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Monday, April 1, 2024

How to Think of This Situation

 By Anna Von Reitz

You are born into a family and are "given" a name, a race, a religion, a bunch of relationships, a nationality, a social status, and a broadly defined identity that you had no part in choosing. Plunk. There you are, two days old, and already labeled and defined. 

A few days later, another bunch of people show up and seize upon your new Given Name and use it to create a foreign corporation franchise benefiting their British Territorial Government, to be operated under your name as a U.S. Citizen.  

You are maybe two weeks old, and you've been denigrated to the status of a "Human", been saddled with citizenship obligations, and trafficked into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea via an undisclosed (and from your perspective, unconscionable) private contract obligating you to lifetime indentured servitude and peonage.  

A bit after that, typically while you are in Grade School, this British Territorial U.S. Citizen is declared legally dead, missing, presumed lost at sea, and "his" Estate Trust is created as your Given Name is trafficked a second time, this time into the jurisdiction of the air.  

A Municipal C'estui Que Vie Trust is set up in your NAME and all sorts of derivative trusts and utilities and franchise corporations are created, all bearing what appears to be your NAME--- and, again, you've been denigrated from the status of a Human with Human Rights, to being a Debt Slave, laboring to benefit another governmental services corporation that foists all its debts off onto you. 

All your life what appears to be your government, but which is in fact, just a couple government services Subcontractors, tells you to do things that benefit them at your expense, but they do this under color of law, so you do what they tell you to do in total innocence thinking that they are "the" government and you have to do what they say.  

And nobody tells you any different.  

So you pay into Social Security for pensions for a Municipal DEBT SLAVE and you pay Gift and Estate Taxes owed by the missing U.S. Citizen and pay off "his" mortgage, too, and you pay all sorts of Federal Income Taxes for these Legal Fictions named after you, so you just pay, and pay, and pay and work some more....and it's all just a giant fraud scheme designed to milk you dry.  

You don't owe the debts of these foreign corporation franchises.  You don't owe their citizenship obligations. You didn't create these things; you are not responsible for them. 

The foreign parent corporations that created these things "in your name" acted in the guise of a Public Usufruct.  They are allowed to use your name so long as no harm comes to you as a result of these foreign franchise corporations, but if any harm does come to you --- then, all Hell breaks loose.  

Then the Perpetrators and the Principals responsible for them have to make amends and provide you with remedy, with cure and maintenance, and with acceptance of all debts related to these Legal Fiction Entities. 

They planned to avoid this by claiming bankruptcy of their shell corporations, and by claiming that you are an "enemy" at war, but (1) they aren't owed any bankruptcy protection from their victims; and, (2) there isn't any actual war dignified by The Law of War to protect them -- because they have engaged in Mercenary Conflicts instead. 

It's not your fault, baby.  It's their fault, and they need to reap what they've sown, right in their pocketbook. 

They need to pay you, and forget about fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. 


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