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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Collapsing the Fraud -- April 15th is a National Holiday

By Anna Von Reitz

Collapsing the Fraud -- April 15th is a National Holiday

If someone stole your identity, would you have any trouble reporting it to the bank and whoever else was impacted by the swindle? Would it take more than a nanosecond for you to object to paying someone else's bills? Accepting the blame for someone else's crimes? 
Well, come on, now, that is what has happened here. 
The criminals in Congress swindled your grandparents and parents, stole our national identity, grabbed our credit cards, set up millions of phony escrow ACCOUNTS benefiting themselves and have spent their ill-gotten gains and time in the District of Columbia cobbling up another gigantic swindle they are attempting to unleash on you and your kids right now.

It's time to wake up and pull the plug on this. 

For starters, if you aren't a federal civilian or military employee, an elected officer of a federal corporation, a voluntary franchise operator of a federal corporation, an African American, a federal welfare recipient, or a federal political asylum seeker--- if you are Joe Average American working in the private sector, a farmer, an unincorporated business owner, etc.,---you can revoke your election to pay Federal Income Taxes. 
April 15 can be a holiday. Imagine that?

That's what it has been for me, since 1998. I have a party. We drink cheap champagne. We recite bad poetry. We hurl Shakespearian insults--- "Thou burly, flap-jowled, goatish, howling miscreant! How darest Thou imply a bottomery debt!"

Get started. There is no time like now.

You write an old-fashioned letter to the Commissioners of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and you simply tell them that you are eligible for exemption and are revoking your election to pay Federal Income Taxes. Please adjust your records accordingly and honor my exemption.

Send the revocation letter via US Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. 

Keep a copy of the letters and the mailing receipts. That's it.  

If anyone from the IRS or Internal Revenue Service asks about your tax status or sends you anything in the mail insinuating that you owe them money or have to file any reports, send copies of your copies of the revocation letter and mailing receipts. Certifiy that the copies are true, complete, and correct, sign and date. Stuff it in the mail, U.S. Certified, Return Receipt Requested---- and down their tubes.

If anyone calls you "Mr." or "Mrs." or "Miss" from now on, inform them that you are not a Warrant Officer in the Merchant Marines (that is, a Withholding Agent) and you will happily object if anyone presumes that you are.

You may have to give your employer a written and notarized Waiver absolving them of any responsibility to withhold federal taxes from your paycheck. You might have to fill out a W8 BEN for that purpose. 
My point is that millions upon millions of innocent Americans can avoid paying a third or more of their earnings (which are private property, not corporate income) as a "gift and estate tax" that they don't owe, in support of an organization that has practiced fraud, usurpation, kidnapping, press-ganging, theft, inland piracy, copyright and trademark infringement and conspiracy to murder against them. 
Send those letters effective with October 1, 2015 (or on that date up to ten years prior) and keep your credit at home where it belongs. 
Then, kick back. Inform your friendly local banker that you have retired from all federal service and your PERSONAL bank account is in fact a private bank account and all funds deposited in or transferred from that account are private funds that must be denominated as lawful money. Send that U.S. Certified Return Receipt Requested, too. Every time they try to foist off some new agreement, resend the same information. 
This keeps them and the IRS from presuming that the digits in your account are Federal Reserve Notes and that in turn prevents them from confiscating your money, issuing bogus liens against it, and otherwise seeking to defraud you.

Once your revoke your "election" to pay, you can never file federal income taxes again. By law. So nobody, including Junior Woodchuck IRS Agents, can accuse you of having any such obligation or of failing to file or any of that clap-trap again.

It's a lovely feeling to know the truth and know who you are and how to stuff corks in the mouths of those who have been extorting money out of you. 
It's downright glorious to tell an IRS Agent, "Who gave you permission to even speak to me?"

Ah, yes, sweet freedom. 
It's what our people have fought and died for, for generations. It's what you deserve and what you have been denied.

So, why wait another ten seconds?

Join me. On April 15th this year, take off your manacles and chains. Stretch your bent back. Take a deep, deep breath.... and begin a whole new and different relationship with the IRS. 
From now on, they don't collect from you. They collect for you.

Go forth, America, and conquer.  

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  1. I would like to know who to contact to know more. In addition to help out. We

  2. Thanks Anna! This tasty morsel of knowledge has existed for soooo long. The hoodlums know what is published on the topic, too. There's expensive firms doing what each of us can do ourselves for low cost. Here is an example (not an endorsement by any means)

    Also under GreatIRSHoax PDF file -a free download.

    I haven't gotten anymore IRS mail in years since sending my mailings. I had event send unopened IRS notices mailed out here back to them as attachments.

    I even go so far as to remember July 4 as America's annual day of mourning. What hokum, this latest media and congress keeps foisting.

    Keep is up. Go people. Believe. Stop with the pessimism.

  3. Irs will come after you regardless of the revocation of election. You need to know how to get their claim dismissed in the US Tax Court. Here is the big one, if the claim isn't challenged at the Tax Court, jurisdiction is established at the federal court, not good. You may still prevail, but you will be ruined anyway, lovely! Don't do this without serious study.

    1. claim needs to be challenged once you get it in the mail immediately before the court, court is not in a building/"bank", it starts before you get there and can be stopped; in good faith and clean hands, equity will regard that done which ought to have been done; otherwise, you lost before you stepped foot in their jurisdiction, it is construed as acquiescence, no response, not honorable. and if you wonder why they presume and assume the contrary and win the majority of the time, read my response below as to how and why...

      peace & love

      and an even bigger truth, hard to face, is we are guilty by association based on the actions/evidence we have (par)taken in below

  4. Ok they may try to contract with you but you still Must revoke your election to pay with copies.they will throw the letters at you but the more of us that fight and win they send in all caps send it back your not a corperation.

  5. Anna shares partial truth about the IRS. If you have not studied this for yourself and can verify what she has stated then you better take caution. Her advice has not worked from personal experience. Im not knocking her stuff just warning you to be thorough whatever you do in notifying the IRS.

  6. Replies
    1. Paul,

      Then you realize this is not a straight forward task, most people are better off putting their head back in the sand, its a daunting task to say the least.I find it worth the effort, I am not funding murder and destruction if there is another way, that said, it is not easy.

  7. $ 300,000 REWARD
    to anyone who can prove:

    1- Show what statute written by the Congress of the united States requires Americans
    to file an income tax "CONFESSION" (return) and pay income tax.

    2- How can Americans file income tax "CONFESSIONS" (return) without giving up their
    5th Amendment right not to give any information to the government that
    may be used to prosecute them?

    3- Prove that the 16th Amendment to the united States Constitution, which,
    according to the IRS and modern American courts permitted the income tax to exist, was
    lawfully added to the united States Constitution.

    Get your FREEdom Educational/Informational Package at:

    Freedom Law School Events Here

    Learn more at:

    "The Perfect Slaves Believe They Are Free"

    Time to stand up and be counted- TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

    Income tax is illegal

    An abomination used by democrats, republicrats, churches,

    "dumbed-down" WE THE PEOPLE,

    to murder children and enslave!

    861 Evidence
    A Disturbing Expose Of
    The united States Income Tax System

    Subchapter N, Section 861 (as well as over 80 years of prior law) proves that (contrary to what the public has been led to believe) the "income" tax is NOT a direct tax on incomes but an indirect tax imposed only on those engaged in INTERNATIONAL commerce.

    The income tax is imposed on the "taxable income" of individuals, not all income. But the law itself shows over and over again that in order to have "taxable income," the income must be derived from international commerce.

    What is most difficult to see is what is NOT THERE. The domestically earned incomes of Americans (most incomes) are NOT shown to be taxable (because they are never mentioned) and never have been. It is MISSING from the law, proving that the federal government has managed to achieve the biggest FRAUD in recorded history equal to the fraud hoax resident soetoro/obama

    in The White (red) House.

    1. depends on who you are asking. a proven, non-citizen, foreign, indigenous national or 99.9% of the people reading this blog, a U.S. Citizen? born on foreign land in a foundling hospital, who was then privately placed by the physician, to STATE custodians, ie your parents, (think again if you think you own your children) whom a informant informed on (mother) who then registered the child abandoning it to the STATE, an orphan, minor, INFANT, lost at sea, the Father never having recorded the event, (dont blame daddy)so baby brad doesnt exist on land, the feet never touched the earth and the foundling hospital (jesuit church) took the soul of the baby (DNA blood prick in the left tiny baby footprints) who then voluntarily applied (involuntary servitude is illegal but voluntary servitude is not) and registered/continued to gift and pledge its unalienable rights for benefits, opportunities and privileges of the STATE, by obtaining a U.S. Passport and a STATE DRIVERS LICENSE, VOTER REGISTRATION AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE? a franchisee, agent of the Principal, Franchise Agency? claiming the Mark of the Beast, the NAME and NUMBER they were given from the County/State?

      of course they need to pay their franchise fee as per their corporate charter the Constitution of the United States; they are from the DISTRICT like Hunger Games; one definitely has to pay their franchise fee. the other does not. good luck with that argument in court. haha you owe me $300,000 ill take that in franchise notes please, 300,000 of them federal reserve notes (and you thought only indians were on reservations, tee hee hee)...oh yea, do they also place their federally earned direct deposit, in military script, in their federally protected banking institution that they volunteered to give their STATE ID AND Mark of the Beast, SSN to open that they have NO ownership of? hmmmmmmm, seems like actions speak louder than their words. Ever wonder why they consider us of unsound mind and lunatics and make people professing this in court to get a psychiatric evaluation ;o)

      Sounds pretty crazy to me too...kind of schizo if you ask me

    2. check out this link for the sado-masochists that want to really see how deep this and our spiritual guilt goes dowwwwwn the rabbit hole. not for the faint of heart, only for those that are willing to see the real truth NOT just on the surface

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I literally haven't heard a peep out of the IRS pirates in nearly 15 years. In my experience, I didn't need to inform them directly of my non-taxable EXEMPT status, I just stopped filing income tax returns, and filed as EXEMPT with every employer or client I contracted with so many times and over so many years, they removed me from their books. I stopped filing tax returns in 2003 as protest over the illegal Iraq invasion and haven't looked back. And, if any of you pirate thugs are reading this now, I have all the tools of legal wit and wisdom (incl. case law and International treaties -- and more wisdom now thank to Judge Anna) to sink your pirate ship or make a lawful claim founded in Maxim of Law against you for harm and trespass upon my now rightfully owned and operated ASSUMED NAME or myself, the God-Created man using it as my DBA in good standing as a Continental Civilian.

    I will be dancing jigs and spouting-off my own Shakespearian jibes and gambols of witty insults at those Puerto Rican pirates right along with you on April 15, Anna!

  10. Throughout the last 40 years, my brother and I have tried just about every remedy possible, including A4V with little or no success. Especially if you work for a major retailor, like Macy's, Sears, Home Depot, etc. Because if you insist on getting remedy, the IRS just puts pressure on the CORP. itself, who really does owe TAXES, but is receiving so many benifits from having all its employees filing W-4 forms forceing them into contracting with all federal requirements, they just tell Macys that if you want to keep this employee, you will be paying for him or worse, loose all your exemptions altogether. You know how long you will last with Macys. These agencies know and so do major corp. that no one will sue them, for the same reason no one ever goes to jail fir "BANK FRAUD". The IRS (but fortunately not the FTB) can even go after your SS Benifits, which they were doing with us. But that was the last draw. We finally went to our own city hall, where the top beauracrate was also the "assemblymen" fir this district. He wasnt there, but his secretary was, and was more than happy to help us herself with this problem. She even had us sign a form that essentially mimics a "power of attorney" clause saying we give her and the office she represents anything she needs to resolve this issue. As we were signing, she was already on the phone with the agent we had been dealing with for a couple of months who constantly said he would get back to us on a certain day, next week, but never did, after leaving several messages. But one phone call by the assemblymens office from his secratary, and boom, within less than 60sec. the agent called back, not even realizing we were still in her office....he came after her like a bitbull ready to bite. He was obviously disturbed by the fact that we went over his head to a politition who evidently can cause them problems in their individual capacities. This is the kind of stuff that usually goes on behind our backs guys. We just happened to get lucky and witness it first hand. Since when can they tell us we cant give "power of attorney" to anyone we choose. He even lied about that. Finally she just said they are sitting right in front of me this very moment. He was totally surprised and taken back. But only for a few moments. Then he started in on us again, while she witnessed the whole thing. We finally ended it the same way, saying he would look at our paperwork again (showing $1 million in "loans" , not income, because we werent working any of the years in question, because we had enough assets to get the loans in the first place). So as the agent and us were agreeing on the next date he promised to keep this time, she hands me a piece of paper(because we were on speakerphone) and tells me to get something in writting this time(this is one smart lady who is helping us) which i did, but i even added to it by saying signing it this time so we know an actual agreement is in place with an actual agent. We might as well put a cross in front of a vampire. He went ballistic again. Im an agent of the federal govt. and have no need to sign anything. Unbelievable. The assemblemans secretary was absolutly stunned. The long story short, after that conversation we never heard back from either the IRS or the FTB and the levy the IRS had on our SS benifits(which just began a few months into receiving benifits) magically disappeared and we started receiving full benifits again. But thats my story. I cant say this will wirk fir anyone else. But it certainly cant hurt. BTW, SS couldnt help, because the money was being levied at the sorce(US Tresury Dept.) before it even arrived at the SS office. Everone has to start doing something about this. I dont care how, but start something, anything, just to let them know we know you are pulling fraud, not us....!!!

  11. Thank you Anna, for understanding what HAS to be done and taking the first step. Anna has the right idea. BUT BE CAUTIOUS be careful what you ask for...if we all stand up at once what can they do. it is when we stand up individually when we get crushed. most importantly an unrebutted notice done three times from ANY debt collector a default, summary judgement is. but please people this is only for the people that have a strong understanding of the why and how. do the due diligence before you challenge the gangsters unless we ALL do it together.

    i told you before best info on how to handle the irs i have seen and used is with jonah bey and akiem el. hindsightradio, check them out. great brothers that spit some serious fire. always use your own inner voice of discernment.

    1. always best to "Trust In God" and i mean that in more ways than one.

  12. Note how newspapers are blocking notices by one of our sovereign groups as follows quoted via email...
    May 7 6:02 PM
    I sent the notice to the Santa Fe New Mexican's classified office; instructed them to publish in legals.
    The clerk said with no comment; we decline to publish.
    I called the manager of classified and asked him to send me a letter stating his reason for refusal to publish. He said to me he would not do so. .

    I was, after some effort able to get it into the Santa Fe Reporter.
    I researched the Statutes. NMSA 1978, at 14-11-1 says they must publish.
    I pointed this out to the manager, and asked if he would reconsider.
    It has been over a week with no response.
    Is this a worthwhile battle?

    If so, I will appreciate advice on how to proceed. .

    I wrote the manager about a week ago with the citation from New Mexico Statutes that state the paper must publish the notice, and I have not received a response; I do not expect one. The citation is NMSA 1978 14-11-2.

    Glenn says it is not a battle worth fighting since I got it into another paper of record.

    james-osbourne: holmes II
    American State National
    AKA: Red Pill

    ...... i thought strange to block. Fyi
    u can followup with person, incl email, if like furth details.

  13. Should i send a form 56 along with each letter to commissioner(s)?


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