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Friday, March 22, 2013

Banksters pass their failures to the people

What Happens When A Journalist Tries To Force A Banker To Actually Answer A Question?

This kind of thing has happened since the big central banks were formed. If you think this isn't coming to Amerika you are deluding yourself. It's not a matter of if - it's a matter of when! The banksters won't answer these questions because they know they are caught and are trying to get out from under the liability. They think  they are insulated from accountability by their money and power, but if they continue their present course they will find a time when they will have to run and hide. Their arrogance will be their downfall.

What Happens When A Journalist Tries To Force A Banker To Actually Answer A Question
Let's take an example of this that might happen in America. 
What if all the states that are in red ink like California conned the federal government into bailing out those states. Wouldn't that be the same thing as the EU telling Ireland they had to pay for the bank bailouts in Europe?  It's happening now over there, and we are in much worse shape than they are as far as debt. The banks in Europe already conned the feds into several direct bailouts from the Federal Reserve in America. Now they want the governments of whole countries in the EU to bail them out again.

There is no possible way mathematically to fix this so called debt short of repudiating the whole of the debt to central banks as fraud, which it is. In America it's totally a fictitious debt, placed by the Federal Reserve banks, that are a private criminal banking cartel that seized control of our money system unlawfully in 1913.

 They claim they had a law (federal reserve act) but that so called "law" was unconstitutional and put in place by less than a quorum, late at night after almost all the congress had gone home for Christmas. Since that day the US Dollar (now federal reserve note) has lost 98% of it's buying power.
In Europe this debt they experience is more their own fault because of the way it's structured. They knew what they were getting into, whereas the American people were conned, big time.
Today the banks in Cyprus remain closed, and no depositor (at least the little fish) can get their money. There is talk of those banks NEVER opening again.

What will you do when the banks in Amerika take a bank holiday, and if they open again the currency is devalued by more than half compared to the other currencies on the planet, and your FRNs won't buy half of what they did the week before?  
I know right now you are saying to yourself, This guy is nuts. 

But this has happened before right here in America.  There was a bank holiday in 1929, remember? Look it up.

In 1929 alone, 659 banks closed their doors. By 1932 over 5000 more banks had gone out of business!
Depositors feared the banks were unsound and began removing their funds. The banks simply closed to prevent the removal.  They simply stole everyone's money just like they are doing in Cyprus as we speak.
By 1933 there was a full blown national bank holiday in the whole country, and millions of people lost everything they had worked for their entire lives.

That era became known as the great depression, and it was caused by the same banksters and government officials that are doing it today. Central banks are the cause, just as the federal reserve banking cabal is the cause today. The European bankster elite are right in it up to their eyeballs. They are tipping their hand, and the public is catching on in Europe, but the stupid sheeple in America are oblivious and  continue playing the game the banks want them to play. The great depression was a world wide robbery of the average Joe. 

The banking elite always steal the wealth of the middle class and bankrupt them, and seem to get away with it, but maybe not this time. They have really twisted the tiger's tail this time. They continue to spew their tale of so called banking magic, like the wizard of Oz, yet many people are not buying the story any more.
Like the journalist in the movie above, they want answers, and in America they have utterly failed to get the firepower away from the people. The banksters have started a meltdown and have utterly lost control of it. They couldn't stop it now if they wanted to, and they don't want to. They have made up their minds that if they can't own the whole world, they are going to burn it to the ground.

These same bankster elite families have financed both sides of many of the major conflicts of history, and by doing so are responsible for the murder of millions of people by the monsters they helped put into power, like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, and many more. But this time they made a huge and fatal mistake. They have failed to disarm the American patriots. There are well over 100 million firearms owners in America that have mostly made up their mind NEVER to give up their guns, and to use them to defend our country.
Just look at the gun sales in the last 3 months if you don't believe me. All records of previous sales have been smashed to bits.  Does that sound like a nation of people getting ready to go hunting? No, it sounds like a nation getting ready to defend themselves from aggression and takeover. It sounds like a  nation getting ready for civil war.

The elite are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't make gun control lawful, so they intend to fight an unlawful war against Americans. They have no choice, because of all the people waking up, but to accelerate their programs of solidifying their police state and stealing everyone's wealth and property. Make no mistake. When they come, they are coming to kill you and take everything you have including your guns, home, food, property, EVERYTHING.  By accelerating their program beyond their own ability to control every facet of the fight they are waking up millions WHO STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS.  Those millions outnumber the elite by many thousands to one. The one thing these elitists still fear is a general uprising of the masses that are still armed. The elitists in Europe have been spoiled by their past victories. They have always been able to disarm their opposition before solidifying their police state. NOT IN AMERICA.
These elite think that they have brainwashed the American people so successfully that they will lay down and submit, but they are wrong. The gun sales prove it. Think about it. These bankster elite have never been up against people like Americans who love their ability to move about, and decide for themselves what they will do with the day at hand. They have never taken on a totally armed to the hilt population who are spoiled on freedom in their everyday lives, except perhaps in our revolutionary war, AND THEY LOST THAT ONE BIG TIME. They were forced to step back after that conflict and it has taken them over 230 years of lies and subversion to get back to the point they are now.  Their arrogance will be their downfall. They have no idea of the fire storm they will encounter if they trip the trigger on a violent overthrow of the people of this country. Historically Americans love peace and good order. They are willing to put up with a lot of skulduggery, perhaps too much for their own good. But when you once get them mad, like they are becoming now, you better get the hell out of the way.  These bankster  elite and their government goons that do their bidding better run and hide, because the people, once they are pushed over the edge, will hunt them to the ends of the earth. 

The people I am talking about are just your average law abiding persons living and working and raising their families in peace, and want nothing else but to be left alone to live in peace and good order in their communities across America. They have never been involved in violence, and don't want to be. They love freedom, and liberty, peace, and the rule of law. They have contributed far beyond their obligations to society. They have kept their mouths shut, when they should have been openly opposing the evils they see, but not any more. They have raised their families and taught them the difference between good and evil. They have been persecuted by government before, and have weathered the storm, and gone on with life under the yoke of heavy handed government goons. They have put up with slander, and being robbed of their money and property. They have stood and turned their cheek. But soon, if the one worlders keep it up, they will no longer be silent observers. They will literally be UP IN ARMS. They will be lawfully protecting their families, freedom, and property in a purely defensive posture at first, then when the world's elite continue to use the heavy hand of their goons and lethal force, the law abiding people will be forced to respond in kind.

There are those that argue that people like this will be the insurgents and it will be justified for government to kill them. I wouldn't bet that, on the last day, God will agree when he comes to judge this world. The question is, what is the law and what is not. There are principles that govern what is really the law, and all kinds of people in government are absolutely ignorant about what real law is.  Read this article to find out what the real law for the United States is:

Add to that the common sense proposition that first time buyers of guns and ammo are at an all time high.
The total number of NICS background checks in 2012 reached 19,592,303 which is 19% higher than 2011 and exceeds 1998,1999, and 2000 combined. See more here:

So the question remains then, what are you going to do when they come to YOUR door, or before, to counteract this and keep the peace if possible.

Everyone needs to sort out their sheriff, and if he has made up his mind to keep his oath, then they need to rally behind them and urge them to form up a posse for that purpose. Any sheriff who is not willing to form a posse for the purpose of keeping the law and good order is not worthy of your support.      

In conclusion let me touch on the most important topics.

1. Make peace with your creator. Beside this, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS
2. Get out of debt
3. Get out of the banks
4. Get stocked up on food and other essentials, like guns, ammo, dry goods, fuel, etc
5. Get some communications radios.
6. If you have gotten that far and still have wealth get it into silver.
7. Have a plan for emergencies. Where will you go?
8. Then do everything to can to stop this by getting the word out.

God Bless you all, including the enemies of freedom. May God Bless them with the grace of conversion.

Hate the sin and love the sinner.  Offer forgiveness. Stand your ground. Stand on the law. Be faithuful to God. Refuse to worship false God's.

 If all else fails defend your loved ones for God's sake.

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