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Friday, January 15, 2016

Important Details for Everyone Regarding 12 USC 95a and 95 (2) b:

by Judge Anna Von Reitz

Americans don't have a "nation" -- we have a country. The term "American National" does not apply to us, either. That is the Federal verbiage for American Samoans, Puerto Ricans, etc.
The "nation" you would be giving your estate to via reversionary trust interest is the Federal United States, not the Continental United States. That is, you would be "donating" your private property to the crooks who defrauded you and your parents and your grandparents in exchange for more of their worthless promissory notes and bunko.
Regarding the Status of the Western States:
Red-line the fact that the Continental Congress (land)is entirely different and separate from the United States Congress (sea). Until you clearly, absolutely grasp this separation of jurisdictions you will be deluded about who "they" are and who "we" are.
They are British Subjects "residing" on our soil. They are supposed to be here loyally providing us with "good faith service" and "essential governmental services" which we are owed. They have instead deliberately and with malice aforethought entrapped (press-ganged) and mischaracterized us as British Crown Subjects, that is, as "debt slaves" in their scheme of things, and have proceeded to rape and plunder the ":public trusts" they established "in our names" without our knowledge or consent. These are venal criminal acts and war crimes.
To date, despite promises to rectify the situation no actual remedy has been received. Under commercial law, when no remedy exists, the aggrieved party is entitled to settle the matter according to their devises so long as it is equitable. We are calling for the return of all our property, the assets we are owed, plus reasonable interest for their use, and damages for their abuse.
Regarding Attempts to Mischaracterize Us and Avoid Paying Us as The Heirs of the Priority Creditors:
We can't let the rats get away with it, and won't. Write to the Members of Congress so that they are fully convinced of their culpability in this matter. We are owed the return of the gold that was stolen -- "confiscated" from our grandparents and the return of our equity exchanged in good faith for their worthless dishonored promissory notes. The entirety of the scheme and those responsible for it must be addressed and the machinery backing it dismantled so that no additional fraudulent claims can be generated.
This means recording our nativity, not registering a "birth". It means administration under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea. It means recognition of the fact that we, not the middlemen banks, are their employers and benefactors and priority creditors.
Regarding the "Global Debt Facility"
The "Global Debt Facility" if you haven't figured it out by now, is a swindle. There's a reason you haven't heard of it before--- it's because it was just a "box" for the bankers to deposit all the ill-gotten loot they've recieved, when and if their receipt of stolen goods was ever discovered. Well, guess what? The stolen nature of the booty has been discovered and those guilty of the theft are scurrying around making deposits so that it won't technically be in their possession when the gate closes and we are all looking around for the thieves.
The World Bank and IBRD and Federal Reserve were all Secondary Creditors in the 1933 Bankruptcy (See "Federal" Title 5) When the dust finally settled and the Priority Creditors--- the American People---had finally paid off all the debts owed by a private, for-profit governemental services corporation doing business as the "United States of America, Inc." these same Secondary Creditors pretended that they didn't know who the Priority Creditors and their Heirs were. They "presumed" that we just "abandoned" the funds and assets and claimed it all for themselves.
Stealing our remaining gold left as an inheritance owed as a result of FDR's confiscations and refusing to repay gold and silver that they received in exchange for fraudulent "debt notes" known as "Federal Reserve Notes" is part and parcel of their attempt to undermine the lawful Republican Government owed to the people of the Continental United States.
Remember HJR 192 and the Emergency Banking Act of 1934?
The vermin in Congress established a "dollar for dollar" fixed exchange rate --- one of their promissory notes (I.O.U's) in exchange for one ounce of our silver or a commensurate amount of our gold. Thus they emptied out Fort Knox through the back door, then declared "bankruptcy" of the corporation responsible and left us to stand as "sureties" to pay the debts of their bankrupted corporation on top of robbing us blind.
Not only that, they brought their filthy paws to their buddies in the Bar Association and the administrators of the Holy See and these entities gave them bankruptcy protection, which means they "erred" fantastically and are responsible for the injustice and mistreatment of the American People and their National Trust which they are all obligated under the actual Constitution and the Treaty of Westminster 1794 to protect.
No amount of "pretending" that we don't exist or that we ever voluntarily and knowingly changed our political status to accommodate their predation will work. It simply isn't true and no prudent man would agree to the "contracts" that they pretend were accepted by 390 million prudent men.
So there you go--- all you are seeing via Ms. Hudes is a bunch of crooks trying to find a way out of a major league jam they created.
It's time to drag out the public records and begin the forensic audits and liquidations of the banks and other organizations responsible, or, for the banks and those other organization colluding with the banks to come clean and return the equitable remedy demanded:

1. All our gold returned to the American people and the American Government it is owed to, plus interest;
2. All title and patent to the land that the American people and the American Government is owed, free of lien, encumbrance, or debt of any kind amassed by merely "presumed" Secondary Beneficiaries;
3. Immediate cessation and permanent Estoppel of all fraudulent claims of mortgages or other claims of debt based on the debts of these same "presumed" Secondary Beneficiaries;
4. Return of all equity interest owed to us that has been fraudulently claimed to be "abandoned" funds;
5. Reinstatement of lawful money and private banking without further unlawful conversion or delay.
6. Return of all interest in private property without except to the lawful living people to whom it is owed despite any undisclosed process of "application" or "registration"---- including interest in public resources, businesses, homes, infrastructure, copyrights, patents, and favorable liens.
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    1. I can't speak for others but I don't want to be "IN" dependence of anyone. Dependence: "the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else. Reliance on something or someone for financial support."
      That's what got us into trouble the first time. You want a Declaration of Sovereignty. You want FREEDOM, not Liberty. Know and comprehend the difference between the two. Liberty is temporary like a sailor who is allowed off the ship when it docks but required to return back to servitude afterwards. Freedom is never being bound to the ship in the first place. Sovereign is King. Words and their meanings are VERY important.

  2. Hi Assembly

    Hi Anna and Paul

    This video concerns the missing 13th Amendment and are books that are blue ink signed and sealed and witnessed and if you listen carefully they cover the legitimacy of the assembly too.

    You.should try to contact this woman.

    I also suggest everyone download this


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    The Mandella Effect? - Missing 13th Amendment Found! MASONS "BLUE INK" SIGNED SEALED BOOKS - WHY?

    Treaties and bonds of slaves at sea covered and much more involving the VA and DC and the constitutions

    Have a blessed day.



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