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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Truth About Contracts, Parse Syntax, and Us

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't believe that people or their institutions have any ability to contract.  It's simply not within our temporal nature and skill set. We can't guarantee that we will live another minute.  We can't know what time it is in any absolute sense.  We can't even describe where we are, physically, without arbitrary references.  

For mortals who don't know where they are and don't know what time it is to make contracts obligating themselves to do things in the future----is obvious madness.  We are incompetent and fundamentally unable to do any such thing, so all contracts are void ab initio, for intrinsic fraud. 

We are like mice trying to dictate the life cycle of horses.  Making contracts is simply not something we can do, so we ought to stop pretending otherwise.

Once we acknowledge the facts of our limited nature and circumstance we are prepared to deal with things --- including ourselves --- as we really are.  

If we accept our natural limitations and humbly agree to the best of our ability on a course of action, that is not a contract.  That is a Good Faith Agreement.  

If we further make the effort to express that agreement in a way that is mathematically sound and unequivocal, using Parse Syntax, it in no way confers any supernatural power to keep the agreement; rather, Parse Syntax makes sure that the agreement says exactly what it says, no more and no less, and cuts out confusion and arguments--which is surely something much to be desired.  

For myself I prefer a simple honor code in which we let our yes be yes and our no be no, as the Bible says, and to the extent possible, let our word be our bond--- accepting always that "time and unforeseen circumstance" may derail our most earnest efforts and intentions and forgiving each other when that happens. 

The concept of "Good Faith" is not difficult, but it is not possible to maintain when we pretend and tell lies about ourselves and our limited abilities.  Nor is Good Faith something we can maintain without sincere effort and clear communications.  It is in this last capacity that Parse Syntax can serve humanity in noble purpose: put an end to the use of slippery, slithery, descriptive language when making business agreements. 

Parse Syntax, properly and honestly defined, is an "iron rod".  If not an absolute safeguard against misunderstanding, it is as close as we are likely to come until the day that we can communicate telepathically and record the sum total of all thoughts, intentions, and feelings associated with an agreement. 

Most of my days I spend immersed in sorting out confusions that are the result of both honest and dishonest actions. People regularly come away from the same conversation with different assumptions and they take different actions accordingly. This causes no end of confusion and discord, even when it is done innocently and for no dishonest purpose.  Imagine how crazy it gets when people purposefully seek to confuse things and defraud others?  

Parse Syntax can help people deal more clearly and honestly with each other.  That isn't always what people want to do, but Parse Syntax can go a long way toward ensuring that result. 

I would guess that if Parse Syntax were used to express Good Faith Agreements, 99% of the expense and misery associated with today's commercial court system could simply go away.  

And wouldn't that be a blessing?

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  1. The problem is that government agents keep assuming that we have entered into a binding contract with them and then take action to enforce it, when it's nothing more than a presumptive fantasy in their mind.

    1. not completely look at the government documents you signed, (registered ie, gave your rights away over to the Public Trust) retain/use and your mother BC and SSN read them carefully. try and get a copy of the applications too and see what it is that you have done to yourself, the devil is in the details, implied and expressed contracts. we have to take responsibility for our actions and what we have and have not done which is self govern. that is the true republic/Divine Estate.

    2. What you refer to is mostly done under threats and demands, not voluntary. Writing your name on a piece of paper does not make it a signature unless that is your intent.

    3. SSA is an agreement, not a contract, look at the Congressional record in 1953 the chairman lays out that there is no insurance, no contract and they don't have to repay what you put in. No law says one must use it, however, you will be forced to or have all your assets considered abandoned and taken. All contracts are with the State creation not man, again we will be forced into a role of surety. Mercenaries will make sure of it.

  2. David Wynn Miller is a con man stay away from this nut case. He made a fool of us and it cost and it cost us thousands of $ with absolutely no good coming out of it. Watch the Oct. 27,2016 David Wynn Miller on youtube. That was me. First hand experience with Nut case.

    1. One need not listen to him for very long to decipher he knows not what of he speaks!
      Although, i would attribute that disability to deliberate medical intervention, aka Pain-Drug-Hypnosis. Direct cause & effect intention seems much more likely than a completely uncontrolled series of coincidental collisions to create a mess like that! In other words, 'nut-cases' are made, not naturally occurring.
      My recommendation would be sincerely compassionate care in a safe, peaceful, quiet place with adequate nutrition & exercise. Don't you feel as though it's time we began caring for our own rather than simply point up their faults?
      By the bye, Criminals are deliberately made as well. That is precisely what the inhumane barbarism of 'treatment', aka Psychiatry, is actually here for. It's really a Militaristic Operation masquerading as 'Mental Health! Check the facts at

    2. From Anna:

      I agree there is a spotted history, yet the basic idea of correcting the grammar is sound. Whether you do it using their method or develop a more user friendly means of reducing contract language the overall inflexibility of the resulting agreement has many advantages.

      Of course, once you have signed a bad and ambiguous document that in itself becomes the issue and you are stuck trying to introduce new claims and information.

      The time to reduce a contract to Parse is when you are making it.

      I however don't believe in or recommend contracts for the reasons I have stated. At a basic level all contracts are fraud for lack of parties competent to fulfill them. That being true, why bother?

      We would all be better off to deal in Good Faith Agreements and use Parse or a similar grammar structure from the start.

  3. "We The So Called "people" are like lambs at slaughter, all programmed by design as planned and kept alive by the 2% bloodline that controls by corrupt laws and force!!! TV

    1. Hang On brothers & sistars and don't despair things are changing this is why we are observing chaotic times since the bottom of the pot is being stired for healing to ocur. If healing does not ocur cosmic hike is the destiny.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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