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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

No, I have not been arrested.  Times being what they are, anyone can be arrested and charged with darn near anything. With 80 million possible "laws" to choose from the perpetrators can criminalize breathing and defecating, which is part of the problem. But, no, I have not been arrested and it is not likely that I ever will be.


Because I know what I am talking about and have my records straight and don't preach violence or encourage people to do things that are half-baked.

Heather Ann Tucci Jaraf has been arrested. I have not heard the charges. Most likely this is because she is trying to access the HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARAF trust fund, which is a generation skipping trust set up for a young child long ago declared "missing, presumed dead". 

In order to legally and lawfully access those funds the matter must be returned to probate and she must prove who she is and prove to be alive and she must also return to the land jurisdiction of her birth. Otherwise the Federales are paid to guard her trust and guard it from her, they will. 

Like everyone else, she has been mischaracterized and suffered identity theft. 

Until people deal with those facts they won't be able to address the problem in a rational way or bring effective international pressure to bear on the regimes supporting these barbaric and outrageous practices. 

I call it commercial feudalism. 

These corporations have done unspeakable things to people in the name of profit.  Nobody needs to think that they are just going to grow a soul and share with the victims without being forced to do so.  

There are two very compelling reasons for this beyond greed.  First, if they do the right thing and share the profit it implies that prior to this they have been doing something wrong. They have been and they know it and now the whole world is learning how the hypocrites enslaved the entire western world--- but that is a different thing from admitting it by paying back the people you've wronged. 

There is an entire camp that firmly believes in just stonewalling and trying to brazen it through and keep the status quo. 

The other reason is that they have bankrupted the entire world and stockpiled all the stolen gold in China, preparatory to trying to force everyone back on to the gold standard. 

This is part of the same plan they hatched on Jekyll Island a hundred years ago. 

Issue and devalue the fiat currency, siphon off the profit from that devaluation, meantime take everyone off the gold standard and steal and confiscate and gather all the gold, then bad-mouth the currencies you yourself created, cause a crisis so that everyone runs back to the gold standard --and there you sit, open for business and ready to sell the gold back at a 10,000 percent profit to the grandsons of the people you stole it from. 

THAT is what is happening right now. 

Right on schedule. 

Preparatory to that they have bankrupted the UNITED STATES, which means that CANADA and the UNITED KINGDOM and HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARAF are also bankrupt. 

That action has also served to bankrupt the so-called Territorial governments worldwide, because they were all leeching off HEATHER ANN and ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER as the "presumed" beneficiaries of our ESTATE trusts. 

Are you all beginning to see how complex and diabolical this is? 

You have a global nest of bankers bent on defrauding the world and forcing everyone to use gold which they control as money on one hand, and you have a worldwide bankruptcy of all the Municipal governments causing the secondary bankruptcy of all the Territorial governments. 

The ones that have really been controlling the show are the Secondary Creditors of the Territorial governments which are now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and attempting to reorganize. 

This has recently all hit a big speed bump because the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders in both the Municipal and Territorial government bankruptcies--- the American states and people-- showed up and reclaimed their assets and exercised their controlling interest. 

That bumped all the Secondary Creditors claiming to represent us (or to be more exact-- to represent our ESTATES) right out of the saddle. 

Remember the identity theft discussed at the beginning?  How they declared the actual Heather dead and created an ESTATE that they own and operate in her name? 

This is where it all comes full circle. 

We are the actual Creditors. Not the banks. Not the politicians. 

How do we cut our way out of this web? 

1. We take back our stolen identity and reconvey all our Trade Names back to the land and soil of our birth state. Now we are on solid ground. 
2. We seize the Common Law Copyright to our own name as provided for in the Session Laws of every state. We claim all forms of our name---all the variations we can think of. 
3. We expatriate from any municipal or territorial citizenship and permanently domicile our names on the land and soil of our birth states. 
4. We record all this on the public record of the land jurisdiction.  

Now we go to the court and announce that--- lo and behold!  It's a miracle! The "dead" have risen and come home to reclaim their property.

Suddenly, the Secondary Creditors-- the banks -- are not in control. And neither, really, are their selected Trustees, the UN, Corp.

We are. 

There is a lot more to it than that when you expand it to include all the states and all the people-- which we did. 

So that is also going on, too. 

That development means that all the gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals the banks seized as "abandoned funds"--- that also belong to us -- have to be returned. 

Either that or a lot of bankers are going to jail and a lot of banks are going to close. 

But, you say, don't they still have us over a barrel?  After all, they have cashiered all the gold in China and who wants to fight a billion Chinese to get to it? 

The Chinese are intelligent and honest people. They see what is going on. 

These crooked bankers are causing trouble for them and for the whole world. 

They will take action to deal with the problem that has been dragged over their doorstep. 

And meanwhile, to the extent that we may need to trade in precious metals, we will trade in silver, not gold.  

That neatly cheats the dirty bankers out of their 10,000 % profit and defuses the entire situation while we mop up the loose ends. 

Like restoring our lawful government, discharging a lot of odious debt, and getting Heather out of jail. 

Cindy Kay Currier has also been arrested according to the local scuttlebutt.  If so, that is to be expected.  She has a record for bunco and has been pushing the bogus Swissindo "prosperity funds" offer. 

For the record, I don't think that Heather knew the full scale of the evil she has been trying to deal with, and she may have even been deliberately misinformed and misled.  The same might be said for Cindy Kay Currier, but I am not at all sure of that. When someone has an established criminal record and goes on promoting shady deals, that's more likely a matter of knowing choice than blissful ignorance.

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  1. Awesome Blog Anna..
    Looks like I've done everything within the 4 areas
    Since the #4 .. Recording documents into public records showed me a revolving door I can put on one handy, I've recently almost 2 weeks ago have gone through the IRS and those forms 1096, 1099 1040 v ext..
    Ive sent this package off registered mail as instructed..
    Thank you again for the homework, I've gotten started, just took a break onve I had seen your blog pop up..😄

    1. Hi Kimberly
      I must have missed Anna's directions for the IRS forms...and, how did you obtain the correct wording for each form? Can you direct me to her posts or offer help?
      Gratefully yours, Cindy

    2. Hello GoGo
      Blog #607 The Dear Lucretia Article
      Follow it down to where it states If You're An African American

    3. african american/black/white/brown/purple is not a nationality. it makes you a 14th amendment citizen. be careful.

    4. Hello Kimberly
      I'm new to most of this and have been following these articles when I can. I'm currently reading the Justice's book "You Know Something Is Wrong When...", and as an African American myself, when I saw your pic I just had to reach out because so few of us know anything about all this. Have you read the book and could we correspond? And for anyone else who reads this (race doesn't matter), if you know of any network of conscious people who have read or are reading the book, please let me know, as I have questions. I can be reached at Thanks.

    5. What is going on between you ladies . Arrests

      This lady appears to be very Un arrested .

      All this false news is like cnn .

      I sitting on the fence

  2. Hello Anna & Paul,

    Where can I find the step by step protocol of how to "cut my way out from the web"

    Thank you

    1. Read here:

  3. "When someone has an established criminal record and goes on promoting shady deals, that's more likely a matter of knowing choice than blissful ignorance." - Who is Judge Anna talking about here?

    1. This might help you:

      Forty Aces and a Mule -- Swissindo and Bondage in America

    2. what makes someone a criminal? what is a crime? there are a lot of people including myself, that unknowingly at the time admitted to what 'THEY' said was a crime, were punished for it. When in fact they were conducting a commercial transaction, making $$$ off of me by lying and scamming me. those 80 million 'possible' laws are in fact NOT laws, but rather statutes/codes/amendments and addendum's. which also btw would mean the only way any of this will right itself, is to attempt what has been done 'historically' through out time. another civil war because there is NO congress to pass anything 'lawful' in order for a change. not to mention what is talked about here being a hostile takeover of a company and would you stand by and let someone move in on your turf? I mean, Paul, you're not selling HAM radios for nothing are you?

    3. I am selling many preparedness products. Why? Because I have no idea yet, what the Will of God is about stopping the criminal cabal short of their initiating mass violence upon America.

  4. Who is HEATHER ANN TOCCI JARAF....!!!

  5. Can someone please explain to me how this works, against complete corruption and disregard, without a standing army to defend the Constitution and Land and Estates owed to us, the things we are demanding be returned to us rightfully? Look at Rep. Dick Marple still getting "ruled" upon, and he's a legislator! Look at the soverign man in Wyoming, several times a prisoner of war. No Army to defend him or the Constitution. Just comments on social media about how stupid him and his followers are. Comments from lost Americans who are perpetuating the problems.

    Which reminds me, Anna, please find someone charismatic and witty enough to represent all that you are teaching us on a Facebook and YouTube channel or something. This is how the masses can be reached. This is how successful movements, businesses and ideas thrive with today's technology. Unfortunately, hardly anyone reads. Yes this is the only way to gain real knowledge and more importantly read and understand the laws. Perhaps their freedom will be a good enough reason to start but they must be met where they are at. 99.9999% of our society is lost, these numbers will not win us our natural rights back. All the legalities we can drum up don't seem to matter to the corrupt foreign courts because our own people disgustingly argue for them.

    I'm not debating the validity of any of this stuff. In fact: when I enlisted in the Marine Corps, I was dumbed down enough to believe I was there to protect Freedom and the original Constitution I learned about in school. It was actually while at war, I realized the corruption, the dicete, the lengths, the ranks and how high it goes. Good thing the Corporation trained me well and sent me places to lift the veil.

  6. Yep, I found her by googling her. But as I was learning what happened to her, I came upon a site about Harry Dent that said his site was taken down. So I visited the site and found this guy, calling himself Benjamin Rodriguez who seems to have discovered how to properly access our "master account". The way we have been doing it,somehow is costing these corporations millions in penalty Fees for allowing "unauthorized" batches by the FED for not checking accounts. They only have 30 days to report fraud. One guy was trying to discharge $88,000 and was told that they received the payment, but the bank wouldn't release the funds. She asked him about his account and who his bank was. That's when he asked Benjamin what he should do. This is what he said.....

    "Read Operating Circular 4, UCC, 4A and 12CFR210. It gives you an idiot guide to collecting your trust. Then you can quit your job....!!! He says there are 10 lives of paper you have to fill out and motorized and send in. That created your "Master Account". Then you have to designate an "Authorized Representative"(I guess he means our real names) , then he says you can start to "Discharging". I haven't looked into this yet. But what is your opinion on this Anna, or anybody else out there. I'm trying to get in touch with him and I asked him if he knew about this site....?? He seems so admit about what he says. He says he is getting so frustrated with people doing it wrong. Let's look into this guys...!!!

  7. I just got a new phone and still getting used to it. It doesn't always recognize some words and automatically changed the word I entered, I guess because it hasn't yet been entered in its dictionary yet. So motorized should be "Notorized". I'm starting to get the hang of it....sorry. Trust me Paul, you are going to miss your old computer. It looks like we have to learn something new every year. We can't hold on anymore to things we are used to. They become obsolete within 6 months.

  8. I am already finding that out. It will take a few months to get going full speed on the new one. You can turn off that word completion thing, at least I can on my phone.

    1. Yea. I think I will. I thought it would help. I didn't realize that it was automatically changing a perfectly spelled word. Thanks.

  9. Noticed comment(s) on this site by Judge Anna which was enlightening to know...
    Anna von Reitz says:

    July 25, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    By entering Washington, DC you entered an independent international city state which operates under its own municipal law. They are not on board with your agenda at all.

    In fact, the entire notion of creating OPPT as a gigantic global equivalent of the Public Charitable Trust which has failed here should not be on anyone’s agenda as an answer to the bank fraud. That option was tried and it failed. All it did was expand the whole platform so that greater fraud was made possible.

    The focus needs to be on the sanctity of each life and on free will and property rights—- old fashioned American values that the Paramount Security Interest Holders share with you all.

    Expect that Heather will be charged and railroaded just as James Thomas McBride was.
    [ ]

    I wish I could help, but you will observe that I don’t go walking into a foreign lion’s den, not even in peace, love, light, and friendship.
    I remember your explaining that this was the reason why Rod Class had been arrested in Washington D.C. too.

    Recap folks : places where NOT to go for any reason when you aspire to freedom :
    1. Vatican
    2. City of London
    3. Washington D.C.


    1. Unfortunately, I Am Right Again...
      Anna Von Reitz

      Remember what I said about Heather Tucci-Jaraf most likely being in trouble for trying to access the trust account of HEATHER TUCCI-JARAF which is a Cestui Que Vie Trust set up for a young child who was declared “missing, presumed dead” many years ago? That she would have to go through probate and establish that she is indeed that same “Heather Tucci-Jaraf”?

      Well, here’s the report from her website tonight:

      There was a sealed hearing
      They closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window
      They asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave
      Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing
      Apparently, TN issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for….? to gum up works for her
      She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail locks up jail until then.
      This all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom

      Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refused to sign her name and contract with the system.
      It’s not because she refuses to contract with the system. It’s because the only way she can do what she wants to do requires her to prove that she is the now-adult woman who has been declared “missing, lost at sea” by the Municipal government and whose identity has been stolen and redefined as a Foreign Situs Trust by the Territorial government.

      She has to answer both presumptions and rebut them with factual evidence established on the public record. Ideally, she should have all the recorded paperwork I have been encouraging everyone to record on the public land jurisdiction records.

      As it is, I hope someone has a High School Year Book or College Year Book or school transcripts or something credible that can establish a chain of evidence between the baby in the cradle and the grown woman now. Hurry up! Call her parents, her husband, her best friend from third grade! Get them there so she can call them as credible witnesses and collect whatever memorabilia related to the progress of her life that you can find!

      Get it to her ASAP and clue her and her lawyer into what is actually happening and why this is an “identity” hearing.

      If they go in there cold with some kind of drivel about contracting, confused about why such a hearing is being conducted, they will be lost. This is a private hearing being conducted in probate in canon law. It’s among the highest and most deadly kinds of hearings possible. Pray for her and help her any way you can.

      Thanks Anna for the information.

    2. Anyone , meaning pro pers, that can win a case by themselves on only the "facts" should be a real attorney. We have always stood on the law, which is the first part of any court case....the preliminary hearing. Thats where if you can present the proper law, the second part of the case, using facts only, can be elimininated and ask for dismissal of the case. Because you only get one shot at the law. Once it gets past that, you can never bring the law back into the case, which will be a "jury trial" of people who will already be biased against you as much as the court, unless you are a carismatic actor who can make the jury laugh while making the prosecution look like he or she is an idiot. Damn near impossible. Because your first instinct is to cross examine the prosecutions witnesses as agents working for the "State of California". Mr FBI agent, are you a US CITIZEN, and do you get paid by the State of Washington DC. Expect an immediate "objection" by the prosecutor, and just as immediate response from the judge...."sustained". They know where your going with this. Those are questions of law which by the time you get this far is res judicata...the law is irrevalent now. Only questions of fact will be allowed. And prosecutors love to object constantly against you because it weakens your mental state until your nothing but a blob of shit in the eyes of a jury. It is truely an art to question witnesess on matters of fact alone. Especially when its personal. Dont do it. Even attorneys hire other attorneys when they are charged with something, for that reason. Its too hard emotionably, to represent yourself. At that point, you do need a Public Defender. That way you can instruct him on anything you want as long as it isnt a question of law. And at this point, she would need to prove that she has filed the proper paperwork. Thats why judges always tell you that a person who represents himself has a fool for an attorney. At the very most, we stand some chance of winning only at the law stage of a case. But we stand no chance when the case devolves only to the facts. Ive seen many incredibly smart patriots who can argue law all day long. But, put them in a trail situation with only using facts and they fall apart. And convicted. One thing you have to learn immediately is the word "😐Objection". Its a weapon in a trail, or at any part of a court appearance. And the court cant wait to get past the law phase, because they know you cant win on facts. How is she going to look when the prosecutor brings in people that followed her teachings and lost everything they had and faced jail time because of her, and she didnt even try and help them. She will look like a total scam artist in the eyes of a jury.

  10. 7/27/17: Cindy Currier posted video today...
    "Rumors of my arrest have been greatly exaggerated (or completely made up)."
    Don't know her and for anyone to end up in jail is a sad affair.


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