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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Clarification of What Happened to Our Government

By Anna Von Reitz

No, neither the corporations running the District of Columbia nor those running the Washington, DC Municipal City State have any power to replace or mess with our government.  They are both foreign governments under contract to our fifty state governments to provide certain stipulated and enumerated (19) services described as "powers" in the original Constitution.  Nothing more or less.

The only way it is enabled to replace our government in any way is if we fail to operate our own government ourselves. That is to a large extent what has happened.  We mistook their government for our government because the state and county organizations that were operating our government all decided to incorporate as franchises of the federal corporation in order to get kick-backs known as "Federal Block Grants". 

When you incorporate anything you take it out of the jurisdiction of the land and place it in the international jurisdiction of the sea---- a foreign jurisdiction with respect to us. 

As a result, what had been operating as our government was "vacated".   One day they were functioning as our government on the land jurisdiction, doing their jobs according to the law of the land and occupying public offices.  The next, they were operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea and occupying private corporate offices.  The only indication of this fundamental change was in how the names of the various offices were presented and styled.

Jackson County became County of Jackson or JACKSON COUNTY, etc.,

It was never explained to the public and I am convinced, never explained to 95% of those who voted to incorporate the county and state governments, either.  It was simply a matter of the federales playing upon their greed and ignorance and acting in Breach of Trust and under conditions of non-disclosure to in effect create a "coup d'√©tat on paper". 

However, since this was Breach of Trust and commercial contract and fraud and non-disclosure on their parts from the start, it cannot bear discovery.  Now that we know what went on, we can bring them to justice and occupy the vacated public offices and run our own country again without interference from the hired help.

I hope that makes it clear to you now and that you will share this information.
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  1. Excellent summary Mrs. Reitz.
    Since it was all done through fraud AND it was unconstitutional...then according it our Constitution, it's all Null & Void, correct?
    Meaning...we don't have a national debt to the Rothschild's central bank (the non federal reserve)...right?
    Don't they then due to their crimes owe basically the whole world, specifically the American people for our losses?
    All I know for sure is, I want Blind Lady Justice's hand to fall upon these Evil criminals...and the sooner the better.
    HOOYAH & God Bless.

    1. Exactamundo.
      Fraud invalidates a contract and there is no statute of limitations. So everything they have ever done in this scam is void and ACTIONABLE EVIDENCE.

      The only problem is that the perps are not likely to vacate until they're forced. The movement to do that has many fronts, from Anna and the Common law movement, to the militias, to the Sheriffs and the US military which seem to be waking up to their responsibilities, Wikileaks and whistleblowers of all kinds busting their wrongdoings (especially shredding HRC, DNC and their corrupt minions), the appearance of a presidential candidate who is making very interesting statements that he intends to fight the interests of our dominators, a huge alt news media growing right and left while msm shrinks, on and on it goes. The truth is out there! It's only a matter of time.

  2. Let us not forget we are dealing with off world entities whose sole purpose is to force mankind into the Singularity aka the Machine Kingdom. These same entities have ordered the chem trailing our skies with the full intention of totally dismantling the hopes and dreams of our race in order for them to eventually achieve our total complicity to their plan.

    Ultimately this is that for which we fight. Removing these criminals responsible for the atrocities committed against us is mandatory. For even one of them to remain in power is a crushing defeat for mankind.

    Those currently in power throughout the western world have been threatened and bribed severely. Their lives and the lives of their families are in danger if they do not comply. Most of our leaders are as enslaved to these Archons as each of us are. This is what we are up against.

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places.

    The way they are doing this is to destroy our health through chemical destruction (by essential mineral depletion) of our organs and then to come along and offer the solution of providing us with new organs (thru healing computers such as being promoted by Neil Keenan) and eventually offering us 'eternal life' through their 'sciences' and thereby gain irreversible control over all life forms on the planet. If you do not believe this please read Ray Kurzweils book entitled 'The Singularity'. He and Bill Gates are good friends by the way.

    Oh, and just so you know, the bastards are hiding out in plain sight for the simple reason they must obtain our consent so as not to be dragged into universal court for their wrongful actions against humanity.

    This might sound far fetched to most who read this but I assure you that it is total truth and nothing but.

  3. That's why we need our over site .. Thair black ops are under the military /CIA. the civilian over site is CIA that John Fitzgerald Kennedy swore to dismantle . And while we're at it gain controld of our currency too.

  4. How can we take back our government and fill the vacated offices in our state.


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