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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Global Collateral Accounts -- What's the Hold Up?

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I got an email from a group of Greek bankers asking me if the "Global Collateral Accounts" are real and why they can't seem to get action releasing those funds even after allocations have been made and published?

Well, yes, there are Global Collateral Accounts that do contain assets that belonged to people long dead and whose specific heirs are not known, and as a result those assets belong to the world-at-large and there is really no reason to leave them sitting around in bank deposit boxes and tranche flats doing no earthly good.

Fair enough.  So some years ago a great housecleaning effort began in the Swiss vaults and has continued from there.

Unfortunately, most of the banks involved in the house cleaning effort used the opportunity to try to get rid of evidence of their own wrong-doing, tried to cheat depositors out of interest the banks owed, and otherwise pulled very shady deals claiming that huge amounts of assets were "abandoned" by legitimate trustees and known beneficiaries when they really weren't abandoned at all----a larger scale version of the fraud these same banks have pulled by claiming that you abandoned all the mortgage payments that were made to YOUR NAME's undisclosed escrow account over the years.

The irony is that most of these "Historic Trusts" belong to people who have no interest in wielding huge amounts of money and who want the assets used for the same or similar purposes as the Global Collateral Accounts are meant to serve---that is, they are willing to serve the same philanthropic purposes as the Global Collateral Accounts.  They simply aren't willing to stand by deaf, dumb, and blind and let the banks make false claims of abandonment and seize the assets.

Every time one of the supposedly "abandoned" Historic Trusts pops up a hand and says--- Hey, wait a minute, those assets belong to us.  We didn't abandon anything!----the whole process has to be shut down and re-calibrated. The assets of the Historic Trust being claimed back have to be backed out of the Slush Pile.

A lot of time and bother could be saved if the banks just gave proper Notice to the last known address of the last known trustees and beneficiaries, but they are afraid to do so for a wide variety of reasons.  If you don't know that you are the heir of a billion dollars, shouldn't you know?  Where have you been all this while?  Are you for real or just some con man sniffing around?

It was the same thing with the gold confiscated from our great-grandparents and grandparents back in the 1930's, which the World Bank and IBRD claimed as Secondary Creditors.  If I hadn't raised my hand and said---- Oh, by the way.....  those assets and all the years of interest owed on them would have been rolled into the Global Collateral Accounts.

Even more importantly, it was the same with the assets of the land jurisdiction states of America.  Imagine what would have happened if nobody stepped up to the plate and claimed back the land you are standing on?   This was a major league play by the banks. They actually thought they could get away with claiming that the American states had been abandoned and were available for resettlement and redistribution of all their assets.

So as you can now see, there's a lot going on in the background and a lot of dirty deals have been pulled by the banks including a lot of false claims of "abandonment of funds" and "abandonment of assets" which have been made for both innocent and self-interested reasons.

All that bosh keeps holding up settlement of what is and is not legitimately part of the Global Collateral Accounts. More and more heirs and beneficiaries and trustees and fiduciaries keep coming out of the woodwork and showing reasonable provenance and basis to claim assets back out of the banker's Slush Pile.
Every time we think we get it done, or "close enough to call"--- pop! Someone else shows up at the table and produces a receipt for a thousand Gold Certificates from 1904, or the last scion of one of the Conquistadors crawls out from under a rock in Costa Rica and says, "Uh, well-ah, Senor......."

If we are fair and if we are honest and if we care about what is true, we owe each and every one of these claims investigation and settlement.  And that takes time, especially in view of the amount of fraud and graft and collusion and general bad behavior by too many of the banks involved.

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  1. I actually have an issue with an "abandoned account" in Switzerland I would like to get more clarity on -- perhaps a consultancy, if you have the time, Judge Anna? Is there any way I could send you a private message on this matter? Thanks as always for the extremely salient information!

    1. Sure. Just use the normal email and flag it "Private" in the subject line.

      Contact to get my email address.

  2. May i ask; What is a 'tranche flat' anyhow?

  3. While on subject of banks, check who your beneficiary(s) are on any or all accounts. When a close friend checked her IRA acct the boacomputer showed she was the beneficiary even tho others had been designated. She was told to resubmit information, she did- checked back after 3months & she was listed as beneficiary and told to resubmit & on one occasion took beneficiaries along to give ID since so many people can have same name, too. Friend checks back
    With bank after a few months passed she was listed as beneficiary so they flipp ed the computer in her face showing her she was the beneficiary, imagine had she died & her beneficiaries went to bank the same thing happening with computer flipped into their face that deceased was beneficiary only opening the court system doorway for a suit against bank. So she closed the IRA acct due to deceptive actions of the bank.

  4. Tommorrow, thursday the SEC is supposed to rule if "bitcoin" rates as a legal defintion as a true commodity/security. But according to the article i read, it wont matter either way, because it is working already without their approval. The trouble is without its widespread use as an accepted way to trade by large mutinational Corporations, including the STATE, its only real use will be limited even as its value is going up.But there are other cryptocurrencies in the works right now that already are competeing with it right now. But the one that seems like every country is looking at isnt even in the top six right now....its roughly called "erthe...somethin or other. I forgot to right it down. But there are several countries and corp. all working for an entire infrastructure to support a cryptocurrency which i think will eventually wind up in the exact same hands our present is controlled by, which will ultimatly wind up being "elastic" again, unlike all these other cryptocurrencies which are all finite. And it will also have both the elements of decentralization and centralization. Reading between the lines, i smell plan B of our present system becoming the end result again. And if you think there is semantic deceite going on now, try to understand the incredibly complex "Geek Language" currently in place to explain all the interconnected digital infrastructures to support such a digital currency worldwide that will dominate all other competeing crytocurrencies. It just seems to me thevsame rebrobates in power now, are eventually going to be in control again. The article was clear that blockchain technology together with 4 layers of firewalls is enough to protect and keep bitcoin private right now, unless,as the article goes on, a "quantum" based computer is developed that will easily break into these computers today. And i think they already have that technology and like everything else they do, keep it a secret from the public. One thing is for sure. The computer GEEK language in place right now to describe everthing else ready to take place in the near future is already "Greek" to me. No semantic deceite needed. At least not for us who are already senior citizens.


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