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Monday, May 27, 2013

Waving the flag for wars for the bankers

The vast majority of the American people have been duped into believing that the ongoing wars in the world fomented by the banking elite are for America's freedom.
Balderdash.  Last memorial day I was approached by a lady at the entrance to a store here to buy a poppy and support the troops.  I refused. She was horrified, and said so, and tried to shame me into doing it.
I asked her to step aside and I explained that we have an all volunteer military, and if they had a clue they would just STOP VOLUNTEERING. Once you know the truth about how these wars are fomented by the power elite for their own purposes, why would you take a chance on losing your life for them?

Now I can hear all the neo-cons, Republicans, Libertarians, and others screaming to high heaven against me and other freedom loving Americans who have been pointing this out for years. But some very prominent Americans have been saying this far longer than I have. Here is Ron Pauls version from December of 2009.

Here is the president of the Italian Supreme Court with his opinion on who is responsible for the terrorist events in Europe.

And here is a real tribute to our troops that is not tainted by the foul media.

And if you have read this far, I challenge anyone to refute what is set forth in the following article.

Some Dead Things To Memorialize on Memorial Day


  1. I concur. America has not been attacked and our troops are not fighting to keep us free. They are serving the agenda of those who seek to see us diminished and destroyed as a nation. If our kids understood what was really going on they would not likely volunteer or serve.

  2. Nice job Paul taking the time to explain to the lady selling the poppies, your position...

    I like to add to your list of others
    Major General Smedley Butler USMC, who wrote
    a short booklet entitled "War is Racket"
    It can be read here for free


  3. I thought I was going to get screamed at and you guys took the time to add to this thread. I guess my blog and emails must be getting to the right people.


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