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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Simplest Answer -- Nationalize the Banks, Keep the Account Structure

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked and asked--- what's the simplest, fastest way out of this bind?

Nationalize the banks, hire new managers to ride herd on existing managers, keep the account structure intact.  Force the banks to pay for it.  If they had done their job, this step wouldn't be needed. 

At the Treasury, do the long-delayed bookkeeping crediting the American People, which will automatically off-set and wipe out the so-called "National Debt".  Get the Territorial United States out of bankruptcy.  Return the rest of the credit to the individual accounts as subaccounts. 

Use Obummer's bogus Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchises to discharge all public employee debts, and discharge all the other people's debts in probate and charge the cost of it to the IMF, World Bank, IBRD, BIS, and other banks that used our assets and credit without paying us for the "loan".   

Return control of the assets to the actual states and people, bring all the "off-ledger" and Historic Trust accounts back on-line and force the bankers to account for any discrepancies. 

End of story, end of crisis.

That's all that really needs to be done. 

Instead, we have all this cloak and dagger stuff going on with bankers being "suicided" instead of mined for information, and military units clogging up the halls at the U.S. Treasury almost a hundred years after the bird has flown, and the "Exchange Stabilization Fund" still using the Federal Reserve as a storefront. 

If you all want to get through this with the least amount of disruption and chaos, the answer is simple: nationalize the banks, but keep the account structure intact.  Simply re-convert the so-called "Public Accounts" back to being private accounts--- which they always actually were--- and admit that they were unlawfully converted in the first place.  Make amends. Deal with reality.

The federal Territorial and Municipal employees have robbed us blind and kept a crooked accounting system, but it's nothing that a few hundred highly motivated CPA's can't straighten out.  The longer we avoid taking the right action for fear of admitting to old crimes, the worse and more out of balance everything gets.

We can't deal with FDR.  For better or worse, he and his cohorts are long gone. What we need to deal with now, is now.

The U.S. Army is still responsible for safe-guarding our money.  Time they got down and did something practical about the theft of our money and our credit. It's also time that President Trump gave the order.

There is no reason for anyone to steal the accounts and pensions of Americans. There is, however, plenty of reason to seize and control the banks entrusted with managing those accounts.  

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  1. Nice , but trump said I told you to watch bin Laden , what!
    He knows the score seen him rip up the competition .
    But like the entire congress groveling when BB. pays a visit.
    Ppl how fight daily will tell you mexicans want southern California ,Arizona , New Mexico , texas.bk want thair own chocolate city south Carolina , Georgia , Alabama , Mississippi , Louisiana .
    Whites will have the mid west.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    3. Interesting Ray, I sent an email regarding your areas of expertise which included "other countries" and that comment was removed by you.

      "...I have master keys to most venues of law from 30 years of collecting, proofing and living from my own first hand experience in many courts and in other countries including that of those who are succeeding with this knowledge and material ...."

      My email was:

      I follow comments on Paul Strammer's web page and more precisely, Anna Von Reitz. I am a Canadian. Do you have a website that I may peruse to see if there is content or instructions for Canadians?"

      to date, I have received no response. Care to engage?

  2. Absolutely agree. In Canada, just take back the Bank of Canada and re-purpose it the same way.

  3. The answer is individual(private) public state banking, see N. Dakota the only state that got it figured out and has an efficient productive public banking system already in place, no theories needed start starving the federal parasites out at the source, keep taxes and profits in the states to build internal infrastructure and jobs, established banks can keep functioning according to new public state guidelines and become partners or get the hell out of the states!

    DESTROY THE TOWER OF BABEL have 50 states speaking there own separate banking language, and have a separate board of governors representing each state that can jointly facilitate credit to other states, and the SS program can be state run for its citizens.

  4. Please, what is this document and how does it relate to all the information put out by Judge Anna. The article in question.
    Thank you

  5. That seems right, if uou can when you take actions that specifically screw something up, undoing the actions, getting back to the stability before moving on is about the most direct simple way to proceed. Seems people would rather muck around with a lot of ideas and not get anything done due to lack of focus on one simple solution to see that through and take a good look at how it is working before changing it too much.

    1. Not sure what happened here, but I received 5 copies of your response "Awakened" in my email feed. Does Canadian's response count?

  6. Well dear fellow seems the government services corporations, banks and other industry corporations are wanting to get us hooked up to the Internet of Trust...This is what they're purporting (appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely; profess):

    This technology, seen here, is quietly being deployed by...
    13 major governments
    20 major central banks
    And 140 of the largest corporations

    In a matter of years, experts at the World Economic Forum project a stunning 40,000% surge in growth.
    A 40,000% Growth Surge

    And some of the biggest names in money can hardly contain their excitement...

    Goldman Sachs predicts it “could disrupt everything.”

    Virgin Mobile billionaire Richard Branson calls it “an economic revolution.”

    The CEO of Fidelity says “it will fundamentally change market structures – and maybe even the architecture of the internet itself.”

    Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says “it’s going to be fundamental.”

    The CEO of Nasdaq calls it “the biggest opportunity we can think of over the next decade or so.”

    And according to one Trump Administration cabinet member, “It has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry, the U.S. economy, and the delivery of government services.”

    Which is why, right now, it’s already a $20 billion market.

    But in under a decade, a majority of experts project it to make up one of every $10 in the global economy.

    A whopping $8 TRILLION in cash.
    Creating $8 TRILLION in Brand-New Wealth

    That’s 50x bigger than the gold market.
    5x bigger than the oil market.
    And twice the size of the Japanese economy.

    There’s not a single market on earth that consumes one of every $10 in the global economy.

    But that’s only hinting at its real potential.

    Anywhere money is exchanged, where fees are extracted, where documents are recorded...

    This technology is about to enter and turn things upside down, forever altering the conventional way of doing business.

    It’s promising a massive SEA CHANGE in every way imaginable! (their words my capitalized emphasis)

    It can...

    Eliminate fees from payments, money transfers, ATM withdrawals, loans, and more
    Shave a third off your medical bills and insurance premiums
    Cut part of your tax bill by as much as 10% (how about a 100% with National Status)
    Give you more control and completely secure your internet experience
    Provide a life-saving diagnosis quicker
    Secure your identity entirely
    Let you buy or sell a home or car immediately
    Allow you to sell excess electricity directly to neighbors
    And much, much more.

    CB Insights, a prestigious market research firm, believes it’s poised to disrupt no less than 27 major industries.

    Industries that are each worth trillions of dollars.
    Disrupting 27 Trillion-Dollar Industries

    Etc., see at:

    The Snake Oil Salesmen are at it big time. Watch yourselves with all these offers, coming from a multitude of angles, not just Treasury Direct Accounts....

    They want partial disclosure and to keep us at status quo. Not full disclosure where they have to admit their fraud, which is where Anna is taking us.

    The whole article is worth the video time or a reading of content (if it doesn't load properly).

    All it takes is our relief, belief and consent, as usual.

    In Christ's Consciousness of Light, Love, Law and Peace.

  7. If I recall correctly, I think Anna said something about formation of a bank on a Native Reservation, which is off limits to the powers that be. Wouldn't that be a simpler solution.

    1. People have paid over $20 million for "titles" of Martian land, why not $20,000 for the land of my Ancestors, and 2x that for the secure Home & Garden of my beautiful new life in the places where the stars shine brighter than anywhere else! I love the Great Southwest...


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