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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump needs to tell Judge in Bundy trial that the Government is not God


  1. All presentments are an offer to contract. When Bundy entered a plea, he entered into a contract. When he hired an attorney, an officer of the court, he entered into a contract. So now he is on the hook as the surety, guarantor, and liable party for the fiction entity that they are actually prosecuting. The only way to win is to deny the court jurisdiction. They can not proceed without the consent of the victim. It takes a lot of knowledge about the deception and tricks the judge and prosecutor will use to get free of the spider web. The judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorney are all BAR association members, agents of the British Monarchy. If that's not a rigged proceeding, then I don't know what is.

  2. earthdweller You are incorrect and misinformed, No Man Woman or Child on this land can be put into an enforced disappearance. Nor can one be enforced to contract. Nor is their a contract for any unlawful contract is not only voidable it is just void period. The contract you are misinformed about is a contract hit on the heads of the victims of enforced disappearance. You and the rest of the world is witness to a crime taking place and taking part in it by not arresting these criminals impersonating a public servent. United States of America the plaintiff is the american people not a foreign federal corporation selling services. We stand against this and arrest all when they are finished committing their crime making it complete. This is not a court of law this is a star chambers crime taking place by foreign and illegal immigrants.

  3. It's not going to matter much more. The Federal Reserve is giving up. They can no longer sustain the dollar. They have been using Japan's complex algorithm to prop up the stock market. They time it at the end of September because that's their acrual calender for Corporations.

    China bought the Goldman Sachs building in New York for 750 million. They are setting up shop and the building is their flag post. When things start to go south and people panic, that's when they'll introduce us to their cryptocurrency.

    The Judicial system was merged with the legislature, which means that the court systems are an extension of Congress now. How this transition takes place is anybodys guess. We will be given a choice, just like they did in India. One morning, they woke up and were told that their $20 dinar was worthless and to turn them all in for another currency at half the price and only given so many days to do it.

    People on Anna's site need to vary their info by watching youtube video's and joining the fight on Twitter. If Trump is getting hassled by some of these Judges, then what chance do you think your going to have in these Admirlaty/maritime courts?

  4. Did Obama and the federal reserve really give up?

    I would love Anna to comment on this info!


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