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Sunday, March 19, 2017

150 Years of British Criminality -- The Very Short Version

By Anna Von Reitz

We are Third Party Beneficiaries with respect to the National Trust created in the Preamble and are indemnified in the British system under two Royal Sovereign Seals--- the seal of King George the III with respect to the delegated powers, and the seal of William Belcher with respect to the undelegated powers, otherwise known as the Great Seal of the United States.  William Belcher inherited his sovereignty as a result of the Norman Conquest of Britain and Wales.  Thus, the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, calls George III the "prince of the United States" and does not mention who the actual Head of State---the "king" of the United States--- was.  Later generations simply presumed it was the British Monarch, with results disastrous to them and to us.

This split of delegated and undelegated powers held by two sovereigns in international jurisdiction ultimately resulted in the situation we have today, where the delegated powers are held by the British-backed United States and the undelegated powers are held by the "states and people" under the Belcher Seal and operated by the United States of America by default.

The misunderstanding about our states (and also, therefore, our state offices) comes about because people don't grasp the difference between the international jurisdiction of the sea and the national jurisdiction of the land.  Everything discussed above, including the National Trust established by the Preamble, exists only in the international jurisdiction of the sea and has nothing to do with our sovereignty on the land. 

We have all been taught to focus on the Constitution but that is substantially a red herring in that it discusses only our position with respect to the foreign international jurisdiction and says nothing about our own sovereign domain.  This can be excused in that our land jurisdiction was never the subject of The Constitution, so why would the Founders talk about that?  We were expected to know the basis of our own sovereignty on the land, just as we were expected to know the history and protect our own Common Law Courts from British meddling.

Two centuries later, the situation speaks for itself.

As to our sovereignty on the land which vests itself in our nations called "states" for international purposes, that sovereignty derives from entirely different authorities and specifically begins with a land grant and settlement made by the King of Spain in 1778 via (yet another) Treaty of Paris. 

The situation was that the British King was financing both sides of the Revolution to hedge his bets--- he emerged the victor to a greater or lesser extent, either way.  The King of France was intermediary funneling funds to the Americans.  The King of Spain, however, had grudges against both the King of Britain and the King of France ---- and he was in charge of the land jurisdiction worldwide, thanks to the claims of the Holy See and its "dispensations" under the Unam Sanctum Trust. 

So while the Americans were concluding their treaty with France to secure what most of them believed was French support for the American Revolution, the King of Spain quietly granted the entire continent (absent Spain's holdings of course) to the rebels via the "other" Treaty of Paris, 1778. If they could win the war, the land was already vouchsafed to them--- and as of 1778, it was available to them to use as collateral to borrow against internationally. 

This is how the Americans financed their loans from the French King who was actually acting as a pass-through agent for King George III.  They wagered their claim to the land given to them by the Spanish King and used it as collateral.  If George III had won the ground war, he would have won the whole shooting match; as it was, he emerged with a tidy debt owed by the Americans and a great deal of leverage, which he used to secure the delegated powers granted to him and his proxy government in DC. 

The land claim passed from the Spanish King to the colonies, which in the years immediately following the end of open hostilities with Britain (1783-1789) undertook a number of inter-colony initiatives to settle the land jurisdiction claims.  This all focused on settling the national borders of the separate nation-states, establishing trade relationships, currencies, treaties with respect to international commercial issues, taxation, interstate travel, security of the international Post Roads and Post Offices, and similar concerns.  As for the basic grant of land jurisdiction, they issued another trust known as The Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies, grandfathering in the original thirteen colonies as a union of land jurisdiction states, and claiming all the rest of the land jurisdiction for themselves and their progeny subject to later arrangements and acquisitions.

The later arrangements were solidified by the Northwest Ordinance which provided for the orderly creation and inclusion of territories and from the territories the creation of new nation-states which would be enabled to enter the union under the Equal Footing Doctrine.  The inclusion of "other acquisitions" such as the Louisiana Purchase and the Republic of Texas and the Spanish Settlement followed the same basic pattern of establishing a form of territorial government and later, upon enrollment in the original union, a separate state government.

Throughout this discussion we are talking about geographically defined nations and their body politics simply called, "California" or "Wisconsin" or "Ohio".  References in law books to these states always use the style "states"----- no capitalization whatsoever.  These are the sovereign states from which our sovereignty on the land of this continent derives.  These states are nations in the fullest sense of the word, just like Britain or France.
They are completely different and separate from any "State of __________", and in fact, the word "of" means "separate from, apart from, or belonging to", so "State of Delaware" is talking about what?  The international corporation used by the actual state known as Delaware and its people to operate in international commerce. 

In trade, Delaware needs no "State of _________" to conduct business within its own borders or with other unincorporated sovereign states and nations.  It is only when it wishes to engage in incorporated business transactions with the other nation-states, like the State of California, or with other countries like France, that it needs to use an incorporated "State of ___________".  

And therein lies the rub. 

Each state retains its right to conduct trade within its borders and also retains the right to trade with other sovereign nations; it uses a "State of _________" corporation to operate in international commerce outside its borders--- and the proxy "Federal Government" run by the British Monarch has delegated control of international commerce.  This control is exercised by operating all incorporated businesses in all states as franchises of the United States, Inc. 

So now you know the difference between the actual land jurisdiction sovereign state and the fact that each one is in fact a separate nation, an entire country unto itself, plus you know what the "State of _________" entity is and what it is used for and who controls it and why. 

None of the states operated in international commerce until after the Civil War.  At that time, The United States of America, Inc. was formed, and the original states were forced to write new "state constitutions".  Under these new constitutions (all constitutions are debt agreements) the corporation used by the actual sovereign state was obliged to operate under names styled like this: California State, Wyoming State, Florida State.  Meanwhile, the name "State of California" and "State of Wyoming", etc. was "adopted" by totally different entities under new ownership.

This switch and the use of the same old names applied to different corporate entities led up to the greatest fraud in human history.  The "State of Illinois" prior to the Civil War was an entirely different beastie and under completely different ownership than the "State of Illinois" after the Civil War and the same pattern applies across the whole country.  There is a state constitution prior to the Civil War and a new state constitution after the Civil War. 

Fast forward again to the 1930's.  FDR is working as liaison for the United States, Inc. at the Geneva Conventions, May, 1930.  As a business ploy, the G-5 nations agree by private treaty to bankrupt their "international corporations" and discharge all debts left over from the First World War. 

Three years later, Roosevelt, now elected President of the United States, carries through and by sleight of hand and deceptive wordsmithing, sets up a constructive fraud by which the California State, Illinois State and other land jurisdiction corporations are "assumed" to be sureties standing good for the debts of the United States, Inc. even though they are owned and operated by the United States of America, Inc. 

This isn't a corporate take-over.  It's just plain old commercial fraud in which false claims are made against the assets of a Third Party and false assumptions then lead to that innocent victim being charged for the debt via a process of commercial liens and titles and hypothecation of debt.

The American states and people were raped, pillaged, and plundered by the United States, Inc. and the British Crown from 1930 to 1999, when all debts of the bankruptcy of the United States of America were discharged and settled and our "States" doing business as "California State" and "Wisconsin State" were left derelict and adrift, mere shells ---- and in exactly the same condition as a man recovering from bankruptcy. 

All this was accomplished in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract by the British Monarch and the British Government operating under color of law on our land, pretending to be our friends, allies, and protectors.

As a result of their vicious fraud our State corporations were left in financial ruin, but like a man recovering from bankruptcy, not dead. 

The vermin responsible for palming off their odious debts on us have tried by every means to "finish us off" in the intervening years, without success. 

All this history is necessary for you to know before I can answer your "simple" question about the oaths of office owed to our actual States.

The "vacated offices" that we are occupying belong to the land jurisdiction state and are operated as offices of the formerly bankrupted "Alaska State", "California State" and so on.   These offices were "vacated" during the long bankruptcy and so far as the vermin responsible for this circumstance are concerned, it was never anticipated that they would be re-occupied by the states and the people they belong to. 

During the bankruptcy these States were operated by "State of State Legislatures" functioning as Bankruptcy Trustees---- corporate con artists overseeing the rape and the pillaging, but nonetheless "representing" the state in the position of Trustees.  These legislatures operating in that capacity continued to pass "Session Laws" to administer the affairs of the victims.  Thus, for example we have Session Laws that establish the "California State" under a new "state constitution" in 1879, and we have Session Laws established for the bankrupt entity throughout the bankruptcy. 

It is via the circa 1870's "constitutions" creating the Wisconsin State, Louisiana State and so on, that we maintain a chain of title and succession of contract back to the original Constitution and are enabled to enforce it.  It is via the Session Laws related to the "second" state constitutions that we obtain the offices and the oaths.

All land jurisdiction offices are exercised under red ink.   Business signatures are in script in Upper and Lower Case.  All land jurisdiction transactions are understood to be in trade, not commerce, and are not under the control of the United States.  Our business  as State officials and State Citizens is all conducted under unincorporated business structures locally (hence the need for all state and county assemblies to operate as unincorporated businesses)  and under undelegated powers internationally ---note the red Post Marks. 

All commerce is exercised in blue ink. Commercial signatures of "Account Holders" are in script in Upper and Lower Case.  All sea jurisdiction transactions entered into by US PERSONS are understood to be in commerce.  You are considered to be acting as a US PERSON if you retain such a PERSON.  You surrender these PERSONS via surrendering the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury and appoint him your Fiduciary and credit the United States of America, U.S. Treasury, without recourse.

That settles the issue of whether you are operating as a State Citizen or a US Citizen. 

This entire history from the Civil War to date is nothing but a nasty scam designed by the British to bilk their Creditors and palm off their debts on innocent Third Parties, but once you have the history and the names nailed down, it gets easier to comprehend. 
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  1. So Spain was in controld of land , England the sea, pope the air or spirit . England was the enviable ruler of the high seas.

    1. pretty sure france the waterways somehow in there.

  2. So Justice Marshall, first claim on land said to be crown claim was for the sea King, and the land registry a trick to put your land in an admiralty registry?

  3. interesting article in support of anna's research.

  4. Regarding Anna's comment on a state national. I'd learned that historically nationality followed the birthfather. If my father was from Wisconsin and stationed in Texas during the war, and he met my mom there, and I was born there, then after the war we all moved back to Wisconsin, I was taught, that I should cancel the Texas nationality and accept Wisconsin nationality and notify the governor of this act, which is what I've done, claiming the birthstate of my father as my official status.

  5. Anna, would you please correct the statement that the Political Status is our choice and our responsibility? This really disturbs me and I wept for weeks over this because my grandchildren are REGISTERED as a citizen of the United States. From another article you wrote to Pope Francis in May of 2016.
    Judge Anna Von Reitz
    Sun, May 1, 2016
    Subject; Top Corporate Theft

    Most Beloved Francis,

    (removed first half of notice to shorten it)
    We have requested— repeatedly— explicit directions from the Office of the United States Secretary of State occupied by John Forbes Kerry—formally establishing a process by which American State Nationals may reclaim their birthright estates and secure correction of the records
    concerning them.
    We and many others have been kidnapped by Undeclared Foreign Agents who have mischaracterized us as having voluntarily accepted the status of “citizen of the United States” with “United States” being defined as “the territories and District of Columbia”.
    As we told Pope Benedict XVI, it was never our will, intention, nor voluntary nor consensual act to agree to any such political status and any
    claim otherwise is nothing more than self-interested fraud.
    This secretive change in our political status occurred while we were still babies in our cradles, totally unaware and unable to defend ourselves. It was done under conditions of semantic deceit, impersonation, and non-disclosure misleading our Mothers to comply with what was
    misrepresented as “law” and which was in fact a veiled commercial contract selling us into involuntary indentured servitude which has been outlawed
    internationally since 1926.

  6. Hello Anna, what about us from Canada? I was Born in Ontario ... BC signed by father at general post office address as he was born on land in homestead ontario state and im living in alberta state assumed ? And surrender BC to whom _________ notice letter To be notarized by lawyer and certified? And authenticated by who in canada__________? The Attorney general ? then secretary of treasury for intl status and appoint fiduciary attorney general in alberta state? Do i do death certificate of PERSON and revoke and void licences and do i need a power of attorney and appoint myself,,, ? Or am myself or " i am" and do i use sovereign name only or crown name (hyphen and colon to separate family name? ) Thanks. Ps: I so want my car back and out of this debt headache assp omg the stress these crooks cause jailing you and abuse and extortion. I had sent them claim of right and ltr of understanding to have 30 days opportunity to disputr but they ignore notice but still treat as criminals... i want paperwork sealed done to be free and left alone. Thanks for your doc, very well written. I cant stand to see anymore suffering, bad here too and know its going To get worse soon and need to help others that are willing, love & peace

  7. Hi Anna, Great history lessons! and process info, I sent Mr Mnuchin the signed over authenticated BC and provided instructions I was surrendering and returning the PERSON, I sent him the 56f to designate him my judiciary, he has to sign it though, the other one, the 56 is used in court cases and not sure about sending that one. Not sure if he is willing to sign it, I explained he is part of our governmental services, not the government, and as we are charged for bills Congress passes I wanted mine discharged to help with the National Debt by off setting it with National Credit, I sent it in the first few days of when you put that out, I will let you know if I hear anything back. Thanks again!

  8. Judge Anna, if the people failed to keep their govenment in check it wasnt because they were lazy or stupid (well maybe some of them) , it was by design and well thought out and expertly executed by a group of people who to this day are practitioners of the (black) art of "sorcery" who have mastered the use of "words" in any language from their commonly understood meanings to their own , and in doing so have litteraly hyponotized and deceived entire nations into voluntary submission to their "will", without one person realizing what "magic" they were using against them and helpless to control or stop them because we didnt understand the socerry they were using against us in order to solve the problem....until now!!! You know who im talking about. It was the same people jesus had to deal with constantly. But in his case he already knew their thoughts and already prepared to answer them ahead of time. Their socerry didnt work on him, which frustrated them so much, they conspired to kill him. Have you figured out who im talking about yet......ATTORNEYS. They have been the scourage of the earth for at least 2000 years and counting. I dont care how people get "remedy" when they are injured by someone or some entity, as long as attorneys are never used again. It up to all of us to defend our own cases without attorneys. That goes for Corporations also....mano e mano (one on one, like small claims court). The only reason they exsist is to cover up or legalize the theft and fraud of the "international banks" who have deceived everyone how they really work in order to steal the wealth of nations. We can never allow a privaledged class of people to rule over us whoes sole intent is to use "sorcery" instead of the "TRUTH" and the doctrine of "clean hands" and "good faith" as the weapons for justice. And for gods sake, lets remove the "blindfold" from lady justice in front of out District courts so she can see and deal with us,real men and woman, again and not some fiction of the corp. state. It has to be done because they have perverted both the law and the truth using only "WORDS" as weapons of mass destruction destroying real justice. And that would also force everyone to know law again, like it was when we first arrived here, keeping everyone just a bit more honest with each other and everyone else.

  9. We can get all the "jural assembles" we want along with "Continental Marshalls" and well trained militias to boot. But if attorneys are still allowed to practice law and fill the postions of a judge we will loose our republic again within a few years, not 200 years. Attorneys are the living proof that a nations morals have been totally compromised and fallen away from Gods Word. All the constitution ever allowed is "assistance of Consel" which is not the same as attorney. Consel simply means someone trained in law and proceedure, like a friend who voluntarily steps in as a favor to both his client and the court...."without pay". The constitution used words very carefully in order to eliminate confusion about terms(words). Back then it was well understood that if a person didnt have a good grasp at law, he could always ask a friend to step in for him as "consel" for the defence and further understood by everyone in the community that taking money to represent someone was reprehensable and frowned upon for good reason. It was more of an "honor" if someone asked you to act as his consel. Because without taking money for it, already proved the moral character of that individual, who undoubtably was well respected in that community and the court. Thats why we didnt have this division like we have now. People were good on their word back then and more willing to admit their fault rather than create a "controversy" to sidestep their "liability" like everyone does today. If court is only going to be about LIES and money, we might as well go back to the old way of being judged during the salem witch hunt days....judgement by ORDEAL.

  10. ts actually fairer than the system we currently have in place My point judge Anna, and i also told Trump the same thing, that corrupt(2/5) ion wi(2/5) ll always be right around the corner ads long as BAR Attorneys are allowed to run our legal system. Have you ever noticed how all attorneys de(3/5) mand our sig(3/5) nitures, but they are all unwilling to give their signiture to us...they are experts at forming "unilateral" contracts and avoiding any (4/5) liability themselv(4/5) es. Unconsiounable!!!!! You will never get what you are looking for judge Anna until you cure the disease in America....Attorneys!(5/5) !! You will always be ch(5/5) asing windmills....!!!

  11. or remove yourself entirely from, representing their state agency, their grasp by creating your own unincorporated religious association frcp 17(a)(3)(b)(1) and 17(a)(3)(b)(1)(A)


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