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Friday, April 21, 2017

American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

By Anna Von Reitz

Foreign bankruptcy trustees operating unlawfully on American soil have fronted false claims and have been generating invalid mortgages in this country since 1909.
As a result of this venerable, widespread and pernicious fraud found throughout the mortgage industry and throughout the administrative functions of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, INC. seeking to mischaracterize millions of Americans as federal Territorial and/or federal Municipal citizens, we are calling for an American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium.

Out of thousands of mortgages we have examined we haven’t found a single enforceable security interest involved in any mortgage floated by any bank or savings and loan institution.   All these claims lack any equitable consideration to back their claim of enforceable security interest.

This means that the Secretary of War /Secretary of Defense and the Generals responsible have failed in their duty under the Lieber Code since 1913 and that America and Americans have been plundered in violation of both national and international law under color of law ever since. 

This gigantic underlying fraud is sufficient cause to void all contracts, all obligations, all deeds, all mortgages, and all titles merely presumed to exist unless it is proven in open court that these same Americans have willingly, knowingly, and under conditions of full disclosure accepted actual and not merely voluntary or symbolic federal employment and have agreed to accept the burdens of federal Territorial and/or Municipal citizenship that result. 

We note that even if Americans have accepted actual federal employment and have accepted the burdens that entails, including citizenship in the foreign delegated jurisdiction of the United States, they are still owed equal civil rights.  We will also note that upon retirement from any federal service presumptions of federal citizenship must cease.  Finally, and importantly, all such federal citizens are still protected from foreclosure and sheriff sales at the state level under the provisions of TARP as of February 2009.

Thus, if you are an American state national or American State Citizen and have a mortgage, you are the victim of international crime and are owed both remedy and recompense from the perpetrators which includes the liquidation of any mortgage held against your NAME and the return of your assets free and clear and the return of the escrow plus interest denominated in lawful money.

Even if you are legitimately a Federal United States or Municipal United States citizen, you are owed equal civil rights and protection, and any property held in your NAME is protected from state level sheriff’s sale by TARP as of February, 2009.  

For all these reasons and more it is time for a Foreclosure Moratorium to be imposed throughout the actual land jurisdiction United States as well as the Territorial and Municipal United States.  The members of Congress and the Trump Administration must be made aware of these facts and held accountable.

We recommend that you print off and send a copy of this letter to every member of Congress and to President Trump and the members of his Administration, the federated State of __________Governors, the local Judges and District Attorneys, federated County Sheriffs and others who need to know. 

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  1. Don't object it's grounds your ok with it. An objection in court has to be entered into the record.

  2. The problem is, the so-called "government" through its admitted agents Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the ones directing these foreclosures through their sub-agents the so-called "banks" and their sub-agents "servicers" who burn the candle in the middle from both ends making billions of dollars with the help of complicit "judges." You can object in court all you want but such objections are routinely ignored as are "claims" and "causes of actions" evincing the conspiracy and fraud being perpetrated by essentially all "three branches" of the corrupt "government."

    It isn't just the corrupt "banks"... we have evidence of the government's involvement. (some available online but some difficult to get since there has been no judge in the "country" willing to enforce discovery against these criminals). See, e.g. or the multitude of, inter alia, "Assignment and Assumption Agreement[s]" or "Commitment to Purchase Financial Instrument" (fabricated "Financial Instrument[s]" by the Dept. of the Treasury through "HAMP" which evidences these relationships between Fannie Mae the "government" and so called "banks" and "servicers."

    Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff are amateurs in comparison.

    And yes, they state relationships as "financial agent of the United States" rather than "for" the United States.

  3. Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff are ametures in comparison.....Truer words have never been spoken. It should be noted, that they broke every rule set by "GAAP"(Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) too. What good is it to allow a private international banking cartels to be in charge of a nations money, but answers to no one , without libility to anyone or any govt. created agency with oversite abilities that jave no force and affect..???But the real insult is that they were already paid on those toxic assets using TARP funds(the 2 trillion dollar bailout), or by "credit default swaps", not to mention the hypothentocation of the original promissory note by as much as 3 times the original sale. How many times do they want to ne paid. I guess one more through foreclosures. And they have the gall to label drug dealers corrupt....!!!

  4. I must say judge Andrew Napolitano said thair are some good judges .we have to find those judges an as you say allow discovery .

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