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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why I Am One of the Few "Judges" Left in America

By Anna Von Reitz

It amuses me when Bar Association members like Larry Becraft call me a “Fake Judge”.  This is amusing because to make that distinction, they have to know that I am the only actual "judge" in the room.  And they are tacitly admitting it.  Read on. I'll explain what's going on.
And then there are those who look for me in Bar Association registries and think that because they don't find my name, I can't be genuine.
It’s not that they are stupid.  It’s that they have never been taught anything about Law.  Instead, they’ve been taught how to practice law as if they are waiting in the wings for their moment to enter the grand stage and do more than practice.
I pity them.  I really do.
They’ve been taught protocol and evidence requirements and procedure until it runs from their sweat glands.  They’ve been drilled--- endlessly--- about court rules and their importance, dragged through vast tomes of case law, trained like young bird dogs in the dance and calls of courtroom drama and the skills of taking depositions and the art of cross-examination. 
At the end of three or four years of nearly constant living hell, they have been deeply indoctrinated and led to believe that they are members of a true elite, a cadre of heroes, part of a great and thriving enterprise, graced with ever-lasting superiority over their fellow-man.  Some of them, a few, have even gotten the idea of ‘Noblesse oblige” – that they should give back of their largesse to the less fortunate. 
In the real world these few idealists wind up fighting a losing battle to protect people as they thread very carefully between the rock of the Bar Association and the hard place of financial reality.  Most of them have spent between $150,000 and $500,000 for their education.  How would you like to hit the ground running and start a young family with that kind of debt hanging over your head?
No, so far as all that goes, my sympathies are with the attorneys.
I have now had the peculiar pleasures of working with quite a few former judges and attorneys who (1) retired and decided to “do something” about the situation; or (2) realized that a Bar Card is a form of enslavement and tore theirs up in a fit of moral outrage; or (3) in an innocent clueless moment, they did something logical to help a client and wound up disbarred, confused, alienated, hurt, angry----and unemployed. 
With the exception of the retired senior judges very few of these fellows can answer the question, “Where does law come from?”
Somehow they’ve been taught all the names and forms of law.  Some of them know about Sharia Law and Mosaic Law.  Yet, somehow the connection of Law to systems of religion and moral and ethical values, hasn’t passed through their conscious minds.  Almost to the man or woman, when asked this question, they stare at me and fumble and look dumbfounded.  “Ah, uh, oh, well…..”
Indeed.  After four years of law school --- including venerated law schools like Harvard and Yale – they don’t know and haven’t thought about the simplest things about Law.  Also, despite the ample histories of hard knocks some of them have suffered, to a man they don’t know or don’t quite believe the way the world really works.  The most hardened trial lawyers quirk their eyebrows in total disbelief when they finally realize the implications of what they have been doing for most of their lives.
It’s almost funny.  Almost. 
I recently met a Yale graduate with 25 years of private practice experience who suspected that Social Security Numbers were evil, and had read all of Title 42 looking for the answer--- and still didn’t get the joke.  I had to point out to him that most Americans aren’t eligible to participate in Social Security.
And then he had to find a chair and stare at the references for an hour to conclude that for himself.  It was just so shocking, so hard to believe, that when it all finally hit home he was sick and off work for a week. Like many otherwise decent lawyers, he had a family of four kids, a wife, two nice cars, a house on the hill and after twenty-five years of private practice was still paying off his education bills. 
So now that he knew the truth about the tip of that iceberg and was discovering more – like the truth about the federal income tax – he was perfectly miserable, angry, betrayed, and too deeply invested to jump ship and do anything about it. 
I know old federal judges and military judges and tax court judges who are so sickened and angry about the things they’ve had to do that they positively relish driving stakes through the heart of the Beast—howbeit, under pseudonyms and behind closed doors.  It would be a profound mistake to think that all lawyers are enemies.  Some of them are faithful friends of human decency, despite the dangers and gross ironies of their profession.
I don’t call them “fake lawyers” though, in fact, they are at the present time taking invalid oaths and are involved in simulating actual courts and are creating merely an “appearance” of justice. 
Nonetheless, the facts are the facts.
Land law, not surprisingly, is the law of the land. Literally.  We all happen to be standing on land and in fact, our bodies come from the land and return to the land: “Dust Thou art and to dust Thou returneth.” We are creatures of the land.  We belong to it and it belongs to us.
However, blood, which is largely composed of a saline solution akin to seawater is also a part of our makeup, isn’t it?  So we can be considered creatures of the sea, too. 
Thus, too, we have the Law of the Land and the Law of the Sea. 
I am a Land Judge, more properly called a “Justice”. 
All those other people that you see parading around in black robes are Admiralty/Maritime Judges--- Judges of the Sea.
My court deals with actual people, actual land and homes and assets, business agreements and marital covenants, actual money, and all the aspects of Law and Trade.
Their court deals with corporations, titles, records, registrations, stocks, bonds, Joint Ventures, Mergers, Insurance, and all the other paraphernalia of legal fictions and commercial paper and commercial contracts. 
Considering the subject matter inherent to each court, it strikes me that they are the ones involved in smoke and mirrors and fakery, presumptions and assumptions, fiat currencies, suppositions and flim-flam galore.  It makes more sense to call them “Fake Judges” because they deal with fake things, does it not?
Especially when you consider that they are operating private courts “as if” they were public institutions?  Not one of them has a “Public Subdivision” letter or status as such with the IRS. 
And since 1991, none of the federal judges have taken a valid Oath of Office.  In that year the old Oath was subtly changed so that they promise to perform their duties “under the Constitution”—but that’s a big laugh, because the Constitution assigns no duties to the Judicial Branch.
I am sure there was a big “Ha-ha!” in some circles when they thought that one up, but it means that Congress and their legal advisers altered the Oath with intent to deceive and defraud and to avoid the restrictions of the Constitution.
May I hear a pin drop?
That is known as “Conspiracy Against the Constitution” and it is a crime akin to Treason in this country.  It also invalidates every decision they have made since then with respect to Americans.  When everyone is recouped and standing on the land jurisdiction and properly identified, there's going to be a huge number of cases nullified.
Now for those who have been following along, it should be apparent that what I have told you about corporate "government" officials seizing upon your name and creating a new entity named after you --- the federal PERSON operating under your NAME—is true. 
I’ve explained Glossa to you so that you now understand that what appears to be your NAME is actually a sign in a foreign language used as an ACCOUNT designation belonging to a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust that was named after you without your knowledge or consent.
YOU is not you.  It’s a corporation named after you.  It impersonates you.  And the crime related to this process is called “personage”.  They did the same thing with your regularly styled name, infringed on our natural copyright, and created a Foreign Situs Trust named after you. 
This also explains how the Law of the Sea is being falsely, indeed, fraudulently applied to living men. That’s another crime, called “barratry” because it is famously practiced by members of the Bar Associations.
It’s because you have all been “impersonated” that they can address you in their courts at all.  Of course, they never tell you all this.  If you knew, you could better protect yourself from their pillaging and ask them all sorts of truly embarrassing questions.
No, I don’t think I am a “fake judge” because I serve the Law of the Land and they serve the Law of the Sea. 
At most, there may be a semantic complaint in that I am properly called a “Justice” and everyone calls me “Judge Anna” because they aren’t aware of this fine distinction--- but in fact, “Judge” has become the popular catch-all general term and the whole flap – which would only occur in attorney circles anyway, amounts to calling me “cereal” instead of “mini-wheats”.  
Bottom line, those using this as an excuse to call me a “fake judge” are admitting that they know what a land jurisdiction justice is. 
No doubt, too, they dread the day when American Common Law Courts spring up all across America, because they know that the salad days of their deceptive Special Admiralty Courts will be over and the stranglehold of the criminal Bar Associations will be broken and maybe they are also afraid that the petty, sneaking, deceitful, word games and crimes of fraud that are their stock and trade will be discovered and the Bailiffs like everyone else, will wake up and come for them.
Right now, we have thousands of judges sitting where justices should be and millions of attorneys where honest lawyers should stand, instead. Undeclared foreign agents have taken over courthouses that belong to us, and men who have been prohibited from holding any public office in our government since 1819 are nonetheless pretending that their government is our government.
Anyone who knows anything knows that this entire system is standing on its head and that something is indeed rotten in River City; in a way, quibbling over whether to call me a “Judge” or a “Justice” is emblematic of what the problem is. 
For people like Larry Becraft and his friend Bob Hurt, it’s all about form and special terms instead of being about truth or justice. They think their special terms and jargon are more important than the actual facts or the Law, and that their sacrosanct labels can deliver them from the evil they’ve embraced.

I pray that everyone reading this grabs an oar and proves them wrong. 
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  1. Thank you for explaining the difference in lawyers/attorneys.

  2. I don't know Larry Becraft, but I do know Bob Hurt personally. He's a nice enough guy, but badly misinformed as he just parrots Larry Becraft, as do a lot of people who adhere to the belief that the current court system is adjudicating 'the law.' The problem seems to be their attitude of "I know what I know, so don't confuse me with the facts." I've heard their uncomfortable conflict is called 'cognitive dissonance' because they cannot believe what they see with their own eyes IF it CONFLICTS with their established belief system.

  3. look up the word to attorn, it is very revealing. also keep in mind in the constitution it says nothing about lawyers and attorneys, only counsel and that term can be many things...

    1. Back in the day, when the constitution was established, our forefathers were well aware of England's "Kings Courts" with their pompous "Esquires"(Who to this day still wear those white wigs as a sign of nobility. But the people who wound up here, were just about all, educated in law, unlike today. Therefore, it was considered enough to have only "Consel",(anyone who had studied and read law) was considered educated enough to represent someone, who they usually knew, to defend them. And by the way, back then it was considered reprehesable to take money to defend a person in a criminal trail. And juries actually were juries of their peers. In other words, everyone in the community knew just about everyone on trail and could vouch for them or knew them as the town drunks. Now with mega metropolises, having millions of people (all strangers), the courts can sway just about anyone their way. And attorneys may struggle now after they pay for their education, but the older ones are multimillionaires, retiring with high pensions. And I just ask a friend of mine to ask her sister who has been an attorney now for over 20 years, what the BAR stood for....she had no clue and neither did her son that just passed his BAR license. You will also know that most of them do not believe in a creator (God). But whether they were conned or not doesn't matter, because they are a threat to humanity now and must be banished from this country once and for all.Amen.

    2. 👏👏👏 absolutely James, love it!

  4. also the difference between in law and in fact is very interesting. as anna alludes to the practice of law is very different from true law (not the practice of it) and being "in fact" since everything they say is hearsay and everything i say is in fact IF you know who you are and present yourself and proerly and evidentiaraly...

  5. They all know right from wrong, they all know the accused is going to be robbed guilty or not.

  6. Thank You Judge!! You Are Truly a Gem who speaks the truth at all costs. Thanks again.

  7. When judge as you why you are impersonating a. Attorney and you answer I'm not your honor I know what I'm doing . But seriously everyone pratices law everyday just by following the law.

    1. It's so funny that they think they know law, when all law today is based on the UCC, which they only take one course on and everyone that goes to law school will tell you the most hated class of all is the UCC class. No one understands it.

  8. Boris is knocking your name around face book stating the same "fake Anna" I asked that he be honorable and present his proofs under penalties or stop being an ass ,get a life and stop fixating on presumed frauds especially of you have claim to have life !

  9. This world is a shit house, and it' s not just the governments, the people are shitty too. If you ask me, the human race on average has lost their spiritual protection against evil because they go along with it. Only the few can see the truth. This world is scary. I suspect we are in for an extinction level event anyway as the human race is being filled with nanotechnology implants via the food. Here's proof:

  10. The Excellence of the Common Law, a book I read on Anna's recommendation should be read by all law folks and anyone contemplating law. I just had someone rather excited on hearing about the book comment that there is very little known of the common law yet the book covers it from the beginning centuries ago right up today and once reading it a much clearer picture of why and how things have come to be he way they are will be clear. That is too bad people like Larry resort to personal attacks, it just shows he has reached some end to his knowledge had nothing intelligent to say to lashes out making stuff up.

    1. Then you should read the opposite of that law too....Admiralty/Maitime law. This law they are practicing today is a quasi Admiralty law. Real Admiralty law is so complex, that hardly anyone can claim to be an expert on it.

    2. Then you should read the opposite of that law too....Admiralty/Maitime law. This law they are practicing today is a quasi Admiralty law. Real Admiralty law is so complex, that hardly anyone can claim to be an expert on it.

  11. Only a TRUE AMERICAN will standup for LIBERTY like my beloved Anna!!!!

  12. Actually, judges in fiction are merely administrators for the banks through a private arbitration venue simulating lawful process under color of law. True Justices like Anna are pearls of precious worth.

  13. There is nothing 'noble' about feeling superior to your fellow man.

  14. Thanks Again! Anna!!!
    i have my oar & i am going to go so far as to row it ;o)
    All The Best,

  15. Thank you Anna for all you have written and helped up put a lot of pieces together on the whole systems and understanding what's been going in in the states and government corporations! We have learned to much it's priceless knowledge and applying what we know is a challenge! We know what you write is so very true,because we found out the hard way with first hand experience how the legal and court system works! It had nothing to do with the truth at all all about making a deal ,we got lied to so many times to the point that they exposed themselves,we seen there smoke screen and called them! Never again will we hire a bar attorney with good cause ,once we fired him and stood up to the evil on our own stood strong they case got dismissed! One day we love to tell our story and what happened because it would prove and expose the admiralty courts ,the corruption of administration,show how dishonest state officials were,show how much damage a bar room attorney can do!i call them a pretender and a negotiators,Anna is so true they don't know the real law of the land,only procedure,statues,the business aspect,making deals! Your going to pay one way or the other once your charged,because if they lose they pay!you are insured through the administration when they charge you the penal sum attracted to the surety judicial court bid bonds which is insurance on you you are the principal ,there is a lot of money in these bonds that they do not tell the person they charged about these bonds ,there regulations under the millers act ! My attorney lied about them until I confronted him he didn't like it when I knew what I was talking about he tried to tell me they don't need these bonds I replied yes they do if they don't ensure there claim they can't prosecute it's like having a car you need insurance to drive it ,he hung up mad!after they submit these bonds they go through there washing after they win in court they execute send them to the treasury and the treasury sends them to the federal reserve and they get paid a percentage on the bonds ,the seals and the prosecutor, all involved in your case on the bonds get paid it alot more complex just a quick overview to understand admiralty court systems and this is what's really going on big cash flow! Gene keating is where I started two years ago in studying of the federal bonding and how it applies to the corporations and stocks,we are the human resource just like crude oil ,frozen orange juice ! Nothing human about what there doing why your not human to them why they won't see you or treat you as a human! Your fueling them! I hope they do get rid of admiralty courts put in common law again,we need judges just like judge Anna to have harmony in our courts and put the land of the law in full force ! Admiralty needs to go back to the sea where it belongs!worse jurisdiction so bias and unfair!God laws should apply in the courts! Thankyou again Anna! God Bles keep writing we're all reading daily we all néed your guidance and strength in changing our land !

  16. I posted to my wall on Feb. Mike Pence announce on 06/26/2017 that united States has gone to gold back usn, no more fiat money! Why was it not broadcast in the media?? and why was Nesara/Gesara or the RV?? In obama care that they were repealing there is a clause in it that obama say wealth would not come to the people or the RV only the Dictator Obama.Also in that bill being implanted with a chip. The Trump Scandals are a distraction for the people because Mike Pence and Paul Ryan's and Democrats are planning sinister things to happen for us all. The article about the gold back usn is on gold Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are Globlist for their one world order. THEY NEED TO BE GONE NOW !!! OR THERE WON'T BE A WE THE PEOPLE !!!

  17. Just read Trump and Pence holding things up because of in is tired of peace talk funding trump wants to cuts so prime minister can continue against Syria They still want war so they can continue as our government and we the people being slaves or dead in the war so they can be rich they figure they have time before OCT 1ST.

  18. Shortgirl-- do you have a link to that June 26 announcement by Pence? Bear in mind that in their system, the "Vice President" is the prime mover on all the evil stuff--- literally, the "vice". So keep your eyes on Mike Pence and watch everything he does and report it. He might appear to be unimportant, just a "back up" for the President--- but remember Lyndon Johnson and Dick Cheney and have another thought.


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