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Sunday, July 7, 2024

International Public Notice: The Elephant in the Room

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has been no King or Queen of England since 1702.  

That means that the land and soil jurisdiction of England has been vacated since 1702 and the country exists only as a matter of public record, in the minds of its people, and as assets held by a foreign Public Trust. 

The land and soil assets of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have all been bound in an International Trust and Trading Company known as "Great Britain" operating in the International jurisdiction of the sea.  

Recently, this government entity has been dissolved and a new corporation "acting as" a government has been set up in the global jurisdiction of the air, where it proposes to operate with similar disrespect and disregard for Law and Custom --- and in evasion of treaties and contracts owed to other nations. 

England has gone rogue, and Scotland, Ireland, and Wales have gone rogue with it.  What is startling is that these countries have been operating in this manner for three centuries, and nobody called them on it.  

The governments of these countries have willfully vacated their land and soil, and operated in a private, incorporated Territorial capacity for 300 years.  They "went to sea" and have remained there, with the consequence that everything that they have done or pretended to do in all that time has been done under color of law. 

They have fraudulently misrepresented the nature of their "government" to the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and the rest of the world, too. 

While claiming to have a Constitutional Monarchy in England, for example, they have in fact evaded their contracts and vacated the Constitutional Monarchy long ago; they have only continued the "show" for their innocent victims, trotting out the Stone of Scone, pretending to be Protestants, and kissing the Bible in public, while carrying on a completely different and private agenda divorced from Law and Custom.

They were helped in this unlawful conversion of government, a process of replacing the government of the people with corporations, by members of the Bar Associations hired as privateers who have abused their positions of public respect in favor of private profit.  

Faced with these realities there is little wonder why the people of these afflicted nations find themselves laboring under the lash of slave masters and are confused by the fact that their government doesn't "add up" and provide those benefits and protections that are supposed to be in place for the people, despite the public façade of civility and order. 

There is a very simple reason for this. The Government of Great Britain has been operated in a Territorial capacity, not a National capacity.  

It has given over its functions as a government to private interests that are for-profit corporations in the business of providing "essential government services" --- corporations that have been profiteering under color of law on the side. 

This profiteering has taken place against the people of the afflicted countries and every other country that one way or another, has had service contracts with or been illegally occupied by "Great Britain" in the guise of its Territorial government units. 

As they have vacated the land and soil of each home country, the Perpetrators have vacated and violated the Law and Customs of each country, too.  They put to sea instead; left their land in the care of the National Trusts, and carried on as if all was well and normal -- when it decidedly is not. 

This circumstance has allowed the abuse not only of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but has promoted abuses ranging around the world, impacting billions of people, and guaranteeing "endless" war for profit.  

This is, in the end, the reason that all roads lead to Rome and why Britain is always at the bottom of every dog pile.  These "governmental services" corporations belong to Rome -- accounting for Rome's part in these trespasses, and the Brits responsible for these breaches of trust and contract  work for Rome.  

These "Kings" and "Queens" have been the Overseers of the Pope's Commonwealth land in England for 800 years and it is the Pope who gave them their crowns.  The Pope can also take their crowns away from them, which ensures their slave-like obedience. 

The "split of the take" that has endured since the 1580's was engineered by King Henry the Eighth, who got his divorce sanctified and a 40% share of whatever assets he could drag in.  The initial assets shared out with the Pope were ownership interests in the souls of members of the Church of England, represented as "baptismal certificates".  

The Pope got 60% and the King got 40% of the value of the souls of Anglican Church members, a quid pro quo that has remained in place from that time to this.

This abuse of "certificates" and "registrations" to establish ownership interests in private property -- your soul, your Good Name, your car, your land, your business and everything else you think you possess -- has run its course. 

So has the use and misuse of "Great Britain" and "the UNITED KINGDOM" and all the other nameless, faceless corporations that have been used to defraud and deprive and deceive the people of this world, so as to evade plainly-stated contracts and treaties -- all these criminal impersonations have run their course.

What we are left with are the good people of each country and an economic nightmare. 

These unlawfully converted and incorporated government corporations have run up a gigantic amount of debt and the books have (deliberately) never been balanced against the credit that the living people are owed as a result of all the inequitable exchanges of goods and services for legal tender [promissory] notes that have been imposed under color of law. 

When we do this, simply by balancing the books, the "national debt" disappears, and instead, a very substantial "national credit" owed to the living people appears. 

The corporations responsible for this situation would rather go bankrupt and presume that their victims are the "public" responsible for their bankruptcy protection, but no such corporate veil can be afforded to criminal organizations --- especially when they misidentify the public responsible for their existence and operations, and cast their debts on innocent strangers they've impersonated, instead. 

What started out as a national-level bilking of the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, depriving them of their Law and Customs, their property assets, contracts, and guarantees in 1702, has led to an international crime spree of unimaginable proportions -- a crime spree that has lasted 300 years and adversely impacted all jurisdictions of air, land, and sea worldwide. 

All this harm has been engendered because the governments of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales vacated their natural estate on the land and soil, incorporated their functions as "service corporations" and went to sea, thereby evading all their land-based treaties, contracts, and guarantees by vacating their land jurisdiction. 

They left Law and Custom, the Magna Carta, and their own Kingdoms behind in favor of life "at sea" as international pirates and mercenaries.  

As attractive as that might have seemed at the time, it also has the effect of leaving the Perpetrators "legless" and without standing among the nations of the world. 

The elements of fraud intrinsic to this situation including the willful misrepresentation of events such as staged and phony coronations appearing to meet the requirements of a long-vanished Constitutional Monarchy have tainted all business dealings, contracts, and relationships entered into by the so-called British Monarchs and their unlawfully converted Parliaments.  

The land and soil of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have stood vacant for over 300 years--- except for their abused, deluded, and defrauded people and their traditional assemblies, Clan Governments, and the sovereign estate holdings bequeathed by William the Conqueror -- to the extent that lawful inheritors still exist.  

The Perpetrators have worked, to some effect, to create the same deplorable deceit and usurpation via their interest in the British Territorial corporation known as "the United States of America --- Incorporated" and have used this association to promote numerous substitution, impersonation, and identity theft schemes against the Americans. 

This has resulted in the same kind of criminal  misadministration of contracts and evasion of the Law and Customs of our country and our Constitutions, confusion, national identity theft, unlawful conversion of assets, human trafficking, certificate and registration fraud, mortgage fraud, property tax fraud, real estate title fraud, bankruptcy fraud, banking and securities fraud, substitution fraud, trespass crimes, false impersonation crimes, barratry crimes, inland piracy, press-ganging, illegal conscription, illegal and unlawful salvage operations, illegal and unlawful imposition of foreign citizenship obligations via False Registrations and Unconscionable Contracts foisted off on American babies in their cradles, currency and commodity rigging, false claims in commerce, misrepresentation, conspiracy against the Constitutions, and treason against our lawful contract government. 

This has also led to a crime spree of unlawful and illegal mercenary operations using American assets under color of law to promote war-profiteering without the Americans ever being made aware of the nature of these activities. 

The misuse and abuse of American assets empowered the crime syndicate based on collusion between Rome and the so-called Government of Great Britain, Inc., to attack a great many other nations using a long litany of spurious excuses -- nations which were subsequently occupied illegally by British Territorial forces and hired mercenary forces, similar to the British Raj system inflicted on India. 

This and various financial schemes that went on in tandem with this activity resulted in destabilizing and controlling national currencies that were seized upon as part of a currency commodity rigging scheme promoted by the Federal Reserve and other central banks, which weaponized and selectively obstructed trade and commerce on a worldwide basis. 

Two social and financial class systems were promoted to ensnare the General Public, with a class
of "professionals" being enrolled as indentured servants to oversee, control, and direct the masses, and a class of debt slaves misidentified as Municipal citizens, both serving as "securitized assets" and collateral belonging to the criminally misdirected and maliciously mismanaged corporations responsible for this rampage. 

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales went off track a long time ago, and their action vacating their land jurisdiction and obstructing the Law of the Land in their own countries, has been both unlawful and illegal with respect to their people, who are owed good faith service and contractual performance from the government they ordained. 

The same can be said for every other country and nation adversely impacted by this outrageous Romano-British Fraud Scheme -- a roster that now includes not only the British home lands, The United States, the former Commonwealth nations, the seventeen still-occupied countries of Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Iraq, Libya, and numerous other countries that have all similarly been overtaken by the deceits and fraudulent misrepresentations of these incorporated "government service providers".  

It's well-past the time when this circumstance should have been settled in favor of the living people to whom all right, title, and interest does belong. 

All the erring institutions, the corporations malfunctioning "as" governments, and all the misdirected professionals supporting them, need to be fully informed ---and then need to stand down with respect to the lawful government, knowing that the only government giving substance to a country is vested in its physical assets and the people living within its borders.  

It is of paramount importance, therefore, that the land and soil of each country remains populated, that the Law of the Land is enforced, and that the government service contracts are fulfilled in good faith and order. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 7th 2024


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