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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Unfortunately, I Am Right Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember what I said about Heather Tucci-Jaraf most likely being in trouble for trying to access the trust account of HEATHER TUCCI-JARAF which is a Cestui Que Vie Trust set up for a young child who was declared "missing, presumed dead" many years ago?  That she would have to go through probate and establish that she is indeed that same "Heather Tucci-Jaraf"? 

Well, here's the report from her website tonight:

There was a sealed hearing
They closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window
They asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave
Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing
Apparently TN, issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for….? to gum up works for her
She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail lock up jail until then.
This all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom

Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refuses to sign her name and contract with the system. ;)    ]

It's not because she refuses to contract with the system.  It's because the only way she can do what she wants to do requires her to prove that she is the now-adult woman who has been declared "missing, lost at sea" by the Municipal government and whose identity has been stolen and redefined as a Foreign Situs Trust by the Territorial government.
She has to answer both presumptions and rebut them with factual evidence established on the public record.  Ideally, she should have all the recorded paperwork I have been encouraging everyone to record on the public land jurisdiction records. 
As it is, I hope someone has a High School Year Book or College Year Book or school transcripts or something credible that can establish a chain of evidence between the baby in the cradle and the grown woman now.  Hurry up!  Call her parents, her husband, her best friend from third grade!  Get them there so she can call them as credible witnesses and collect whatever memorabilia related to the progress of her life that you can find!
Get it to her ASAP and clue her and her lawyer into what is actually happening and why this is an "identity" hearing. 
If they go in there cold with some kind of drivel about contracting, confused about why such a hearing is being conducted, they will be lost.  This is a private hearing being conducted in probate in canon law.  It's among the highest and most deadly kinds of hearings possible.  Pray for her and help her any way you can.

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  1. never refuse, i have private proprietary evidence that is not cognizable in the inferior courts and demand an in camera hearing for the submission of my private propritary evidence in my defense, before i can do anything else, i would like to see the affidavit or sworn testimony of the injured, real party in interest against me as well as i deny personal, subject matter jurisdiction, insufficient process, insufficient service of process, improper venue, failure state a claim upon which relief can be granted and failure to join the indespensible party; additionally, i challenge and question how this court has the constitutional authority and capacity to collect debts for the United States dba District of Columbia. once i receive answers to these questions, i will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have until then i do not have sufficent facts i order to do anything else you may require...

    1. Your comment~ great action to take and have you exercised this scenario in the court system before and if so how did it turn out?

    2. yes it works i have used it for various scenarios. point is to keep you out of court with a motion to dismiss. but if you get dragged in there by force, you have to stand on that. if you fight them, refuse or create controversey, you could be found in contempt and you give them personal jurisdiction and have to defend. the further you go in their admin courts the more unlikely you will win. afterall it is their game you are playing and they know the rules and cheat well.

      Always stand on subject matter jurisdiction/constitutionality it can be challenged at any point in a case, but you really have to know who you are and provide and enter evidence properly...

    3. Motion To Dismiss... a simple process right? What if they refused the Motion To Dismiss, or perhaps this is not a common action to refuse it. Who does one file the Motion To Dismiss with, the clerk of the court. We get alittle confused when it comes to filing with "public records" since its our innerstanding all decisions by the court is based on public record. Seems like unless we are over reading into public records~ to be many different depts of public record. Muchas Gracias!

    4. Like I said before, everyone has to be somewhat versed in procedural law. There is no way out of it. I would just tell the judge up front that you dragged me here under force into this tribunal. Therefor, this is not a general hearing, I'm here "Specially" and without prejudice. Furethermore, I never waive any rights , remedies, or recourse either procedurally or legally ever, and No presumptions that I have is allowed, especially under the doctrine of "silent judicial notice". Also the man is here today and dragging the land with him into court, not the person. The person is somewhere on the high seas...lost.

    5. You can actually "Demurrer" to the charges in the form of a "conditional acceptance", which doesn't give the court jurisdiction. The judges knee jerk reaction is to always say "denied". But a demurred is not a motion. It's a pre pleading defense that can only be "sustained" or "overruled". And he better have a Damn good reason why he overruled it, and a good answer for trying to deny it since he should know the law or step down , maybe even charged with intentional fraud when denying her demurrer instead of overruling it. There is a mandatory counterclaim under FRCP whenever you are charged so you aren't the only one defending yourself. They have to defend themselves too. That makes the whole playing field a little more even. Remember, there is a "bid bond" in place, and the court is trying to collect on the bond. Sometimes the easiest think to do is simply "accept all charges for value"(not the crimes) , and ask the judge for a "finding of facts and conclusion of law". You just stopped all court action when you accepted the charges for your strawman, and any presumed controversy. There is none now. So how is he going to to come up with a "finding of facts and conclusion of law.....he cant!!!. And I would try and bond the case , making the judge "liable" for the bond under "subragation". Judges hate being liable for anything. Also, when the judge ask you who you are, I would ask him if you would like to contract with me, I want to know who I am dealing with. Can you please state your name for the record...ive had judges just put up the Planck with his name on it. That doesn't cut it. Objection. Are you refusing to identify yourself. If this court plans on dealing with "clean hands" and "in good faith", then I demand you sign an affidavit saying so, and waiving any assumed " immunity", either judicial, Qualified, Soverign, Foreign, or any other form of immunity. There is no such thing in an admiralty court of law. On the high seas, there is no such thing as immunity, or even "limited liability". Claiming it is prima facial evidence of that this is a court of "Corporate Contract Law." Do you understand your honor...!! Because if that's the case, it would seem you are trying to establish a "constructive trust", naming me as the trustee,you and the court as the beneficiarys, the prosecutors as the excutor, and the court clerk as the administrator of the trust. Am I right your honor...get these judges to answer. Don't plea until you do. If he says yes, then tell him I'm here today so you can claim my exemption (tax). Therefore, I'm the benificiary, and you Mr judge (use his name not title) are the trustee on this account, not me, and I order you to adjust this account for full settlement and closure. Are you going to obey law or not. I want to know now so I know you have no conscious or appriatition of law or order. This is tricky when you are locked up and scared. But remember, if they give you a "public pretender", he is holding your charges. If they railroad you, do not stand during sentencing. Let you PD take the consequences. But she needs someone there who can be a witness to what is happening. Last time I went to see someone in court, they wouldn't let anyone in. We had to go across the street and watch the whole thing on a live feed video. They are really getting bad. And no one but me found it strange and unlawful.

    6. Asking for "the real party of interest"(FRCP17a), like Penny said is a good one to ask. They never have one. But I read about her site, and people are understandably passed at her, and wound up in jail way before her, using her stuff. It has broken up family's and worse. As a group, we are functionally disorganized. And they know it and take full advantage of it. Penny, I don't know what your case was, but if it involves drugs, you wouldn't have won, I guarantee it. That's the one thing they will commit complete fraud to convict you. It's too easy of a charge to let slide.

    7. WOW! Informative, James. Thanks!
      This particular situation has no due process and the individual had their name copyrighted even though originally sent to Washington State who eventually after a few months turned around and denied it. Point being here doesn't matter accept or deny if they must, the date and autographs still stand!

    8. And his Legal Public Notice was done in local newspaper for the 4 week period required along with affidavit returned confirming the fact.

    9. Nomi Effiah: Technically, plaintiffs are the only parties who can file motions, so as the defendant you would just stick to standing and jurisdiction and also follow James' advice and ask for the real party of interest, and "Who has bonded the claim against me?" and that you want an acceptance bond, yes.

    10. Technically, if you are in jail and wont release you on OR (Your own recognisis), the tell them you want to be released on PR (your own personal recognisis). Hardly anyone knows about this, but they all do. Including the cops. Dont be surprised if they play dumb and deny it. When your all alone with no witnesses, they can completely ignore law. And they do. They want you to bail out the old fashion paying a bailbondsman. I tried not giving my signiture immediately. The officer said, "see that empty room. Go sit in there until you change your mind. After 3 hours of a 15 hour loop, i finally gave in because i just wanted to get to bed and sleep. Your only solution is to be clever in court and trap the judge, before he traps you. You have to be very strong willed and mentally ready when your locked up. Way more than if your free. Because ultimately, can these guys do whatever they bet your bibby. You have to focus on getting out no matter what. Then you can plan your stratagy against them. Because once they have you in their custody, you have no resources (the internet, law books, how to write up your paperwork, etc. ) . But you do have one can write to anyone you want, including the judge, the county treasurer, and the "watch commander", the top dog running the jail. All on memos that they must supply. I gave hell to everyone, because these memos are personal. They have to be delivered and read by the people you are sending them to. Thats where i worked on everyones conscious. Because when its all said and done, they can get away with murder, but not with a clear conscious....the ultimate law. Very few people are like us in their. Most have been made to feel guilty by the system. But i always turn the guilt there way. You may have taken my freedom, but ive taken your conscious, because mine is clean with God. And ultimately, there is a law above the law, and one day you are going to stand in judgement before God himself who knows everything you did to me and others. Because as you judge on earth, so to will you be judged....and your judgement will be eternal. God help you when that day arrives. It works, wheather they admit it or not.

    11. This is about absence in the public record to have established the presence of a deniable statement of aliveness and upfront political election.

    12. Under Admirlaty law, usually refered to as Stautory Law, you don't have to have an injured party. That only applies to Common law. Don't bother asking if there is an injured party because your already a corporate UNITED STATES federal employee who's Individual Master File has you labled as being involved in alcohol, tobacco and firearms at the Internal Revenue service.

      Like it or not, your using federal reserve notes, which means your discharging your debts with limited liability. Just tell the judge, your honor, I'm not here to start a controversy. I'm just the secured party creditor for that corporate fiction you just called and am only here to settle this account and balance it to zero and close out the account. All I need from the court is a voucher for the amount to be set off and sent to the current treasury department. If he starts saying something about charges, tell him where is the claim to go along with those charges? If there is a superior claim than mine here, throw it into evidence. Otherwise, what is the amount of the charges so that I can balance this account to zero.

    13. Hello! Do what Anna says 1st!!!
      All the rest is important perhaps. i might add begin the proceeding with "improper venue motion".
      They are likely to press forward & proceed despite anything she or an attorney states. Yet they must take on the "venue" motion in order to proceed, i believe. That motion may have to be taken all the way to the "Chief Judge" or "Superior Court" in order to get "teeth" but, i do believe that will grind the "wheels of justice" to a halt.
      All The Best,

    14. point is that everyone is missing if you do what i stated above you really put them in a bind from the onset, they have to prove it, you cant bring it up later as you lost the right to do it initially and you can always appeal.

      Awakened also has a good point when you are kidnapped you have to get out and work from the outside, BUT if you entered the paperwork stated above or said it on the record from the getgo, they have a very hard time overcoming it and you dont lose the ability to bring it up after the initial stages. the best offense is to put them on defense like chess intelligently. at the end of the day they have the big guns so????? try and stay out of there ;o)

      james you know way too much and nobody will be able to follow that. that is why i just kept it simple. your best goal is to NOT be in there with the Motion to Dismiss FRCP 12(b) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, hopefully it stops it in its tracks. if they steam roll you can always appeal if you stand on the above and dont get pulled off track. ONLY 2 things that you can bring up continually at any stage in the process, subject matter jurisdiction and constitutionality, if you have evidence ie a certified 1800's State and/or Federal Constitution entered in the record with judicial notice...

    15. and yes, never let them deny, you have to get them to overrule or sustain if appeal necessary. but get off the judge and focus on your prosecutor, that is where most people go wrong. AND YES there has to be an real party in interest/injured party anybody else you should object as hearsay and failure to join the indispensible party. if they do not have first hand knowledge how can they prosecute you? problem is you focus on the judge too much that is NOT the person with a claim against you and if he continues to practice law from the bench get him removed, affidavit of bias and prejudice. have him recuse himself. focus on your adversary they cannot get you they have no facts, evidence or legitimate proof, as per rules of evidence, they can place in the record. we just dont call them on it. trinsey v pagliaro...statements of counsel in brief or argument, although entertaining, are not sufficient for summary judgement.

    16. From Anna to James:

      Yes, it is correct in every respect. Right down to the "they are getting really bad".

  2. Anna, question. Doe this documentation on Public Record apply to Canadians and other non-USA people? If yes, can you direct me to the post where you provide the information, please?

    Thank you in advance and confirming my suspicions about the identity hearing.

  3. If this is the case, does this mean that for everyone who goes through the proper steps as stated, are we subject to criminal action as well. Do we have to worry about this happening to us!!!!!

    1. Always!!! When it comes to law enforcement and the courts, they answer to their superiors, not the law. But in any case, if you truely "injure" someone, either physically or financially, no paperwork will help in drinking and driving and killing someone. Time for a lawyer then. And people who were getting "set offs" on their bills are suddenly getting notices from the IRS demanding the money back. Either because they are always testing you, or because they may have realized too many people have found out about this process and just decide to close all loops. There was a guy on another site i was on, that was trying to "set off" $88,000. They accepted his check, and so did the bank. But when they tried to cash the check the bank refused. So the manager of accountant of the company he gave the check to ask him who he banks with, and the account the money was coming from, which was his "TDA"(TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNT). And get this....she needed the info as soon as she could get it from him because she has a backlog of people doing the same thing of 175,000 accounts. Thats how bad people want out of debt. When only a few people knew what was going on, they were getting results. Now that thousands have learned, word obviously got back to either the IRS or higher and simply told to close it down. Thats why a country should never ever give away their right to control their own currency to a foreign principal. Because anyone employed in that country can be fired at any time if they dishonor the contract in place that FDR promised, on our behave(nice guy), to be the debtors for. Thats why it is so important to start making it a habit, even with all of Annas filings, to start demanding and making a record of all transactions on every instrament or contract, of your "lawful money" demand at 12USC411 and 95(a). Put it on every check, withdrawal/deposit slips, every contract, etc. Keep copies and make a public filing in the local newspaper for 3 to 4 weeks that you only transact everything in "lawful money". You should make up a letter of understanding , saying the same thing and file it at the CRO. When Nixon took away the last substance, gold, from our currency, in 1971, he had to make a provision (remedy) for anyone that choose not to engage in elastic private script fiat currency. But it was never advertized or reveiled publically. And this is ultimately been our main problem with the IRS and everything else. And because your demand is "transaction based" , it doesnt matter if your demand is there or not, because nowadays most transactions take place online, where you cant make that demand. This is a good backup to Annas paperwork. All courts are based on "commercial DEBT instraments" not "MONEY"! end of story. Is this court "solvent" your honor...because i am. That makes me the "primary creditor" on this account(the case), and you and the court, only secondary creditors with "STANDING". That im the Creditor in this case and your the Debtor, totally insolvent. Does an insolvant corp. Entity have higher priority than a "Paramount priorty Creditor. I demand a ruling on it, right now, as you are now judicially noticed..what say you.!!! Put these judges on the spot. Hold them to the hot irons. Judge Anna is right about the ignorance that runs rampent throught our legal system. They are simply running on auto, because no one every brings these questions into court, and they were never taught it either. Its the only way we can get them to "think" and research what is going on..!!

    2. In the statement above, i meant to say that the court is only a secondary creditor "WITHOUT STANDING". YOUR THE ONE WITH STANDING. Got it..

  4. you always need to be prepared it is war and you are an enemy of the state/14th amendment Citizen/U.S. Citizen/ citizen of the United States until you can prove otherwise.

  5. Okay i got BC long - What if your name on long live birth certificate is in all upper case letters as on form and you got a seal of family name to use to ensure not copied or changed? Do we need to do a name change first just as given name in upper lower with or without surname/family name/house name in upper lower case?

    Is both documents as affavadits ie affavadit of declaration living or found for xxnamexx? and affavadit witness statement for used as titles? And should we do copyright and trade name of xxnamexx versions any name imaginable and publish in any paper and record to same file number.
    Just Want to ensure wording and ending with what suggested for affavadits? Thanks

  6. Just stay out of court and pay your tickets. It saves your peace of mind.

  7. Judge ANNA Your F; enn Great! Great Job Once Again Thk You IN Jesus Name Amen.

  8. most effective paperwork and knowledge ive used and gained from is jonah bey and akiem el for anyone needing help with specific areas...

  9. 7/28/17: Holy Kale! Apology just didn't know best article# to post this disturbing discovery. Unacceptable~ Was NOTICE served to anyone- no. 30 days to reply to a lien is our innerstanding.
    $14.3 Quadrillion Lien Taken Against All U.S. Land, Real Estate and People on July 28, 2011


  11. If a thing is done in the public, under executive authority which means Title 50, emergency banking act of 1933, every public person is subject to Rome/DC. No recourse exists. Private means re-claiming the name in a private trust, there is no other way for a man to operate in this system.

  12. Dont forget "Jean Keating", and "Rob Ryder".....!!!

  13. from Denny George:
    Authentication of BC provides one with Title to the State created name.
    (MN Rule 220 confirms this.)

    It is a claim on the 'name', which is merely an account, not your name and never has been.

    What ever one does, do NOT relinquish that Title one obtained by authentication to anyone.

    It is yours, recognized by them in their system.

    You are holder in due course of that Title.

    A non authenticated BC is the "interest" in the estate/trust, an "information" - and "information" is the "money" in commerce. Most people still do not comprehend that "everyone" has a bond - "insurance" - when they go into their court but "you".

    Therefore, "you" are subrogated by and through their provided "limited liability insurance" that their system MUST provide (benefit) for "you" due to you NOT being self-insured.

    This grants them jurisdiction automatically because "you" HAVE accepted their (hidden) benefit.

    Want to 'argue' jurisdiction?
    (They like "you" to do this, it creates the controversy and "you" have granted them cause and given them "your" permission to take funding from "your" estate/trust account - by the 'thousands', and more, much more.)

    Their system is NOT a "Judicial" system, it is commerce. 27 CFR "ALL crimes are commercial."

    One can not win by playing the game with the wrong 'rules'. (Of course they allow 'some wins', this gives 'hope' or their 'system' would be blatantly exposed. It has been 'bragged' about for many years of the 97% 'conviction rate'. All it takes is 3% "wins" to "keep people's hopes up and 'playing in their system with the wrong rules.)

    It is ALL in commerce. 27 CFR "ALL crimes are commercial."
    All that Uniform Commercial Code is, is "codified common law and negotiable instrument law". (Many say, "You can NOT use UCC!")

    By 'operation of law' this becomes a 'contract' between the parties, which "you" have unwittingly accepted.

    In contract law, one argues - he loses.

    Know who you are, where you are standing, and since "you" claim to be 'self-governing, but are not 'self-insured' - this stands as proof that "you" are not "self-governing".

    "You" continue to accept their hidden benefit of their "limited liability insurance".

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