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Monday, May 6, 2024

A Life Review

 By Anna Von Reitz

People returning from Near Death Experiences often report going through a "life review process" in which they endure experiencing their recently expired life from both sides of painful interactions, seeing not only what they did, but how their actions impacted others --- in both good and bad ways --- that they never knew about at the time. 

Through a glass and darkly, I put myself through a similar review to the extent that I can make such an effort with only one point of view and I think about the Biblical warnings against being hard hearted, haughty, uncaring, selfish, ungrateful, and hypocritical. 

As I have gotten older, my errors have changed their kind and character.  I am no longer impatient or contemptuous of my fellowman, as youth can be; nor am I selfish in my pursuits, having had as many good things and experiences as anyone could reasonably wish for, I can acquit myself of those sorts of mistakes. 

It isn't in my character, in youth or old age, to be a hypocrite; I somehow never had that propensity. Likewise, ingratitude is foreign to my nature, which is always grateful for every ray of sunshine and every drop of rain, whether I say so or not.  

Silence on that score should never be taken for lack of gratitude, as thousands of notes and emails can attest. 

No, I try my best and I fail, but my heart is in the right place and can be acquitted for the frailty of the flesh and the limits of time granted to me for my personal life.  I must at some point throw up my hands and keep focused on the work, so I do, even though I would rather be writing thank you notes and cards and letters. 

As I get older my sins tend to be of this kind, where time and circumstance rather than hardness of heart is in my way, and omission or failure to perform in other ways, also seems to be the order of the day.  There is simply too much coming at me, and so I struggle to keep focused on my work, my actual work, and pray that I am not going two steps forward and three steps back, for all my failures to meet other needs. 

I also note that rather than any of Satan's usual temptations I've arrived at the point in my life where it's my virtues that are targeted for exploitation.  

The situation in Michigan is a case study for that. 
Paul Peterson, the former Coordinator, came to us from the CIA, which is not a good recommendation overall, as the Agency is well-known for employing brilliant con men whose life-work runs counter to any aspirations of mine. 

Still, even those returning home from the Agencies deserve their rights and property as Americans; it is not my part to know or judge the soul when it is ready and willing to turn the corner and go in a new direction.  Many of our senior volunteers have come from sordid backgrounds. So I accepted Paul as a Coordinator, knowing his past, but believing in his future.  

This is where our virtues are sometimes used against us and sometimes come to naught, wasted on stony ground.  A purely intellectual evaluation would have instantly disqualified Paul from acting as a Coordinator, but a more seasoned wisdom makes its errors in the other direction, more in favor of the heart. 

So I welcomed him and trusted him to make good on his potential as a Coordinator and hoped he'd be able to change his spots.  

Still, the habits and methods and assumptions of a lifetime are hard to overcome, and pressed with the challenges of a wholly new situation, a whole new context from which to view "the government" -- well, better men have failed that test.

You can blame me, if you wish, because I knew that and welcomed Paul home anyway.  I knew the danger and waived it, in order to give him a chance. 

The leopard remained a leopard; no huge surprises there.  We all have our challenges.  It matters less whether we win or lose on any specific occasion and more that we keep trying to change those things about ourselves that are holding us back.  

Rather, the Big Surprise is in the manner in which he revealed this failure to me and everyone else -- which is in the clear misunderstanding and perhaps deliberate misinterpretation of something I have endlessly explained: 

Our right and responsibility to enforce the Constitutions on our Federal Employees. 

It is the responsibility of the Federation of States and our member States as the Principals signing the American side of the Constitutions -- as contracts -- to enforce the provisions of those contracts.  

We ordered up the eighteen services and we pay for those services; our Federal Employees provide the services.  If they don't provide the services and observe the limits of our agreements, it's our role as Employers to enforce the Constitutions.  

We do not stand under those contracts ourselves; the Constitutions define the roles and set the limits for our various Federal Employees -- people like Paul, not for the General Public.  

This is perhaps why it is so difficult for former Federal Employees to grasp the fact that the Federation is not "Federal" and is not operating under the Constitutions and isn't foreign with respect to the States of the Union.  

Paul has tried to make an argument that his State, Michigan, is sovereign and that he is sovereign, and departed from there into a Never-Never Land of unlimited personal and statutory power that doesn't exist.  

Everyone else standing on the land and soil of Michigan is just as "sovereign" as he is, a fact that he apparently forgot when he started dictating what training they could receive and what offices they could aspire to.  

And it is true that Michigan is a sovereign State, one of fifty such sovereign States, operating as a member State of the Federation of States.  As a member of the Federation, Michigan inherits obligations as well as rights and benefits and protections. It doesn't get to wave its flag and proclaim despotism, for example.  

If The Michigan Assembly is an American State Assembly, it has to meet certain requirements and stay true to certain principles and values espoused by the actual American Government --- freedom of speech and association, freedom of religion, and the right to privacy among them.  

Paul doesn't get to trample on the equal and guaranteed rights of anyone else and neither does The Michigan Assembly.  Whatever power you lack as an individual also carries over to a group of such individuals.  

Every iota of the Bill of Rights and more is vouchsafed to the people of Michigan, and any Coordinator and the organization as a whole has to realize and provide for this.

Otherwise, they are acting as District Assemblies while pretending to be American State Assemblies. 

Our obligation to enforce the Federal Constitutions applies to the Federal Subcontractors.  

It should be obvious that one does not enter a service contract with oneself.  

The Federation is the Employer.  The Federal Government Subcontractors defined by the Constitutions are the Employees. 

The whole reason the Subcontractors are described as "Federal" in the first place is that they are supposed to work for us, the Federation of States, and employ powers delegated to them by the Federation.  

To the extent that the Federal Subcontractors fail their duty to perform, the Federation and its member States are, or should be, the first line of defense for the people of this country, and the only ones who are Parties to the contracts in dispute. So, also, we are the only ones who can enforce against the Federal Subcontractors. 

They can hardly be expected to enforce against themselves. 

It has been men like Paul, Federal Employees and Agents,  who have kept the Federation and its member States out of action, moth-balled, so that the same Federal Subcontractors and Agents could run wild and evade their obligations under the Constitutions.  

Paul deprived the people of Michigan of their natural and unalienable rights; he terrorized them with arbitrary rules and surveillance and political payback if they didn't comply and agree with his every directive.

This is not opinion.  This is well-established and investigated fact.  

In doing this, he assumed the role of a Federal Agent lording it over the Sheep, not the role of an American
preserving his heritage of freedom for himself and everyone else.  

And he then tried to pretend that this is what our Federation of States is about, that we are lording it over our member States, that we can't be trusted -- when it is apparent who couldn't be trusted. 

We didn't tell him to trample on the basic rights of the people in Michigan; he did that on his own initiative.  

We didn't abrogate free speech and association.  We didn't instruct him to surveil members or bully anyone.  He did that on his own.  

We didn't advocate creating a "Road Map" and using it as a means to get rid of people.  We didn't tell anyone that they could "never" be a member of their own State Government.  

None of that came from the Federation, nor is it any representation of the American Tradition.  

Paul apparently thinks that Americans are so stupid they can't keep the difference between "Federation" and "Federal" straight, and that they will blame the Federation for the things that the Federal Government Subcontractors have done--- including what he has done in Michigan. 

He then also illegally and unlawfully surveilled the members and would-be members of The Michigan Assembly, seeking proof that they were "infiltrators" -- in order to blackball people and keep them from participating in their own State Government. 

He was and is using all the same old tactics -- blame the victims, misrepresent yourself as the victim, make sure the victim gets blamed for your own bad actions, maintain power at any cost, twist the meaning of words, confuse identities, etc. 

But we've seen it all before, including the attempt to build and substitute a British Territorial District Assembly for its American counterpart. 

Enough said, folks.  Let's move on.  Our Federation is part of the American Government, not the U.S. Government.  We are not to be confused with the Federal Subcontractors.  

Anyone who tramples your rights into the dirt while proclaiming himself to be sovereign and whoever proposes to save freedom by destroying it, is obviously playing for the Other Team.  


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