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Sunday, October 5, 2014

To the adults in the room… by Judge Anna von Reitz

Why You Must Accept Your Ruler-Ship
Scientists have studied various forms of sociopathic behavior for many years and we’ve become familiar with some of the names of the mental-emotional illnesses they have been able to discern: Bipolar Syndrome, Severe Character Default, Borderline Syndrome, Narcissism and so on.   It should not surprise us that underlying many of these illnesses is a common denominator: lack of conscience.
About one in twenty-five of us are born either without any conscience at all, or with a faulty sense of conscience such that those affected are unable to consistently tell right from wrong.
This leads them to commit all manner of atrocities and to feel no connection to or regret regarding the results.
These people are not so much intrinsically evil as clueless. Without any sense of justice or empathy, they simply do whatever is most expedient to satisfy their own immediate gratification. Think of a two year-old child: he’s hungry, so he takes your food– or he’s angry, so he bites your leg. He’s genuinely surprised when you react negatively, because he has no concept of how his actions affect others and is equally unaware that they have hunger pangs and angry urges, too.
Young sociopaths continue to accumulate practical information about the world around them which allows them to function in it, but emotionally they never grow up, never develop any true sense of empathy.   They learn “right and wrong” behavior to some extent by rote, without any real understanding of why it’s wrong to murder someone or why it’s wrong to steal.
These often charming and energetic individuals create most of the conflict and misery in the world. They can be very gifted, focused, intellectually brilliant, capable of intricate planning, and they often exude charismatic energy.   They will say and do whatever it takes to get what they want, without regard for truth, fairness, or even reality.   They learn to manipulate others to achieve their own gratification, but their lack of real empathy and their selfishness becomes apparent over time.
Their predilection for lying also becomes apparent.
Ever dealt with a small child caught in the act of say, stealing a cookie? Or stepping on an animal’s tail to make it yowl, quite unaware of the pain they are causing?   Ever listened to a long, rambling recitation of lies and made up stories designed to justify and explain away why they missed the school bus?   They lie about things that no mature person would consider lying about.
Even if morality didn’t dictate an honest response, mature people have a fine sense of what is plausible and what will stand up to scrutiny. If they tell a lie, it won’t be about a blue dinosaur sleeping on the sidewalk or unemployment statistics that are obviously skewed, weapons of mass destruction that don’t exist, 747’s that hit a building the size of the Pentagon and leave nothing but a sixteen foot wide breach in two walls, or steel girders that melt at normal fire temperatures.
Normal people feel no great need or desire to control others, but sociopaths do. A two year-old is dependent on others and quickly learns to manipulate Mommy and Daddy. In the same way, sociopaths believe themselves to be dependent on others and so constantly seek means to manipulate and control the people and circumstances surrounding them. As such, they naturally seek positions of power over others in the same way a cat will seek out the warmest spot in the house.
What better or more powerful position from which to control others, than in public office?
So long as we let government control us, we unwittingly create a magnet for sociopaths that draws them into politics like water flowing downhill.
The two year-olds take over, and then we wonder why there is mayhem, chaos, and misery.
Note the rise of Adolph Hitler. For several years he accomplished miracles, resurrecting the German economy out of rubble and ruin to be a world-shaking juggernaut. If he had remained focused on economic and commercial supremacy, Germany would have ruled the world without a war—but like all sociopaths, Hitler felt the need for absolute control. He had to have all the building blocks, all the marbles, all the color crayons.
Have you ever encountered a very young child who immediately seized on anything and everything in their environment and shouted, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”?
By now it should be easier for everyone who has ever taken care of small children to recognize sociopaths in politics, but merely recognizing them is not enough.
To permanently disconnect the attraction that public office holds for sociopaths, we must each accept our own ruler-ship and apply it.
That is what the Founders were talking about when they spoke about “self-governance”.   It’s a concept that goes far beyond ballot boxes or refusing the authority of kings. It strikes to the heart of the human condition.
Will we stand on our own two feet and accept our authority and the responsibility that goes with it? Will we truly be “self-governing”—-?
Two generations of Americans have neglected this duty with the result that elected officials are not even occupying the public offices they were elected to serve. They are occupying look-alike private corporate offices instead and running amok in conflict of interest, abusing their position of trust to plunder public assets for private gain and an alarming number of sociopaths have risen to positions of power.
Our failure to govern ourselves and take responsibility for our own property, our own lives, our own families, our own communities—has opened up a vacuum of power that crooks and sociopaths have manipulated for their own ends.
It is axiomatic that if you don’t rule over yourself, others will rule over you.
This is one job that you literally can’t afford to neglect.
If you don’t want crooks and sociopaths spending your money, abusing your resources, and telling you how high to jump— you have to accept and apply your own ruler-ship. Today. This moment. Lift up your heads and imagine a world where two year-olds crack the whip, mandate your health care options, and decide whether or not we all die in a nuclear war? A world where crooks siphon off the benefit of your labors, steal your homes in exchange for worthless paper, and terrorize you with threats of imprisonment in their own for-profit “federal” correctional facilities?
Is this how your governmental services contract reads? Is this what you are willing to put up with from an entity that has no more natural authority over you than JC PENNY?
Think about it for five seconds and get your king on.

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