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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Do We Need a Totally Different Kind of Law Firm --- And Why NOW?

by Anna Von Reitz

Here's some good reasons for you all:

1. Millions of Americans are incarcerated in federal prisons and "federated state" prisons, even though they haven't violated any Public Law.  They are being cashiered --literally-- under pernicious and known false presumption that they are "United States Citizens" and obligated to obey the various statutory laws, when in fact they are not citizens and provably never have been.  These millions of Americans are being used as slave labor in these prisons, paid $0.25 an hour in many cases, and then the rest of us are being charged up the wazoo to keep them in these prisons.  This is the reason that America, with roughly five percent of the world's population has 25% of the world's prisoners.

These Euro Scum bankers are making money off of us and that's the only reason for this bizarre statistical aberration.

Most of these Americans are being held against their will and exploited like this even though they haven't harmed anyone or anything.  They have refused to pay taxes that in fact they do not owe.  They have had the temerity to grow crops and to smoke substances that they are in fact free to grow and to smoke.  They have been arrested and detained for things like driving without a license, when in fact, they are not under any obligation to have a license to travel anywhere they want to go. They have been arrested for debts and thrown in the equivalent of Debtor's Prison long after such institutions have been outlawed.

Our one of a kind People's Law Firm has pioneered a Writ of Habeas Corpus that works 100% of the time to return non-violent American prisoners home to their families.  With your support, literally millions of people can be freed from the oppressive so-called "prison industries" without further ado and the organizations promoting this abuse can be shut down permanently.  

2.  Millions of Americans have lost their homes in violent evictions and fraudulent foreclosure actions.  Millions more continue to lose their homes every year.  This is the result of a factory-like fraud system created and patented by Merrill Lynch and promoted by Freddie and Fanny Mae, Bank of America and other bank players to enrich themselves via illegal "government" takings and exercise of undisclosed trademarks and practices amounting to counterfeiting and identity theft.

This false claims process has also been applied to vacant land holdings, farm land, industrial and commercial and recreational properties and patents.

There is no doubt now that virtually ALL of these property asset foreclosures are fraudulent and that all the processes used to solicit and process and administer mortgages throughout the American States are nothing but crimes layered on crimes.

Our one of a kind People's Law Firm has discovered that: (1) There is never a loan made to the presumed Borrower; (2) The nature of the transaction misrepresented as a "loan" is instead a secured sale re-purchase agreement in which an undisclosed third party (MERS, usually) acted as the actual Borrower; (3) All the so-called Promissory Notes are misrepresented and are in fact Security Notes; as a result everyone thinks that the Notes are negotiable instruments under Article 3 of the UCC, when in fact they are all subject to Article 9; (4) The signatures of the victims of this vicious scam are being enclosed within Trademarked documents and false claims of Power of Attorney are being applied to control and reproduce the victim's signature to create "derivatives" ---- like copies of a book--- which results in counterfeiting against our currency. 

These and other atrocities have been allowed by the various "agencies" that are on the public dole to protect us from such crimes, including the court system, the FBI and the DOJ, because all these agencies and the courts have been bought up as brand names by the same banks and related investment firms guilty of these crimes.

Addressing this mess requires out-of-the-box expertise to invoke the proper venues of the courts in this country, including the One Supreme Court of the People, and to bring the prosecution of these corporations forward to liquidate them and punish those responsible for this entire circumstance.  

Bar attorneys can't do it.  United States Citizens can't do it.  Neither can "citizens of the United States".  Only those who have recouped their standing as American State Nationals and who have "studied to make themselves approved" can carry the action forward. 

Our proposal is to set up branch offices of the People's Law Firm in California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska for starters and expand as quickly as possible to all states of the Union, where we will employ non-Bar member attorneys and paralegals to bust these crime syndicates wide open and return the stolen assets to the American people. 

3. The criminal elements fostered by the two international banking cartels primarily responsible for this state of affairs--- the IMF which fronted the UNITED STATES and the Federal Reserve which fronted THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA haven't been content with the crimes and frauds enumerated above. They have seized upon all the land, public and private, all the businesses, all the municipalities, and even upon our given names and claimed to own everything under this same system of pernicious fraud.

They have recently claimed that our country and our lawful government no longer exists, that we no longer have representation in the international community of nations, that we no longer have a national currency in circulation. They are trying to peddle their lies to justify a claim that we have "abandoned" our property and that it is free for the taking by secondary creditors--- themselves, of course.

If this claim is not rebutted with force and determination, loudly, and with international clout--- they just might get away with it.  If we are too dumb to stand up and reclaim our own property and kick our so-called public servants who have disserved us so abominably to the curb, then what is the rest of the world supposed to think? 

This job requires lawyers who have torn up their Bar Cards into little itty-bitty shreds, men and women who have to face the possibility that they are flushing their careers down the proverbial toilet to save their country and their countrymen. 

Are these people worthy of your support---- ? 

Are these issues "worthy"? 

Do you know anyone who is being held in prison unjustly?  Do you know anyone who has lost their home?  Their land?  Their businesses? Their patents and copyrighted works?  Their savings?  Even their children?  

It's past time to get off the sofa and into the game for your own sakes---time to kick these Euro Trash pirates back into the sea. 

I've been asked a whole bunch of leading questions---again---by Arnie Rosner at Scanned Retina.  (1) Who am I going to hire?  (2) How am I going to set up these offices?  (3) Who will profit by them?  (4) Who is going to own them?  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....

And the answers in order are:  (1) The best, most dedicated experts I can find; (2) Each state hub office will be set up by the non-Bar lawyers and paralegals involved; (3) Every American in this country will benefit. (4) These offices will be owned by the people who staff them and once up and running they will be supported by the funds they recoup. 

Is any of this too hard to grasp?
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  1. My heart grieves that I am not seeing dozens of commenters clamoring to join this effort. It's going to be a very lonely war.

    1. I am. Watching but I know what you mean it's to much work for most they go a hot date or chasing some monopoly money.

    2. I think Anna has plenty of cases to be processed and the professional staff will gravitate in. Build it and they will come....

    3. And I am volunteering to be a paralegal. I lost one home to Freddy when it wasn't even my loan that was foreclosed on. Have another I cannot sell because of MERS. But I am in Arizona with an Alaska Commercial License so do not know where I could work.

  2. Anna Maria,
    As hard as it must be, please try not to let your attention be diverted by Arnie Rosner at Scanned Retina. I assure you most of us realize the enormous importance of your efforts, are very grateful and I hope at least enough of us support them economically, as economic circumstances permit, to show we are with you during this historical times. We also support your efforts by putting our homes on the line and risking unlawful arrest and incarceration for putting into practice your most enlightening message.
    People's Law Firm branches in all states would most certainly be a blessing to all of us and that is the one thing the PTB (PTW) fear the most; as you know, numerous cases can be expeditiously won in the pre-trial phase, without going to court, could the People's Law Firm's start-up be funded by taking selected cases on a bona fide contingency fee basis? Please let us know if and how we can help in addition to sending donations.

    1. Hear Here!!!
      By the way, The One thing they can't stand is having their crimes published broadly in the light of day. Specifically, the exact time, place, form, and event, broadly known drives them crazy.
      I'm jus sayin...

  3. Dear Anna, how can we get on this list of the Living People's Law Firm? I am facing foreclosure too. I live in Washington state, have had a forensic audit done, countered sued them and they've just returned a QWR. We will have to go to court again here soon. No date as yet. My forensic audit discovered that they were already paid 12 times on my mortgage yet are still demanding payment from me. I am on Social Security so my funds are very limited. I have no where to go if I lose my house. So I'm doing everything I can. Thanks!!!


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