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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Real Tribute to our Troops

Posted from the gun show in Butte Montana, Sunday February 12, 2012

On the day after Ron Paul really kicked his campaign into high gear by a very strong second place finish in Maine, and to clear up once and for all the misunderstanding of his foreign policy being fomented by the media I offer this tribute to our troops that was posted to YouTube by lonewolf2297 on Feb. 9th, 2012

Ron Paul's foreign policy will make America stronger and safer than ever in her history!  The power monger banksters just can't have someone like Ron Paul in the Whitehouse because they could no longer finance both sides of world conflicts to make themselves rich. Ron Paul's foreign policy would end the debt, and by bringing our troops home would boost our economy when they spend their money at home.

It would also make America once again the strongest country on the planet. NO other country would dare to attack America with over 2 million military personell surrounding our nation, and a Navy and Airforce ready to go kill them on their own soil if they do. We don't need to be the policeman of the world for the banksters.
We do need to tell the world, that if they attack us we will bomb them into the stone age in a heartbeat and then come right home.

Why did we go to war in Iraq?  Was it because Sadam was getting ready to sell oil for gold instead of US Dollars?  Why do they want us to attack Iran? It's not for them trying to get a nuke. It's because they are getting ready to sell oil for gold to other nations that don't play footsie with the International Monetary Fund, just like Iraq was going to do.

The banksters can't stand it when countries go for independence and sovereignty and when they won't knuckle under to their phoney paper currency. The banksters know the jig is up and they are fomenting wars all over the world to try to force the world to accept their control of the money system. It's not going to work this time because the masses are waking up to the fraud in the fiat currency system and are getting ready to take a stand for freedom and liberty all over the world. The elite are shaking in their boots right now because we outnumber them by thousands to one.

Just in America there are close to 100 million gun owners, and I don't know anyone who owns guns, that just owns one gun. Many of those are veterans of the many wars fomented by those same bankster elites, and they are also waking up to how they have been used against peace and freedom in foreign lands, and they want some justice for that. They remember their oath to protect, defend, and obey the US Constitution.

They know this is the last time around. Either we go forward by stepping up to our responsibility to that oath, or our children will pay a heavy price in slavery for decades.

So when the media lies about Ron Paul's foreign policy and when people like Michelle Bachmann say Ron Paul is dangerous don't believe it. The NEO CONS are the very most dangerous people on the planet because they ignore the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, and they would start up a new war in Iran without any reason but oil and gold. They fall into the hands of the same elite banksters who have fommented almost every war in our lifetimes including the world wars, for their own wealth and power.

Wake up America. Remember where you heard this.
WE MUST elect Ron Paul, and we must teach veterans everywhere to keep their oath.
We must also teach our sheriff's their true power and put them to the test of their oath of office, and if they won't honor their oath we need to boot them out and get one that will.

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