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Sunday, October 5, 2014

I AM YOUR ANCHOR BABY - Anna von Reitz

The Significance Of My Will – by Anna Von Reitz, Judge in Alaska

When a foreign woman gives birth on United States soil, her baby becomes a State Citizen — an American. As a result, the whole family is allowed to immigrate here.
A similar principle is at work regarding your claim to your private property and your organic state’s resources.
Think now about the process of extracting your toe from under a chair…is it possible to extract your toe, without also extracting your foot, ankle, leg…are you not all connected?
It is the same with all of us — Americans are all connected. We are all “organic states” of the Union, part of the furniture, part of each other, all guaranteed equal protection under the law.
So when I filed my timely UCC-1 claim and extracted “my” ESTATE trust doing business as “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” out of the final bankruptcy settlement of the United States of America, Inc. — I was your anchor baby.
One American ESTATE was reclaimed, and all American ESTATES are owed the same.
Similarly, when I went through the whole process of claiming back my life, filing a blood seal with the Vatican, filing the whole pile of claims against all the names attributed to me, the Security Agreement, Indemnity Bond, and so on — my actions included you. Me, the toe, is attached to you, the foot, the ankle, the leg….
Then when I filed against the UNITED NATIONS and the IMF in behalf of the States of America and in behalf of my living self, it remained for me to define in the document what “states” of America I was talking about and which version of “me” — was secured party.
Once again, where the toe goes, the foot goes. The claims against the UN and IMF are in behalf of the organic states, not any corporate versions or franchises.
All that remained was for me to give up any unique claim and distribute the claimed assets via an Irrevocable Will. So I did that, too. And here is a copy. ….
Because one American did it, we all did it. Because one American reclaimed her ESTATE, all Americans are owed equal treatment. And the rats cannot claim “statute of limitations” or “final settlement” or “untimely filing” or anything like that, because there is no statute of limitations on fraud, and we have all uniformly been defrauded.
Via my single action, I claimed everything back for everyone — the land belonging to every state, the private property belonging every living man, woman, and child — each organic state and each living individual American State Citizen has a claim-in-common with me.
You were defrauded as I was. What I am owed, you are owed. And just in case there was any wiggle room to interpret my actions any other way, I have issued the Irrevocable Will making it perfectly clear that I claimed the land back for the real States of America and the private property for the individual people it belongs to — including me.
The Irrevocable Will contains all the reference numbers to the underlying UCC documents filed in Alaska.
Just like you didn’t know these ugly claims were being made against you and your ESTATE assets, you didn’t know someone else was busily counter-claiming in your behalf. Now you know.
We are about to set sail on ships made of paper. The Irrevocable Will is such a piece of paper. It clearly states in legalese that I claimed it all, and that I give it all back to the true beneficiaries — your states and your selves.
Make use of this gift and God bless.
Anna's Will
Here is the document of UCC filing.

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