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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

No Democracy, Not Now, Not Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

"....Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a Dictatorship."

(Written by Professor Alexander Fraser Tytler, nearly two centuries ago while our thirteen original states were still colonies of Great Britain. At the time he was writing of the decline and fall of the Athenian Republic over two thousand years before.)

A friend recently sent me this quote and it is a timely reminder that I share with all of you.  I have read it many times over the years and the truth resonates across centuries and down to this current moment. 

Let me assure you that we, the actual people and states of America, are absolutely guaranteed a republican form of government and there are Americans standing in the gap, reclaiming the stolen identity and assets that belong to us and to our states. 

Let me also assure you that we are not and have never been a "democracy".  Democracy is mob rule.  It is 51% of your neighbors agreeing to eat you for dinner.  It is a failed and odious and even notorious system of government that our Forefathers avoided like the plague.

No, the "democracy" that the media and the Congress are always talking about is the Territorial United States ---- a vast commercial corporation with 57 bankrupt "State of States" franchises.  And true to form, this foreign, ugly democracy discovered a means to defraud the honest republics of America, and devised ways to raid and pillage the public purse until its entire structure is indeed on the verge of collapse and dictatorship. 

Well, if these yahoos require a dictator to straighten them out, we could all do a lot worse than Donald J. Trump.   

Remember that as disturbing as the unfolding events may be, this version of "United States" is not you, not your states, not your government.  This is an organization that is obligated under international treaty, trust and commercial contract to provide nineteen enumerated services to your state of the union, and it hasn't even managed to do a good job at that. 

This incorporated version of "United States" is the equivalent of a housekeeping or maintenance service that your states subscribed to, and it has proven to be a very untrustworthy and dishonest service, one that has pillaged the property entrusted to it, stolen the owner's credit cards, and attempted to disinherit the heirs.

The British Government, HRM, the Lord Mayor London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Roman Pontiffs, and the members of the "United States Congress" for the last 150 years are responsible for this deplorable, criminally mismanaged, despotic, and out of control democracy on our shores, which has attempted to usurp upon and steal the identity of the actual United States and the republican united States of America.

Each one of our fifty (50) state republics have been reclaimed, new Sovereign Letters Patent have been issued, the Chain of Title in international jurisdiction has been secured, the private sovereign indemnity bonds and payment bonds have been posted, the Odious Debts have been repudiated, and the process of restoring our lawful government has begun with the organization of county-level jural assemblies in every state. 

We are well on our way to sorting out The Mess.   

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  1. Good news! We in the know should declare ourselves Continental marshals, get the rural assemblies in high gear, and walk into every one of these pirated public courthouses and kick out the scum!

    1. We all know what must be done, the question is who and how. I suggest reinstating the militia as it ones was. we all have the responsibility the protect and defend our property and rights are property, and they belong to us.

    2. Be careful about the " Continental Marshals". The whole thing is a mess. Work on your correct Status correction and investigate it through several channels and trust no one. I jave been at this dor years and this whole thing is full of disinformation and informants.. Heed my words please.

    3. It would be a good movie omg

      Rich Lawyers would head to canada

    4. Leonard Cohen said it very artistically in 1992.
      (please add dots)

  2. The IRS deliberately moved off shore to Porto Rico. Out our jurisdiction of courts no counter law suits but activest judges ..the complete monopoly on public air waves can even destroy a elected president is underway .so our little groups must provide the brain power for our friends to emulate .

  3. Its so funny that our own constitution mentions only "a well regulated militia"in every state as the primary means of protecting our republic. Not a US military. Now, 200 years later, militias are the equivalent of "terrorist" because of our medias brainwashing conditioning. But yet if you go to Switzerland today, where the current central banking system is primarily located, how are they protecting that guessed it...militias!!! ONLY!!

    1. Its not "our constitution" its a bankruptcy charter for the "private people" that "civilized" the land from the indigenous peoples. 13 british colonies 1603 starting with jamestown, va, the virginia trading company owned by the queen, still is. Based on the articles of confederation they stole from the iriquois nation. Think Southern "rebel" flag. Google that flag and the iriquois nation.

      We have god given unalienable rights under god, in the kingdom "jurisdiction" of heaven, dominion over the land, sea and air, joint heirs and beneficiaries, with the Creator of all things, The Divine Estate. In God We Trust. Do you? If not, maybe you now see why we are in this position; instead, In Man We Have Trusted. We have broken the covenant, "His" Trust.

      We are so confused and scattered how will we ever overcome if we dont get the story straight?

  4. Article Excerpt: This is an organization that is obligated under international treaty, trust and commercial contract to provide nineteen enumerated services to your state of the union, and it hasn't even managed to do a good job at that.
    Read many of Annas articles and don't recall reading what these 19 enumerated services are. Does anyone know or able to direct us to the article number sharing this information?


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