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Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Open Letter to General Dunford - From Anna Von Reitz

October 29, 2016

Dear Sir:

It is apparent from reading your open letter to our military personnel that you are acting under some common misconceptions. 

The word "citizen" has a legal definition and you need to take note of it.  Citizens of all kinds are obligated to serve the government.  While employed in military service, all personnel function as "citizens of the United States" and are de facto slaves under the municipal law of the foreign, independent international city state of Washington, DC which is run as a plenary oligarchy of the members of the United States Congress.

However, that same "Congress" is under contract and obligation to our states occupying the land jurisdiction of this country and by subrogation to us--- and so are you.

Federal civilian employees and federal dependents also function as citizens--- "United States Citizens". 

Such citizens are all British Subjects and part of the democracy adopted by the United States of America (Minor)---- a "union" of "American states" comprised of the "State of New Columbia" and the so-called Insular States, including Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the "State of State" franchises, sometimes called "inchoate states", such as the "State of Florida".

These are all purely secondary adjuncts to the actual, factual, physical organic states and living people and their states of the union operating as, for example, the "Florida State".  You are now talking to your actual employers, the "people of the United States", not the "People of the United States of America".  

All "citizens" of the "inchoate states and territories" are obligated to serve the government and obey all its codes---including military codes, statutes ---which are supposed to be applied only to entities created by statute---and administrative regulations promulgated "as" law by administrative agencies.

Please note that all the above applies only to "citizens" and none of it applies to the American states occupying the land jurisdiction of this country and the living, breathing people occupying the land jurisdiction who are known as American State Nationals: Ohioans, Virginians, Wisconsinites, and so on.  

Just as the citizens exist to serve the government, the government exists to serve the organic American states and the people who live in these organic states of the Union --- the American State Nationals who by their labor and the expenditure of their natural resources are your actual employers and benefactors. 

The "civilian government" you invoke as the leadership that you and other military personnel are obligated to follow and obey is in fact composed of citizens, like yourselves, not American State Nationals, the actual people you (and they) are under obligation to serve and protect.

Our contract is called The Constitution for the united States of America, not The Constitution of the United States of America.

The word "of" means "without" or "outside of" or "of" in the sense of possession, as in "Anne of Green Gables". 

The Constitution of the United States of America translates as "The Constitution Without the United States of America"-----and it governs only the United States of America (Minor) --- the Insular States and Territories and States of States which are franchises of the federal corporation and their citizenry all of whom are British Subjects or foreign Municipal Subjects---- not the actual, factual states of the Union and not the actual "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" defined in The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783.

You are being deluded, Sir, regarding who you actually work for and what your actual job duties are. 

As "citizens of the United States" or "United States Citizens" you may vote in your own private foreign government's elections and you may for the purposes of those governmental functions administer things however you and the President and the members of Congress please, but with respect to our nation composed of fifty republican states of the Union, you are under obligation to perform nineteen enumerated services, one of which is to defend our states from "enemies both foreign and domestic".

That word "domestic" in your Oath refers to those fellow-civilians of yours who are citizens of the United States of America (Minor) and the Municipality of Washington, DC. 

In other words, Sir, you are under obligation to protect us, the American states on the land and the American State Nationals living here---the ones who actually pay your payroll and whose sons and daughters serve under your command--- from ALL enemies, including any you find in the White House or occupying seats in Congress, or administering government agencies are fair game.  

You are not compelled to take any orders repugnant to human decency, nor violate any of the Organic and Public Law underpinning this nation of nations, nor are you allowed to do so.

You are empowered and commanded to remove any threat to our peace and have been duly notified of all these facts since July of 2014. 

The most cogent threat to our peace is the rampant criminality infesting Washington, DC, and secondarily, the offensive attempts made by the various federal corporations to mischaracterize all of us as "citizens" under obligation to serve the government which we created to serve us.

Thank you, very much, but we do not need or desire any such interference from or misunderstanding with our Hired Help and with respect to us and our states, the "federal government" together with all its parts is exactly that--- Hired Help.  

In July of 2014 we informed you and the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of a clear and present danger on our shores---- the presence of a burgeoning private commercial mercenary army composed of corporate federal agency subcontractors--- IRS, BATF, FEMA, DHS, BLM, FBI, CIA and so on---all operating under color of law on our soil and making obvious preparations for war on our soil. 

As American State Nationals who hold your foreign governments--both the district government and the municipal government--- under contract to our states of the Union, we ordered you and the other Joint Chiefs to take action to honor your commitment to protect us from ALL enemies both inside and outside ---"foreign and domestic" ----of the civilian administration of the various federal commercial corporations responsible for providing our states with the nineteen enumerated services, including the honoring of our National Trust set forth in the Preamble and Bill of Rights.  

It is important for you to realize that when and if any President or member of Congress fails to act as a Fiduciary and Protector of the land and the people of our fifty organic states of the Union, he or she is committing treason and Breach of Trust and must be removed from any office public or private and remanded to custody as directed by our General Civil Orders.

It doesn't matter what powers or authority these people assume within the foreign and territorial governments of the United States of America (Minor) or the municipal government of Washington, DC.  When these people betray our trust, attempt to mischaracterize, defraud, cheat, or commit any crime against us, it is your job before God and Man to protect us against them and to punish them for their crimes. 

They--- the District and Municipal governments which are foreign to us --are under martial law.  We are not. 

Our states and people have been at declared peace since 1865 and we mean to stay that way. 

In case it has escaped your attention, we have been targeted and dragged through private bankruptcy proceedings that we are not subject to, have had false claims of surety-ship attached to our names and estates by foreign corporations, have been mischaracterized as foreigners on our own soil, suffered what can only be termed a national level identity theft at the hands of our own employees. and private undeclared foreign agents (for example, the BLM) and bill collectors (IRS) pretending to be part of our lawful government have deceitfully abused and misidentified our people and overrun the country while perverted lunatics are holding sway under the Capitol Dome---and yes, General Dunford, this is your fault and that of the other Joint Chiefs. 

You have failed to protect us from domestic enemies---enemies operating the --to you and other citizens-- domestic government of the so-called Federal United States.  

You have a contract with the American people that supersedes all and any other domestic contracts you may have with the UNITED STATES, INC., the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, or any other "domestic" institution.

And you can't shrug and tell us that, "Gee, folks, I'm just a simple soldier and I don't know what "domestic" means."

The actual fifty states and nations have suffered numerous outrages for the past 150 years and it is more than past time for this sick and sorry non-performance of your duty to address the criminality of the "domestic" leaders of the District of Columbia and Municipality of Washington to stop.

Their crimes against us are war crimes under the Geneva Conventions--- mischaracterization of non-combatant Third Parties-- as well as vast commercial crimes that have been committed against the American People while those under contract and oath to protect us have stood around with their thumbs up their rumps. 

These crimes have been duly witnessed, reported, published,  signed and sealed and properly witnessed wet-ink copies of our affidavit of probable cause have landed on your desk.

You have obviously been mistaken about who your real employers are and where your real duties lie.  A prompt resignation or equally prompt action to apprehend the criminals responsible ----all of whom are operating under martial law as citizens and civilians and who are foreigners with respect to us and our states--- would be your best reply.

As part of our General Civil Orders--- that is, orders to the civil government, including all citizens thereof--- we, American State Nationals instructed the Joint Chiefs to fully re-commission the Grand Army of the Republic and to offer the command of it to General Carter Ham, if he would come out of retirement and accept it. 

Either get off your laurels and do your job or abdicate it in public, so that everyone can see that you have chosen to betray your duty.


Anna Maria Riezinger, one of the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States".
c/o P.O. Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska

(907) 250-5087

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  1. Obama "must be removed from" that usurped office ANYWAY, because he was and is not eligible for it, not being a 'natural born' citizen. Which, according to the definition of the term extant at the time that it was codified in the Constitution by the constitutional Framers as an eligibility requirement for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, attesting to its special nature in their eyes (for the occupant becoming as swell, then, the Commander inChief of the nation's military forces) - is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens". (It's from E. de Vattel's definitive tome of the day on such subjects, 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.) And that eligibility requirement for that particular office (since extended to the office of the VP as well, by constitutional amendment) STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

    In short, with all of this: this nation is being hijacked Its oath keepers need to do their job. And stat.

    1. the constitution "of the U.S." is not for us, you have unalienable, substantive rights. it is for their Corporation/trust indenture; their CEO can pretty much do what they wish under martial rule and state of emergency under special admiralty/maritime law. hence the executive orders back since honest abe lincoln.

      unless you have bigger guns ;o)

  2. Give Them Hell Anna & If GOD are Witness, We The People Are Ready, To Take Back our Country.

  3. Guess Dempsey was let go for his strong stand of protecting the Christians in Syria front the global cabal who want his property.
    putin kicked the cabal out for the most part and as professor Cohen ( jewish) but a good jew points the zionest want a piece of putin now and willing to use the son's and daughters on our military and NATO. To punish him. Bad but the wet works using radicals to invade America is right up Thair as a major threat to we the people.

  4. Good job Anna.... I'm sick and tired of our slavery. Now what about Trump? Will he help bring back our country? Or will these corporate elections be in vain.

    1. When the BAR association is dismantled or at minimum abiding the treaties it will remain slavery. This is the cabal the mafia organized crime the whole foundation, The BAR Ass.

    2. you mean the trump at the joke festival that had a guy sitting next to him with a cross of malta shining brightly and camera cuts to trump speaking with the jesuit priest? oh yea he is on it...

      voting is for slaves, electors who own/run the country, the bigger question is who is an elector and how are they chosen?!

  5. Still stealing our land on and on damn ZIONIST every one of them the bank their lawyer the judge my god

  6. Dear Anna, Your writings are so moving to me and they so speak of justice. God Bless you! You are an important educator of our time. Most importantly you expose the great fraud which even today is taking place in Standing Rock, ND by "foreign" merceneries. I pray the Grand Army of the Republic will protect us from these domestic enemies. erling

  7. Did you all hear what MICHAEL MOORE just recently said to the National media just a a few days ago. And remember, this was a guy that up to this time, was against Trump being president....he said Trump is the first person ever, to stand up for the people, exposing this rigged system once and for all, and he was absolutly positive, as if he had inside information, that Donald Trump will be the next president of the UNITED STATES. And now, all of a sudden, Hillary is again under attack by the FBI with new evidence about her emails on a private server because of an unrelated case involving senator Anthony Weiner and his obsession with underage girls leading to his computer being confiscated by the FBI and leading to even more damaging info on Hillarys crimes on that private server. This time the FBI had no choice but come after her. She may not even make it to the election...Even George Soros has had it with Hillary. One way or another, this system is going to be exposed and key players jailed. This system may not be ours, but it is the most interesting election in history.

    1. his recent document was really enlightening for sure. 'where to invade next.' made me feel the boiling water was a little hotter than i thought with my frog friends.

      as far as trump he is backed by the jesuit and knights of malta faction, which was pretty clear at the hillary and donald joke roast. did you see and pay attention to that? i just saw highlights and they made it very apparent.

      looks like the bush/rockefeller faction could be getting the boot??

  8. First we have the Bundy vindication, and now we have this letter from my opinion, somethin's up. As for the Bundy' the federal court sysyem, operating under admiralty rules, the jury is only advisory so the jury may have acquitted them, but the judge didn't have to go with that decision, but she did. Now we have Dunford telling all of his troops to honor their oath. Could it be that there IS going to be some sort of "change" soon and the rats are deserting the ship. When in the past has anyone ever beat a rap like the Bundy's did when the DOJ has a 99.5% conviction rate, or when has a big wig in the military ever had to remind the troops of their oath? As I said, somethin's up, and it could go either way. God willing, these people have gotten Anna's message, or her collective message as more of us write and make ourselves known, and the scum is a little afraid. Only time will tell.


  9. This is good and this needs to be done with all of us. It needs to be put into the individuelles hands. This being Trump each Supreme Court Judge personally. Hold them each responsible directly and often.

  10. This is good and this needs to be done with all of us. It needs to be put into the individuelles hands. This being Trump each Supreme Court Judge personally. Hold them each responsible directly and often.

  11. Actually we have two things going for us...the will of the people this time and the fact that the entire Federal Govt. doesnt want "SATAN" in You have to be able to get along with someone...she wants to be the first American "DICTATOR".

    1. remember that is the corporation regardless. they cannot serves as a true American president. in regard to the U.S. Corporation, if the donald won anything in the interim, keep in mind obama keeps "the presidency" until 20, jan 2017. alot can happen in between...


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