part of the American Armed Forces.  Not the "US" Armed Forces---- unless you are in the Puerto Rican Navy or part of the Home Guard on Guam or the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police. 

And if you have any problems, refer the JAG Officers to me.  I won't have any problem describing this situation to them in words they can fully, completely, and honorably understand.  

Members of the general public, Ma and Pa --- you are non-citizen nationals of The United States of America (unincorporated) and the sovereign land jurisdiction state where you were born. You are nothing anyone ever fraudulently assigned you to be. You are not involved in commerce, not involved in drugs, arms, alcohol, or fireworks production or sale of any kind -----and you are the landlords.  

You don't owe any rent to anyone.   You don't "reside" here. You live here.

Say it, know it, make it stick.  Shove it down the throat of anyone who says otherwise.  Spit.  Go ahead.  This whole situation deserves it. 

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  1. Thank you again Anna Von Reitz, for standing with the little guy! Well said, about time truth be told! You are AMAZING and I love you more each day! It feels good to be Human again!

  2. Nice, yes, I have heard of this, from the one now passed on the researcher known as “the Informer”, is the one I heard talking about this. Yes is a contract ssn that is jus about impossible to collapse. IMF is made to where you have to that code book to decipher it all out , jus like u said. Where does this reg. Letter get sent to? IRS?

    1. SSA, has no contract with the people and thats why payments can be stopped at any time. Look to the Congressional record, 1953. If you hold an SSN, you act as trustee until the beneficiary shows up at some point to claim the funds applied as a trustee. When the trustee acts, the trust is responsible, end of story unless you don't know that and claim ownership. Ask yourself, if there is no parity between you and a corporate body, are you being offered anything at all? No, your person is and we accepted service of process by mail which make us surety!

  3. Thk You Anna < & God Bless You For Your Hard Work.

  4. There you see the Pirates, Rogues and Thieves, AKA Trepanners

    Oxford Universal English Dictionary 1937 ed.

    Trepan sb.1 late ME. [1. F. trepan, ad. med. L trepanum, ad. Gr. a borer.]
    1. A surgical instrument in the form of a crown-saw, for cutting out small pieces of bone, esp. from the skull.
    +2. A military engine formerly used in seiges -1610.
    3. A boring instrument for sinking shafts. (Usu. as F. trepan.) 1877

    Trepan, trapan sb.2 Obs. or arch. 1641. [Orig. trapan, prob. formed in some way from Trap sb.1 or vb.1 Prob. a term of thieves' or rogues' slang.]

    1. A person who entraps or decoys others into actions or positions which may be to his advantage and to their ruin or loss.

    2. [f. Trepan v.2] The action of entrapping; a stratagem, trick; a trap or snare 1665.

    (1.) He was a Rogue, and a manifest Trepan of the Earl's, NORTH.
    (2.) There being a Snare, and a Trapan almost in every Word we hear 1671.

    Trepan, trapan vb.2 Obs. or arch. 1656 [f.Trepan sb2] trans.

    a.To catch in a trap; to entrap, ensnare, beguile.
    b. To lure, inveigle (into or to a place, course of action, etc., to do something, etc.) 1661
    c. To cheat or beguile out of (a thing); to swindle 1662

    (a.) To lie upon the catch to trepan his neighbor 1745.
    (c.) Ten of those Rogues had trapann'd him out of 500. Crowns 1662

    Hence Trepanner = Trepan sb.2 I.

  5. This should be front page on any non cabal paper.46,000.00 arrests . Love to see the government arrest warrant .

  6. I have learned so much from you Anna! I used to think it couldn't get any worse, now I just expect that I will. It blows my mind to see this and there is no doubt in me that it is all true.

  7. IMO, the #1 thing people need to wrap their brains around is that they are NOT residents. The main stream media, govco window trolls and most public actors we deal with talk as though it is a given fact that everybody is a resident.

    We have a choice: be a resident (British subject living in America) or one of the free, sovereign and independent People. It is my belief that it is these People (uppercase P) who are represented in the Federal constitution. It is not those who signed it--they were merely representatives of the free, sovereign and independent people. The Definitive Treaty of Peace provided the ruling; the Constitution is the judgment.

  8. I am curious, do we all need to do a FOIA request to the IRS and request our master file & how do we get the book that shows what the codes mean? Thank you to anyone that can help!

    I am curious, do we all need to do a FOIA request to the IRS and request our master file & how do we get the book that shows what the codes mean? Thank you to anyone that can help!

  10. Please CITE your work. Where did you get this information from? Is this inside intel?
    Thank you,
    Brawny Day

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Unknown...some of us have known this way before computers and the internet was even invented... yes, the informer was one of them..!! I think i still have my master file, knowing that it had labeled me under something involving the ATF. But i never could at that time get the encoding codes.. this generation is finally catching up..but the more we find out, the more corrupt the courts become until now they even challange the President, actually sueing him for some of his policy making decisions. Hoes that for complete defiance and disrespect.!! Has any other president been sued by by special interest groups like the ACLU...I dont remember any.. !! Sure we can tell our representatives and elected officials. But what we really want and need is to get compliance from local law enforcement that we arent the people you have control over. Your soul authority is over U.S. CITIZENS not American Nationals.. Who is going to enforce our true status against all these traitors, especially since they get paid for it and under constant threat by their superiors of losing their jobs if they dont follow orders...THEIRS!!! They are all told WE are the enemy and dont listen to a word they say. Just tell them to come to court and they can argue their defense their. Its not our job to determine the law or the "Truth". Only a court of law and a judge can do that. Our job description is to enforce the law not interpret it unless you have a BAR license...!! Remember these people all work under limited liability.. And most of them dont even want that.. They would really like to work without any liability at all... complete vigilantes!!! I sure hope that "True News Channel" comes around and lives up to its name, because we are still being jerked around by that Las Vegas incident.. He supposedly had high clearance , even to area 51 and was bothered by something..!! Thats why his first target was those tanks on the airfield. They were destined to area 51 because of special contents that was in them. But they were double-walled steel containers that his guns couldnt breach. At least not both of them. Thats probably when he had to create a deversion by shooting into the crowd causing mass histeria for his escape. Thats why he didnt use tracer bullets which he had with him there. And the reason for the supressor(silencer) to hide the flash from the gunfire mussle. We need the truth behind that incidence and i mean pronto..!! Whatever there planning its against us and he knew it. He hit those tanks purposely so they would be investigated... have we heard anything about the tanks or their contents yet....NO!! The only thing i heard is that he tried to shoot those tanks, but nothing else about them. The planes that leave there to area 51 are cleverly unmarked as private.. Something is afoot and it must be getting close for this guy to take the chance he did..!!

  11. Finally, someone who knows what I knew a long time ago. The IRS purposely labels every United States citizen as being involved with Alcohol, Tobacco or Firearms because they are all excise taxable activities that have profit and gain and is all enforceable under Title 27, not Title 26, which is the Income Tax code.

    When a taxing agency sends you a presentment saying our records indicate you made such and such, and owe us money, interest and penalties or we will send out a notice of levy to your employer or bank or a notice of lein on your property, they try and get you into a controversy. It all looks legit until we looked up the Implementing Regulations that apply to form 6331 and 6334 of the IRC. Both forms are enforcement forms relating to ATF.

    Up until 1971, those forms also applied to federal government employees of the District of Columbia. Why? Because as federal employees, you have profit and gain attached to everything you do, which is an excise taxable activity that the IRS can demand a return on.
    The Implementing Regulation for that was actully in Title 26 until 1971, when they combined it with ATF in Title 27. The Federal Reserve protected themselves by including an individual master file on everyone being involved with ATF just in case the slaves started to wake up.

    The Judges were all told to uphold the International bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES no matter what. When you go to court to try and fight there collection agency, the IRS, you lose no matter how good your argument is, showing case law to back up your presumptions, they always come back with their standard repy....Motion denied because defendant failed to state a claim upon which relief cannot be made 12(b)(6). WTF.
    Anotherwords, they had title to your name, not you because you never claimed it at birth. So they are in court acting as the secured party creditor while you have no idea that they stole your name and you are now the debtor in a bankruptcy proceedure without your knowledge. Nothing like Fraud. The attorneys are all in this scam as well.

    They have literally ruined the lives of millions of families because our congressmen and President's have all been put in their place with the assasination of John F Kennedy.

  12. I hear the IRS.comes into court as a court of record like what we should be doing however that have a bluffing hand because a fiction non human can't open a court of record and you win if that is a court of record the pretend to be a live human and dictate Thair wishes /remedy . But you can call bull and demand to face your accuser they cant.produce.

  13. Reno was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1995, from which she died on November 7, 2016.

  14. Does anyone know how to handle your HR? W2 filing, SS tax, Pension? As a County employee, I don't know where to start. I worry about doing this correctly so that I don't lose all the benefits I have paid into all these years, and I don;t want to be flagged by the IRS either! Help!


    1. Isn't that the 10 Remedies your talking about? But there's more to it than that. I read in one of her books that if you've been in military service that you have to send letters to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy and all the Commanding Generals of all branches telling them that you've reclaimed your State Nationalism and that can no longer consider you an Municipal Citizen. And then if you apply for Foodstamps that you have to register with those corporations as a Resident Alien? Because, you are not a citizen of their corporation. I've also read that to do all this takes several months and costs around $300. So, what about those of use who are living in poverty and don't have $300 to throw into this? I'm not trying to be a downer here but, this is seeming to get more and more complicated every month. I would REALLY appreciate a packet of forms that we could either download and print out or just purchase and fill out to help use take care of all this stuff. Mainly because the verbiage I'd use in any letter to any of these scum would probably set the page on fire!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Can you help me verify that 46,000 soldiers and sailors were arrested? I am writing this almost a week after I got this email, and I have not heard a peep about it on any news media I have found. If I cannot verify something with some kind of proof, I hesitate to pass it on because I hate looking like the fool. I have a reputation to protect, as I know Anna does, but I don't want to be in the situation where someone says, "You shoulda looked at the fine print where it says, 'This is an example of what you MAY hear about some time in the future if things keep going the way they are,'" and is not the dang, hard facts that are currently existing. Like I said, this is the first I have heard of it and it is an incredibly large number of people who actually got arrested (if that truly is the case), and what jails are big enough to hold all of them?


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