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Friday, January 15, 2016

Another American Speaks to Betsy Hammond and Provides References

Another American Speaks to Betsy Hammond --- And Provides More References. Thanks for Weighing In, Elvia Saravia!  Please note that I find the Author is confused about the Northwest Ordinance and addressed that in a separate post, but there is a lot of good information here----   Anna

Dear Ms. Hammond:
I am including a link which explains how the Federal United States has managed to drag people into the Admiralty Jurisdiction, which is Unconstitutional (…/20660…/Letter-to-the-American-People). You will find references in the article which you can use to verify the information. To give you a brief summary, the United States as you know is a corporation under compact by the Constitution for the United States of America to provide certain services. It was never delegated the authority to create federal states or federal citizens or "foreign insitu trusts." It is through this process that the federal United States has achieved jurisdiction. This has been done by fraud and has had terrible consequences for the living people under whose names "foreign insitu trusts" were created and for all Americans who are stuck paying the corporate debt of the US. Every court case in their courts are submitted to a federal reserve bank, securitized, turned into a bond, which creates money for these judges and prosecutors. This is done even before a person is found guilty. Go to any County District Attorney's Website and see how they boast about their near-100% conviction rate. Every statutory violation has a monetary value attached to it, and the victim's "foreign insitu trust" is claimed against for the value of each violation, which can be worth millions of dollars. The courts also receive public funds to operate. The private prison systems also receive millions of dollar each year for each person sent to prison. The person in prison is also made to work as a slave. That is what the 13th amendment allowed them to do. The 14th amendment allowed them to create a new kind of citizen under the pretext of granting citizenship to freed slaves. By the use of semantic deceit all Citizens were turned into federal citizens.
Do you agree with this system?
Do you think the US has been delegated the authority to provide this service to the American people? It is a crime not only against the individual but also against all Americans because it is a system that creates debt for all Americans to pay. I personally believe this is an abomination. It is against the laws of creation and is an international crime of massive proportions. The fact that they have been doing this for 50 years or more does not make it ok and certainly does not grant them a license to continue to commit this fraud against the people. For as long as a foreign in situ trust exists on your name for which the federal government is a co-trustee and beneficiary, we are all at risk. If the federal government profits from your death or incarceration, than you are not safe.
Have you heard of "ignorance of the law is no excuse" doctrine? This means that we are all responsible to conduct our due diligence to learn and understand the law since we are all bound to obey it. I hope you find this to be an issue that cannot be ignored and conduct your due diligence to verify these facts that Anna von Reitz and others have published in their affidavit of probable cause and Disclosure 101. I was surprised to learn that even Karen Hudes (a known Whistleblower of the World Bank) has publically announced that all courts today are operating fraudulently because these courts have not been authorized by the Constituion). Every accused party has the right to know the nature and cause of the accusation. This includes the system of law and venue in which the accused will be prosecuted. Not revealing the true nature of these courts has resulted in the victims' not having the ability to defend themselves. As you may suspect, there are laws that protect civilians from being prosecuted in a military venue, but when the court operates in secrecy and the outcome of the case has already been betted on by those that have the ability to influence the outcome (through the control of evidence and the jury), do you beleive there is a small chance of justice? Such has been the case with the patriorts who understand their inheritance and have been dragged into a foreign jurisdiction after having faught the revolution and having been declared free and independent. I hope when you have gathered the facts, you are able to make the right choice. That is the choice that many Americans such as Anna von Reitz have made. The choice to not be incorporated, to not be used as sureties to back corporate debt, to not be used as commercial instruments in the stock market, and to not be vessels lost at sea and unclaimed. Common law is in fact the Law of the Land and our Constitutional Guarantee.
Sincerely, Elvia Saravia
1. The problem explained by a bar attorney:…
2. The problem explained by an other bar attorney: short video is available where Dr. Rivera (a bar attorney) explains the issue of jurisdiction of the courts and federal over reach)
YOU have the ability to understand the information in this letter. I wish the hard working Americans in the government that are loyal to an American Republic could read this, the more that know the truth the better.

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