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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Letter to the Hague Prosecutor's Office

By Anna Von Reitz

18th of April
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
P.O. Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

Dear Sirs:
We are facing a crisis in the long process to restore lawful government to the actual United States and continue to suffer false claims and insupportable, outlawed practices which the so-called Territorial United States and Municipal United States corporations have been attempting to foist off on the actual states and people. 
On May 1, 2017, they propose to set up a deliberate fraud scheme to attack and defraud millions upon millions of innocent people utilizing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a base of operations.   This has been done before as part of the fraudulent 1930’s bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., and is apparently being done in preparation for a similar fraud scheme related to the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC.  The scheme has been prepared for by the Obama Administration and is apparently being carried through by the Trump Administration. 
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a member of the Territorial United States organization, is bankrupting its primary electrical utility corporation.  This in itself is hardly worthy of mention on a global scale and would occasion little comment or concern, except that Mr. Obama created millions of purported “franchises” which are supposedly stand as sureties for this particular Puerto Rican public utility. 
These “franchises” are all identified using alphabetic ACCOUNT designators that appear to be the names of living Americans--- for example, Alfred T. Krebs or ALFRED T. KREBS.  It isn’t certain yet whether they will attempt to use Glossa against our Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation issued last May or not, but their intention has been clearly stated in the press.   A copy of the Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation has been included in a letter (copy also attached) to U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions.
When unsuspecting Americans receive bills addressed to these foreign public transmitting utilities, they pay them under the false assumption that these bills are legitimately addressed to them.  The actual bills are already being paid out of the U.S. Treasury, so the perpetrators pocket the difference and say that these additional payments are “donations” and “gifts”----but are really the fruits of unjust enrichment, extortion, racketeering, and fraud committed by employees against their trusting employers.
It is international mail fraud, international identity theft, and involuntary conscription amounting to international slavery and racketeering being implemented via similar names deceits and the illegal and prohibited use of Glossas and false names.   Please note that these Accounts/ACCOUNTS which use middle initials are not even legal names for lack of specificity.
This is also constructive fraud on a massive scale which has been prepared with malice aforethought by foreign governmental services corporations operating as crime syndicates on our shores.  The essence of the crime is clearly established.  They kidnap, press-gang, and coerce Americans to sign up for programs that only US Territorial or US Municipal employees are eligible for, then falsely claim that these people are “voluntarily” functioning as either Territorial or Municipal “citizens” and are then subject to their private corporation statutes, regulations, and codes. 
Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, functioning as the U.S. Attorney General, has been given full warning with regard these deliberate anticipated crimes on our shores as well as a copy of our Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation which was also sent to you last May.
                                                                 Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

cc: Letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions (two pages)

Copy of Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation/May 31 2016 (two pages) 


  1. Where is the evidence Anna von Reitz???

    1. pay attention to the "bills" you are getting. havent you noticed the name they have been using? you think that is a coincidence?

    2. but to don's point anna, it is not enough to notice people of these things, if they get pulled into court (sorry irs but that is not my name/account go pound sand - i do not owe my first middle initial last a dime) or if one decides to take anoher to court, how would one provide the evidence that you speak of, certified copies from whom/where to enter as evidence otherwise it is hearsay, a trivial unproveable legal argument!?

    3. What are you doing in court to begin with?
      In other words, Why would you choose to have legal argument with anyone?
      Perhaps these may be better questions to gain control & understanding of.
      Wouldn't you say so?

    4. I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN and I have been told not to take a stand on this but I do not understand why... it is pointless to argue over a Constitution that only regards itself of caucasian decent proving 100% that you were born in the US and the state in which you were born, and having parents and grandparents born also here in which you are still living in the same home or area. I would like to know why I can't make a legal argument over whats been done to our culture also or is it written that we under the Constitution have no voice, are voiceless under said laws and in actuality have been taken advantage of without right to reciprocity. How do we resolve this for the African American community? How do we resolve this for anyone that is not of Caucasian decent and have lived in this country since birth and have paid taxes, utility bills, purchased homes and were ignorant to all that is going on? Do we stand back and let the Caucasians fight this fight only? Because under the Constitution, black african americans have no voice? Please explain in full detail or point to the article that outlines why Judge Anna does not want the African Americans, Federal Agency Workers or IRS employees to fight for their rights...
      Thank you

    5. Any clue what your proper name is?
      Or even your Legal Name?
      Do these match the damn name on your utility bill, Or on your W-2 that sets up the foreign entity that you pay taxes for.
      You want proof return your utility bill unopened "Return to Sender-Mistaken Identity-18 U.S. Code § 1342".

    6. DelawareBabe,
      Please re-read: Public Notice to Federal Employees
      If you have a Live Birth Record/Certificate from the county you were born in and one of the 50 states:

      "When people born on the land of one of the actual organic states claim their non-territorial, non-municipal, non-citizen political status and give evidence of the same intention by issuing an Act of Expatriation from the presumption of Territorial citizenship, and the surrender of the Municipal PERSON issued to them back to the Secretary of the Treasury, and otherwise give Notice of their revocation of election to pay federal income taxes or to otherwise subject themselves and their assets to any territorial or municipal code, that decision must be respected and adhered to by all agents of the territorial and municipal government without question or exception." (That to me means All/every one of us)

      Use a copy of your Live Birth Record/Certificate as your proof of who you are, not a Dr. Lic. or SSN or or any other government identification including the Birth Registration.

      THEN take a look at the work of the Australians, who are not all caucasian. This deception covers many countries and peoples through/by/via the:

      By: Romley Stewart.
      The Concept of Modern Day Slavery:

      Everything you ever wanted to know about DOG-LATIN, GOVERNMENT (SERVICE CORPORATIONS), COURTS attended by BAR-ATTORNEY'S and BANKS/BANKING INDUSTRIES.

      Anna has to try to open the eyes of the operators at the Hague regarding DOG-LATIN, so we all better get this under our belt before we complain about what we don't understand OR stand under.

      In Christ's Light and Love.

  2. What "evidence" do you need Don, your private property stolen under your nose? Or the "authorities" steeling your children? Or an oil pipeline right through your garden? Pls. research yourself and don't leave it to Anna or anyone else to do your job. To read Anna's website would be a good start, though. Best wishes.

  3. The IRS deliberately moved to Porto Rico to be out of judges jurisdiction . That's why the records are kept there .seems they run thair utility corperation out of thair away from the eyes of honest judges thair are a few.

  4. We as a group agree the freedom of speach is key to our survival . The cabal controlds virtual all and closing off google,Facebook , Twitter .
    The only unregulated is the street that's where we are forced to go to the streets.

    1. Manners & Intelligence work also. (of course, with a dash of persistence)
      Give them a try & see what i mean. Ok?

    2. No evidence, no evidence, no evidence. No sources, no sources, no sources. Over and over and over. Get real Anna von Reitz, What you put out is just a bunch of words. If I had the sources and evidence, everyone in the world could and would have it. Why are you holding back if you really have sources and evidence??? Watch people, Anna von Reitz will provide no evidence of what she says. You can quote her as your source, and you will be taken as a fool.

    3. Hmm, this Notice really struck a nerve with you, Don. What's your dog in this fight? You an IRS or Fed troll? Sounds like you've been "Fed" on a steady stream of B.S. Please go back to the fishing channel and leave the planetary legal warriors alone, mmmK?

  5. Now you know why Trump sent our military over to North Korea. You simply cant solve problems with "contracts" and diplomacy. In the final analysis, it comes down to the great equalizer....BIG GUNS!!!

  6. May God and all the angels bless and protect you, Anna, as together we all face down Mammon, Moloch, and the army of evil which is on its last legs.

  7. Thank u Anna for ur strength ur wisdom & ur courage to do what's best for the American people even if they do not understand what u r trying to tell them

  8. Seems the FBI is alerted they emailed me a recruitment notice mind you my talk show friend was nick named the G man FBI special assessment to the president (Nixon). he got cought in water gate and took the fall because we refused to talk. One good fed my friend.

  9. We have been over this before. Like cubesphere 1 said above, the name isnt the whole answer and never will be as long as we insist on endorsing their private script "elastic currency" which will always be presumed by the courts that you want the benifits of their system without the "liability" of its use. Its their private "fiat money" that we insist on using that will ultimatly always take the paramount postion over our name or anything else we file. Therefore, i say instead of trying to get remedy or ask the court for anything, simply make the choice when your ready mentally strong enough to separate from this system to pick the day that you want to seperate from their corp. fictional world to the real one, where the STATE has to recognize you as a living wo/man because of your "lawful money" demand found at 12USC 411 and 95(a) and also in the Federal Reserves own manual found in sec 16. Then just start gathering evidence for it by writting that demand on all your deposit/withdrawal slips(get copies) and have new checks made up with your bank or anyone else that uses you actual name(in upper and lower case), your address with the state spelled out completely, stating zip code exempt(you can even add:not within the Forum State) , then below all that put your demand..."all transactions are completed using my "lawful money" demand at 12USC411 and 95(a). Thats the front of the check on the left hand side. The front is public. The back of all instraments is the private side. Never again endorse any instrament using your signiture on the back. Instead, use a non endorsement, endorsement saying endorsement is not necessary because of the "lawful money" demand found on the front of check(lawful money never needs endorseing). The trick here is to never agitate the teller that that demand does not mean im asking for gold or silver. Im merely making a legal statement for purposes dealing with lawful court arguements and thats all. You can accept anything the bank wants to give you. (because your demand automatically means those FR NOTES, have been converted to "Real Money", and your non endorsement proves it). The reason is that when U S NOTES were discontined for lack of use, back in 1971, sec 16 of the Fed. Reserve made it clear that the only reason they discontined those notes, is because US Notes dont serve any benifit that FRN dont already supply, as long as you use your right for your "lawful money" demand at 12USC411. Once your demand is made, you have made it clear that you are "paying" your bills at law, leaving the contract completely satisfied and closed, instead of using FR debt instraments, which always leaves an obligation to using elastic currency which only discharges the debt, but never fully completes the obligation of the debtor...which means we have a tax obligation to complete for using their credit. In other words, once you start using lawful money, you have essentially divorced yourself from the FR system, and no longer have a "liability". If the teller at the bank wont give you the money for the check without your signiture, then simply give it to them without any more arguing, but put a line through your non endorsement, instead of erasing it , which legally shows that you made the demand but it was the bank that dishonered the request, and forced you to sign, which can be used as further evidence in a court case for "libel of review".

  10. Look it up. Using the "lawful money" demand will work no matter how anyone spells your name. Its about the money, not our names. Its time for a divorice. Now you can also claim a refund of your entire check for the year necause you were never paid. The reason everyone gets so upset at your demand is because the banks can no longer "fractionalize" your deposit. What good is an account they cant fractionalize..?? David Merrill has done exhustive research on this subject, and many people are finally getting remedy for the first time. Once you start making your demand, start gathering evidence of it by photocopying every check and depost/withdrawal slips, the go to the county recorders office using a "letter of understanding"(essentially a "stipulation bond) making it public notice of your intent on lawfully paying , not discharging anything, leaving no further transactions necessary....transaction was sucessfully completed and fully satisfied. You can find David Merrill on the "Saving to Suiters club" online, which is a good site for answering all your questions. By far, this is the closest and best remedy ive ever encountered and without all the drama like the couple stated above. Screw court. We dont need them for anything using this process...Your wecome.

  11. I actually made this comment on one of judge Annas older sites by accident and just transferred it to this latest one. Thats why i regerred to cubitsphere 1. Sorry.

  12. Just like countries economy is based on energy cost the zionest banksters.
    Use the fractional banking as a cash cow. creating zeros on a ledger legal counterfeiting . Free money if that ain't enough the go to the feds discount window get zero intrest loan invest keep the spread more free money.
    Then thair morgage.fraud stop the zionest funding get out of the system
    Somehow .

  13. What James says is true, however, there is no need to start a scene by these conditional acceptances to be flagged by risk management. Just record the fact that you only accept lawful money in whatever form it is given by the PTB. You are doing it on record because of the lack of enforcement to honor it by paid mercenaries. Remember it is not you who were offered the "benefit" It is the States own creation that you are presumed trustee over. The State gives you a way to operate this Title/name legally with an assumed name. Why is this an assumed name? It is a Title deed to property most of us mis-take for our name. When you see a form that says first name, what are they really asking? The family name comes before the baby, so is first on the flat line. A given name is preceded by the family impression. A last is the impression of the sole/soul called by a given name/not Title. This is where the dates on the ROLB get interesting. The first born date precedes the character created by the State on the registration date. Now if you put the born date on all your documents concerning the States creation, have you the living made yourself surety by default?............

  14. banks encouraged by the feds to rat you out 4 structuring drawing large amounts transfers ect ect reduced us to a police state .zero intrest rates kills savers and we can't invest overseas without drawing IRS attention they sower international banks looking for american accounts .


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