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Sunday, March 19, 2017

About Oaths, Offices, and Civics -- For "Court of Record"......

By Anna Von Reitz

You presume--wrongly, that I designed the oath you took and that I took the same oath.  Not so.  I live in Alaska.  Hello?

The Alaska State Oath is what I took as an oath to serve as an Alaska State Justice, and that is the course I have always recommended to everyone regarding any state court office: take the oath of office required for the land jurisdiction state where you live.  Look it up in the early Session Laws of your state.

How could there be any such thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Oath for all fifty states at the state level? 

And yes, if that is what you've done, then you have all done it wrong and need to go back and do it right.

I am well and truly stymied how anyone could ever think that they could occupy a state office without taking the public office oath for that state.

I am also well and truly amazed that you think such an office as "Superior Court Judge of the united States of America" exists. 

If you missed every civics lesson, every U.S. History lesson, every World History lesson, all of it from third grade onward, how in creation could you miss the fact that there are fifty nation-states? 

Earth to "Court of Record".....Earth to "Court of Record"...... Hello, Houston, we've got a problem here....

I am sorry if you have been cheated by the public school system and I am sorry if I have failed to properly address questions that apparently
everyone had, but to be fair to me, nobody asked---- and I thought it was obvious. 

Also, I assure you that I am very, very far from being the "first declared de jure judge of the Federal Postal District". 

Up until about sixty years ago what we called "Federal Marshals" and "Federal Courts" were common as dirt and almost all our courts functioned as land jurisdiction courts. It wasn't until crooks took over the administration of the United States Government and refined their racket to an art back in the 1930's that the court system owed to the people of this country was quietly usurped by quasi-military tribunals operated under the Reconstruction Acts and private bill collection agencies operated under color of law. 

The corruption is bad, "Court of Record"---- and that I will grant, as I have been one of the chief commentators on the subject for a long time, but it seems to me that while the corruption threatens us on one side, our own ignorance cripples us on the other, and if you are going to be an effective defender of this country and the people who live here, you need to go back and study very basic information about the history and government of both.

Start by looking at a political map of the United States and really grasping the fact that those are fifty separate little nations, just like Germany and Italy and France are separate nations.  They all have their own history, their own laws called "Session Laws" --not "Statutes"---and their own offices. Our power lies in the land jurisdiction states.  That is where the people of this country have their vested sovereignty.  And it is only through the actual states that we can apply the Checks and Balances necessary to reform the runaway criminal empire spiraling out of control in the District of Columbia.

Now look at the big familiar outline of the whole United States--- that whole thing is represented internationally by two entities: the United States which is responsible for exercising the nineteen enumerated "powers" delegated to it under the actual Constitution, and the United States of America which is responsible for exercising the "undelegated powers" that were retained by the states and the people.

That probably sounds like gobbledygook to you at this moment, but read it over a few times and ponder --- "United States" is not the same as the "United States of America".  Say it several times out loud. 

Now get a copy of the Constitution and read it with the understanding that this document set up the so-called United States as a foreign entity on our shores to provide the nineteen government services that the states delegated to it.  The Constitution doesn't say nary a word about our court system, because that wasn't the subject of the Constitution.  The Constitution sets up the U.S. Court System which is foreign to us and which is designed to only address Maritime and Admiralty issues (because under the Constitution that is the only jurisdiction granted to the U.S. Courts) and its own in-house administrative courts which are designed to deal with its own employees. 

You are now on your way to a firm, basic understanding of who is who and what is what. 

If you want to fight corruption, you have to be able to recognize what the healthy, lawful, fully restored government of the states and the people looks like, how it is designed to function, how it is organized, and where your own power lies sleeping within it. 

Listen, learn, ask questions, and don't be afraid to correct mistakes.  If you took the wrong oath, take the right one.  If you didn't understand the unique nature and importance of your actual state government, go back and learn. 

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  1. And this would be each states constitution prior to the civil war? As everything modified afterwards would be reconstruction corporate Up until 1933? Bankruptcy.

    1. If your state has a pre 1860 Constitution, yes, that is the document to study. In 1933, they recharted the Federal Reserve System and increased their fraud scheme. It wasn't until 1964 that United States (i.e. District of Columbia) signed onto UNIDROIT and that would be the time stamp for significant change in Statutory law.

  2. Good morning dear friends: its time for me to argue with you so I may learn!

    First of all, the Judicial Branch of the US Government: is the only branch that does not require one to be a citizen of the United States and/or a citizen of the united states.
    There is no such thing as license to practice law (License definition: privilege to do something otherwise deemed illegal? Who has the authority to give them any power to do something illegal who has any authority to give permission to do something illegal?): it's a private club called, British Accredited Registry and it is a private club and his club is owned by the Delaware corporation and is in the trust owing their allegiance to Britain and the Queen: also within the Delaware corporation is the Internal Revenue Service and is also owned by the Queen.

    I'm a private state and nation under God and upon the land as an ambassador of God: law is not allowed court: for only God makes law. That is why a judge wears black the only deals in debt and commerce upon the sea jurisdiction: the queen of rules to sea. This was done by creating Adm. MaritimeLaw of the sea! There is one problem it's how they did it: British naval officers and sailors dressed up as pirates and rated the spice coast.

    Who is now said that they have any rights to do anything to living soul and all and/or create entrapments for the creation of God against God's authority and who has authority to give authority to anyone and where did they get their authority to give to anyone authority did have jurisdiction or any other power over God's creation. I held don't have to tell anybody anything or go to any paperwork or anything else but I do have a God-given right to protect myself against criminals such as policeman judges and attorneys etc. and if they put their hands on me and a heads-up that they are seriously hurt their fault not mine because they have committed an act of war against God and his creation and I have a right to defend myself in anything I consider important to God in me!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The is no "citizen of the united states" There are United States Citizens(those who actually work for, or are domiciled, in the District of Columbia and its 7 insular territories) and citizens of the United States (Washington, D.C. Municipal Corporation).
      I agree about the license, which is rooted in the word licentious. I also agree with your statement about the BAR.
      Now, we get to the creations of God... The Vatican declared itself Trustee of the entire Earth and in so doing, left man with Equitable Title, while the Vatican assumed Legal Title. This cements the Vatican as debtor to man, and creates a Master/Servant relationship. Genesis 1:26 lays the foundation of God's hierarchy so the Vatican decided to make its own creations and play god over what it created. These are Corporations and ACCOUNTS. So you need to make sure you don't have any Roman ACCOUNTS like Driver Licence, Vehicle Registration, bank account, voter registration, social security card, etc. (any thing styled as FIRST MIDDLE LAST, FIRST M LAST, First M. Last, anything with a Surname) because these are being used as prima facie evidence that you willfully disobeyed God's warnings and have decided to serve the false gods, and are serving the Vatican voluntarily as a debtor of the debtor. You are reclassified as a Beast of Burden and they can do it because they have dominion over what they create. The mark of the beast is indebtedness and even God won't forgive the debts we agreed to hold. We have to take responsibility to settle them and learn from our mistakes so we can serve the Creator of Existence and not the creator of illusion.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The people that created any of these governmental entities didn't have authority over anyone other than themselves. You can't give, what you don't have. They can not delegate authority that they do not possess.

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  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Galactic journeywoman, please stop double posting everything. You are making a lot of extra work for me.

  6. Excellent and vital information as always, Anna! Thank you (and Paul). :-)

  7. I reading some recent session laws for a state I noticed that the statutes RCWs in this case are being referred to as session laws, backwards, before the session laws were the laws, and RCW referred to them for the specifics and the "laws" some of which are tainted it appears also.1909 or thereabouts a session law and form to request from a judge to have your land registered, then a from right under to submit if you wanted to undo it, just sign and file it taking your land out of registry. No one seems to know what the purpose of registering your land is yet right there in the session laws it is.

    1. Can you share which RCWs you are reading please?

  8. Greetings ALL,

    Here is a link to my current Oath of Office.

    Each ONE
    Teach ONE


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