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Monday, January 7, 2013

Joel Boniek

Welcome to the police state - Joel Boniek- Livingston, Montana Wildfire Roadblock

Dear Liberty-Minded Friends,

The Honorable Joel Boniek, former Montana Legislator, Oath Keeper, American Patriot rode to work at the Montana State Legislature on his faithful companion, Jesse
Things can only change in our corrupt justice system if YOU play a role in that change.  In my view, the outrageous and despicable treatment Joel Boniek received from police and the courts was nothing less than deliberate and unfounded.  This case is a classic example of the "system" wanting to make an example of someone like Joel, who has always stood up for you, for the Constitution and for truth.  Now, it's time for us to stand up for Joel.
This corruption must be exposed in it's entirety and We The People must turn this around and make an example of THEM!
This senseless situation Joel Boniek has found himself in could have easily happened to you, or to me.  That is why I'm asking you all to stand with Joel and be there to support him until true Justice is served.  Furthermore, we can prevent an incident like this from ever happening again.  Are you with me?
For Liberty,
Joan Stanley
The Montana Messenger

Comment from Joel Boniek

Da Vinci Monday, 7 Jan at 3:00pm at the Livingston city county building, basement.
It is a continuation of the omnibus hearing of November which was adjourned because of an interruption.
I have no idea what to expect. I believe that certain matters are supposed to be taken up at an omnibus,(probable cause, constitutional matters, jurisdiction, pretrial motions, etc.) but I was denied that last time. It was looking like it was going to be only a trial scheduling hearing. (lack of due process)
I welcome each and every witness and encourager! The interest and support of good people is what is saving me.
You and friends are welcome! Last time there was 30+, it would be great to see many more.
My only defense is God and public support.


Take A Stand Before There Will Be Nothing Left To Stand For
Oath Keepers

On one hand, I hate to see the kangaroo court interrupt our productive lives. On the other hand, I feel an obligation to stand behind the man who has stood in the gap for freedom. If we don't stand soon, there will be nothing left to stand for.

If you are not aware of what this is about, please read below.
In a nut shell. The courts are something less than stellar. Joel demonstrated the people claiming to be authorities are impersonating the authority position. They are not legitimate. We have been letting the "authorities" walk on us for years. Joel and other citizens stood last November requiring legitimate due process guaranteed by law and the Constitutions folks swear by, in order to hold these positions.
The court was shocked and crumbled under Joel's methodical, controlled and respectful questioning. This is the follow-up to that.
Why was Joel in court. He attempted to protect his private property from wildfire. He was violently prohibited from doing so. The authorities should be explaining to Joel, rather than Joel doing the explaining.
If you really believe in Liberty, Law and the American way of life, now is your opportunity to stand.
If many stand, violence and abuse will be avoided. If a few stand, it is very possible the few will be abused, oppressed and violated. I suspect it will only be a matter of time before you and I will be in such a position looking for support.

Mark French
Paradise Valley, MT

Note from Elias Alias -

All who possibly can will show up early for the hearing for Joel Boniek at Livingston, Montana this Monday. (See below for details.) A large group of honorable citizens representing a cross-section of the tax base in Park County should be backed by liberty activists and freedom groups from around the State, such as Mark French’s contingency coming down by bus from the Plains/Kalispell area of the State.
Please read why in Joan Stanley’s Montana Messenger, below. And remember – Gandhi and Martin Luther King showed us the power which people have in numbers, and their eternal counsel is that we do things with dignity and peace. This is not to be a confrontation. It is a show of support for a good citizen who’s reputation could be scarred over something quite petty. It is also a way in which we can do our duty as “We The  People” to assert anew to local and County government the rights of individual property ownership.
The community should envision a more freedom-friendly use of peace officers, and the citizenry of Park County should encourage all peace officers to respect unalienable rights which supersede governmental authority, property ownership rights included. A quote-unquote “criminal justice system” cannot properly apply charges of criminal intent to a man who found a way around a state-imposed obstacle as he rushed to save his property in the face of a wild fire. All land-owning Montanans should stand together on that much, and government itself should re-affirm the sanctity of property ownership by stepping back on this one.
It is important that Joel has his time with the Judge. But it is also important that he has the support of concerned citizens. Please be there if you possibly can. I concur with Joan Stanley in this and would be pleased to know that many Oath Keepers hats and shirts will be present. I envision a hundred or more patriots standing peacefully outside a packed court room – standing silently and respectfully in the deep strength of neighborly support.
Peace on Earth,
Elias Alias

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