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Monday, April 1, 2024

International Public Notice: The Black Sun

 By Anna Von Reitz

For all those who haven't read the script, the "black sun" refers to: (1) the full Solar Eclipses, such as the one happening on April 8th this year, and (2) efforts by a Progressive Cult to enthrone a Muslim Negro as the ruler of this planet. 

Please note that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are characterized using four colors: red, black, white, and green --- and those just happen to be the flag colors of all the major Muslim nations on Earth.  

This goes along with a lot of other Hoo-Doo-Voo-Doo and occult beliefs, being used as storefront issues to obscure the evil behind this.  

This includes the belief that Jesus was black and that Muhammad was sent as a prophet after Jesus to prepare the way for the Mahdi -- the Muslim version of the Messiah.  

All this is building up to a planned Occult Firestorm of nastiness to be unleashed during the upcoming solar eclipse, when, it is believed, that Allah, a Moon God, is triumphant over the Solar Powers. 

They also believe that this eclipse will open a portal that will signal the end of the world and signal the start of the final jihad.  

Given the recent events in Israel and the senseless slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the nature of the Evil Empire is on full display and the outrage throughout the Muslim world is at a fever pitch.  

We firmly believe that the violence in Gaza was preplanned in Israel to ensure this outrage at this time.  We firmly believe that Britain paid Hamas to attack.  We firmly believe that Israel deliberately let down its border defenses to expedite this, and that the Hamas attack has been used as an excuse for Israel to attack. 

We are witnessing great evil in High Places.  

So, brace yourselves for attacks on all sides and in all jurisdictions, and heed the signs of God, even if they are being orchestrated by the no-longer-secret Space Force using their weather modification technology.  

The Euphrates River has dried up, albeit mainly due to overly ambitious dam projects.  

The Arabian Desert has miraculously developed streams of flowing water and is 80% green again; when the final 20% of Saudi Arabia is clothed in vegetation, another major and "impossible" Bible prophecy will have been fulfilled.  

This leaves only two more prophecies to be fulfilled, and again, they may be fulfilled either by God or by technology in the hands of evil men who have plans to target Southern Illinois and the New Madrid Fault System to create a DIY Great Earthquake.  

They think we are so stupid that we don't know that they have the Scalar Technology to create earthquakes, so despite planning this disaster more or less in the open for twenty years, they think they will face no consequences or blame.  

For whatever their thinking is worth. 

As a result of this pre-planned attack on America, the North American Continent will be split in half from the Great Lakes to the mouth of the Mississippi.  At the same time, the Great Rift Valley of Africa will tear open, so that both sides of the planet will be impacted and feel the Great Earthquake at the same time. 

The whole planet will shake and shift. 

This is the same kind of warfare that took place during the Great Plasma War 32,000 years ago, where terraforming technology was employed to sink some continents and raise others.  

After all this destruction and the ravages of two giant swarms of cicadas, a significant part of the Midwest will be underwater and nobody is quite sure how much farther east the East Coast will be, but it is a no-brainer that millions of lives, mostly American and African, will be lost ---and the Vermin confidently planning all this as part of their Black Sun holiday, think that they will get away with it. 

They will sanctimoniously commiserate these terrible "Acts of God" --- but we will know that God had nothing to do with it. 

Death, pestilence, famine....earthquakes, wars....and, yes, a great denouement, an apocalypse revealing that the governments of the Earth have been reduced to commercial corporations, and the apostate Church has indeed been glutting on the wealth of her fornication with them.  

What more do we need to suffer before this play script is ended?  A massive conventional war in the Middle East, in which Russia and China and Iran join forces to beat the stuffing out of NATO.  

The United States will be too busy licking its own wounds after the earthquake to play a large part in that.  Between a third and two-thirds of our people will be dead thanks to the "vaccine", the earthquake, the breakdown of the supply chains, and starvation. 

This "plan" is sitting on the desks of members of the DOD at this moment.  This crime, if it happens, is totally on their heads.  

We remind the Generals and the Politicians that in our world, if you don't have an individual right to murder and plunder, you don't have a group right to do so, either.  

Naught into naught is still naught. Crime is crime. 

With the recent finding that our Military was unlawfully converted into a Mercenary Force by Abraham Lincoln, and has functioned as a Mercenary Force ever since,  the very last shreds of any excuse for DOD and the U.S. Department of Defense are gone. 

And here, overseeing the end of the world, who do we have acting as "President" of the United States?  

Joe Biden, who can no longer even read the reports placed in front of him on the podium.  

The only legitimate and actual government of this country is vested in the unincorporated Federation of States and its member States of the Union.  

The Federal Subcontractors are so completely consumed by their own corruption and in-fighting that they are implementing these terrible directives -- and the rank and file members of the military are so confused that the people we pay to protect us, our own sons and daughters, are bent on killing us, instead. 

Time to refuse orders. 

On April 7th, do this: think of the word and feeling of "No" all day long.  

No more craziness.  No more corruption.  No more pedophiles.  No more lies.  No more transhumans.  No more Obama.  No more evil doers.  No more war.  No more evil at all.  

Focus your 33 trillion volts on it.  

Imagine all the evil-doers suddenly having a hard time of it, their plans all upset. All their evil intentions are now reflected back at them.  See all their own evil coming back to them, and as it hits, they vanish.  There is no gore, no violence. No drama. They are simply gone, as if they never were. 

Be determined in your refusal of evils.

Enumerate all the detestable things that have been going on, that you can say "No!" to with real vehemence and force.  And say it.  Aloud.  

No more craziness.  No more cruelty.  No more harm.  No more pollution.   No more drama. No more evil at all.  

Tune into your friendly 528 Hz clear channel -- play Whole Tones Music.  Indulge your happiest fantasies. Think positively about all your favorite things. 

And then turn with real determination. Visualize a great big "No!" and say, "No more violence!", "No more war for profit!" "No more craziness!" "No more division!" "No more crooks!" "No more poverty!" "No more fear!" 

No more evil.  Rebuke evil, and it will flee.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April First 2024  


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