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Friday, October 6, 2017

Thank You, Cookie Jars of America!

By Anna Von Reitz

When I look back over the last year I know that what we have accomplished was only made possible by a lot of "cookie jars"--- the small stashes of retirees and young couples and people who know in their hearts that "something" is wrong---- just like our book title: "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause".
So you've sent me your $10s and your $20s and even your $19s and every time I open an envelope and read the notes knowing that I might be able to reply to one in five or ten with a thank you, I nonetheless feel connected for a moment to the heart of the senders and to the soul of this country.
It's always bittersweet. I wish we met under better circumstances, without such urgent needs, without such dire news and ugly history to discuss. It surely isn't easy to contemplate all the ways that we've been lied to by our supposed friends and betrayed by our employees and misled by all the Talking Heads.
And every day, I get dozens of questions and pleas for help I can't hope to answer---- though I do what I can in 24 hours.
For tonight I just want to say thank you and I am proud to be an American, because I know that I stand with millions of good people who have been hideously mistreated, misled, lied to, and defamed by those who owed them Good Faith, loyalty, and service.
I urge you all to grab an oar wherever you are and do whatever you can to spread the word and help each other. Do your best to prepare for whatever comes. Take care of yourselves first, then your extended family and friends and neighbors. Put aside some extra toilet paper and food and soap and fuel. Top off the tanks. Buy tires if you need them. Rat-hole a few things you can use as trade goods -- packets of coffee, over the counter drugs, an extra bottle of vodka, chocolate bars, perfume, cigarettes. Put aside some silver coins and extra blankets.
It would be pleasant and convenient, indeed, it would be wonderful if I thought that the Rule of Law was worth two hoots in Hell, but at this point, I think we must confess that our "government" has been nothing more than a foreign crime syndicate for several generations and whatever happens we must step up and be truly responsible for ourselves, both in advancing our position to the rest of the world and in leading by example to restore our lawful land jurisdiction government.
I know that Pope Benedict XVI was eager to make amends once he understood the situation. I know that various other leaders around the world, even those that we have been told are our "enemies" have responded with compassion and understanding. Our greatest sin has been our gullibility and trust in those we considered our leaders and our Allies.
It seems that Donald Trump is an able businessman, which is far more than can be said for many past Presidents. It also seems that he has his own vision for America, and the passion to try to make this country truly great again, but in the end, it must be the people who make this country great and who write its history day by day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and support so many of you have shown and continue to show.

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  1. Anna, your letter here makes me wonder just what are you expecting, that you tell us to make such preparations. I wish you would expound so we wouldn't have to imagine what you might be alluding to.
    You also stated earlier, that you have attained (have) 9 of the 100 or so Trusts and that they are huge. How can we make a claim to any that may contain our Names or NAMES in them; accounts that belong to us? Is there a reason why you cannot begin dispersing those Accounts now? I think they are very much needed as soon as possible; like yesterday.
    As for helping you with $$, I have been totally unable to do that, as you know the ole cheapie SS check doesn't stretch at all. We have been preparing for quite awhile now, with car repairs, new tires, necessary clothing and bedding. JB Weld sure fixes a lot of things on the cheap. The clothes washer actually broke, had to replace, expensive, and now the dryer is making funny noises, about 20 yrs old. Car brakes due pretty soon. But all in all, we are better off than a lot of people. Still, this is sure not living and existing is just a waste of precious time.
    Anna, I can tell you, that the older we get, the more bad memories we have stored up, and they seem to come creeping back into the mind and make for some unpleasant nightmares. All those injustices, all the unnecessary hardships, my son having to be a latchkey kid at age 10 for a few hours every day after school; all because the bastards kept money from us that would have eased all that. That is my greatest resentment to this day, and it haunts me every night; its why I have a very messed up sleep pattern.
    Its why we MUST flip these tables on them, and become the conquerors, seeing real Justice before our very eyes. But I'm starting to sense too many nefarious obstacles being thrown in our path. True? Or not?
    I think I cannot stand one more day of ''being had''.

    1. Abby, You seem very bitter. And instead of putting fourth love and compassion. You are projecting our bitterness on the one true person whom has brought you the truth. What you do with that information is your choice. We are all blessed with freedom of choice fro our creator.But just like watching a news channel. If you don't like or agree what is being said. You always have the option of turning the channel. God bless. And I pray God will bring peace and comfort and compassion to your heart.

    2. Jim, you show total lack of discernment. You also show that you must have joined up with some 60's groupies who floated their heads in the sky of fake 'love and peace' bullshit.
      Get this straight; we are in a spiritual battle with very ugly deep and dark evil. Real thinking people do NOT 'go along to get along' and neither are we ever going to fall into that ignorant trap of political correctness. Reality is very very ugly, if you ever find the backbone to face that fact. And while you are at it, try to find the real One True God. He happens to 'be angry with the wicked all the day long''. Somebody should throw you into a pile of manure and then tell yourself you ''should try not to stink''. !
      So YOU are in no position whatsoever to try to tell me what I am or how I think or feel....DIG?! Go back to sleep, curl up under a tree, and dream your sick dreams of all is well.

    3. I recently found this pastor on YouTube who us now dead but this sermon on justice for us and how to pray for justice is our right as Christians. I feel the church has lied in lots of areas as part of the dirty government. I hope it helps.

    4. Wow hoo Abby. Now that's the tough love some have been missing. There are 3 conncerrent wars going on. One is a currency war, another is political and the last and most important is Spiritual. Anybody that doesn't understand that yet is Spiritually blind. You don't just walk in and pick a fight with Satan and his minions, of which there are many. This corruption is coming to it's end. The trouble is, so many in high places are involved that it might be prudent to stock up on water and non-persible foods.

  2. One Question, where would we go? Which place would be safe? How long before we reach Peace? May our heavenly Father watch over us! Never give up! Please keep us posted!
    Blessings to All!

    1. From Anna:

      The reason is that until very recently most of the government bureaucrats thought they owed money to the banks. Now they know that instead, they owe everything to the actual states and people.

      We aren't "a" bank, we are "the" bank.

      This realization is causing a lot of astonishment in some quarters and the realization that bad bookkeeping has embezzled quadrillions of dollars.

      And the banks are just middlemen --Secondary Creditors at best.

      Who knew?

      The further problem is that there have been no free markets in many years and nobody knows what the "free market" value of anything is.

      The ESF --"Exchange Stabilization Fund" has been used as a giant all-controlling hedge fund. As a result this entire system is off-balance and "unreal".

      These are very trying and difficult times without easy answers, so I merely observe what should be obvious-- people need to pull together, do what they can to help each other, and prepare for possible disruptions in the supply of food, fuel, currency, and dry goods.

      This isn't "insider information" so much as it is Granny Sense.

      When people don't know the value of anything and giant hedge funds are used to control both the supply and value of national currencies and governments and politicians are swindled and swindling by turns to the tune of quadrillions of dollars, the horse sense of the matter is that Joe Average needs to buy extra socks and toilet paper.

      America is the Paramount Security Interest Holder and Priority Creditor of most of the Territorial and Municipal governments and all the corporations chartered under them.

      The United States both Territorial and Municipal are broke to the same extent that we are enriched.

      So there has to be a debt forgiveness to bring things back into balance and there must be action to return to honest and equitable trade.

      We are offering the rest of the nations the chance to return home to the land and be at peace. All they have to do to have their debts forgiven is to forgive everyone else.

      And then we can start over with clean slates, actual governments established for the public good, and nobody has to suffer.

    2. Maybe I am missing some que here, but that still doesn't tell us why the 9 Trusts cannot be released here in the States.
      Seems the best way to get 'the message' out, is by making an official Address to the Nation via TV. Word of mouth is not going to get the job done. And it will take way too long.

    3. I truely feel for all of you suffering as i have. But judge Anna is just trying to be realistic for once. I was waiting for this message for awhile now, because ive been in the courts fighting it from that angle and seeing first hand how much power they have. And even if i did win, they never forget who you are, and the courts and DA's think the whole thing is some sort of game, where loses arent tolerated, even if they ruin peoples lives...!! Most of them dont have the faintest clue about the real system they are defending. Thats why i stay away from the courts now. We have to face the facts that they will never give in and start to prepare for the worst. We just got this place last year and its so nice and beautiful....and CHEAP!! But even i have to be ready to leave it if things get ugly.. !! Considering whats happing around the world, like hurricanes that have ravedged entire islands, like Puerto Rico, and Texas, it just makes common sense to be somewhat prepared for the worst....which means getting packaged freezdried food that has a self life of years, some even being delux meals that people swear by. But you still need hot water to make them. So you need a small burner at the very least. Ive seen very compact ones selling for under $20. Water and flashlights to. We always hope for the best, but we have to be ready for the worst. Its just part of this generations reality... Thats how close i think it is to the end. Obviously, i dont want to believe it, but i have to accept it like all of you..!! We lived two years out of our van and we can do it again. But at least we had a membership to LA fitness so we could shower and shave everyday. This next time we will truely be roughing it if the shit really hits the fan. After gaining all this power and wealth, do you really think they are just going to say , we didnt mean it, were sorry, and hand back all that money.. They would rather destroy the entire planet than admit they have been defeated. Satan is fighting for his life. He thought it was in the bag. It was only one president away....Hillary!! If you think he was red then, you should see him now..!! Trump is in a very difficult position.. what would you do if the only chance to save America was to get into nuclear annilation or give in to the bankers and accept terms he wouldnt normally agree to but the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.. Ive already heard that some states have made it mandatory to insert chips under their skin.. !! Whole states.!! None of us wanted this, but to deny it any longer is just living in denial of our situation.. Now Trump made a very esoteric remark that even the press got neverous over... he stated "this is the calm before the storm" with nothing but the military industrial complex standing with him...The press tried to ask him what he meant, but you know Trump...he just stated.."you'll find out"!!! A comment like that shouldnt be taken lightly..!! Especially with nothing but a ton of military people surrounding him when he said it.. hes warning people the best way he knows how without creating histeria.. So good night and God bless...!!!!

    4. James, who says those are the only two options. I don't think Trump has his back against the wall; he is the Prez; arrest the bankers, thats what you do. Tell Russia to come and carry out their arrest warrant on soros and haul his ugly demented self to wherever their little heart desires. Sheesh, they can tie him to the north pole and let him freeze to death if they want to do things on the cheap! Order the u.s. Marshalls to go escort out all the bankers for their final farewell. Out with the old, and in with the new. Why is this too hard for Trump to understand? Start freezing some bank accounts, what is to wait for! These troublemakers are treasonists; surely we know what to do with such! Do they need a map to Houston? Do they know what a blowtorch is? And for cryin' out loud, give Trump some duck tape to muzzle those two brats and send them back to NY!
      All that would be good......for starters.


  3. Abby, I couldn't agree more. This message just confused me beyond belief. I will be homeless by the end of this month, also on fixed Disability checK..Can't find a place for what they expect me to have monthly to qualify. I am feeling very helpless. but really trying hard to "HOLD THE LIGHT" to help with assension and staying positive Knowing "GOD/SOURCE" will provide. However time is running up and there is so much information to discern through. I feel I have a good handle on things and know what is happening around, with 'controllers' holding tight of control and going to TRY TO STOP the good things coming forth. I do believe we have the 'light workers' that will WIN the battle.. But with each passing week, seems more comes out to 'stop the blessings"

    I look forward to your messages Anna, but this time I am more confused and honestly more anxious. I have NEVER let down my family, and am frightened I am at a LOSS. I just don't understand what your message is saying... I HAVE NO t MONEY FOR EXTRA TP. :( I know people have worse, so grateful for what I do have.. but just am more confused with your message.. I had been hearing positive things were coming????

    1. Icant...Off hand what I can suggest for you is call your local Job & Family Services and insist on speaking with someone there. Tell them your full story; they may be able to rush you into public housing where you pay a portion of your monthly income, which can be very minimal. Make sure you tell them you have Disability; that may move you to the head of the line.
      Look at it like this: The so-called leaders have put lots of people in dire straits; so now don't be ashamed to step right up and push them to pay for the consequences of their actions. I once worked with a young lady who told me ''its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease'' so don't take no for an answer.
      If they have no real solution for you, then ask them who does.
      But don't just sit there and do nothing.
      And as for ''spiritual matters'' God does not need our help. So stop with the stressing of trying to help. Stop looking for 'light workers' who nobody has ever seen; look to the One who made the moon, the sun and the stars, for He is able. Ask, and it shall be opened unto you.
      And as we have come to learn how we have all been robbed, I have come to realize there are No failures in this world. It is all these thugs that have deliberately caused the plight of those who ''think' they have been a failure at life.
      So its time to change all that wrong thinking and realize why we are all not where we wanted to be.

  4. I also agree with Abby. We are living in a nightmare. There seems to be something much more sinister happening we are not being told, once again, with FULL DISCLOSURE. I've been involved for years, hit the pavement hard handing out Public Notices of the Fraud and crimes against humanity, giving copies of Anna's Affidavit and/or information where they can order a copy. Donating where I can for humanitarian purposes. Using my pension for all of it because of the compassion I have for humanity. They are public servants who have stolen from us, have no immunity and have all been given due notice. What's the hold up? Why can't funds be released to the people it was stolen from and who desperately need it? These cretins have made life on this planet a living hell for so many and to this day, there seems to be no end to this evil they have inflicted on us. Rumor of Rothschild unleashing a flesh-eating virus if he didn't gain control of the UN again. Was this ever CONFIRMED as true? They have advanced weapons they use against us (Military Industrial Complex). Who, exactly, is in control of that and/or has that been dismantled yet?

    1. The sinister thing that is happening. Is that everyone is breathing in nanotechnology from chemtrails. There are implant devices. They are being used by the Gray aliens and other aliens to take over humans. Linda Moulton Howe has stated that many massage therapists are finding that when they rub the back of the clients neck with oils, a gray alien pops out of the body and then pops back in when the cell phone beeps. We are being taken over. And the powerful politicians are more targeted then the rest of the population. As Jesus said, "Forgive them as they not know what they do". The humans are being pushed to the back and people's brains are controlled by alien races. The nanotechnology takes up it's main residence at the back of the neck and under the heart area. Use high grade essential oils to break them down. They are using the energies of humans to interact with Cern to break open Wormholes to higher dimensions, that is why Mandela Effects are happening. The rising of Schuman resonance is being done artificially. They are trying to smash lower dimensions into higher dimensions and the chemtrails that are spraying nanobots is part of the agenda to use our energies to break open holes into higher dimensions and lower dimensions. They are trying to get demons into the higher heavenly realms. And they are using us. The ascension on this planet may be partially artificial as Philip K dick, a producer said in the 70's that he was approached by underground Nazi's and aliens to write their agenda in a book. About how they would infect the population with pathogens that would open up right brain spiritual centers and flood the brain with spiritual energy. They are using these energies to escape this planet and ascend demons into higher heavenly realms. The human race is controlled by alien races who are causing much of this chaos. The reason why there is no huge intervention is because humans on this planet are Fallen, primitive and dangerous themselves. They are easily programmed into hate for other races or countries, including the truthers. So we have massive karma. It's not all the fault of politicians. If humans did as Jesus taught and loved all, we would have more spiritual energy to counteract this with our thoughts. This planet is a bootcamp for the soul, we have to always work on ourselves and our thoughts to not hate anyone, and try to help out as Judge Anna Von Reitz. And then we create a better future. Our thoughts and words are the main cause that we don't get help, so even if you are in a terrible situation, and have to go to a homeless shelter, try to remember, it's a test. I had to live in a tent for 3 months, and go through hell. I know what it's like to suffer. I saw it as a test that I had to master. Things are better now. It was a huge test. I almost died too. Remember, this is just a test of your souls. Thank you Judge Anna for all your angelic work, I'm sure blessings are coming to you that will manifest.

  5. My, my, my. To many late night science fiction shows. You need to turn off your t.v. at night and get some sleep. It is easy to put blame on an entity that you have never seen. The truth is. As good and loving as humans are. They also can be very evil, greedy and controlling. So put the blame where it belongs. There are no evil greys living in the back of your neck. controlling humans for an evil take over. If their truly were inter planetary beings. Their technology is so far advanced that they would just come down and squash us. It would be like Columbus and the Indians. Except we would be the indians. Those alians you call grays. Are nothing more than satan's demons. And the only power he has over you is the power you give him. Put on the full armor of God and he will protect you. Turn of the sci-fi channel and turn on TBN.


    2. More the name of intelligence.

    3. Jim, if you are referring to trinity broadcasting network, then you are naive. That station was owned by two very fake xtians, very ungodly people. Parents who cast their own son and granddaughter out for being honest. Now it is owned by Jan's first son, who is no better than his mother. God is not in the corner of crooks and who professed a false gospel, and false gospel makes for false xtians. Beware of who you follow after.

    4. just may be right!! Trump does indeed have that 3rd option, and he may just take it.. he had himself purposely surrounded by military Generals ,Admirals and other high level military officers. He was obviously sending a message to his own intelligent agencies(CIA, FBI, and NSA) that they are all on my side, if you try and stop me from exposing the "Deep State" and all these "false flags". that have been happening, or try an assassination attempt, you are going to have to deal with the entire military complex sitting here with me. It was a show of solidarity between the most powerful miliyary complex the world has ever seen and POTUS!! And i also heard that ISIS has been reduced to nothing but a small group of people who are so tired of not eating or being taken care of that when Putin trapped them, the just came out in droves with their guns above their heads and simply surrenndered..!! I think Trump knows or knew that he could never unite that thing he calls the "swamp", nor could he ever trust anyone in there.. thats why I know now why he made some kind of deal with all of military quickly when he took office.. He knew that they only way he was going to get anything accomplished is to cut the military such a sweet deal, they couldnt possibly say no..!! Behind the scenes its working..!! I believe he is going to do exactly what you said Abby.. he is using the same stratigy they have used for years...divide and conquer. I think he is also going to start reveiling some of the fraud going on until eventually he exposes everyone for criminal activities, until he does get all these top level "elitist" gloabal cabal..and arrest every single one, if they dont kill themselves first...!!


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