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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Steve Daines and the IRS

This move by Steve Daines showcases his absolute ignorance about what the IRS is and what it was put into place for when it was instituted unlawfully in 1913. The 16th Amendment was never properly ratified. If you doubt that go here:
Not one cent of the taxes collected by the IRS goes into the general treasury. It ALL goes to pay interest to the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government agency, but a private banking cartel.
What Steve Daines should be calling for is the ABSOLUTE ABOLITION OF THE IRS, and replacing it with NOTHING.
The congress should tell the bankster cartel, sorry boys, you made a bad investment, now take a hike.
We hear constantly on national television networks that something needs to be done to "restore confidence" in our tax system. Well that tax system itself IS FRAUDULENT, and unlawful, so why would we want to restore any confidence in it?

From: Jan Rogers   Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2013 3:40 PM
Steve Daines Co-Sponsors Act Calling for End of IRS Enforcement of the Affordable Care Act
By Jon King May 22, 2013 3:15 PM
Today, May 27, Montana Representative Steve Daines announced that he would be co-sponsoring H.R.1990, also known as “The Keep the IRS off Your Health Care Act of 2013.”
In explaining his support for H.R.1990, Daines referred to a recent IRS scandal as a source of mistrust.
“Like most Montanans, I was appalled to learn that the IRS had deliberately targeted groups for investigation based on their beliefs,” Daines said. “Given these events, it would be senseless to empower this agency to oversee major aspects of the American health care system. Yet that’s what Obamacare calls for. That’s why I’ve signed on to the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act, which states that the IRS may not be involved in any aspect of President Obama’s health care law.”
Under the Affordable Care Act, the IRS is responsible for enforcing the “Individual Mandate,” a type of tax (at least as far as the Supreme Court is concerned) for those who choose not to buy insurance but can afford to do so.
According to Daines, more than 90 percent of Montanans at an over-the-phone town hall meeting on Tuesday supported the resolution.

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